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Soraka Build Guide by KrFC

AP Carry S4 Elo hell escape Mid Lane Terror Soraka

AP Carry S4 Elo hell escape Mid Lane Terror Soraka

Updated on May 9, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KrFC Build Guide By KrFC 54,640 Views 4 Comments
54,640 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KrFC Soraka Build Guide By KrFC Updated on May 9, 2014
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Hi im actually D4 Eune player, I play since end of season 1.

My main position is mid but in ranked games I try to fit in.

Recently i started to rank up my smurf acc (Silver 2 actually) and I realized that Soraka can be one of the best choices to escape from bronze/silver to gold for any player. I decided to write this guide to help people climb ladder =)

Soraka is one of the cheapest champs in game (475ip only) so anyone can buy her very fast and she can crazy carry whole team if played correctly.

I would like to introduce my way to climb elo by Soraka
Enjoy! :)

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Elo Hell Soraka Escape Guide!
Hope u will enjoy it and climb hard ! :)

Soraka is suport mage with high minion clear potential and low mana cost champ. What is making soraka so good in Bronze/Silver tier (in gold/plat/dia also! :)) ? First off all its not a champion which wins game by herself but she allows your team to win for you, playing her midlane is the essence of League of Legends its all about TEAMWORK and HELPING your mates ! Even if your team mates are doing bad you can carry them by smart plays and your heals/ults Wish and Astral Blessing and help them win trades. You dont need to win alone , make your team win for You! :)
Below I want to show my soraka stats (bronze-->silver) Look at amount of assist, while playing Soraka its crucial to feed your team you dont need that much gold, because your build is relatively cheap (compared to standard ap mage build) and thanks to easy farming mechanics + gold from asist in laning phase you should be very rich and carry hard along with your team :) Soraka is not a common pick on mid so people underestimate her and dont rly know how to play against her and this gives you huge suprise advantage at start!

"No soraka would ever get angry over a loss. A real soraka takes the blame, even if it means taking the blame away from the jungler"
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Pros / Cons


+Very strong early game
+ Easy farm/push mechanics
+ Low mana cost
+ Infinite global slow thx to Rylai's Crystal Scepter
+ Can stay in lane forever
+ Game changing ult Wish can carry other lanes
+ Counter most common ad/ap mid laners
Thanks to suport changes in season 4 Soraka became one of strongest mid carry champions, She got almost everything what is needed to carry a game: high damage strong early push Starcall to win early laning phase and pressure enemy mid, Astral Blessing to heal herself(and stay in lane longer) and save her teammates, no mana cost Infuse To silence and freely harass other midlaners and completly shut down (2,5 s silnce) all in assasins like Katarina Zed Akali Ahri, global ult Wish which help survive your teammastes withour moving from you lane


+ Need to position herself very smartly in teamfight
+ Easy to gank because of lack of escape mechanism
+ Need high map awarness to correctly use ulty Wish
+ Attack animation and low base attack dmg makes her hard to last hit
Soraka lacks mobility which makes her very vulnerable to agressive high gank potential jungler like Vi Xin Zhao Kha'Zix (but it can be nullified by correctly placed wards), to use ult correctly she needs constant map awarness, small base ad and attack animation makes her last hit difficult and you need to use to it
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Our goal as Soraka is to hard suport/protect our team and deal as much sustained damage as possible while being tanky


Sorcery 5% cooldown reduciotn helps us spam abilities more often

Butcher As soraka last hit is hard, we want to make it easier for us

Expose Weakness thanks to Starcall this mastery can prvide AOE damage increse for our team in teamfight
Mental Force More ability=more damage and more heals

Arcane Mastery as above

Executioner Helps finishing enemies off :]

Dangerous Game This mastery can sometimes save your live.

Archmage 5% more ability= more heals and damge , we like it

Devastating Strikes This is really good mastery for us it boosts every kind of damage we deal.

Havoc Overall boost to our damage help us kill people ;D


Recovery It sligthy help us all the time providing hp regen

Block We take less damge from enemy champs

Veteran Scars +36 hp at lvl 1 is a lot

Enchanted Armor Our Tanky mage build provides a lot of resistances+combined with Astral Blessing armor gain its very efficent mastery

Juggernaut +3% of maximum health, combined with items we buy it gives us a lot off free hp.
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Skill Sequence

Skilling Order

> > >


Always max if possible i recommend to max in at lvl 6, 11, 16 this additional hp can save you team mates granting them bot lane kills and early dragon advantages
Max asap for more mid pressure/faster minion clear and to damage enemy midlaner,
Then we should max thanks to it we will be able to stay in lane longer with full hp, bonus armor can help us survive ganks and trades, last to max is because it deals damage/mana regenen on allies based on your own mana so we need items first to utylize this spell with full potential .
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Summoner Spells

and or

Flash is a must have I Highly recommend flash over any other summoner spell its both offensive and defensive summoner spell with many ways to utylize it.

Heal More healing for us and our teammates with movement speed bonus gives us more escape tools and chances to survive ganks and scirmishes.

Exhaust Very good summoner spell versus all in assasin, it slows it reduces their burst damage. It is up to you which one u pref and depends on match up.
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!!!!!!!!! WARDS !!!!!!!!!!

First of all i would like to tell you 1 important thing I wont bother you to ward whole map, I saw many guides where ppl were showing where to place wards, there is ~15 places or more where you can put a good ward but i will show u 3 where if u place your wards, your game will be easier. I think those 3 places are most efficent.

You should always have 1 pink ward and 1 green.

I think that pink ward in left bush next to mid is most cost efficent now because often it takes 15 min for enemy to find him out. It prevent gank from top side, while giving your top laner oportunity to perceive jungler movement towards his side. This ward makes your topside safe, while pink ward on right side is also very good i think that now after a few patches people check this bush more often so its easier to find.

If u choose where to place pink place green one on opposite side of pink ward you placed before.
Thats all wards u need to place during laning phase.
Sometimes if possible u can also ward dragon or after 20 min baron.
U cant ward whole map, you just dont have money for that but place this 2 wards (1 green and 1 pink) and u will see how big impact they will have on your game.
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Laning phase

Gonna make a few movies how to laning phase as Soraka and place it with explaintation soon.

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I would like to thank jhoijhoi for making guide tutorial I used many templates from his guide.

Also i would like to thank people who made this great soraka pics i used in this tutorial :)


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League of Legends Build Guide Author KrFC
KrFC Soraka Guide
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S4 Elo hell escape Mid Lane Terror Soraka

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