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Quinn General Guide by enderarms

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author enderarms

[S4] ♔Queen Quinn♔ : Fly Swiftly, Kill Swiftly.[ADC/Top]

enderarms Last updated on April 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Introduction to Quinn

Quinn is an extremely versatile ADC champ with huge late game potential as well as pretty good burst in the early stages. She has somewhat short range, and her ult turns her into a melee assassin. Quinn can do many things - Blind, Escape, Scout, Carry and assassinate. This build will teach you how to unlock your inner Valor.

Soldiers rely on their weapons. Few rely on each other.

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Play Style

Quinn is an ADC or Marksman, meaning she is a ranged champion sacrifices her defensive potential for high sustained damage. Her role in a teamfight is to 1)Stand behind the tank and attack, and 2)Assassinate the other ADC or High Damage champ.

She is also fit for toplane as an AD bruiser due to her ability to go in full melee.

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Pros and Cons


- Huge burst early game
- Easy last hitting because of Harrier
- Can turn into a melee assassin, allowing her to go top as well as bot
- Can scout while farming with Heightened Senses
- Has a gap-closer and escape that also increases damage
- Harrier does tons of damage late game
- Can successfully duel other ADC's

- Low range compared to other ADC's
- Using your ultimate puts you in a more vulnerable spot
- Your escape is semi-unreliable
- Squishy [Like all ADC's]
- Reliant on harrier and abilities for burst

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Fun Facts About Quinn :)

What? Quinn isn't interesting? What do you mean she's just a bird tamer?
Here are some interesting facts about Quinn, non-gameplay wise.
- She isnt a ******* BOY, jeezus christ.
- Quinn's bird's name is Valor, or Val for short.
- Quinn has a twin [rhyme swag] named Caleb.
- Despite her main weapon being a crossbow, none of her moves are actually crossbow-based.
- Quinn and Valor have separate champion portraits when getting a kill, and are the only champions to have this feature.
- Valor is a Demacian eagle.
- Before Quinn's release, there were teaser journal entries produced by Riot that explained some of Quinn's background.
- Valor dislikes Garen, but acts friendly toward Ashe.
- RiotRansom thinks Quinn and Jarvan IV are a couple, although this is not confirmed.

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Skills and Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Tag Team -> Blinding Assault -> Vault -> Heightened Senses

This is your passive. Every couple seconds, Valor will mark a target as vulnerable. Use this ability to harass and last hit. It is a great passive, dont overlook it. It snowballs hugely, as it can do SO MUCH DAMAGE late game.

-Enemies marked with Harrier are visible in brush.

This ability is an area semi-skillshot that I use when I am fighting with another carry. This is one of the only 2 blinds in League [The other being Blinding Dart.] This ability is used to push lanes, last hit, and get someone out of reach, and I max this first for the damage.

-If you are 1v1ing another ADC, this skill will probably win you the fight. Use this skill in a 1v1 or in Valor form.
-Save this skill for last, in order to kill enemies that run away, like Expunge.

This is your attack speed steriod, all ADC's have a steroid for either damage or attack speed, and this is yours. Not to mention the active is EXTREMELY useful when splitpushing or solo farming. Also grants a good amount of movespeed to kite or chase.

-If you are pushing a turret, attack a minion that has Harrier, then go back to attacking the turret. The attack speed from Heightened Senses will help you push.
-If you are getting chased by an enemy marked with Harrier, attack it for the movespeed buff.

I would consider this your "Bread and Butter" ability, and it is the hardest one to master. This skin can be used for closing into a target, escaping a melee champion, or marking them with Harrier. Max this ability second for the lower cooldown.

- If you are getting chased, go to the jungle. Activate Heightened Senses and then Vault to a jungle monster.
-Using this ability on a champion will cancel all channeling.
Alternatively, you can go behind a jungle monster and Vault through the wall.
-Always use Vault to follow up to your passive. If you Vault before your passive, you will only get 1 Harrier, but if you follow up, you will get 2.
-Pay close attention to distance when you vault. If you are near an enemy and you vault, you will land farther away, but if are far away, you will land closer.

Tag Team
This ability turns you into a melee assassin. This ability is great for escapes and chasing people, but in a teamfight dont use until there is only 1 or 2 people left to kill, and you can use this skill to clean up, because using this skill makes you extremely vulnerable. I cant stress this enough. DON't ULT INTO A TEAMFIGHT, ONLY ULT IN ORDER TO GANK, ESCAPE, OR CLEAN UP TEAMFIGHT SURVIVORS.

Early Game Harass Combo
Harrier -> Vault -> Harrier -> Blinding Assault

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Summoner Spells, Runes and Masteries

Flash will get you out of sticky situations or secure you a kill. Also, you can get a double wall jump combining your E and Flash I love this spell because it can be used offensively and defensively.

Barrier is common in the current meta for ADC's, as it will save you many times in lane since you are pretty damn squishy. The surprise factor of this ability can also win you a kill in a trade/duel. Also can be taken toplane, if you are more focused on not dying than you are on getting kills.

Ignite will help you secure kills. You can take this as an alternative to Barrier] in certain situations, but I dont recommend this as ADC, and I usually get this in Toplane since 1.Some toplaners have good sustain which makes it harder to trade ([[Warwick, Irelia, Vladimir) and 2.Sometimes they are just too ******* tanky and they get away.

another good option since the recent buff, where teleporting to a turret reduces the cooldown. Good for splitpushing, not losing out on farm, and other things. Good stuff.

Warlord and Devastating Strikes will increase your damage output, and Dangerous Game will give you some sustain after a kill. Veteran's Scars and Juggernaut will increase your health, so you aren't as squishy. I go 21-9 due to Quinn's necessity of some defense, but mostly offense. (sorry about undetailed masteries, I will go over them later!)

AD Marks are necessary on Quinn to last hit easier and provides some nice starting AD.
Armor Seals and Health Glyphs will increase your tankiness in the laning phase and allow you to trade and not die as easily.
Lifesteal Quints are great because one Doran's Blade just isn't enough when you have no more health pots to sustain.

Scaling CDR glyphs are nice because you need your ult to be on a lower cooldown, but not so much in the early phase,
Armor Pen marks are for facing tanky toplaners with a lot of armor.

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*Read notes for some more info :)*

Early health and damage, and a bit of sustain. If your lane isnt going well, you can opt for 2.

TOPLANE ONLY: Against heavy AD harass lanes.

TOPLANE ONLY: Highly recommended for mobility and escape/chase purposes.

TOPLANE ONLY: Since you are rushing Phage/Cutlass. Against easy toplane.

Good on all ADC's and will provide you with a ****-load of damage and some really useful lifesteal. I recommend rushing this for those reasons. Another reason is because procing Harrier will give you lifesteal. Since it grants 100 AD at full stacks, it is always a good item for bursty ADC's.

Classic ADC boots, gives nice amount of attack speed.

Toplane is when I generally want CDR for my ultimate, so I get these boots.

I prefer this item over Phantom Dancer because of the splitpushing capability and burst damage this item gives. Also, PD gives you unit transparency which your ult already gives.

Attack speed, lifesteal, and an amazing passive for enemies who are stacking health, and increases your dueling potential. I would recommend rushing this if you are going toplane, since it increases your trade and health shred potential *and slow is nice*. However, if you are going ADC, get The Bloodthirster first for more damage early game.
You can also get this item first if you are falling in lane, as it gives you a better chance of coming back.

If the enemies are smart, they will start stacking armor. Solution? This item.

IE will majorly increase your DPS late game. You can switch this out for a Guardian Angel late game if you want to play more defensively. In toplane, I buy this item because you want to ramp up your AD since you are building fairly tanky/sustain ish.

Spellblade works really well with Vault, and triforce provides health, which you need at toplane, and a bit of everything. A good item when going top.

Grants health and damage, but if you need armor, I would opt to Last Whisper. I prefer this item on top lane, because it gives you CDR, which is good for your ult.

Another OK item, mainly for CDR. Synergizes extremely well with Tag Team, however.

Maw of Mortalimus If the biggest threat is some AP carry.

If the other team has lots of CC, get this item. It provides good movespeed, AD, and AS, and tenacity.

Provides a HUGE health bonus, and some slow. Buy this if you need more chase ability, or if you need a lot of health for whatever reason.

I really like this item as my 6th slot since it boosts your defenses and provides you with an amazing passive.

This may seem like a strange item choice, but I only buy this during 50+ minute games. This item will greatly increase your damage output, but the main reason is for splitpushing.

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Laning phase is generally one of your strongest lanes. Due to your extremely high burst damage and harass with Harrier, it is quite easy to get first blood with a proper offensive support, like Thresh. Just farm, try not to get killed by jungle ganks. Ask a jungler to gank your lane. Quinn is known for her HUGE burst damage, so you can use this to your advantage to kill of squishy supports like Nami early game.

In toplane, ward the bush near river, and harass/last hit from a distance. Go in if you are sure you will get the kill. If against heavy gapcloser champs like Jax, Riven, etc... then play very safe, since you have no "hard CC". Use W to scout for junglers.

Your harass combo is Passive mark -> Auto Attack -> E -> Auto Attack -> Q.

This stage of the game is usually when the first couple towers go down and people start ganking. This is really where you shine. Your burst from Harrier is the main reason why Quinn is such a threat mid-game. Try to stay with your team, and only splitpush when you have sight of the enemy team. Try to win teamfights, then take down turrets, then farm, then repeat.

I can't stress this enough : Don't ult run into a fight. You are an ADC, and you are SUPER squishy, so don't even think about it. In a teamfight, try to hit the enemy ADC with your Blinding Assault. Then, when someone initiates, Vault in and auto attack. Also, if an enemy is marked by Harrier, if you can reach them, try to detonate it. The point of an ADC is to stay behind the tank and shoot, so thats what you will do. Once the teamfight ends,try to clean up any low health survivors with your ultimate.

Try to farm as much as you can in Toplane, since you have some expensive core items to get. Always use your W to scout and not get ganked. Come down only when your team needs you for a dragon fight, or something like that.

This is when the game is always a teamfight. Don't go alone by yourself. Always keep tabs on Baron and Dragon. I can't really tell you what to do other than stay with your team. Try to end the game if you can, because you never know when the enemy could make a huge comeback.

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I won't include all ADC's, just certain ones that should recieve a mention.
*NOTE: Adding toplaners soon.

Difficulty : 9/10
Caitlyn is your biggest counter [she has a strong laning phase]. She can easily out-trade you and outrange you in lane with AA and Piltover Peacemaker, so it is recommended you play VERY safe. She will shove you under the tower and harass you. Quinn's biggest disadvantage is her low range, unlike Cait's, and Blinding Assault doesn't pass thru minions.
*Dont trade unless you have minion advantage
*Don't go offensive unless you have a good support

Difficulty : 2/10
Vayne's harass and trade is mostly dependent on auto attacks, and you have a blind, so bye bye Vayne. Also, you can easily out-burst her with Harrier and Vault, whereas Vayne needs to proc Silver Bolts. Also, you can follow up her Tumble with Vault, and your ultimate's movespeed buff makes it hard to run away.
*A blinded Vayne will still get bonus damage from Tumble.

Difficulty : 6/10
Miss Fortune can easily outtrade you with Double Up , and Blinding Assault doesn't go through minions. Even if you manage to hit her with it, she can still harass you with Double Up. However, your burst is higher, so I would consider this a skill-based matchup.
* Bullet Time can be cancelled by Vault.

Difficulty : 2/10
Ashe has a longer Auto attack range, but her only harass in lane is Volley. You can easily outburst her, and she can't escape from you with your slow from Vault or eagle form.

Difficulty : 5/10
Draven's axes count as auto's so Blind will still affect them. Also, you can Blinding Assault the place where is axe is falling. But Draven has high trade when not blinded, so be careful, he can go all-in on you.

Difficulty : 7/10
Varus has two long-range pokes that go through minions, same as above. Can out range you, and can stun you when in Tag Team.

Difficulty : 4/10
Although laning against Jinx is generally pretty hard, Quinn has an easier time against her. Jinx's main trade is her fast attack speed and her zapper. Try to dodge the zappers, and you can blind her when she tries to AA trade you. Jinx can't survive burst either, and Quinn has quite some burst. Also, you can Vault over Flame Chompers.

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Since Quinn has little slows or stuns of her own, a good synergy needs many stuns to allow you to burst down the enemy.

Best support IMO. Easy first blood, 3 peels, and Death Sentence freaking 5 hour disable. Lantern will save your life.

Easy first blood as well, high burst at lvl 6, and good CC, semi-tanky. However, has no shield or heal to help you survive.

CC, gap closer, what's not to like? [Except she cant shield/heal you, but she can easily peel]. Also, Sunlight adds to your already high burst.

Special mention since Quinn is very vulnerable to disables.

Not currently the meta in terms of supporting, but Blood Boil will make you a GOD[DESS] late game.

Other good support synergies:
: Snare and slow. Also good burst.
: Sustain, some CC, movespeed buffs.
: Shield, speed boost, CC, and dat ult. Also pretty bursty.

Not so good synergies:
: IMO, I hate raka and Quinn because you have no movement speed impairing abilities aside from Vault.
: Although the attack speed buff, has little CC. I prefer this champ in midlane.

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Final Words

Although underplayed and, I admit, slightly underpowered in the current meta, Quinn is still an excellent champion and I highly recommend her to you. :)


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