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Talon Build Guide by infinitskills714

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author infinitskills714

[S4] Talon Bot Lane Terror.(Requires High Knowledge Of Talon

infinitskills714 Last updated on July 13, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi names Infinit and I've been playing for 4 months now, but I did play a lot when League came out years ago but stop playing in the middle of first season, so its been a real learning curve for me. I'm currently mowing down the ranking in gold and don't see myself stopping till I hit Faker in the ***. j/k faker is my inspiration. That said hope you like this guide plz comment before you up or downs me, thanks for the support.

I will Update this guide as I go threw the rankings. So far this guide is solely for bronze, silver and gold level gameplay, unless I make it into platinum and state its viability in the upcoming tiers.

Please Up my guide if you find it useful Thank you.

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This item I traded out
the reason being is i was waiting for another item that was ment for ad carries that had CDR
and a plus gives mana vamp OP!

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Item Talk

I wanted to talk About the reasoning i would highly recommend in the later game is that your Added Will crit the Carries for 1200+ damage on one shot, that's like more then half the life before any other spells are casted. Like everyone knows everything is situational and if you have a good team it makes it easier because you don't have to 100 to 0 some one by your self if you sit back in let a team fight unfold and you got a good team most carries will have some dmage already on them so makes it way easier to kill a carry at 50-80% health.

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Pros / Cons

Pros Cons

- High Burst Damage(Dead Squishies)
- Very Mobile
- Easy To Learn
- Great Kit For escapes
- Great Kit for Follow up Initiation
- Can trade ADC bot lane if not behind.
- Can tower Dive easy when Fed
- Can 3v1 If fed (early Game)
- Can snowball very well
- Very Short Ult Cooldwon with this build
- Silence (one of the few champs that have one)
- Becomes Useless if far behind
- Squishy
- Must last hit very well
- item dependent
- Must have a good support.
- Hard to Master

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is a Great spell that compliments Talons burst Damage.
And keep in mind that your Q is super strong with

I don't have to say much other then this is a multi purpose spell for offense and defense.
I would highly recommend this spell on every Talon player

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Seal of health is what I came to be the best so far, the reason why I go seal of health
is to have as much survivability to get enough farm for because when you get to the higher elos most ADC's will be harassing you as they should.

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Ranked Play

For ranked you really need a really good support that will Duo bot with you, because it seems a lot of people frown apon non meta picks, and with good reason, many people give non meta picks a bad name. That said I still don't know if this will work on a 5 man premade but for solo ranked it works well at bronze, silver,and gold levels.

Best Support I found is a good Nami. Her whole kit makes 100% use of your passive and gives amazing lane sustain and poke.

The video below is a video of the player and I duoing in Gold. Will try new update new weekly videos thanks.

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Viable Supports With Talon

Nami is My first Support I started with, she brings sustain in lane and great CC(crown Control)

*NEW 6.02.2014
She brings losts of lock down potential and the level three from her and talon give them that all in aspect that nami kind of lacks. when 6 rolls around its pretty much GG for them because she locks them down long enough for talon to do his work. even tried this against Morgana and still was able to dispatch the one that wasn't spell shielded. And keep in mind even if you need to focus the one spell shielded it dosn't block any of your damage because all you damage is physical

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Now Farming is always an issue with melee champs vs Ranged, thus reason why most people don't pick melee champs bot lane, among other reasons because ranged champs give sustain damage in team fights. All u can do is last hit as much as possible and don't be afraid to use your Q to help farm, and follow up on trade with your support.

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Team Fights

So Key Things about team fights.
- Knowing when to go in a fight
- knowing your damage against the target you plan to kill
- if you have an escape (flash or a team mate that can speed you up or pull like thresh)

these are key things you need to consider, you have to be able to know your damage and know if you can get away, and have map awareness.

will add and update as I learn more.

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Role for talon bottom lane

The whole idea for me for going talon bot lane is to eliminate the ADC on there team every team fight, because you sacrificing the ranged and consistent dps on your team, and its your job to take out the highest threat on there team.

When you can 1 shot the adc from a team fight and get away it turns 4v5 fast, and they lost a person instantly and your still there to reengage at your leisure.

Another key thing about talon bot he will snowball harder then any adc in my opinion, adc's still needs about 2 - 3 core items to do some real damage and even then still can't just erase 1 person from the team due to positioning. ADC's can't just put them selves out of position and kill the enemy squishy without dying or putting themselves in harms way, A assassin in general purpose is to get in and get out, ADC's aren't Designed to do this, thus when you got a fed Talon he can just pick anyone on there team that's most threating early game when tanks and not tanky yet and take them out and have massive AOE damage with rake and Shadow Assault.

I looked in some other assassins but talons kit is the best for ending games early when mastered and getting fed and able to just chunk the whole team with your AOE damage, and there isn't an assassin or adc that can do that fed, there are assassins that would be fine, but other assassins are single target and doesn't contribute other then taking out one target, unlike talon can do this the same but also do massive AOE damage especially in the early game when champs don't have any armor or health.

will update when more info comes available.

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Laning phase Goals

Your role in bot lane is not to die, farm best you can, and rush your brutalizer. when done right you should have your brutalizer right around level 6 when you need it, starting Long sword helps a ton to rush this process.

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Thanks again for reading my guide hope this helped you and please leave comments about advice on how to improve my guide or have any questions regarding Talon in the bot lane.