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Talon Build Guide by The Little Kop

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Little Kop

[S4] Talon The Shadow's Assassin

The Little Kop Last updated on August 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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About Me

hi guys, welcome to my first guide here in mobafire! i am a challenger player in OCE server. I am a mid lane assassin main and talon has been my main from season 1 to early season 4. i main all assassin such as Talon, Zed, Katarina, Kassadin and LeBlanc. i usually play assasin champions in solo queue so i have a lot of experience in this kind of champions. Well i hope you guys enjoy reading my guide and find it useful xD and please rate my guide if you think its useful for you when playing talon :) also feel free to ask me any questions and vote up :)

My season 3 Talon stats:

My season 4 Assassins stats:
My Katarina ranking on

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About Talon

Talon is an assassin which in my opinion has the fastest burst in the entire game (yes even faster than LeBlanc however unlike other assassins such as Zed and Kassadin he falls off late game pretty hard. Talon is a champion that can snowball really hard but if he falls behind it is also really hard to get back into the game. at level 6 he has the potential to kill an opponent mid laner with one combo

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+ High mobility
+ High burst damage
+ Easy to farm because of his ad
+ Can burst a carry in 2 seconds
+ Almost unstoppable if he gets early kills
+ Slow from w and aoe damage from ultimate
+ Great roamer/pusher


+ He needs early kills to get going
+ Falls off late game
+ Hes melee

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Talon's Skills

Talon's autoattacks deal 10% additional damage to any target that is slowed, stunned, immobilized or suppressed.
This passive is more useful than it looks. the 10% increase damage will help your burst a lot. However the only spell in your kit that actually have ccs for his passive is the w so you might have to rely on your teammates in order to use this passive

ACTIVE: Talon's next autoattack within the next 6 seconds deals bonus physical damage. If the target is a champion they will also bleed for 6 seconds, granting sight of their location to Talon and taking additional physical damage each second for the duration.
This skill increase talon's auto attack damage and should be use with e when blinking into an opponent. It also deal bleed damage which damage the enemy health per second

ACTIVE: Talon sends out a volley of daggers in a cone that then quickly return back to him, dealing physical damage to any enemies it passes through. Each enemy can only be damaged once at the start of the ability and once at the end. Additionally the enemy is slowed for 2 seconds, refreshing the duration of the slow if they are hit twice.
This his main skill for harassing. it has good damage in lane for Harassing. it also slow down the opponent which applies talon passive into them for a few seconds. It also has a cone range which damage everything in the direction of the skill

ACTIVE: Talon instantly appears behind his target, silencing them for 1 second and amplifying his damage against that target for 3 seconds.
This is his gap closer. It isnt a dash ability which mean it can not be stopped once you use it in range of the opponent. it also amplify talons damage. This skill should be use to get close to an opponent enough to release your full combo.

ACTIVE: Talon disperses blades outwards in a 500-radius ring and gains stealth for up to 2.5 seconds while gaining 40% movement speed. When Talon emerges from stealth, the blades converge on his location. When the ring of blades expands and contracts, enemies hit receive physical damage. Each enemy can only be damaged once at the start of the ability and once at the end.
Talon's ultimate. This skill can be use as gap-closer, escape and for damage.If your looking to do as much damage to the oppoent you need to make sure you use it twice however this will remove your only escape as talon. Talon becomes invinsible when he uses this ult which mean you would have a few seconds to decide which direction and what you are going to do once the invins time is over.

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Summoners Spell

Recommended Spells

This spell will help you secure your kill much easier especially in the recent patches there has been a lot of buff toward heal spell which is now very common for most squishy ap mid laner. Iginite will reduce the amount of heal spell by half.
Flash is very useful for escaping and also securing kills. i usually save my flash for escape because talon has a blink as gap closer so he doesnt really need to flash to get to the enemy.

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Early Game

Talon pre 6 is strong but not as strong as after 6. If the enemy mid is rage you should try to harass with w but do not go all in unless its a certain kill because if you go all in and the enemy somehow survive your burst it is possible for his/her to kite you hard since talon doesnt have dash or anything. If the enemy mid is melee you can easily w and e/q into them as talon is ad and does a lot of auto attack damage. After 6 if you harass the enemy enough you should be able to e w q r to kill them with ease.

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Mid Game

This is after you buy your mobility or brutilizer. To me the best way to play talon is to roam and gank other lanes as many times as possible because talon has great mobility and early damage for ganking. Do not leave your lane if your vsing a heavy pusher. After you get brutilizer, tiamat/hydra and last whisper you should be able to burst down a full health carry in one combo unless he/she builds tank item early which is very unlikely. Remember that talon falls off late game really hard so if your fed you need to try and end the game asap

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Late Game/Teamfight

Your goal should be bursting down the adc or apc. Remember do not initate with talon unless the enemy adc or apc is out of position where you can burst them down. Because of his high mobility talon can go and assassinate the carry that is split pushing and separate from the team. YOU CANNOT BURST DOWN THE TANK DO NOT TRY TO USE YOUR FULL COMBO ON THEM!

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Match Ups



Early game it might be hard because she can harass you with her spell while u only have one blink. Try to harass with w as much as possible but do not go all in unless shes low because if you go all in and she manages to survive she will punish you hard. after 6 if you can do the combo fast enough she wont even be able to use her ulti to try and get away



A really tough match up especially if you fall behind. she is tanky with her skill passive however if you harass her with your w pre 6 you should be able to burst her down before she can snowball. After 6 is when akali is strong so this is the part where u will lose to her 1v1 unless u get early kills



she is very squishy early game which allows you to be able to burst her down. Make sure to dodge her stun because she can do tons of damage if she stuns you and combo. Her passive is the only problem make sure it is down before u towerdived her. A lot of people have made that mistake but didnt realize until it was too late.



You both have high burst however you have advantage over her. you have a blink which can go behind and do your combo before she even get the chance to stun you however if u somehow get stun by her after 6 the chance of surviving that burst is pretty low



Dodge his w as many times as you can and you should be able to burst him down with your combo. Be careful with his stun



early level she can be very annoying with her pokes making it very difficult to farm safe. The best way for this is to farm with w and aa the minion if cass isnt in range for poking or you feel safe enough to do it. after 6 you should be able to burst her down very quickly



A very very tough match up. In my opinion she is the 2nd biggest counter for talon (beside Lee Sin). Her shield will block all damage from your w and even after 6 your burst cannot take her down because of her scaling with armor and health and shield. You should try to roam and get kills from other lane because diana is very tough to beat without jungler help.



A skill match up in my opinion. Fizz can dodge your combo with his e if you dont time it properly however if you manage to bait him to use him e then you combo will be able to take him down. Remember that fizz also has a high burst potential which u need to be careful with. Try to harass with w pre 6.



Because gragas is melee it is easy to harass him with your w and q however he get more tanky as the game goes on. You need to kill him early to beat him later on because if you dont he will get too tanky for your burst and his damage/slow is very strong



Easy after 6 because you can burst him down hard however do not go in before that because if you e into him and he survive then his turrets will punish you and you will regret it.



Her shield and poke is the main problem but if you can bait her shield down your combo should be able to burst her down after 6



It is not hard to dodge karthus harass and he has no escape except for the slow which makes it easy for you to all in and burst him down even before 6



The fact that hes melee and his passive and q shield doesnt have any effect on you is a big advantage. You can harass him with e w q as much as you like because he wont be able to trade or anything. after 6 thing might get a little tough if you didnt get the early kill however your e has the same range with his ult which should allow you to burst him down before he get too tanky later on.



Silence her ult and its gg :). She is melee so try to harass her down and deny farm as much as you can because kat can still farm with q but if she try to auto attack minion then make sure you punish her for it



Another tough match up. A good kayle will beat a good talon. Try to play safe because q and auto does a lot of damage and it is not worth getting combo for one minion. even after 6 if she is a good kayle she will know when to ult which can decrease your burst greatly. kayles e will make her push lane really hard which should allow you to farm under tower safely.



You will be able to burst her down after 6 or when you dodge her skills however if you get combo early you may fall behind and wont be able to kill her. Try to play safe and harass with your w but dont go too close to her because she can do the combo and will inflict your health greatly

Lee Sin


There is no hope (unless the guy is stupid enough to build full damage :) ).



If she manages to ult you at the right time it will be tough however you should be able to beat you if you dont get harass too often in laning phase



a very easy match up. you can all in her if she misses her q or e. she has no escape which mean that if you dodge her q she wont have anywhere to go at all



His combo is annoying however after 6 you should be able to all in before he even get a chance to do his combo. Harass early with w to get him as low as possible



You will need to time your w at the right time because mordekaisers passive can block your damage. try to get him low before you go all in because of his passive sustain.



Her black shield doesnt block any of your damage. You can all in her if she misses her snare



Her sustain is crazy however she isnt tanky. Harass with w as much as u can and all in when she is about half health or a little more



A good orianna will try to deny farm early and block your w harass with her e. Try to time your w at the right time and use it when her shield is gone. after 6 if you can harass her with your w a few time before you go all in then your burst should be enough



This is a very hard match up early. You wont be able to do anything except for farm with w. if you try to go auto attack minion then pantheon will punish you with his combo. If you can survive his crazy early damage after 6 it wont be too hard to kill him(if you dont get stun before you do your combo)



The best way is to farm early and roam as ryze cannot push that fast. He will be too tanky for you to burst down and his damage is insane as the game goes on


A tough match up. He is tanky and has sustain with his ulti. You will need to harass him fast and do your combo with ignite on in order to beat him



As long as you can dodge you harass early then this lane will be very easy to win. Harass with w and go all in when she misses her stun or when your level 6



The better Talon will win

Twisted Fate


Tf goal early game is to farm because he doesnt have much damage or kill potential early. You should be able to deny farm and harras him if he ever try to come near minions. Boots of mobility will help you a lot because tf will try to roam and gank lanes which you can surprise him by following him and clean up



You can blink to him between his stun. as long as you dont get stun you will win this lane. your combo can take him down 100-0 just dont get stun because veigar will punish you if u get into his stun. get hexdrinker early to prevent certain death from one combo



easy lane because your e will blink behind him which will avoid his ulti completely. he is very squishy and your combo will be more than enough to kill him



His early harass and shield can be annoying however if you manage to harass him with w a few time then dont be afraid to go all in.



Vlad can dodge your combo with his pool however it has a long cooldown. try to e w q and bait his pool and after your e is back up then go all in because vlad pool has higher cooldown time than your e. Dont forget to use ignite because vlads q will heal him



Dodge his harass and when u blink into him he wont have any escape and his damage isnt as much as u in close range



play safe and harass with w pre 6. He will try to get close to you with his e q combo. when he gets close enough w and q him and walk away DO NOT TRY TO FIGHT HIM PRE 6. After 6 you can just run up to his face and combo and hes dead. Dont forget that his w wall can block your w AND your ulti



A skill match up in my opinion. You have better burst and can dodge most of his damage with your ulti invinsible however he has a lot of harass early and isnt a mana champion like talon.



It will be very tough to farm early because of ziggs harass but he is squishy and will push lane. Ask your jungler to gank once and you should be able to burst him down. However if you get harass early it will be very tough to come back from it

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I hope you guys enjoy reading my guide! please dont forget to rate it and if you have any question about talon feel free to leave a comment below and i will try to reply asap xD