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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhoopsTypo

[S4] Warwick Jungle. Coverage Guide.

WhoopsTypo Last updated on January 6, 2014
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Hey guys,
This is my second guide on Mobafire YAY!, my first being Jungle Yasuo, which has quite alot of views which I am very pleased about, so I decided to do another Guide on a champion I have found my love in once again Warwick This little sucker, got me too gold 3 and I wish too give others my guide on this rampaging menace.

This is a personal build that I use myself (Runes pending as I foolish buy champions I never use) I will accept any advice/criticism since I want to get better at this champion, since my ranked team is in Silver currently and I play the jungler role mainly just doing Vi and Shyvana and I wish to expand my champion pool.


-Doesn't require pot's in the jungle.
- Blood Scent Anyone?
-Hyena Skin much
-Amazing Sustain and DPS


-No real gank poetential till lvl.6
-Sucks with some team comps
-Mana Hungry
-Why no Battlecast Warwick?

Gold 3 much?

6/01/2014 - Went Public
(Adding More Chapters when I work out whats needed)

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Best to begin with runes, This is just a basic attack damage rune page but instead of the Greater Mark of Attack Damage marks we have Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration Marks since they synergise well with any Hybrid Champion ex. Shyvana and Warwick being the most common cases.


Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Precision

In terms of changes. I believe you can swap out the Lifesteal for Damage or more pen, since his passive sustain is amazing. He doesn't need Movespeed or Health regen since he has that covered in his kit. So the only change should be the Marks/Quints for more damage, other than that I don't see much in need of a change.

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You guys are gonna freak when you see this. With Warwick I run a 10/15/5 Setup, giving a coverage of all mastery trees and getting the best of 3 worlds :O.


As Warwick you want to be in a fight for as long as possible, since you will get more health back for the more damage you do, with the extra lifesteal, passive heal and etc.

Offensive tree:

In the offensive tree I decided to go Cooldown reduction over Attackspeed, since the items you will be getting will be enough lifesteal while cdr will make your Hungering Strike have less... cd So more "lifesteal" from that. You can replace Butcher and put it into Fury for that little bit more attack speed if need be.

Defensive tree:

In the defensive tree I decided to go with basic heath and resistances. just to help prolong any fights Warwick may encounter. This is a pretty solid tree and I don't think there is much need for moving or explaining.

Utility tree:

Without blue buff, well Warwick's sustain is heavily damaged as he will need large amounts of mana for his Hungering Strike This is why I put 5 into the utility tree so that if for whatever reason you cannot get blue, You will have some form of mana sustain.

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Items and Why?:

Certain items and why I think they should be in the build or should be delayed for later game use.

Core Items:

Ninja Tabi blocks 10 damage off of auto attacks and can save your life when you are engaged in a fight, this is an obvious choice if you are going against an ad team or the enemy team has a fed ad.
Spirit of the Ancient Golem, the tanky Jungle Item, this is the best choice for Warwick has it gives him health, mana regen, health regen and cooldown reduction, this will allow him to gank with alot more health and gives him more damage with the CDR.
Spirit Visage is a wonderful item to have on Warwick, it improves his passive 'lifesteal' by a whole heap, if you add in the Spirit of the Ancient Golem and Blade of the Ruined King you have yourself an unstoppable force.

Blade of the Ruined King gives bonus attackspeed, attack damage and lifesteal, Warwick will love this item as it will demolish the enemy the longer Warwick is in the fight, More health more Warwick less for the enemy.
Sunfire Cape Not only gives you armor and health, but also damages all nearby enemies including minions and monsters, this helps Warwick with this clear time and in fights with the little bit of extra magic damage, who wouldn't want this amazing item.

Optional Choices:

If you decide that you want the extra damage to add to your collection Wit's End is an amazing choice not only does it shred mr, but it also deals magic damage, this is an amazing item for Hybrid champs.
If you even need that extra armor and health Randuin's Omen is the way too go.
This item is absolutely crazy, this will help you team so much when you jump onto the carry with your ult, its basically an instant debuff for every enemy member, Take this if you don't need any more health and your sustain is enough to keep you alive.
Warwick is one of the only junglers where I do not take Sightstone with, he is a champion which needs his items too survive and he cannot let one go for the wards.


This saves time wondering if the brush your standing in is warded, you just clear the ward come back in at minute and gank, after being upgraded it can also give you a oracle buff for a short while, this helps out greatly against Teemo shrooms or unwanted wards.

This trinket only reveals a certain area for a certain period of time, its only good for those long range snipes from a Nidalee or Kha'Zix I would not recommend this item on Warwick since you already have your Blood Scent.

This is just a free ward, its a viable option to be more safer against invades and helps the team out with vision, but it doesn't last long until upgraded yet still a viable choice on Warwick

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In Game:

First Clear:

Warwick can start at either blue or red since he does not require much mana until he starts ganking, I prefer the mana regen from blue so I start there, make sure you are safe from being invaded and Smite early if you don't have a Darius leashing you. After you clear your first camp you want to level up as fast as possible, grab your wraiths (Not wolves ) and use your Hungering Strike when you are getting low on hp. After you cleared wraiths head straight for your blue/red, this time saving your smite for the finishing blow just incase of an invade. Example:
By then you should of hit level 3, from there you can farm more and gank lanes if you took your Blood Scent at level. 3 if not keep farming. The thing with Warwick jungle is that his ganks arent great until he has reached level. 6 were you can easiy set up ganks without any trouble, You reach level 6 around the 2nd clear of your buffs.
Now for that Vision Ward, and where to place it.. simple, place the ward just after your first clear do avoid it being stumbled upon early.

By you placing one of the wards and your midlaner placing another thats 2 undying wards that the enemy team might not know about for atleast a good 10 minutes and provides FANTASTIC coverage. A good Vision Ward lasts a lifetime.

Mid Game:
For your mid game, all you want to do is farm farm farm, and gank mid lane. Mid lane is your most important lane (Unless you have a non cc champion for example.. Nidalee, then focus on toplane) but never neglect your other lanes, for top lane, if you can't find a good time to engage just chase down the enemy top laner so that it pressures him to lose a bit of cs and exp. and for botlane if you can't engage at all just pop your face around and it will do so much for your team its unbelievable.

Late Game:
Not much to say for late game, you are a semitank Its your job to initate and to take down high value targets (Assassins, Adc's or Apc's) For example if they have a Katarina and a Jinx, NEVER aim for the Jinx, go for Katarina as she is the stronger out of the 2 She will be able to demolish your team if she is not targeted. You must suppress the biggest threat so your team can pick them out of the team fight before they can deal massive damage.