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Vayne Build Guide by Pinks

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pinks

[S5 ADC][D1] Vayne (Outdated)

Pinks Last updated on June 1, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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About Me:

Hi, my name is Pinks on the NA League of Legends Server.
I'm a 16-year old korean that lives in the United States.
I was platinum in season 3 and I am diamond in season 4.
I have been playing league of legends for around 2 years now ,and I main adc.
This will be my first guide on mobafire, and I will keep it updated.

What's in this guide?

I will be showing you adaptations in builds according to how you are doing in lane, adaptations in skills, how to lane against certain champs, and I will be providing the math and reasoning to support why I made these decisions.

Feel free to add me on the NA Server, and ask me questions or give me advice. I am willing to also give you advice through skype and custom game. Don't be afraid to ask.

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Basics about vayne

As Vayne you should primarily focus on farming during the lane phase. Vayne has a substantially weak early game compared to mostly every adc. Champions like Caitlyn and Annie will make your life miserable in lane, but you should still try to focus on last hits. The good thing about Vayne is that she does very well in farming under tower because of her Tumble which adds a lot of bonus damage to your next auto attack.

You should never be afraid to use mana to get the extra last hits. The thing that most low elo players struggle with is that they wish to not use Condemn to get that 1 minion. However, the cooldown on it is not substantially long, and most likely, you will not be needing it in the next 15+ seconds.

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Why Pick Vayne? (Pros and Cons)

- Vayne has very strong kiting potential against champs with no dashes or slows.
-Strongest ranged duelist in League of Legends during late game.
-Snowballs very hard if you get early kills or level advantage
-Mana conservation is easy on Vayne, and only Condemn has a "high" mana cost.
-With the right mechanics, you can 1v2 the support and adc if you are not Exhausted.
-Generally a monster in lower elos if you have experience and knowledge about Vayne,
- Vayne is easier to learn than some other adcs such as Draven.
-No skillshots, so no spells wasted.
-Has a long 1.5 second stun to single target if Condemn is used correctly.
- Vayne's ultimate Final Hour gives Vayne stealth after each Tumble.
-Great at chasing down champions with her passive.

-There will be nothing you can really do if champions like LeBlanc and Olaf have snowballed out of control.
- Vayne is very reliant on the success of the team, and can only carry if other lanes are not feeding.
-By far, Vayne has the weakest early game out of all adcs.
- Exhaust will shut Vayne down very hard, but Quicksilver Sash will counter that if you did not take Cleanse.
-Your range is very low, and you do not have any skills that deal damage instantly besides Condemn.
-Since there is a slight delay on Condemn, you may save a player if they use Flash right when you Condemn.
- Condemn is a conditional stun and you will need a structure behind a player to stun them.
- Vayne gets demolished by heavy cc supports like Leona, Annie, and Thresh.

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Starting Items

Doran's Blade is by far a very cost efficient item for early game, but stacking doran's items should be something that should be avoided. In this guide, I suggested that you should buy another Doran's Blade if you are not doing well in lane. That is because it provides hp while long sword does not, and it also provides another 3 health per auto attack.
Doran's Blade is the standard start for an adc. The 3 health per auto attack combined with life steal quints will regenerate roughly 6 hp per hit at level 1. This may not seem like much, but the extra sustain from a doran's blade and the hp that it provides will be crucial to staying in lane while being harassed or while farming under tower.
The Health Potion is just another item for sustain and it is generally what you buy once you buy a doran's item. You can choose to buy a Mana Potion if you like to harass using Tumble, but the health potion is a lot more efficient when you are in lane from level 1-5.

Warding Totem is better than Sweeping Lens because you always want vision of the bottom lane side bush. People die a lot because they will get jumped on by Leona or Annie while face-checking the bush.

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Support Synergy

Leona is by far one of the strongest supports in the game as of now. If you are duo queueing with a friend, Leona is not a bad choice for him/her to take. With coordinated calls and engages, you can cause lane pressure to switch in your favor, and getting through early game will be a breeze. The only problem with Leona is that she is an all-or-nothing champion, so she may bait you into death or just commit suicide.
In my opinion, she is a 5-6 out of 10

Janna is a great champion that will keep you in lane and will let you live through the rough early game. Her disengage from Howling Gale will almost ensure that enemy ganks will not successful. Also, from the recent Monsoon changes, this skill can now be used to heal you and keep you in lane. The heal is actually quite decent, and she can also used Monsoon to disengage from hard engage champs such as Thresh and Leona.
Overall, I will give her a 9 out of 10

Lulu is a perfect disengager like Janna. She will make your early game a breeze and well timed shields will make sure that you never get harassed out of lane. Also, Lulu has a much higher kill potential than Janna if you decide to all in the enemy team. Combined with life steal quints and Lulu's shield, you will never be harassed out of lane completely. Lastly, her ultimate Wild Growth will provide you the extra health and cc to effectively fight the enemy bottom lane after you get some items such as Bilgewater Cutlass or even Blade of the Ruined King
Overall, Lulu recieves 10 out of 10 just because her kill potential over Janna

You may be wondering why Annie is considered as a high risk support. Well, if your lane goes completely in the enemy's favor, you will find that Annie is probably the most useless support and her passive will not save you from ganks. She will not sustain you in lane and she will have trouble protecting you from champions like Thresh.
However, she can swing your lane completely in your favor, and good teamwork can get you easy early kills. Therefore, she is a high risk support and primarily depends on teamwork and the skill level of the enemy bottom lane.
Annie gets a 3 out of 10, just because of the high risk.

You may be thinking, why would Soraka be a poor choice, she is the definition of sustain. Well, if the enemy bot lane is smart, the support will have Ignite and her heals will not be of any use if they fight you. Also, some Sorakas like to grab Heal instead of Exhaust, and against Ignite, it will not work. If you are against champions such as Caitlyn, then she will poke you harder than Soraka can sustain you, and there is no counter aggression that Soraka can provide. So you will basically be sitting at tower with no chance of retaliation. Although, Soraka will sustain you with mana and health, she will not provide you with any support if the enemy bot lane catches you. Her only crowd control is her silence and she is relatively squishy, so she has a good chance at getting caught aswell. Overall, her sustain is great, but her disengage and duel potential is not on par with other supports.
Soraka gets a 4 out of 10, just because of her heals.

Thresh is overall a great support for any adc. If he manages to make it past bans, then picking Vayne is not a bad choice. Thresh provides great disengage with Dark Passage and Death Sentence can provide you easy kills. Flay is also a very good disengage from enemy junglers such as Lee Sin. Lastly, when you and Thresh hit level 6, The Box and Final Hour are very good combinations for kiting and dueling enemy champions. The slow from The Box will make it so that the enemy bot lane will not be able to catch you and they will also not be able to run.
Thresh recieves a 7 out of 10.

Blitzcrank is the god of picks, and he can easily sway the bottom lane into your favor. He provides zoning and can make it so the enemy bot lane is too afraid to harass you. However, if the enemy team realizes that they can win trades against you and Blitzcrank, then he will not be of much use. Also, there is always the risk of getting a Blitzcrank that can't land grabs, and there is also the risk of finding passive Blitzcrank players. If you run into these types of people, then Blitzcrank will be nothing more than a super minion.
Overall, Blitzcrank recieves a 5 out of 10, because there is not much synergy and it really just depends on how good your Blitzcrank is.

Nidalee's kit seems great with Vayne. Her W, bushwack provides vision for side lane bushes and tri-bush. Her E, Primal Surge is great for sustain and it also provides a giant attack speed buff. Her Q, Javelin Toss is great for retaliation and zoning against the enemy bottom lane. However, she is relatively squishy and has 0 crowd control. She is one of the only supports that does not have any form of crowd control. She is still a great support for Vayne because of the giant attack speed buff, and once she gets her ultimate, duels will most likely go into your favor because of the sustained damage that you two can provide together.
Lastly, most Nidalees like to build selfishly, so you shouldn't expect a face of the mountain shield or Locket of the Iron Solari shield.
Nidalee gets a 7 out of 10, she got a lower score because she has absolutely no crowd control.

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Wild Card
Jinx is the newest adc in League of Legends, and she is by far the most popular of season 4. Jinx has some really strong points such as her auto attack range when she has her rocket launcher on, and her stacking attack speed when she has her minigun on. Overall, she is not a tough opponent for Vayne, and her W and E and ult are easily avoidable. I believe that this match-up really depends on their support. Any support with lock-up or immense crowd control will make this lane very difficult for you. One misstep and you will be dead. I would suggest using your Silver Bolts proc when trading against her because you will out-trade her due to her low attack speed on her rocket launcher and her low attack range on her minigun. This match-up is not particularly difficult for Vayne, but it can easily be the worst lane on earth for you. Supports matter the most when you are against this champion. I would suggest a heavy disengage support such as Janna or I would recommend a heavy crown control hard engage support such as Leona or Alistar.

Caitlyn is known for being a hard match-up for Vayne. The reason is, that she has the highest range and she is generally a lane bully. She will auto attack you and you will not even be in range to hit her back. This will be very annoying, and she will deny you very hard. The only way to play against this match-up is by farming under tower, or having a support that provides hard engage or burst. There is a window when you can decide to all-in her, which is after you buy your Blade of the Ruined King. Your damage will be substantially higher than hers if you are the same level and have identical Creep Score and Kill/Death/Assist ratio.

Relatively Easy
Lucian has a strong early burst and once he gets a Sheen you will find that his burst is even higher. However, Vayne has substantially better scaling, and you can use Tumble to dodge his Q and W. The one thing to remember when laning against Lucian is to stay away from him when he has his passive active. This is what he will use to trade against you if he misses skill shots. Lastly, Vayne's Condemn completely counters Lucian's ultimate, The Culling.
Overall Lucian is a relatively easy match-up for Vayne and you have the potential to dominate in lane against him.

There is not much else to say about this match-up other than it is easy for the Vayne player. This match-up will most likely rely on your support's ability for domination against a Sivir. Vayne's tumble can completely dodge Sivir's slow moving Boomerang Blade, and Silver Bolts will ensure better trades for you. Sivir can do nothing but auto-attack you if she misses her Boomerang Blade and Ricochet has no bonuses before Sivir is level 6. Therefore, you will win trades with her in the early game, and you will be able to duel her easily in late game. You win early, and you win late against a Sivir.

Miss Fortune is known for her early game burst with her Q, Double Up. However, she has no escapes and her E, Make it Rain does not really affect Vayne. Therefore, Miss Fortune has potential to harass you out of lane, but it really depends on how the early level 1-3 goes. Your passive Night Hunter counters Miss Fortune's Strut. Her passive is movement speed bonus when not in combat and yours is movement speed bonus when chasing after a target. Therefore, your passive negates her passive and there is no retaliation she can throw out when you are on the chase. You should not underestimate Miss Fortune because once she gets The Bloodthirster, her auto attack and Double Up combo will be painful.
Use her high mana cost to your advantage, if she spends all her mana early on, then you can dominate her.

Difficult match-up
Graves is rather difficult for Vayne. His passive provides him with armor, so you will get out-traded if you are auto-attacking each other. Also, his Buckshot can be painful and annoying if you do not dodge them. His smokescreen will also be nuisance to you if you Tumble inside of it by mistake. My advice when laning against Graves is to wait until you get your Blade of the Ruined King and do not try to harass him before that. His smokescreen, Buckshot, auto attack combo will out-trade you easily. You will however beat him once you get your ultimate and Blade of the Ruined King because you can Tumble around him and he will be a sitting duck.

I do not have much difficulty when laning against an Ezreal. If you dodge his Mystic Shots then you can out trade him with Tumble. This lane solely relies on your ability to dodge Mystic Shot. His early game will be weaker than yours if you dodge his Mystic Shot, and your late game will be stronger no matter what. Just dodge the Ezreal Q's and this lane will be a breeze.

Draven's auto attacks are substantially stronger than Vayne's auto attacks at any point in the game. You will not be able to trade with him because he will almost double the harass that you put on him because of his Spinning Axe. Also, Draven's E, Stand Aside will counter your momentum you gain if you are dueling him. This skill will slow you and cancel your auto attack animation. I would highly recommend maxing Tumble first when playing against Draven and I also recommend you buy The Bloodthirster instead of Blade of the Ruined King. The extra damage and sustain from The Bloodthirster over the Blade of the Ruined King will help you last hit and stay in lane. Lastly, maxing Tumble is better than Silver Bolts because you will not be able to get 3 auto attack off on Draven without him demolishing you in the auto attack damage trade off. Tumble also works better with The Bloodthirster because your bonus ad will make it more efficient than Silver Bolts and Silver Bolts is only good with attack speed that The Bloodthirster will not give you.
Overall, Draven is a VERY HARD match-up for Vayne and the only way to survive is by ganks from your jungler, maxing Tumble before Silver Bolts, and by building The Bloodthirster over the Blade of the Ruined King.

Wild Card
There is too much to consider to determine if Ashe is a good or bad match-up for Vayne. Her ult is dodgeable, and with Cleanse or quick silversash, she will never be able to duel you. However, in lane with champions such as Annie and Leona, Ashe has the potential to destroy you with a cc lock-up and Volley to a passive enhanced auto attack. Her passive deals lots of damage, and should not be something that is looked over. Overall, Vayne can easily duel ashe,but Ashe also has the potential to slow you forever and destroy your momentum.
Ashe has 600 range, while Vayne has 550. This is very significant because she can slow you, stun you, and Flash so you will never be able to close the distance. When playing against Ashe remember to be aware of the level 1 strategy that some Ashe players like to pull. This is where she will keep her passive and volley you, and her support is usually a burst support that will dish out extra damage. This combo can easily kill you at level 1 because Ashe will deal around 240 damage with her auto attack and Volley combo.

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Items that counter you and how to deal with them

This item is a counter to all adcs. There is not much you can do against this item besides hitting champions that don't have it. Let your AP Carry deal with the Thornmail. It is not the end of the world if you decide to attack champions that have Thornmail. It does not apply any movement speed or attack speed debuffs and if you have Last Whisper you will most likely kill the wielder of the Thornmail before it kills you.

This item is your nightmare. However, it is counterable. This item will apply a debuff that will slow your attack speed and movement speed every time you hit the owner of it. Just keep your distance and don't get hit by the active effect of Randuin's Omen and you should be fine. Just keep Tumbleing backwards and use Flash and Blade of the Ruined King when necessary. You will not be killing yourself while attacking the owner of this item, so feel free to keep attacking him/her. Just make sure to keep your distance.

Like Randuin's Omen, you should learn to hate this item. However, it only provides an attack speed debuff, and it has no active portion. Therefore, there is less pressure and kiting will not be difficult against this item. This item will not kill anyone attacking the owner of it, and it does not make you slower if you attack the user. Also, this item affects all enemies within 1000 range of the owner of it. So, attack the owner of this item all you want, because the attack speed debuff will always apply to you if he is within auto attack range. This item is not that great of a counter against Vayne because they will most likely not be able to catch you if you keep using Tumble and you use Blade of the Ruined King. There is no counter to this item besides buying 20% more attack speed I guess...? The debuff isn't too great, so I wouldn't worry about enemies having a Frozen Heart.

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Vayne can be used with basic runes.
Greater Seal of Armor is used to fill up the yellow rune slots.
I am now using Greater Seal of Health for this build because I believe the 72 hp that it provides is crucial to Vayne's early game.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist can be used to fill up the blue rune slots.
Greater Mark of Attack Damage is used to fill up the red rune slots.
Greater Quintessence of Life Steal and Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage can be used to fill up the quintessence spots.

You can make modifications depending on the situation. Such as using Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed instead of Greater Quintessence of Life Steal if you have heals or shields from champions like Soraka Sona Janna or Lulu. Attack speed is always great on Vayne, and it is always efficient to replace life steal with attack speed on Vayne.

Due to the recent rune changes in patch 4.5, I recommend running Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed over Greater Quintessence of Life Steal. Attack speed has been buffed while life steal has been nerfed making attack speed much more efficient.

I am now running 1 Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed and 2 Greater Quintessence of Armor because I swapped out my yellows for health and now need some armor. Just 2 quints of armor will give more armor than 9 greater seals of armor. I am also running the attack speed quint because attack speed is better than lifesteal and attack damage on Vayne for rune choices.

Another change you can have is running a couple Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration instead of Greater Glyph of Magic Resist if you are against a team with only attack damage. Mana regen is great on all adcs and there is no need for magic resist against a team with no ability power.

You can also run greater mark of armor penetration instead of Greater Mark of Attack Damage, but I would not recommend this because armor penetration will benefit you only in the late game. You will need as much help early game, and armor penetration will make last hitting slightly harder for you in the early game. However, this is completely opinion based, and if you like armor penetration, then so be it.

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These masteries are pretty basic for adcs. I made a few adjustments for vayne such as removing Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving . The reason for these changes is because vayne has only 1 attack that is considered a spell. Which would be her Condemn. Therefore, there is no purpose for having 3% increased Condemn damage or using Condemn to have 1% increased auto attack damage to a single target. In my opinion, these are not worth the points and moving it to Expose Weakness and Feast seem to be more efficient. Feast is a very efficient mastery because it gives you hp and mana everytime you get a last hit. Combined with life steal quints and Doran's Blade your sustain will be very high. Expose Weakness is a good mastery because you will be increasing allied champions damage by 1% to a target. You are most likely Condemning the target you want to burst, so the bonus damage in lane for champions such as Annie and Zyra will be very worth. It is even stronger late game when you have 4 allies attacking the champ you condemned.
The reason for having only 1 point in Warlord is because the 2 points raise your ad by 3%. Considering you even get 300 ad in late game, this will be a 9 ad bonus. That is completely irrelevant and in early game, this mastery will only give you about a 3 ad bonus once you get your Bilgewater Cutlass.

Sorry for all the utility tree lovers, but Season 4 Defense tree is much more efficient than the utility tree. If you really need, I would recommend finding 3 points out of defense to put into mana regen, but I would HIGHLY recommend you just stick with 21/9/0 masteries. It is more efficient to just conserve your mana or buy the occasional Mana Potion after you purchase your Vampiric Scepter or build it into a better lifesteal item.

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Nothing really new with Patch 4.10, I usually buy 2 Doran's Blades anyways on Vayne so just keep doing that ^.^
You probably don't want to buy a third doran because you usually do not rush Infinity Edge on Vayne so there is no point with going overboard with life steal. The new doran just has a lot of lifesteal, the health is nothing special and the attack damage got reduced by 1. So don't overestimate this new blade.

Many items on Vayne or any adc are completely situational. There is no definite item build for any adc.

However, I recommended that you build Blade of the Ruined King. The reason for this is because through math, Blade of the Ruined King is overall more efficient than its counterpart, The Bloodthirster. Also, with a true damage passive that Silver Bolts gives, the attack speed makes this item even more efficient on Vayne. The active on this item gives you a giant power spike after you get Final Hour and Blade of the Ruined King. The active is also very effective when kiting champions such as Renekton and Shyvana.

I started liking Statikk Shiv over Phantom Dancer on Vayne. I like the on-hit magic damage + crit damage burst that you can do combined with Tumble. Of course this is preference, but in terms of raw stats, Phantom Dancer will most likely be the better end game item. I usually don't have long enough games to reach full build, therefore I will leave Statikk Shiv in the core build. ^.^

With Patch 4.10 in affect, I highly recommend getting ghostblade after your blade of the ruined king. This gives you the highest power spike that is obtainable at that portion of the game. You will be stronger than the enemy ADC for atleast 10 minutes while he/she builds infinity edge and phantom dancer.

Trinity Force may seem strange to some of you, but it is actually a very good item on Vayne. The benefits of it are that the passive from Phage allows vayne to be a monster when kiting or chasing a target. The passive from Sheen allows vayne to have extremely high burst and damage when using Final Hour and Tumble. The downsides to Trinity Force are that NONE of Vayne's skills are affected by ap and the attack speed and critical chance are miniscule compared to Phantom Dancer.


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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
The reason you should max Silver Bolts is because you are gaining attack speed when building Blade of the Ruined King. If you do the math, you will have more damage when you max Silver Bolts instead of Tumble.
Only max Tumble if you decided to go with The Bloodthirster or if you only started playing Vayne and is having trouble getting the final Silver Bolts proc. If you do not get the 3rd proc, the levels in Silver Bolts will be completely irrelevant and it will be like having level 1 Tumble and Silver Bolts. Therefore, if you are just starting of as vayne, you should grab Tumble because it will help you with last hits under tower, and it will help you if you can't manage to get 3 shots off on 1 target safely.

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Flash is generally a must-have for all adcs. It is pretty self-explanatory and it's purpose is not something I think I need to go discuss about in detail.
Long story short, It gives you kills or lets you out of sticky situations.

Barrier is a generally safe spell and what I would usually take when I am playing adc. The extra shield it gives will help you in lane when people try to use Flash to get that last auto attack off on you. Also, it will be very useful late game when people try to burst you down. Overall, it is the safest spell and all beginners to adc should take this spell.

Cleanse is a very situational spell. It also requires reaction time and knowledge as to when to and when not to use it. This is a very useful spell on Vayne and I highly recommend this if you are good at adc or if you have the reaction times. This spell also helps with lane fights against champs such as Annie, Leona, and Thresh. Also, Exhaust is one of Vayne's hardest counters, and cleanse will take it off immediately. Overall, if you can survive lane and play for the late game, cleanse will be infinitely more useful in team fights when the enemy team tries to land all their hard cc on you to start a fight.

Ghost I would only use this spell if you were top-laning as Vayne. This spell works incredibly well with items such as Frozen Mallet but it generally has no use for bottom lane.

Ignite I would again only use this spell as top lane Vayne, but this is not a spell that I would consider taking unless you are against Tryndamere or dr.mundo at top lane.

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Overall, I believe that Vayne is a very high-risk and high-reward champion.
She is one of the best late-game champions and with the right mechanics, she is sometimes unkillable.
I would highly recommend that you add Vayne to your champion pool.

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Farming is quite simple on Vayne.
Just remember the basics:
-A caster minion will die from 1 turret shot and 2 auto attacks until you get a 2nd dorans blade or vamp scepter.
-A melee minion will die from 2 turret shots and 1 auto attack at any stage in the game.
-A cannon minion will take your judgement, but I always use Tumble to ensure that I get this minion. This minion is very important and you should try to NEVER miss the last hit.

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When to level tumble, and When to level Silver Bolts

I have talked to a couple diamond players that are pretty good as Vayne.
Leveling Tumble to around level 3 before leveling Silver Bolts is a good choice, because Tumble gets a 1 second lower cooldown each level. This is very noticeable and it is more helpful than Silver Bolts is at early levels.
Most players that are new to Vayne will feel the difference from leveling Tumble first, because it applies a rather guaranteed bonus, and not a % health damage bonus. However, leveling Silver Bolts DOES give you a higher damage output if you build attack speed and not attack damage.
You should max Tumble in lanes where you will not be trading as much against the enemy bot lane. Silver Bolts is not as good when farming as Tumble is, and the reduced cooldown on Tumble will be even more helpful when farming under tower.
Also, Tumble should always be maxed first if you build The Bloodthirster first instead of the Blade of the Ruined King, because the bonus attack damage scaling on Tumble will give you higher than max rank Silver Bolts. Silver Bolts scales well off of attack speed and not attack damage.


-Max Tumble when you build The Bloodthirster over the Blade of the Ruined King.
-Max Tumble in lanes where you will not be aggressive and you are just farming.
-Level Tumble when you are level 1,4,and 6 if you feel greatly impacted by a 2 second lower cooldown on Tumble.
-Max Tumble if you have lane momentum but are against high range characters such as Caitlyn.
-Max Silver Bolts if you are against supports like Leona and Thresh that rush Doran's Shield into a Sightstone.
-Max Silver Bolts if you are against adcs that have high armor such as Graves and Urgot.

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Tips you should remember when playing Vayne

-Try not to use Vayne's Condemn as an execute unless there is a structure behind your target. You do not want to be that kid that Condemns a free kill away.

-Do not Tumble to facecheck bushes, instead if you really need to, just walk up to a bush and save Tumble as an escape.

-Do not pop your ultimate Final Hour when executing a target. Rather, just pop it when a fight is about to occur to utilize and get the most value out of it.

-Never challenge champions such as Gragas, LeBlanc, and Wukong. You will get jumped on, and your team will harass you for the rest of the game.

- Vayne should not be picked because you think she is "free elo." Just because her late game is strong, does not mean that you will dominate in the late game. When a Caitlyn is 4 levels ahead of you at 20 minutes, it will not matter who has the higher late game scaling.

-Remember to farm the double golems when you are on blue side. They will be a great source of exp and gold for you.

-Try to use Tumble to pop the 3rd proc of Silver Bolts. Nothing is more awkward then using it to get the 2nd proc and having to walk away because the enemy adc created too much distance.

-You can Tumble right after the projectile launches from your auto attack animation to cut it short.

-You can also Tumble into a wall or structure to cut the Tumble animation off and get a quicker enhanced auto attack.

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Thanks to UpRoar for all the graphics.
Check his design thread out here

My Steam link incase you want to add me or play Counter Strike Go with Me