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Hecarim Build Guide by Friedenspol

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Friedenspol

[S5] Hecarim Vi Level 3 Drake Minute 5 jungle and early gank

Friedenspol Last updated on May 8, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Hecarim with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Shaco can be dangerous as he can sneak up to you doing drake, easy kill with mass CC
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Introduction - Why? How? And why again!?

Wowwowowoowowowwoow acutally i am really impressed by the number of views, i hope you guys enjoy reading.
FREAKING 50000 viewers update incoming soon

I took a break of LoL but soon there will be some updates and adjustments incoming.

I dont know what published or revision exactly means and how to change, but the revision sure mostly is the more actual one here.

Also added possible scnearios, with suggested reactions under Team work part for Drake teamfights.This part will be growing a little in the next view days.

This Guide will not include complete allover Strategies. Its focused on early ganks and the capability of doing drake very early all alone, without getting yourself in a dangerous position.

This is the Sixth Version of this guide.
Playing it almost everyday, i have the chance to improve it even more by active gameplay experience.
This Update will include, succesrate and even more dangerous situations, at the beginning of the game, in which the enemy jungler might take the drake before you can.

can do level 3 drake solo too, using the same runes and masteries, even faster than needing only one Smite.
There is a chapter about it.

There is one new scenario here to be added with some extra cautios.
Its possible the enemy jungler is trying to take drake about min 5-7 too, with or without help.
There will be signs to watch for this to act properly.
They have been added under Team Work.

I will do more testing including a more growing runes focused rune board.
Going on right now.

Here is another good Masterie that could be used, for more Tankyness:


You can leave the utility points and put all 12 of them in good use in the defensive tree, increasing your selfheal capability to crazy amounts, whenever you fall below 25% health.
Which is easy manageable in jungle , but it sure is not that easy in later teamfights.
At this point there stand Vampirism over all spellvamp and lifesteal, to the Second Wind increase on special situations.
I guess if well timed, the defensive masterie specc is the better one, but might needs more experience than the utility one.

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Creeping / Jungling

The First Part of Jungle

As usual you start with the Hunter's Machete and 2 Health Potions.
I suggest buying the Sweeping Lens as first trinket, this way you can search for wards while doing the drake. Or before doing your first gank, i also like to scan the bush above red buff, as i fall really low there using maximum heal potential.

Depending on the possiblity and the will of the team to help, i start gromp or blue.
In any case, we wont use Smite at blue its wasted here.

Going to the red golem after that:
-Depending on your actual health, let it fall down a while so you have room for the upcoming heal, which will be massive and can be increased in cases when below 25% health.
-You wait till your Rampage is stacked 2 times, and then you activate Spirit of Dread and Smite resulting in massive selfheal.

Most times i have about ~780 max health at that moment, meaning 25% are 195 health points.
A recent test in a bot game showed, 239 health points are possibly healed, falling below 25% health using Smite while Spirit of Dread is active.
You can even start red buff really low.
It happened once, that the enemy jungler was at the red buff right at that moment, so you might want to finish it off with Smite.

Go for at least one more camp if not yet level 3 yet.
The now achieved Devastating Charge with red buff will allow you to get an easy gank now, so watch the lanes!
If there is nothing going on, we go for the last camp in our actual jungle part but save our Smite for the drake.

Still focused on the early drake, the first item should be the improved jungle item Ranger's Trailblazer and at least 2 Health Potions.
There will be siuations where you can buy Boots of Speed and there will be some where you cant. I am not sure, on hecarim the shoes might be the better first item, i ll try that.

It is possible without the improved version of the jungle item, but takes pretty long.
This only should happen if you have already died, in this case Boots of Speed and Health Potions are fine.

Now the real part begins:

On your way to the drake, you can prepare your team to cover you and tell early misses. In case bot lane is pushed by your team, it will drastically increase the chance of the enemy jungler to show up while you are killing that drake.
I would suggest going over the mid side of the golem camp, securing nobody might spot you on your way to the drake.
You can disable one ward in case you know it is placed next to the mid, otherwise try to scan for one at the drake.

I guess most people could figure out the skill rotation now easily

Just in any case here it is:

1. You let your health points drop just a little for the upcoming heal.
In numbers this is 23% of the actual Smitevalue.
Example: ( ~420 * 0,23 = 97hp )
It should be the 2nd drake attack.
2. Make sure Spirit of Dread is active and use your first smite.
Spamming Rampage all the time and using both potions.
3. Spamming your Rampage and watching for misses carefully!!!you should reach your second smite soon. But dont just use it yet.

This is some real important part all over jungle gamestyle, you always keep your smite to secure the kill, no matter what!!!

This means: You watch for Drake or Baron health real close !!!
As soon as it reches the Smite value, you Smite it!
4. Waiting for your Spirit of Dread to get ready again you gonna heal urself up finishing off that drake pretty early.
In most cases, when you are alone you have to wait a while to get the drake health points low enough for Smite execution, best thing is to keep Spirit of Dread for that.
After a load of battles i have fought around the drake, i prefer Flash over Ghost.
As the only escape if not having Flash is your ultimate and that AoE fear sure could be used with way more use.


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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence for a typical hecarim gank is pretty easy, your most important thing is the first knockback you can deliver with Devastating Charge it will do a nice amount of damage as also bringing the target in an even better position, i guess a good heca dont just throw targets in the direction you are running while following, your speed in that moment will be so much more higher than the focused target, so that you can use the knockback from Devastating Charge to throw your target oppposite to his running direction, or into the direction of your team.

As soon as you hit level 6 there is the unique spell of hecarim giving teamfights a total new dimension:
Onslaught of Shadows
This spell has multiple possible Situations to be used for, i gonna write down some of them:
- Ofcourse you can use this to escape in case you are getting low, it happened to me often, that the last spells and autoattacks chasing me while rushing, still got me down. So you might time your escape early.
- An enemy Carry or weak support gets crippled in any way. In most cases Your ulti is worth here for the unexpected initiate going for the quickkill on the groupless target.
- Typical use can be to use the CC on two dps heavy targets while a teamfight. If you get 2 carrys close to gether, you can take away a ton of damage of your team.
- Together with the knockback of Devastating Charge The fear from the ultimate can also be used to save a focused target.
- Ideal and most powerful use is, when you have AOE heavy team, and you get 3 or more of them Feared while heavy damage is incoming. This usually results in express aces.

The mechanics of Onslaught of Shadows are not that easy to understand.
The direction from which your horses will spawn, can result in overall damage output very strong, so this sure should be considered.
And the other thing is how to set the exact location for your fear.
There will be an circlewide fear incoming on all those standing in it.
The running mechanings caused by that fear, are not 100% predictable, but there are some things that seam to repeat themselves.
As its not as easy to explain, i will need this aiming circle of the Ultimate (Picture will follow) to explain how and why the target will run in your designated direction.
It seems like the feared target runs almost straight away from the center of the circle to the outer ring of it. ( There still seems to be some RNG in it, but thats what i could watch most times actually. )
The targets not hit by the center of the circle, still get feared, but the walking directions seems to be way more RNG in that moment, it seems like they walk on the outer like of the aiming circle, even though most times there running direction is more straight, than the one of a circle.

Seeing a carry alone in the Jungle usually can result in a really quick kill for , using the Devastating Charge knockback on a nice range for a noteable amount of damage will bring you in the positon to make him flash away or use his escape skill, after that you set your Onslaught of Shadows.
Using the circle is not as easy as it seems. The direction of the fear can be directed very precise, positioning your target for his last hits.

Skill Sequence will follow.

Guide Top

Team Work

Team work on should be a very important part.
I like to help team way more than farm blindly.
Securing the first Drake is one of the primary goals in this suggested playstyle.
After about 50 drakes, the enemy jungler was able to kill the drake before me about 7 times, due to bad circumstances.
This should not happen, try to avoid!!!

The possible ganks you can do should be the following:
1. After red buff with Devastating Charge because you killed gromp.
- Possible lanes: Top, mid and Bottom.
Top only should be considered for a fast visit using enemy flash, or in case help is needed there.
- Go from behind the mid bush wall for more suprising effect
- Time Devastating Charge for maximum Damage.
- Check tribush or the other one for a ward, if there is one, destroy it.
- Fake leave and come back. If there is none, go for it, or wait on team to react.
- Time Devastating Charge for maximum Damage.
- Check top bush for ward, if there is one, destroy it.
- Fake leave and come back. Wait for action to happen, go in.
- Time Devastating Charge for maximum Damage.
- Usually its better to come from far behind, using a long route not being seen, using the knockback for best positioning.

2. After achieving Devastating Charge the usual way.
- Possible lanes: Mid and Bottom. Top in this moment is really far away and should only be considered in rare situations.

3. After killing drake, still having enough health for action.
- Possible lanes: All of them

4-???: After getting your improved teamfight jungle item ganks should be even easier.
- Possible lanes: All of them, but there should be a focus on possible enemy dominance, in that case you might even wanna babysit.

Drake-Teamfights, Scenarios and Reactions

Here is the promised timetable, for possible first drakes:
Minute 5-7: Most times, drake is not warded at that time. So junglers can sneak up here giving it a try. This mostly is a solo drake moment, if there are misses on botlane around that time, they might help the drake killer.
Minute 8-12: Drake should and most times is warded around that time, there can be a quick kill after a succesfull teamfight, or a dominant teamfight at drake pushing enemys away.
From Minute 12: Drake timer should be achieved every time, watched carefully by support and jungler, so they can prepare the area for the incoming fight at drake.

As a jungler one of your primary goals all over the match should be, to constantly secure drake kills.

To achieve this, there are multiple possible scenarios:

- Drake is up, enemy jungler is dead. Perfect situation, gor for a quick drake instantly.
- Drake is up, enemys are close preparing for a teamfight. Try to keep the jungler away from the drake, in case he goes for the execute, try cc or be faster than him.
- Drake is spawning, enemy jungler is close. Keep focus on him, till he we falls low enough or runs. Team has to help in this situation. Engage is very important and should be ASAP.
- Drake is spawning, enemys are scaring own team away. This is a dangerous one, you can try to get that drake, but in most cases you will die doing so. Ult might save you here.
- Drake is spawning or up, Teleport on toplane is ready, bot lane and mid are alive and on their way too. Very good scenario. If its going a 5 vs 5 top lane should come. You stay close all the time, but defensive. Your team will need your smite now more than ever.
- Drake is spawning or up, Teleport on top lane is not ready, enemy jungler is close. Enemy-Team is prepared and can do serious Damage meanwhile. In this case, the most important part is vision, try to get vison on drake teamfight and around. Engage should not be done.
- Drake is up, Teleport too top lane is prepared, but one or 2 allys are dead.
Depending on overall damage possibility there sure is a chance, to dominate this.
With the CC from mid and Tankyness from Top you should be able to pull up at least a worthwhile teamfight for drake.
- Drake is up, there is no Teleport. Depending on dead allys, there can be situations in which you have to let go drake.

Possible activities, that can trigger teams to do early drake:
Depending on how long the first blood needs to be taken and where it is. This can result in a really quick drake. Especially if the adc stays alive and the enemy jungler is dead, there is almost no to way to prevent the surviving team from getting drake here.
Ofcourse this scenario can vary in heavyness, meaning only one or two death are enough for initiate drake, especially if the low health champs teleported back to base to heal up.

There is another really strong thing about , when you can smell a fast finish due to multiple early drakes, or just because your team lead the kills far.
You can go for Ohmwrecker and even more dominant teamplay-playstyle.
I have had some games, were the Ohmwrecker was able to finish the game without any supercreeps having arrived at the last 2 nexus turrets.

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Vi level 3 drake how to

Basically i use the same guide as i posted for hecarim, there are only some litte differences.

1. You skill up W ofcourse for blue camp first.
2. After that You take Q for stun and resulting reduced incoming damage.
3. Same play at red as with heca. Going for at least one more camp is needed
4. Mid lane or bot gank for even more exp and gold.
Doing Drake with seems really fast. Way faster than with . I Couldnt use the 2nd Smite in bot games yet. So you make sure you keep it for the execution.
As you dont need 2 Smite this way. you can use it at golems for faster first clear and maybe even a few more seconds for a gank.

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After even more low level drakes i have taken now i can tell you different things about this in execution.
-Usually there should not be that much activity going on anywhere that you really should be needed there, so this early drake is a really strong thing without costing your team anything.
Meanwhile there have been situations, that can be used if the team works with you in this situation:
- while going to the drake calling early sses and not pushing the lane on bottom is essential, mid and top can or even should distract so the enemy jungler might try a gank.
- in case its foreseeable the enemy jungler might cross your line of sight while going to bot, it sure is best to leave.
- Depending on the mid and bot lane situations, a quick help always is nice to secure the situation.

-Just keep in mind you might wanna do a gank before that first drake making proper use of your red buff.
-Getting this early drake so early and even giving the possibility to bring the enemy order of drake timer into chaos, can have devestating effect on the game all over, it allows you to get the fifth drake rally early, is my experience.
- even if the team is behind, securing drake kills all over the game, can really help to keep your team in the game, as it will drastically increase pushing potential.
-Also ofcourse the 6% increased ap and ad is a nice thing for all lanes to feed themselves