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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Elise Build Guide by Graverage

Assassin [S6] Crusty Pizza's Elise Guide [5.24]

Assassin [S6] Crusty Pizza's Elise Guide [5.24]

Updated on December 15, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Graverage Build Guide By Graverage 188,620 Views 3 Comments
188,620 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Graverage Elise Build Guide By Graverage Updated on December 15, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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About Me

Hey guys! My name is Crusty Pizza. This is my first guide, so if I screw up on something, I will fix it. Make sure to leave comments on the guide so I know what to fix, and talk about the build. I can't believe this guide is already at 100k views! Thanks a lot!
Check out my youtube channel
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Intro to Elise

Elise is my favorite champion! she has all of the things I need in a single champion alone. Her versatility is amazing! I don't think you should ever build Elise one way. She just has too many different builds that she could use. Elise is in my opinion one of the best champions in the game(and I did say in my own opinion). If played correctly you will dominate every game.
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This season I use a lot of different masteries for Elise. I guess I would end up using this page the most. Feel free to try out a cunning build for her it does work.
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BB runes for Elise:I personally feel running these runes are superior to any other rune page(damage wise), since they make you do so much more damage in the jungle,and when ganking a lane.
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: does the highest amount of damage on enemies that have higher health.

: does the exact opposite of the human form "Q" it does higher damage to targets who have lower health

: is my favorite poke that Elise has. It sends out a spider to rush at the target that gains increased movement speed the closer it is to the target.

: is a great way to heal after ganking or fighting a tough camp also increases your Attack speed. attack speed when you activate this move

: Elise slings out a web and stuns the target this is the best way to initiate a gank or team fight

: is a great way to gap close an enemy if they flash or outrun you. You can also use this move defensively to avoid dangerous situations. As of patch 5.12 rappel also increases bonus damage and heal

: when when elise goes in spider form she gains spiderlings that aid her in combat. you gain spiderlings depending on your Elise gains passive 10 movement speed in spider form so make sure to take advantage of that when running away or going to a lane to gank. As of 5.14 Elise's siderlings now hit for magical damage instead of physical.
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Spell combo

1.Start off with using Cocoon closer to them and Volatile Spiderling
3. Neurotoxin right away(make sure Neurotoxin hits them first to get max damage off. Since Volatile Spiderling takes time to reach the target it shouldn't be a problem)
4. transition into Spider Form(do this as fast as possible)
5. Venomous Bite right away
6. Skittering Frenzy right after bite( you could also do Skittering Frenzy before Venomous Bite if your reflexes are really good).
7. and Rappel if need be.
This rotation should be completed within 1-2 seconds
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is the first main item I buy on Elise,I feel that this is the best option due to the fact that when you smite a champion it does damages and steals their movement speed. as of 5.12 it now has a [sheen] build into it that increases your burst potential, while restoring mana on use.

You can always choose this item instead for more tankiness.

When it comes to boots, you are going to need to pick what's best for the situation you're in. If the enemy team as a boat load of AD, you are probably going to want to get Ninja Tabi.
If the the team is balanced and you just want more damage you are going to go for Sorcerer's Shoes,
and of course it you see a lot of cc and magic on the enemy team you will always go for Mercury's Treads

I tend to get this item fairly early before any defensives, due to it having everything Elise wants.( you will upgrade to Liandry's Anguish whenever you want. Although recently with the buff to 80 ap, I have been getting it a lot earlier).

This is my favorite armor item choice on Elise. When I see enough AD champions, I will usually rush this out so I don't get poked out or by ranged AD champions or just out right beaten in fights.

This is a great item for Elise, if gives you some resistance to those annoying ap champions like Teemo and Fizz -_-. Best of all it gives you more ap, and along with that it knocks off 20 magic resist off of the enemies.

I really like this one, this item gives you the best of both worlds, tankiness and a large ability power boost. if you go with this item try to get it as a third or fourth item.

And lastly you will get a sweeping lense. If you like Stealth Ward better, go for it. My guide isn't law xD.

Keep in mind you aren't going to go for the same item build every game,You need to pick and choose what's best for your current situation, and what would be the best for the team.
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WARDS!(The HUGE picture represents the HUGE importance of wards)

Make sure you always have a ward in your inventory. I don't know how much I stress this on people but, wards are a core item for any champion (not just the support), so please always have a ward. if you think wards are a waste of money think again, because wards give vision of the areas you will need to see. such as vision on a future gank, or even giving vision of objectives, such as the dragon or the baron. If you don't know where to ward, look up a video on ward placement, and I guarantee you will be thanking me later.
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Pros / Cons

+Fast Jungle Clear(even with nerf)
+Stong Ganks
+No mana cost in spider form
+Tanky Ap champion
+Does a lot of damage without a ton of Ability power

- Higher skill cap
- One form of Crowd control
- Vulnerable when moves are on cooldown
- Your stun is a skill-shot
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Creeping / Jungling

this is pretty much my main route for a jungling in this season. If you feel this isn't your style, you can always go whatever route works best for you.
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Team Work

My main objective as Elise is to have as much map presence as possible especially early game to get as many kills as possibly for not only you but for your team(remember this is a team game don't try and steal every kill). when it comes to ganking a lane you need to get the surprise attack on them if possible, if not you need to make sure you have a good lane to bait the enemy into thinking they have the advantage and turn the tides on them. Also do NOT stay in a lane for more than 1 minute unless necessary, that lane will need all the exp they can get so they can get ahead of there opponent.
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Elise will always be my main, even when she was nerfed, I still played her as if she was a tier 1 champion choice.
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Thank you!

If this guide helped you in anyway leave a comment, or message me to let me know how I did on this guide.

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