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Jinx Build Guide by BowFlamer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BowFlamer

[S6] Jinx, the Crazy Hyper Carry( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ADC/JG

BowFlamer Last updated on January 25, 2016
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Hi there! My name is BowFlamer and this is my guide on how to play adc jinx! I am a silver 2 and I met Jinx when I was level 15, I started maining her ever since! I only recall losing once with Jinx in the time period of a couple of weeks, so we have been pretty good at winning and carrying games. I also have a YouTubechannel! Feel free to check me out! If you would like to talk to me about my build or something else, you can either comment or pm me. If you liked this build, please Favourite and upvote it. If you didn't like it, then comment how I can improve this build. If you would like to play with me, then add me: BowFlamer
I play on Oceania (yup).

Thanks, Bow

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Pros / Cons

+Great poke
+ Switcheroo! passive grants
alot of attack speed
+Spamming Switcheroo! annoys
the living hell out of everyone
+ Get Excited! is great for
destroying towers, kiting and
+Her laugh is awesome
+ Super Mega Death Rocket! is fast
and is a great aoe execute

+Mana Hungry Early Game
+No Escape
+Her Zap! is easy to dodge and hard to hit

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Get Excited!(Passive)
Get Excited! gives you mobility after killing or assisting an enemy champion or building kill. This allows you to backdoor and finish towers, catch up to an enemy champion after killing another enemy to get a multikill, or just to use it to kite.

Switcheroo! passively grants you stacks of attack speed on your minigun (Pow Pow), which is efficient in dueling the enemy champions or taking dragon / Baron Nashor . Switching to your Rocket Launcher (Fishbones) grants you 110% damage dealt, increases range of basic attacks, and it also deals AOE damage. Seriously, who wouldn't want to use a rocket launcher AND a minigun? You can use this to harass and cs deny the enemy ADC. But remember, each rocket costs 20 mana, so do not spam rockets.

Zap! is Jinx's poke, only use it when you can hit it and don't spam this ability early game (Mana cost is high). Zap! is great for finishing off enemies, and it is a great engage. What Irelia (Puns) love about Zap! is that it deals 140% Physical Damage. I also use zap to slow enemies to catch up with them, I usually place Flame Chompers!(E) in front of the enemies I Zapped just to make sure they can't escape. Zap Goes Through Walls!

Flame Chompers!(E)
Flame Chompers! are Jinx's main source of cc and her only way of escaping tough fights. You can out trade the enemy ADC easily if you can trap them and then shoot rockets at them from a safe distance (Because the enemy champions are only snared, they can still attack you!). Your snare can also be used to set up ganks, help team fights, and to catch enemy champions with a Zap! and Flame Chompers! wombo combo.

Super Mega Death Rocket!(R)
The name is pretty self explanatory, but I'll go over it. Jinx's ult is a Super Mega Death Rocket. You can use it to snipe off enemies that are on low health (The less health the enemy, the more damage this deals), you can use it to "Kill Secure" or help out other lanes, you can also use it to steal dragon or baron(I've done that a few times xD) or you can use it to do awesome trickshots and make a FaZe Clan Montage out of it. This is another way of getting Pentakills, because it deals TONS OF AOE DAMAGE AS WELL!

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Yellow=Easy Orange=Normal Red=HARD!

Caitlyn can easily harass Jinx due to Pow Pow's low range, but if you manage to stay behind minions so that Piltover Peacemaker deals less damage to you and if you focus on outsustaining Caitlyn, you should be able to take down their tower. It should be easy from then on.

Punish Twitch with Fishbones whenever he tries to cs. Because you have the superior range, try to auto him 1-2 times and fall back. Don't let him auto you because his poison will just wreck you. You can easily kill him when he is low enough from your rockets.

Ashe cannot outrange your rockets with her auto attacks, she also has no escape spell or stun untill level 6. Her slow is designed to chase rather than kite, so she should be quite easy to beat.

Tristana has only one form of effective poke, which is now removed in her new update. This means that you can harass her easily with your rockets, but her new Explosive Shot is still quite useful, so don't go near her when she put one on you.

Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune has a weak early game, so you can harass her with rockets and cc her aswell. If you can easily sidestep her Bulltet Time, then you have won bot lane.

Yes, Kog'Maw is strong. But his AA range is similar to Jinx's, and even if you cannot win extended duels, you should be able to burst him down and escape with Get Excited!.

Vayne has got a weak early game, so play aggressively and poke her down before she reaches level 6. Remember, STAY AWAY FROM WALLS!!!.

Sivir can stop Jinx from engaging by blocking her predictable Zap!. Sivir's shield can also stop Super Mega Death Rocket!. But you can outrange Sivir with your Rockets, and AA her when she runs out of mana.

Graves is a hard counter to you, so play safe since he can burst you down with his short cast times.

Try to dodge his skillshots and put your chompers behind him and use Zap!, if he uses e over the chompers, the Zap! should be able to hit him.

He is weaker after his nerf, but he can still dodge your skillshots with his Relentless Pursuit. Punish him when it is on cooldown and always place chompers behind him when possible, then burst him down.

Dodge his E whenever possible and dodge his Piercing Arrow when he has 3 blights stacks on you. Focus him in teamfights and burst him down. Otherwise lane safely.

Punish him whenever he moves to catch axes with your rockets, and if you stop him from catching his Spinning Axes, his damage will be lowered by heaps. Play extremely cautiously and burst him down whenever he doesn't have his axes.


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Butcher is great for cs, meanwhile Feast helps you sustain by gaining cs. Brute Force , Martial Mastery , Warlord , Havoc and Devastating Strikes all increase your AD. Frenzy and Fury gives you extra attack speed. Executioner aids you in finishing off enemies meanwhile Dangerous Game increases your survival chance. Block and Unyielding block basic attack damage, Recovery gives you more lane sustain and Veteran Scars and Juggernaut boosts your health.

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Standard Runes

I get these for the armor.
Again, for the Magic Resist, you can also get Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist depending on the situation (if they have an ap support, use this).
These grant you more AD.
These are pretty common adc quints and they grant you the extra attack speed to follow along with your Switcheroo! stacks.

Other Viable Runes

You can get a few of these, they are quite useful. It is up to you to decide over crit or ad.

Like the Greater Mark of Critical Chance, these grant you crit, but I would rather have more attack speed quints than crit quints.

These are actually quite useful, they give you a sense of safety and they also help you sustain a little better in lane, I actually have 1 of these in my Jinx rune page along with 2 other attack speed quints.

These are a great way to get AD.
Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
These are actually quite good, you can get 3 of these and 4 Greater Mark of Attack Damage.

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Summoner Spells

Standard Spells

Flash is your must have escape spell,
use it before the enemy uses a cc or use it to
escape by either flashing through a wall or away
from the enemy in lane.

Heal is another escape tactic, you can use it
to escape or catch up to enemies thanks to the
movement speed it grants you, you can also use Heal
to heal your ally who is about to die to an enemy.

Other Summoner Spells

Ignite is useful in finishing off other champions
on low health, but since Heal got buffed,
it had become a better choice than Ignite.

Barrier was a very good choice in around mid-late s4,
it is still a decent choice since it protects you from damage
such as Ignite and Death Mark.

Cleanse is quite useful in both early, mid and late game,
since it gets rid of all cc. This is great if you are up against
a heavy cc support or adc ( Leona, Lux etc.), and acts as a great escape tool.

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Doran's Blade is a pretty normal starting item on Jinx, sell it when you run out of inventory space,remember, a B. F. Sword is always better!

Infinity Edge is a must have for its 80 Attack Damage and the Critical Chance it gives you goes well with its passive.

The Bloodthirster is another essential item, because of its shield and life steal passive.

Statikk Shiv is a good mid game item for its passive, which is good for wave clearing. But it is recommended that you sell this late game for a Phantom Dancer.

Phantom Dancer and Statikk Shiv are pretty much the same, but with more attack speed, more crit strike chance, less movement speed, doesn't have Statikk Shiv's passive and it also allows you to move through units.

Last Whisper is a useful mid-late game item for its amazing passive, which allows your basic attacks to ignore 35% armor. This is a must have to destroy enemy tanky champs.

Guardian Angel is a really useful item, both for its passive and defense. Get this item if the enemy team is even on AD and AP. The passive can also be used to dominate team fights, survive tough battles and even to xPeke their nexus.

Berserker's Greaves are the normal boots for an adc, since it gives you movement speed and attack speed. Replace these with Zephyr late game.

Zephyr is the late game replacement for Berserker's Greaves, since Zephyr grants more attack speed and has a movement speed multiplier, it definitely outweighs the boots. The passive and cooldown reduction is also quite useful.

Alternative Items

BotRK is a nice item if you are against heavy ad/ap champions, this will give you more sustain in teamfights and backdooring.

Frozen Mallet has a useful passive, which assists you in hunting down enemies. This item is not recommended though.

Trinity Force is definitely NOT recommended, only get it if you are desperate.

Thornmail is a great item if the enemy AD champs are affecting you heaps more than your AP opponents, otherwise do not even consider it.

Same as Thornmail, except this counters the enemy adc better because of its active.

Same as Thornmail and Randuin's Omen.

Get Banshee's Veil if the enemy team is strong on ap, or if you need to shield passive for various reasons.

This can be useful against stronk AP champs that can 1 shot you, it also boosts your ad.

Get this item if you want more ad with magic resist at the same time. The active is useful and can remove Zed ults.

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Laning Phase

In laning phase as Jinx, you want to be able to deny the enemy from cs by punishing them with your rockets if they come close to cs. If you push the lane too much, the enemy can cs safely under their tower. If you have pushed as far as to their tower, look for a change in their behavior. If their pattern changes, it may mean that a gank is coming. Do not spam Zap! a lot, it wastes mana. Try to trap your enemies with Flame Chompers!, it is best if your support has good cc ( Blitzcrank, Thresh, Nami, Leona, Morgana,etc). Use rockets to get cs that is too far for your minigun range.

Mid Game

Now you should look at how you can "kill secure" or help an ally with your ultimate, if you have gotten the enemy turret down, then you can roam around to help other lanes. If you are behind in lane, get a The Bloodthirster, it will help you sustain.

Late Game

Like all ADCs, Jinx becomes a major AD terror late game. When dueling someone, make sure you trap them with Flame Chompers! to avoid them from casting escape or damage spells that they need to move in order to cast. Also, choose a minion free area so that you can land Zap! easily. Remember you can cast your ult while backdooring to help teammates and teamfights. You can also use it to steal Dragon AND Baron .

Team Fights

In teamfights as Jinx, you have two options: to stay behind and use rockets to deal aoe damage, or to go into the front and focus one champion. Remember, your Flame Chompers! will help a lot, and your Zap! will deal fatal damage to enemies.

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Blue=for vision inside the brushes so that you have vision of the enemy and their support.

Pink=for vision of the brush so that you are alert of roamers and junglers, a pink ward is recommended so that ou can clear out the enemy wards.

Yellow=for vision of the brush so that you are alert of roamers and junglers.

Red=for vision of the dragon and any passerbys, a pink ward can be placed to clear out any enemy wards.

Orange=to help our jungler counter jungle, you can also steal the buff if you want it.

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Jinx is an awesome champion to use, and she is extremely fun to use! If you have anything you would like to ask me, feel free to comment or pm me!

Please upvote this guide if you enjoyed it and feel like it has helped you in some way, and if you downvote it, please tell me what is wrong and I will change it without hesitation (if the request is appropriate).

Anyways, this is my guide on how to play Jinx, have fun carrying games!


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This is currently LeBlanc, if you have any question, comment on this guide. I will be sure to put the good ones on here.

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Change Log

1/17/2015-Added Change Log