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Azir Build Guide by AscendedBird

Middle (S7)AscendedBird's Azir Guide - Emperors never get outta met

Middle (S7)AscendedBird's Azir Guide - Emperors never get outta met

Updated on June 4, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AscendedBird Build Guide By AscendedBird 50,116 Views 4 Comments
50,116 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AscendedBird Azir Build Guide By AscendedBird Updated on June 4, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Welcome in my in-depth guide for Azir, The Emperor of The Sands

My name is Daniel aka "Samiec". My current name is Àzir but my account used to be named H3PO4, AscendedBird etc. I've fallen in love with Azir in preseason 5. Since then I became a better player due to the skill curve and complexicity of Azir. Sitting currenty in Low Diamond, I have already played about +500 games with Azir (all modes together). I need only 100 k points to reach the magical milestone of 0.5 m points. With all that being said let's get right into my guide. I hope you will like it.
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Pros / Cons

+ Nice lane bully if played properly
+ Team fight GOD vs certin teamcomps
+ Huge Range
+ Late game monster
+ Playmaking possibilities in kit

- Hard to Master
- Kiting and positioning is somewhat useless
for other midlaners (AP version of cait)
- Can be punished well
- Feels defenceless againts CC
- Meh Mid Game
- Every match-up is bad at the beggining of playing Azir
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Where should you play Azir?

98% of my game took place on mid, 1-2% ADC (or rather APC) and >1% top, jungle, supp.
If you had asked me before Arise! base damage nerf I would have said eveywhere, even jungle.
Nowadays he is viable only as midlaner (some of you may argue that APC works too and their are right but there is a diffrence between working and being good, especially while Lethality Marksmen dominate bot lane.
Top: look at chapter treating about items that counter Azir. Tanks will rush Spirit Visage every single time and in addition to that your death will be caused by getting CCed with one spell ( every tank has at least 2 CC spells). Finally carry toplaners rekts you so hard by bursty kits and tanky stats.
In case of support, Azir is picked for his ultimate. Why did I say that? Brand and Zyra deal more damage with one spell then Azir with his entire combo. Ulti gives some CC and decent peel (EVERY 120s)
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Early Game Farming

Farm a wave in the same way as in the video below.
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Trading from the distance

Procing Thunderlord's Decree isn't hard but to do it you have to know which combo is the best in certin situations.
With using wave of creeps:
1. Put soldier before casters. When enemy comes to AA the caster that is between soldier and enemy , Q him and AA2 Put soldier , use Q on enemy ( the best opportinity is placing it futher then enemy is, AA, AA once again or AA the minion and you may hit him.
3. Use one soldier for farming , when it is close to disappear put 2nd one, use Q on enemy and AA him.
Without minions:
1. With AS got with my build just Q, AA, AA
For both sitiuations mentioned above:
1. Basic for teamfight playstyle
(just sit in the backline and AA enemies, free proc on the target you are aiming for to deal damage )
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Trading in close quaters ( how to use E properly )

Azir's E provides not only an escape mechanic but also some survivabilty and significant amount of damage in fights at early levels. Just to make things sure, DO NOT USE E IF YOU KNOW YOU WILL LOOSE THE TRADE. Using E requiers knowledge about the match-up and the reason is really simple. You are squishy and you don't have burst. Being unable to stay safely in lane looses it instantly. There are two proper ways to use it.
1. Hit champion and try to block damage from at least one ability or AA.
2. DODGE ABILITIES Invisible text!
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Shurima Shuffle ( E+Q combo)

It's the most common, powerful and useful combo on Azir that has ever existed. Perfectly timed Q allows you to pass even 2 walls with combo ex.
Midlane Raptors Camp
River - Bot Outter Turret Blue Buff - Wolves Camp Sneaky Mid Turret Insec Red Buff - Krugs
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Items that counter Azir ! READ CAREFULLY !

Damage reduction againts Azir is ( in my opinion) the worst thing to encounter at this moment. AD Champions can easily get some pens thanks to Last Whisper and Lethality Items unlike AP ones. There are, in fact, Sorcerer's Shoes but it's just 10 flat pens meanwhile Last Whisper provides 45% bonus arm pen and lethality, oh boi lethality, even with Serrated Dirk Azir's armors means nothing.
Vs Negatron Cloak and Abyssal Mask - don't go all in and farm / poke
Vs Hexdrinker and Maw of Malmortius - rush Seeker's Armguard and try to survive laning phase
! REMEMBER ! Everything what I wrote here doesn't mean that every match is like mentioned above , it all depends how good you are and your enemy is, how game goes etc.
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Maxing W. Why and when?

This is propably the most honest section in the guide. Maxing W is legimetly twice as good as maxing Q. Q is not supposed to deal damage but to (re)position soldiers. 'Maxed Q allows to spam it' Azir mains say but I say 'then what'? Q deals only 145 dmg when W grants 60% bonus AS. Maths time! 60% from Nashor's Tooth, 35% from Berserker's Greaves and this 60% catch up the loss of Q and nerfed W dmg quite significantly. Melting tank champion is ready to pop off.
Invisible text!
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Synergies and combos


Nearly any tank works well with Azir. Although, the best ones are Nautilus and Maokai, their godlike peel protects you in almost any situation no matter how bursty enemy team is. Consider also picking Malphite, Poppy, Leona, Shen.


Yasuo is the first thought for sure. Wind Wall and Last Breath help a lot
Kindred is second. Just pull them out of Lamb's Respite
Vayne because of her Condemn
Galio and Fiddlesticks by pulling enemies with Emperor's Divide into Idol of Durand and Crowstorm
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Tips & Tricks

1. All your spells have low CD, ABUSE IT.
2. Whenever your ulti is up try kill your lane opponent. Poke him before it.
3. If you can't get a kill , try to roam bot / top.
4. Ultimate is a powerful zoning spell. Defend ADC from assasins and carry junglers etc.
5. Ultimate has long base CD. Don't waste it. Look at tip no.4
6. Don't try to insec enemies unless you are sure your team will follow up.
7. Soldiers can destroy summoning, wards, plants. Don't risk getting caught, use them.
8. You can interupt your dash with flash. It can save your life!
9. As a begginer be a begginer, slowly get used to Azir's capabilities.
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That's the most important things I can tell you about Azir. For more informations ask in comments. Hope you liked it!
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