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Vi Build Guide by Fyurex

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fyurex

[S8-8.8] Talk $hit get hit

Fyurex Last updated on April 24, 2018
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Punch em'

Vi Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Electrocute
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Zombie Ward
Zombie Ward
LoL Rune: Relentless Hunter
Relentless Hunter

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: The Ultimate Hat
The Ultimate Hat
LoL Rune: Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm

+11 Attack Damage or +18 Ability Power, Adaptive

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Win 50%
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Threats to Vi with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ivern Watch out for him not to mark your Red Buff, when you are taking Blue. You can ask your team to ward it for you and guard it. Other than that he doesn't stand much chances against you. Be sure to invade his jungle as he is easy to 1v1 in the jungle. If you meet him in his jungle make sure to check if any of the enemy laners have left their lane. If they have you should just run and not fight. You can take their Blast Cone wich will give the enemies a small handicap.
Fiddlesticks This guy doesn't get played. If you ever meet him don't ever be afraid of him. He is easy to kill and doesn't do much damage without his ult

Table of cotents

Guide Details
x Intro
x Summary
x Changelog

x Pros / Cons
x Abilities
x Combos & Tricks
x Runes
x Team Comp coming soon

x Items
x Jungling and ganking
x Teamfights


I've mained Vi for some time now, and I would say that I have some good experience with her. I play on EUW and climbed season 7 from Bronze III to Gold IV.

Why Vi??

Vi is an easy champion to pick up and is a great choice for people who aren't the greatest mechanical wise. She doesn't take that much to master but some things can be difficult for some people. Her initiation is amazing and her early ganks is mostly free kills if you can hit Vault Breaker(considering the enemy is aggressive). She can easily lock down the enemy carry in teamfights. And her punches gives an indescribable satisfaction.


+ Fun to play
+ Tanky and high damage
+ Strong lockdown potential
+ Nice ganks
+ Shreds tanks
+ Mobility

Vi's gank potential in early game is amazing. She has amazing damage and can also take some hits. She can easily lockdown the enemy carry and kill him in a few seconds. She also has good duel potential.

- Low mobility without Q
- R can put you in bad spots
- Q slows yourself
- R can be cancelled by invulnerability

Of course, Vi has her weaknesses. When you gank you have to hit your or else your gank will fail horribly and you won't be able to do much damage. You can, of course, use your but there is still a chance that the enemy will flash into their turret and you'll in most cases end up dying


Blast shield (Passive)

RANGE: Innate
COST: 0 mana
COOLDOWN: 12 - 8
Hitting an enemy with an ability grants Vi a shield, scaling with 10% of your maximum health that lasts for 3 seconds.

Her passive gives you an amazing shield, that you probably will forget. It will help you out in many situations without you knowing it. The shield allows you to go in teamfights, and not die instantly as your shield absorbs a lot of damage in late game. When you are in situations with low health and someone chasing you, you might want to hit something in the middle of your run for your life. But remember that has to be with an ability, so Excessive Force will always be the most optimal. Since it is the ability that slows you down the least it will mostly be your best option for surviving. If you have Vault Breaker up you can also use that to dash through minions or monsters to get the shield. Just keep in mind that it slows you down by a great amount, and isn't too amazing if you are getting chased down by a champion with high mobility.

Vault breaker (Q)

RANGE: 250 / 725
COST: 50/60/70/80/90 mana
COOLDOWN: 12/11/10/9/8
Vi Channels for up to 4 seconds, increasing the damage, speed and range of the ability. Channeling the ability slows yourself by 15% and makes you silenced and disarmed. Vi then dashes forward with 33,3% increased damage against champions, knocking them back by a small amount and proccing one stack of Denting blows.

You can use this ability to charge in or use it as an escape. You should always start a gank with this ability, fully charged. If you land your Vault breaker, you should be able to get a flash or a kill. If you didn't get any of them then feelsbadman. The only time you should use this not fully charged is when you are in melee range. At that rate, the knockback and some basic attacks should do the same job. It synergizes with Sudden Impact which gives you a small amount of damage to up your kill potential when you gank in the early game. Because it is lethality it is also a bit useful in the late game, where people have bought armor against you.

Denting blows (W)

RANGE: Passive
COST: 0 mana
Vi's basic attacks and Vault breaker apply one stack of Denting Blows each time hitting an enemy.

Her Denting blows are one of the reasons that she is broken. Applying 3 stacks consumes the stacks to deal damage based on a percentage of the enemies maximum health. When proccing the last stack she also gets an attack speed steroid and reduces the enemies armor by 20% for 4 seconds. This is what gives Vi her amazing dueling potential, also while making you a tank killer. This also makes you kill buffs, drakes and barons much faster. Sadly the damage against monsters and minions is capped at 300. The armor reduction it gives is insane and makes it so much easier to kill heavy armored tanks. i recommend learning to animation cancel with your Excessive force so you can kill enemies even faster!

Excessive Force (E)

COST: 12/32/38/44/50 mana
RECHARGE: 14/12.5/11/9.5/8
Vi's next basic attack gains bonus range and deals physical damage to all enemies in a cone in front of her.

This is the ability that makes you relevant in the new jungle, dealing a kind of AOE that also deals some good damage. You will have to learn to animation cancel, so you can use the ability to its peak of performance. Also if your gank failed you can get a little bit of damage on them by using Excessive force on a minion. In the late game, the ability will be a nice tool for clearing a lot of minions.

Assault and Battery (R)

COST: 100/125/150 mana
COOLDOWN: 130/100/70
Vi dashes forward against an enemy champion dealing physical damage and knocking them up for 1.25 seconds. While dashing she is immune to all CC and knocks everyone standing in her way aside while dealing 75% of damage.

This is what makes Vi a "Diver". Launching forward and knocking someone up is perfect for locking an enemy down. The ability is also easy to use as it just requires you to click on an enemy. This is what completes Vi's kit. You do though have to keep in mind, that this ability doesn't apply a stack of Denting blows which means that you will have to (again) know how to animation cancel with your Excessive force. Other than that the damage is pretty good in the late game as it scales with 140% of your bonus AD. Also when you knock the rest of the enemy team to the side, it gives your team time to follow up and help you. Also, take note that she lands behind the enemy she dunks, so you easily can use your Vault breaker afterward.

Combos & Tricks
These are basic combos for Vi

Q+AA+E This is a basic combo and procs Electrocute very fast. You should use this in the jungle against monsters, and ganking an enemy at early game. It deals a nice amount of damage, but be sure to come behind the enemy for maximum potential of your small knockback when ganking. If you need to kill an escaping target this is also very useful but keep the slow from Vault Breaker in mind when chasing.


R+Q+AA+E+AA+E+AA This is what you'll do when you go in for the enemy carries in teamfights. Vault Breaker will knock the target back against your team, but only for a small amount. Remember that you will always land behind the enemy after using Assault and Battery



Sudden Impact

Gathering Storm


Electrocute So if you were here last season too you would notice that I don't have the "tanky" tree first. That is because the new runes basically removed Courage of the Colossus . It was the only last mastery in the old tank mastery tree that synergized with Vi. The new Rune resolve tree doesn't really have a mastery that synergizes enough with Vi to have that as her primary rune. So onto Electrocute. The bonus damage it gets you right now is really amazing for when you are ganking. The cooldown may be long but it isn't a problem since you just go back to the jungle after ganking unless of course, you get into a very long fight. Because Vi can do her combos so fast it is really easy to proc Electrocute, a simple Q+AA+E combo will do the trick.

Sudden Impact Goes extremely well with your Vault Breaker. The cooldown of it is amazingly short at only 4 seconds so it will be up every time you use Vault Breaker. You might think that you are able to take Cheap Shot instead, but Cheap Shot won't be nearly as good in the late game, where the enemies might have gotten some armor to try to counter you.

Gathering Storm Is the option i choose to go for instead of Transcendence. If you go with the highest cooldown build on Vi (that doesn't include weird items) you will gain 24 extra Attack Damage. Sounds pretty good right? Here's the problem though. The gold it will take to gain all of those items will take at least 35 minutes to get. With Gathering Storm you get 29 Attack Damage after 30 min, plus it keeps on scaling forever. So the choice is pretty easy to make between the two of those. Low elo games also tend to last longer so this helps you a lot to stay more relevant in the late game.



Titanic Hydra is great the auto attack reset and the passive it has. It gives some decent health and some attack damage. The health regen also helps you sustain if you take too much poke damage. Also, the effect it gives looks cool on top of your E :3

You should get Guardian Angel if the enemy has a bit too much Attack Damage for you to handle. It also adds a bit of damage so that's pretty nice too. The passive helps to keep yourself in teamfights for a longer duration of time and is also very nice.

The Black Cleaver Black Cleaver helps you against heavy armored tanks. Its passive shreds armor, and synergizes well with your W. It gives an okay amount of health and provides you with some damage and CDR. I don't take this that much though, because you already have the second movement speed passive from Trinity Force.

Duskblade of Draktharr is the item I recommend getting after finishing Trinity Force. Duskblade of Draktharr gives great potential to Ctrl+Alt+Delete the enemy carry. It provides you with Lethality and Damage which turns you into a killing machine. The extra 10% CDR is very nice as well. The first passive gives you a bit of ward clear so you don't have to get Oracle Alteration. The second passive gives you some more damage, but only applies if you are unseen for 1 second inside a bush. So be sure to step into a bush for a sec before you engage if you can.

Trinity Force is the core item on Vi, and there's a lot of reasons why. First of all, it has the Sheen passive which empowers your basic attack after using a spell. Then it also has its second passive which is the biggest reason that you always take this on Vi. The passive gives you a movement speed of 40% each time you hit a target with your basic attack. It allows you to stick to your target when chasing it down.

Sterak's Gage is a very great item. It gives you a bunch of health and adds 50% of your Base Attack Damage as extra Attack Damage. You should get this item if you are getting focused a lot or if you know the enemy is snowballing. You can get this after Trinity Force instead of Duskblade of Draktharr. It will keep you healthy and help you stay alive.

Jungling and ganking
You will start off by taking Red Brambleback at all times. If you are on blue side go ping your top lane to come with you into the enemy jungle and take his red buff. Red buff will give you sustain and more damage to do your clear. You can go gank mid if needed or you can continue jungling and then go gank bot after that. Or you can go over to take scuttle crab and then gank top lane You gank the lane that seems like having the most trouble. If none of them has any trouble you could counter jungle or you can gank the enemy if they are playing aggressively ore have pushed far up in their lane. You can counter jungle of course, but then you should make sure you have enough health, and make sure he doesn't counter you to do so.

Also, a tip for you is to remember to look at the minimap a lot. I know that you probably have been told this a lot but it is especially important for you as the jungler to look at the minimap. You should look for the enemy jungler (to make sure he doesn't counter gank) and if the enemies go close to the brush near the river. If they do this it mostly means that they are warding the place. BUT!!! Remember that there are blast cones. If the enemy is engaging on your allies and you are nearby you can use the element of surprise to jump over and then help your team before the enemy gets away. You can of course only do this at Top and Botlane.

Rule of thumb: Always take dragon if you kill enemy botlane. The buffs the dragons give gives a huge boost and will get you a nice lead.

Vi is under a category of Fighters called "Divers" that means that you dive in hard, and kill the carry as quickly as possible giving your team a major advantage. Vi fits perfectly into this category as her ult Assault and Battery moves any enemy standing in her way and makes her immune to CC. Vi has one job in teamfights, which is to ENGAGE you'll have to ult the enemy carry and when you do that the teamfight has begun and your team will most likely help, at least if they don't hate you lol. Now, when you ult you should be able to kill their carry and then you'll probably win the teamfight. The enemy team will likely target you when you go in. Keep in mind that your team has to have a small distance so they can follow up. Look out for carries like Lucian, as he has his Relentless Pursuit to get longer away and potentially put you in an even worse position. You should also look out if their carry has Quicksilver Sash, this item makes your Assault and Battery useless and you will just stand awkwardly in the middle of the enemy team.

Vi is a really fun champion and she can be really strong throughout the whole game. You can easily use her power in ranked to climb with.

Thanks a lot for reading my guide. If you liked the guide I would appreciate if you upvoted it. Don't hesitate to come with questions. I will continue to develop this and update it as much as I can.

14/03/17 Guide published
17/03/17 Abilities section added
18/03/17 1000 views \^O^/
28/03/17 Masteries section added
07/05/17 Small changes, Banshee's Veil is no longer an option as it has become an AP item now. The 2 new tank items Gargoyle Stoneplate and Adaptive Helm (see item section) also reached 20000 views \^O^/
03/08/17 I have been dead for some time taking a break from Vi. But I just began to enjoy playing her again and now I'm back on track. Also Thornmail is now a new tank option for Vi as it doesn't just give armor but health too while still having the same passive.
09/08/17 Vi got buffed with her cooldown on R reduced. This has been updated in the abilities section.
30/11/17 Alright boys, I'm back and holy ship the guide reached 420k+ views. Thanks a lot for using the guide, means a lot ^^. Made new rune section for the all-new Runes. Small visual updates to make the guide look a bit slicker.
05/01/18 Made BIG changes in build and Runes.
04/04/18 Small changes
17/04/18 Made alternative build and runes
18/04/18 Corrected tons of grammar mistakes so it should be a bit easier to read. Also updated ability costs to the new Vi buff