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[S8] AP Ekko Mid Lane Guide - Short but Detailed

Ekko Rush B Guides Last updated on May 19, 2018
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AP Ekko Mid Lane

Ekko Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Electrocute
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Zombie Ward
Zombie Ward
LoL Rune: Ravenous Hunter
Ravenous Hunter

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Absolute Focus
Absolute Focus
LoL Rune: Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm

+11 Attack Damage or +18 Ability Power, Adaptive

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Middle Lane
Ranked #18 in
Middle Lane
Win 51%
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

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Hello there i am Ekko Rush B!
I wanted to create this Guide to show you how I play Ekko, the boy who shattered time and help the people who'd like to quickly learn him.
I finished Season 7 in Platinum 4, with 240 Ekko Games, 60% Winrate usually runnning this Build.

What does this Guide feature?
> The modern Gunblade Build
> Basic Mechanics
> Frequent Updates on every Patch

Missing Features:
-Champion Matchups
-Advanced Mechanics

Also I'd like to mention that English is not my native language so please excuse me for mistakes.

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Pros/Cons of AP Ekko

+Massive damage
+Outplay Potential
+Great Mobility
+Assasin Potential
Ekko is one of the best allround champions there is and is a really good pick for solo queue. He is a very mobile and safe assasin through Phase Dive and Chronobreak and his passive. Ekko's massive damage output shines the brightest when combining all of his abilities and allows him to assasinate targets and survive teamfights.
-Hard late game
-Extremly hard against shields
-Vulnerable to Crowd-Control
-Easy to mess up
-Very short burst range
Ekko has great damage, but he is still squishy, which really does not come in handy with his short burst range. You are also forced to dive in the enemy team to kill priority targets, which makes him really susceptible to cc, as your only way out with Chronobreak can be interrupted easily with stuns, roots etc. His late game is the hardest point of the game, as this is where ADCs deal the most damage and where supports shield for a huge amount.

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Summoner Spells


Flash is basically the standard Summoner Spell on nearly every champion in League of Legends. What's especially good on it is that you are able to use Flash in two different ways on Ekko. The first of it being your super safe escape, combining Phase Dive and Flash. This simple combination will get you out of nearly every tricky situation.
The second one is your Engage. Mixing Parallel Convergence+ Phase Dive+ Flash let's you initiate a teamfight from a safe distance very quickly.


Probably the best Summoner Spell on Ekko. Teleport is a very useful summoner spell for melee champions, because ranged matchups or playing against poke-heavy champions (such as Xerath) will make laning hard for you. Teleport also applys global pressure on the map because you can teleport anywhere on the map to help, or teleport back to lane after roaming, without loosing any Experience.

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Electrocute is practically the new Thunderlords, but with more damage!
This rune allows you to burst for more damage and to have better trades in lane.
Sudden Impact offers you more magic Penetration after you use your Phase Dive on a enemy champion. Very good rune on squishy targets.
Zombie Ward gives you more vision in lane. When you kill a ward or a ward you placed ran out, a Zombie Ward will appear and lasts for another minute.
I choose Ravenous Hunter, because this runes give you super much sustain when combined with gunblade and you will be able to regain a good amount of health in a fight.

Absolute Focus gives you more ability power when you are above 70% health. It is good because you will most likely dive the enemie backline with full health and this rune will increase your kill potential.
The second Rune you should use is Gathering Storm, it gives you more AP based on how long the match goes. This rune is really good as it basically gives you free AP and is very useful to help Ekko in his late game.

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>>>Patch 8.9 Changes<<<
Starting Items:
Normal Starters on Ekko are Doran's Ring and two Health Potions.
The extra healths gives you more Survivability for all-in's and the mana-regen (even with the changes) helps for early mana problems for the huge Timewinder mana costs.

Alternative Starters are Corrupting Potion and The Dark Seal.
Corrupting Potion is the way to go when you lane against range poke champions (like Ziggs). Not only you have 3 charges, each restoring 125 health and 75 mana, but you also have the passive that's dealing a little bit of magic damage when damaging your laner. The only downside is that you won't have much AP for the first few levels.

Your second alternative is the The Dark Seal+ Refillable Potion start. You should choose this when you have a good matchup, like Aurelion Sol, because when fully stacked this item will give you 45 AP in total. This has two downsides, first of it being that you will run out of mana really fast, because this item will not give mana back in any way. And the second one is that you can lose these stacks.

On your First Back you'd like to pick up an early Hextech Revolver, because this item gives you a nice amount of AP and its passive which makes your trades even better and it's the first part for Hextech Gunblade.
If you have the Gold you can pick up a Sapphire Crystal, to enlarge your Mana Pool and/or Boots of Speed to move a little faster.

If you started with Corrupting Potion you can also buy The Dark Seal for extra healing on potions.

The two Core Items we want to get are Hextech Gunblade and Lich Bane. These Items give you the powerspike you want and allow you to deal crazy amount of damage early on.
Followed by that you want to pick up a Void Staff to penetrate early on and to deal with enemies who already start building magic resist.
Your Full Build should look like this:
Item Sequence

Hextech Gunblade

Lich Bane

Sorcerer's Shoes

Void Staff

Rabadon's Deathcap

Abyssal Mask

With this Build you have a great damage output with yourCore Items, magic penetration with Void Staff, defensive stats through the Abyssal Mask and a high amount of AP with Deathcap.
If you want you can switch the Abyssal Mask with Spirit Visage, for extra healing on your ultimate, but note that you'll lose the 15% damage increase Aura from the Mask.

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Laning as Ekko

When playing Ekko in the lane, you have to adapt your playstyle a little depending who you are facing and what kind of champion they are. These are the usual matchups:



Ekko is an Assasin himself, so most matchups are pretty skill-based. The only problem is that you need to be careful not messing up. Yes, Ekko has his ultimate ability which can be able to basically "revert" what just happened, but that isn't really useful if you get blown away in a second. I suggest building Seeker's Armguard against AD Assasins, or when facing AP Assasing like Fizz a simple Negatron Cloak does fine too.
If you really need to play safe, don't trade much and focus on other lanes or ask for a gank.


Matchups against these kind of champions are probably by far the hardest for Ekko. You shouldn't trade with most of these post-6 and proceed roaming. These Champions beat you either with Crowd-Control ( Nether Grasp), Mobility ( Riftwalk), or tankyness ( Shield of Durand).
Don't try going for trades and farm up. Roam to one of the side lanes to get fed.


Annoying, but managable and most of the time quite easy matchups.
These champions lack the mobility, which means easy W's for you, and they (most of the time) heavily depend on their skillshots, that you can deal with through your high mobility.
Go for trades when you feel confident enough. Trade bit then recall and teleport back to lane. Your enemie laner is now forced to either back or play passively, which means you now have control of the lane.

One important thing you have to do is the the very fast E+Q Combo. A trick for this is to Phase Dive and while your in the E Animation, you press Timewinder to cancel the Q Animation. With this neat trick it is harder for your enemie to dodge your Timewinder and increases your chances to proc your passive in a trade.

With Animation Cancel:

Without Animation Cancel:


Unseen Parralel Convergence

When you cast your Parallel Convergence, a clone will appear. This alone is enough for the enemie to know you've just placed a W on their head.
But if you hide behind a Wall or in a Bush, the clone is not visible for them.
When you pushed in the minion wave, hide in a bush or behind a wall and cast your Parallel Convergence. The Enemie will simply walk towards you to farm but then suddenly you Phase Dive, while the Parallel Convergence is right on top of them to stun them.
This lets you get a free passive proc plus a full Spell rotation on your Enemie, leaving them with roughly 2/5 HP on their Lane. This is an easy way to get rid of the Enemies Lane pressure and if they back you can just push the wave in and look for a roam!

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Teamfighting as Ekko

In a teamfight as Ekko, you should always wait for the right time to go in.
Mainly, you would like to wait until the Enemies wasted their CC Spells, or Shields/Heals on their Carry
Look for opportunities to land a great W (Example "Initiator" Playstyle) or to catch the Carrys off guard.

So there are about 3 ways to play a teamfight

You either choose to play like an Assasin, Initiator or like a "second"Support.


► ► ► ► ► Assasin ◄ ◄ ◄ ◄ ◄

As I said, you should always wait a bit and look for the perfect opportunity to dive in.
to get on the enemy ADC, either try and predict the movement with your W, or you flank them (Coming from behind, Phase Dive over a Wall).
Once your Setup is complete, jump on the Carry with your E and follow up with your Q (Ideally E+Q Cancel), use Hextech Gunblade and AA for the passive proc.
Now you simply run away or use your ultimate back to safety.


► ► ► ► ► Initiator ◄ ◄ ◄ ◄ ◄
Your Parallel Convergence is the perfect tool to initiate a fight.
This ability is everything you want: An AoE 1.75 Second Stun.
If you succesfully land a 3,4 or even 5 Man W, the fight is definitely on your Side.

Your W can be a really good Ability when used at the right location at the right TIME and can single-handedly carry a fight.
If you don't have someone on your team that could engage like Amumu or Maokai, don't be scared to start a fight all by yourself.
Try and wait a few seconds before you throw out your Parallel Convergence. Firstly, you should look and see how the enemie team positions themselfs.
One of the main questions you should ask yourself before going in:
╔Where is the ADC most of the time?
╠Is their Support in the Backline/Frontline?
╚Do they have a big disengage?

► ► ► ► ► Support ◄ ◄ ◄ ◄ ◄
With your Abilities you are able to peel your Carry pretty good by yourself. You have a 60% Slow on your Timewinder and a 40% Slow/1.75 Sec. Stun on your Parallel Convergence. With this your ADC will be able to outkite tanks like Cho'Gath, Darius, Garen who really don't have any gap-closer at all.
Your Parallel Convergence also helps taking down tanks, as your auto attacks deal more dmg to Enemies below 30% HP, scaling with their missing life.


You can also switch around these Playstyles. For example, once you succesfully killed the enemy ADC, maybe you should look and try to help your Teammates instead of jumping on another target.

Also keep in mind that Ekko is a skirmisher, you can theoratically deal with anyone if played smart.


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Ekko Currently

Early Game: 4/10 Ekko is quite weak in the early game, definitely not a beast such as Lee Sin
Mid Game: 10/10 This is Ekko's best time to shine. Great damage, while the enemies are still quite squishy, perfect!
Late Game: 7/10 He falls off, but he is still in an "OK" Spot. You just have to play super careful not to die instantly.
Laning Phase: 6/10 Well... Ekko is melee, but his trade are quite good and farming is made easier with your passive.
Items: 8/10 The Items currently synergise well with Ekko. The only problem is that many Items such as Lich Bane, Gunblade or Rabadons cost super much, so being ahead is needed.
Runes: 9/10 New runes are really good on Ekko. What can i say? More damage than before!

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August 8th 2017:
Creation of this Guide

October 25th 2017:
Changes on Item Build.
Adjusted Masterys.

November 8th 2017:
Changes on Runes. (New Runes System)
Added Chapter "Masterys"
Added Chapter "Ekko Currently"

November 11th 2017:
Updated Lane Phase Videos to Season 8

March 14th 2018:
Changes on "Ekko Currently"
Changed Chapter "Teamfighting with Ekko"
Changes on "Runes"
Small Changes on "Pros/Cons"

March 26th 2018:
Added Banners
Rewrote "Laning Phase"
Rewrote "Summoner Spells
Rewrote "Pros/Cons"

April 4th 2018:
Recoded "Pros/Cons"
Recoded "Summoner Spells"

April 5th 2018:
Rewrote "Runes
Rewrote "Items"

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Last Words

This is the first ever Mobafire Guide i did.
I dont have the time to complete everything of this Guide, but i will keep updating it and fill the missing parts.


Thank you for reading until the end, i hope you liked this Guide and learned somewhat.
Voting this Guide would really mean a lot for me and help me to improve the Quality of it.
Please leave a comment and give me feedback where i can improve!
Thanks! :)


©Ekko Rush B