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Ahri Build Guide by ToastMasterFox

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ToastMasterFox

~Seaon 4~ Keep Calm and Be an Orb Master- Ahri Edition(Short

ToastMasterFox Last updated on December 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So You Wanna Ahri?

Hey hey! ToastMasterFox here! This is my first Mobafire guide, and I decided to make it for Ahri. Here are some questions you might be asking yourself:
-Why is a Bronze 5 noob making a guide for such a high skill cap champion?!
Well, I have been playing Ahri for a long while, and I've gotten good at her. I can beat just about any lane match-up as long as I keep my head cool.
-If you're good, why are you in bronze?
I failed at my provisional since I thought I was good. I didn't have runes, at all. My masteries were the worst, and I couldn't jungle, support, adc, or top. I was the definition of bad. I also didn't even last hit. I was the noob.
Now those are two I think you might have been asking yourself. It is time to get started, you aren't here to just here me nag you, right?

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Skill Sequence
This is my ability scale from build 1.
I choose to take my Orb of Deception early on for some good farm and poke, then go for my charm to increase it's damage by whatever means. I don't get my foxfire until level 4 in both ability scales so I can optimize the burst damage on Orb of Deception for a lot more damage. Of course, I level my Spirit Rush at any given moment. It's a usual thing for all champions, regardless.
In this my second one, I take foxfire as my second max instead of my Charm so I burst down the enemy counter, so if they get to close, they eat some painful fire. It's really just about it.

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Pros / Cons

-Very Mobile
-Bursty at times
-Lots of Potential
-Ban Rate has recently decreased.(See LoLKing)

-High Skill cap
-Bursty at times
-Susceptible to hard CC
-Everything relies on her charm

With the recent changes to Ahri, see it as nerf or buff as you so choose, Ahri is not often picked anymore. In this, her win rate lowers, as does her ban rate.

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Lane notes

This is one of my good games as Ahri, I have had more but they're off screen ;-;. In that game, I went hybrid of my two builds vs a duo lane Blitz and Annie. I knew I needed burst, but I needed MR. I was at a cross road. It was one game I needed some form of good burst. Now, you can change this as you go, it depends on you, and the game itself. I also must note, not all champions are here, for I have yet to face some of them, and this is for me. That being said, let me start off.


Difficulty: 8
Annie scores an 8 for me via difficulty. She has high nuke, but I have come to games where an Ahri has escaped my full combo with her. Pre-6 you have a shot by bursting Annie and doing whatever you can to keep her from farming. Try and back off if she tries to stun, or if she does attempt to charm her so she cannot harm you for the minimal time you have. Max charm in this lane for the max duration. It can be your saving grace.


Difficulty: 10
I myself, cannot fight vs a Good LeBlanc. Her nuke damage and mobility makes it hard for me to land charms, and for me to do much. Her silence also disables escapes with Spirit Rush, and this enables her to nuke you down with her chains and sigil of silence and the proxy on her silence. It's usually to much for me, and I end up dying to LeBlanc. Sorry for any typos/ errors.


Difficulty: 3
Teemo, for me, is an easy lane. A quick charm, orb, and fox fire usually wraps him up fast. The only nuisance to him is his AA and his Blind. Since your abilities can nuke him fast and take his W down, it's a relatively easy kill. Enjoy the free feed?


Difficulty: 5
This is a lane where it's all skill. Generally, it is. If you can dodge Fizz;s Playful/ Tricker, and then use this open gap to charm and open a full combo, you can win trades and generally harass him off the CS, which allows you to power ahead. This is a patience and skill lane, so don't try to push your luck, and keep a level-head.


Difficulty: 4
For me, this is to easy. A cake walk! All you need to do is have a gamble here. If you can land charm before he silences you, and you think you can hit it. Open your entire combo onto him and disable him from opening out his own AA and other abilities while you're vulnerable. I suggest maxing Charm first here, followed by Orb of Deception.

Twisted Fate

Difficulty: 2
This is, yet again, an easy lane. Ahri naturally counters Twisted Fate. He is squishier, and a high skill cap champion. A good full combo early game can destroy his health bar, and with an ignite could mean a kill. Just don't get over confident, you'll lose any good lead.


Difficulty: 5
A good Karthus can really annoy a good Ahri. He can out poke her, and with a Wota, out sustain. But if the Ahri is smart, she will dodge Karthus's constant spam Q, and be able to open a good combo. I have on record, only lost once to a mid Karthus. Just be sure to alert your team once he hits level six.


Difficulty: 4
Lissandra, Pre-6, is relatively easy. She is squishier, and is more mana costly. You can burst her easy here. After level 6, her ult can allow her to fully combo you, so make sure to ask for the occasional gank when you think she's about to go in, and you can flip tables on her. I don't often have issues with Lissandra, but it's all early game. Just out CS her and harass her off CS with your Orb of Deception, and make her pay if she tries anything pre-6.
Difficulty: 5
One thing.
Dodge his skill shots, you can spirit rush his ult, and you can charm him if he uses his w ability. Relativley easy match-up/

Those are the only champions I have fought often enough to have developed enough information on them. I rarely see Nidalee, or Orianna mid. When I get enough information on other mid lanes, I will update this area of my Guide.

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Team Fights

This is the final part for now, as this is a W.I.P.
Stay back behind your tanks, and use Spirit Rush to burst down the nearby squishy foes. Focus on either the enemy ADC or APC depending on who is more fed. By staying back, you should be able to keep alive to mop up the stragglers. If you aren't exactly alive, tell your team to try and protect you so you can burst the enemy down as fast as you possibly can. With Ahri, you need to be able to burst fast before you drop, since you most likely get focused. Be sure to try and also keep your ADC alive so he/she can push towers, and if all goes right, your tank usually should be dead.
I hope this has helped you even the slightest, and untill my next update here- GL HF in the fields of justice, and I look forward to your feedback

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A small Note

I'm still new to Mobafire, and this is my first guide. I don't know how to make fancy things, or how to make the pretty skill pictures go. I just hope this helps you out in the fields, so give me some feed back on how to make a nicer looking guide, since I want to be as good as the rest of the people out here at making these things.
~Lots of Love