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Elise Build Guide by reganakers

Jungle diamond

SEASON 10.16 UPDATED Elise Guide With Game-plan for Early-Mi

By reganakers | Updated on August 5, 2020
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Ghost Poro
Ravenous Hunter

Absolute Focus

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


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Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

SEASON 10.16 UPDATED Elise Guide With Game-plan for Early-Mi

By reganakers
read Back to Top
I am still figuring out season 10 so I will update my guide once I know abit more about the season.
Introduction Back to Top
Hey guys I am a Jungle main currently in Platinum 2. Elise is my most played champion this season with just over 100 games currently. I have 140k points on her and I enjoy her a tonne.

Elise is currently my favourite champion because of her utility. She brings a very strong early game which suits my play-style. She is a champion that deals a ridiculous amount of damage in a short space of time, and she also has consistent damage in her spider form. What more could you ask for?

The reason I play Elise so much is because of one ability, her Rappel (Spider E) . Rappel has so much potential as you can use it to dodge a skillshot, to close a gap, to stall for your teammates arrival, or to get the focus off of you in a teamfight. This champ has a built in Zhonya's Hourglass which is everyones favourite item in the game, and if it isn't your favourite, stop lying to yourself becuase it is :P

I have a twitch account that I try to stream on, if you prefer watching people play the champ instead of reading guides, come watch me play her!

I am still figuring out season 10 so I will update my guide once I know abit more about the season.

This is my first ever guide so if it is abit noob please be nice. I plan on keeping this guide updated and making more guides on Rek'Sai, Sejuani, Graves, Gragas, Sylas, Ekko, and Kindred. I have summer holiday soon so I shall make it my goal to complete them all by then.
Abilities Back to Top
-Spider Queen (Passive)

HUMAN: When Elise's abilities hits a target she gains one dormant Spiderling, up to 2 / 3 / 4 / 5. (Increases upon levelling R)

SPIDER: Elise's basic attacks deal 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 (+ 30% AP) bonus magic damage and heal her for 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 (+ 10% AP) on-hit.


- Neurotoxin (Q)

ACTIVE: Elise fires poison at the target enemy unit, dealing magic damage, capped against monsters. MAGIC DAMAGE: 40 / 75 / 110 / 145 / 180 (+ 4% (+ 3% per 100 AP) of target's current health)

-Volatile Spiderling (W)

ACTIVE: Elise summons a venom-gorged spider for 3 seconds, which moves in the target direction.

The spider explodes upon contact with an enemy unit or at the end of its lifespan, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

If the spider does not hit an enemy before reaching the target location, it re-targets and chases down a nearby enemy, prioritizing champions. The spider gains bonus movement speed, based on its proximity to its target.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+ 80% AP)


ACTIVE: Elise fires a web in the target direction, granting sight of the first enemy hit for 1 second and stunning them.

STUN DURATION: 1.6 / 1.7 / 1.8 / 1.9 / 2


-Venomous Bite (Q)

ACTIVE: Elise dashes to the target enemy and bites them, dealing magic damage, capped against monsters. MAGIC DAMAGE: 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+ 8% (+ 3% per 100 AP) of target's missing health)

-Skittering Frenzy (W)

PASSIVE: Elise's Spiderlings gain bonus attack speed.

ACTIVE: Elise and her Spiderlings gain bonus attack speed for 3 seconds.

SPIDERLING BONUS ATTACK SPEED: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25%
BONUS ATTACK SPEED: 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140%

-Rappel (E)

ACTIVE: Elise and her Spiderlings lift up into the air, becoming untargetable for up to 2 seconds and revealing the area for the duration.

Upon landing, Elise's on-hit bonus magic damage and healing from her native Spider Queen are increased for 5 seconds.

If cast directly on an enemy, Elise automatically descends upon them after 1 second. While in the air, Elise can also use Rappel to select a target to descend upon.

SPIDER EFFECTS INCREASE: 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100%
Pro's and Con's Back to Top

+Very strong early
+Has a lot of sustain (Lifesteal in passive)
+Best dive champ in the game
+Insane ganks
+Very good escape
+High Movement speed in spider form
+Lots of %damage
+Very good clear time
+High and rewarding skill ceiling

-Very hard to perfect
-Quite squishy
-Prone to counter ganks

Jungle Pathing Back to Top
I usually start at Red Buff and follow this path the majority of Elise games.

There is more detail below on why I take this path but if you are just loading into game and need to quickly know what to do.... here:
Red Buff -> Krugs -> Wolves -> Blue Buff -> Rift Scuttler -> Gank or Gromp

Starting Red

When I start at Red Buff , I will then go to Krugs as it will allow me to get level 3 from 3 camps. I'll smite Krugs as it takes a while to clear and can also do alot of damage. My third camp will be Wolves . I skip Raptors because it takes too long on Elise early on. (You're red side of the jungle is worth much more gold and exp than blue side so always take priority of your red side camps.) After wolves I will then be level 3, I will go and take Blue Buff which should take me till about the 3 minute mark. This is ideal as it allows me to go and get a ward at Tri-Bush or one near the raptors camp to see if I can spot the enemy Jungler.

If a jungler is coming for the same scuttle as you, make sure to check you're close laner's priority before taking a fight. If you're contesting, be prepared to fight so make sure you know you will win the 1v1.

If no Jungler is coming, then they most likely are at the other scuttle (if they are good). Proceed to take scuttle (Make sure to use Cocoon to deal the more damage and clear faster. After taking scuttle, look at the close lanes and decide on whether there is a potential gank. If there isn't, go to Gromp and get Level 4. I will then recall if there is still no chance of ganking as there is no point being top side anymore as there is nothing for me there. After recalling I will then go take the Raptors that I didnt previously take and my Krugs will be back up. 2nd clear Krugs are OP so get these ASAP. That is my general clear, rest of the game is on you buddy :)
Elise's Rotation Back to Top
In an ideal situation, I will fight by using my abilities in this order.

Cocoon-> Volatile Spiderling-> Neurotoxin before my W lands so it does more damage -> Spider Form -> AA -> Skittering Frenzy -> Venomous Bite to gap close -> Keeping Auto attacking till dead if you can kill.

Rappel might have to be used somewhere within your combo to dodge cc or gap close if they dash/flash away.
Early Game Elise Back to Top
Elise strives in the early game so you want to look to gain a lead during this phase. Her sustainable clear and quite movement allows her to clear quick and travel the map at a fast pace, allowing for an explosive early game. You want to prioritise ganking on Elise because it is relatively easy if you land your Cocoon. The whole goal of the early game is to build a lead which you will then make the most of in the mid game.

DON'T BE AFRAID TO TOWER DIVE EARLY!! Elise is the best diver in the game due to her Rappel, which means she can pull of dives as early as level 3. If an enemy top laner is low and they don't any heavy cc then I would recommend trying to dive if possible. You must beware of the Jungler though because if they catch you in the act you may be in trouble.

In general, I would recommend keeping track of the dragon as it will give a very nice buff to your team and will keep your teammates mental stable.
Mid-Game Elise Back to Top
Mid game Elise is still quite strong if you play her correctly. You still want to maintain clearing however if you have a lead I would recommend beginning to invade the enemy jungle with an intention to kill the enemy Jungler. You will need an Oracle Lens for this as Elise's mid game consists of some bush camping, so if you are sitting on a ward not only is it going to fail it is also going to make you look like a noob.

The most successful way to catch the enemy Jungler is to track the spawning of their buffs. If one is up, it is only a matter of time until they will come and take it. So use your oracle lens to check for wards and if you are spotted, clear it and go away. If you aren't, try to locate the enemy jungler on the map, if you can see them and you think it is possible to take the buff, take it, as it will mean even if they don't come, your time will not be wasted. If you think they will be coming then wait around for a second. Even if the Jungler doesn't come, this will give the nearby lane some security. Look to sneak away the buff if possible, but I wouldn't recommend using all your abilties incase the Jungler comes.

This is the main way I push my lead on Elise
Late Game/ Teamfight Elise Back to Top
The team is grouping now and looking for a 5v5 fight. Elise does not excel in these situations however she can still be a very useful asset to the team, as she is very slippery, meaning she can absorb alot of focus but still probably survive with Rappel, and she brings cc.

Depending on how ahead you are, you want to either be using your Cocoon to find a pick onto an enemy (Maybe Flash Cocoon) or you are going to want to save it and use it when they try to dive onto one of your players. The majority of the time, if you can land it onto anyone apart from the tank, you will find yourself a key kill in the fight and it will probably go your way.
Small tips to perfect your gameplay Back to Top
Here are some little bits of advice that will help you and end up making a big difference in your gameplay, you may not feel it, but they will all add up.

- Neurotoxin does more damage the higher HP the target is.
- Venomous Bite does more damage the less HP the target has left.
-When running away, you can use your spiderlings to stand behind you which can block some skillshots.
-Spiderlings can be used to tank jungle camps, and even towers if you run out of minions.
- Rylai's Crystal Scepter passive works with your spiderlings so it's super OP.
- Rappel can land on plants and even enemy wards giving you a chance to make a crazy escape
- Volatile Spiderling will leap to enemies no matter how long is left till it blows up if you use Venomous Bite
-You can send your Volatile Spiderling into a bush to reveal whats inside
- Cocoon will give you vision of whatever you hit. Except for Akali because her W is broken.
Thank you for reading!! Back to Top
I appreciate every single one of you who clicks on this guide, even if it was accidental, thanks for your view :)). I hope you have learned something from this guide and If you did then I will consider my job to be a job well done. If you have any questions, make sure to leave them in the discussions tab and I will make sure to answer them.

If you wanna add me on league then I play on EUW and my name is : kâlam
A follow on my twitch would be much appreciated also :

Thanks so much for reading and good luck in your games friends :)

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