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Yasuo Build Guide by WayOfTheTempesst

Top challenger

[Season 10.8 Yasuo Guide] WayOfTheTempest's Every Season Cha

By WayOfTheTempesst | Updated on February 20, 2021
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Runes: Mid

Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #48 in
Middle Lane
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

[Season 10.8 Yasuo Guide] WayOfTheTempest's Every Season Cha

By WayOfTheTempesst

About Me

Hello! For those who don't know of me, I am most known as WayOfTheTempest or just Tempest. I've been a North American Challenger Yasuo main ever since season 6 and Challenger seasons before that just not with Yasuo. My all time peak in Season 6 was rank 4 with basically only with Yasuo and then was rank 2 in Season 7 with mostly Yasuo and Zed. I have been maining Yasuo ever since Heimer was reworked and really have never gotten bored of him ever. Here is my current main OP.GG Unfortunately the only screenshot I have of my previous ranks is when I was top 10 in season 7:

Haven't played very often in preseason on my main because the queue times in the morning can go on for 20 minutes but have played a bit on it:

Social Media




Why Yasuo?

Yasuo is one of the most fun and interesting champions to play due to how many things you can pull off on the champion and how you can always do something better in a fight with him, kinda similar to Riven. Yasuo has one of, if not the highest skill ceiling in the game and has so many small tricks and mechanics that you will always find yourself in new scenarios and improving on something.

Yasuo is also a very unique champion in the sense of his resource bar and cool downs. He is the only champion in the game that has such low cds on his main abilities AND has 0 mana costs. Instead Yasuo has Flow which is his resource bar that gives him a mini shield for 1.5sec that passively goes up the more you move around. If you are all about hitting your buttons fast and having no downtime or waiting for cooldowns then you will love this champion.

If you like looking stylish, nonstop pulling off 2v1s, 3v1s, and love being the center of attention(good and bad) then Yasuo is definitely a champion for you, just watch out and try to ignore the negative comments some people may throw at you for playing one of the most hated champions in the game.

Pros & Cons


+Very high carry potential,can kill multiple people in a teamfight once he has his core items.
+Synergizes amazingly with other knock up champs(Lee sin, Gragas, Etc.).
+Can melt through squishies and tanks due to his armor pen ultimate and having constant damage.
+Can be played Mid, Adc, and Top, although he's fairly weak in the toplane atm.
+Has one of the best teamfighting abilities in the game (Windwall).
+Highlight champion, flashy and makes you standout.
+Next to no cooldowns on main abilities and uses Flow instead of Mana.


-Has the worst base stats out of any melee fighter in the game.
-Champion is a lot weaker if you have no knockups on your team.
-Weak against hard cc due to low base stats.
-Weak when not near minions.
-His W is useless and basically only has 3 abilities in a lot of matchups.
-Prone to feeding and dying a lot due to not having much of an escape when no minions are nearby.
-Feast or Famine champion.
Runes Back to Top

Conqueror: This keystone is by far the strongest and only keystone you should ever take. This keystone pretty much revived Yasuo since PTA and Fleet weren't really the most ideal runes for him. The extra true damage is the biggest thing about Conqueror since it'll make armor stacking champions much easier to deal with which Yasuo used to have big problems with prior to level 6.

Triumph: Usually the standard rune to go in this row since the other 2 runes really do next to nothing for Yasuo. Can be a clutch rune that saves you in skirmishes and help you tower dive.

Legend: Alacrity: These two runes really come down to preference, do you want extra lifesteal or do you want extra attack speed early game? I usually pick Legend: Bloodline if I'm going Statikk Shiv and Legend: Alacrity if im going Phantom Dancer since you need the extra attack speed that Phantom Dancer lacks.

Coup de Grace: We take Coup de Grace because it's the most reliable damage out of all the options. The other two runes depend on things that won't happen 100% of the time so Coup de Grace is by far the best rune to take on 90% of champions including Yasuo.

Taste of Blood: This rune is vital to help you sustain in the early game against heavy poke lanes ( Azir, Viktor, Neeko) and just an all around good rune in every scenario. Sudden Impact could be taken in place of this rune in lanes that are very easy where the extra sustain really isn't needed, such as Twisted Fate, Corki, and Kog'Maw.

The major reason we go Domination 2nd is for this key rune right here. Out of any tree you can go on Yasuo, Domination scales the hardest due to the massive healing you get from Ravenous Hunter. It starts off granting little to no healing but once you get 3-5 stacks you will notice how much sustain this rune really gives you. Taking this rune makes it so you really aren't forced to get a lifesteal item at all which in a lot of cases can be really nice since you can priotize items like Guardian Angel or Sterak's Gage.

Although I personally take Domination 2nd 90% of the time, there are still times where Resolve 2nd can be a lot better but only in very few matchups. The main reason we would take Resolve 2nd would be for Bone Plating. Even though the rune was nerfed it can still be used effectively against champions that have no poke and go for all ins against you even when you are at full hp. Some champions Resolve is good into are Renekton, Riven, Darius, and Jax. These are the only champions I take Resolve into just because Bone Plating helps you live from their initial all in and the sustain from Domination isn't very useful against these champions. If you struggle with other matchups, feel free to go Resolve but make sure it's only against champions that don't have poke abilities like Pantheon or Urgot or else Bone Plating is very ineffective which is the whole point of taking Resolve in the first place. Either take Demolish for better split pushing or Overgrowth for 150-200 bonus hp late game as your secondary runes along with [Bone Plating]]
Summoner Spells Back to Top

FLASH:The most used summoner spell in the game. There's a reason you see 10 people take Flash almost everygame. This will help you secure kills, escape, pull off combos, and many more uses. Always take Flash every game no matter what.
IGNITE: I personally take Ignite in 90%+ of my games just because I love having the extra damage to secure kills in lane. It is very hard to get a solo kill especially in higher elos if you do not take it because people know when to back out but with Ignite you can usually finish them off with it even if they end up flashing away. Take Ignite as your standard summoner spell.
TELEPORT: Only take Teleport on toplane Yasuo. Although some people have started to take Ignite top, Teleport is still by far the most used summoner spell top due to the lane being heavily decided by lane management and is key for baron control later on in the game.
CLEANSE: One summoner spell you can substitute Ignite for in some mathcups is Cleanse. The only lanes i would ever take Cleanse against would be Lissandra and Zoe due to both of these champions relying heavily on their hard cc. Cleanse gets even more valuable the more enemy champions have hard cc so look out for that when deciding if it's really worth to give up the damage Ignite gives you.
EXHAUST:The last summoner spell you can replace Ignite with would be Exhaust. Exhaust is a very underrated anti burst tool that many people forgot exist. The major matchup I ALWAYS take Exhaust against is Zed due to how hard it counters his ulti. The other matchup you can take it against is Annie because if you time it well, you will negate so much of her burst which can save you a lot. Exhaust also scales super well and is the best teamfighting summoner in the game due to the damage you can negate with it.
Abilities Back to Top


Way of the Wanderer (Passive)

Passive shield Yasuo gets from being hit at 100% flow.

The reason Yasuo has such bad base stats is due to his passive giving him a shield every so often the more he walks around. Taking advantage of the shield is key to take good trades and make up for his bad stats. Try to go for trades before
it gets harassed off you and don't position yourself where they can easily get it off you without retaliation.

Steel Tempest

RANGE: 475 / 900
COOLDOWN: 4 − 1.33 (based on bonus attack speed)
Yasuos bread and butter ability where all his damage is besides his auto attacks.

Another thing you have to keep in mind while playing Yasuo is the amount of stacks you have on your Steel Tempest. In a lot of matchups ( Zed Renekton, Etc), Yasuo is very vulnerable to an all in right after his tornado runs out due to him losing his only way of ulting and ccing his opponent so play safe to avoid an all in while your tornado is on cooldown. This is also why attack speed is so key on Yasuo due to this being the only ability in the game that has a scaling cd based off attack speed.

Wind Wall

RANGE: 400
COOLDOWN: 26 / 24 / 22 / 20 / 18
A wall that can block almost every auto attack and projectile in the game.

The only other ability besides your ultimate that has a massive cooldown compared to the rest of your kit. Due to the massive cooldown, make sure to use Wind Wall wisely and don't just use it to block any skillshot that's fired at you. Use Wind Wall to zone adcs in teamfights or vital ultimates.

Sweeping Blade

RANGE: 475
SPEED: 750 (+ 60% movement speed)
STATIC COOLDOWN: 0.5 / 0.4 / 0.3 / 0.2 / 0.1
ON-TARGET COOLDOWN: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6
Yasuos mobility ability to kite, gap close, and escape situations.

Only major thing you need to know about this ability is that it will only do its max damage to an enemy champion if you dash to 2 enemies before dashing to the champion. When going for an all in in a minion wave, use the minions first always before dashing to the enemy champion for max damage and the best chasing capability.

Last Breath

RANGE: 1400
COOLDOWN: 80 / 55 / 30
Yasuo extends any knockup and does bonus damage when he lands while gaining armor pen.

Yasuos ultimate varies in strength depending on team comp, the more knock ups you have the more scary Yasuo becomes. The most important thing to keep in mind before you ult is who else is around the knocked up champions. Just because you land a good tornado on a squishy doesn't mean you should always take it, think about who can damage and CC you before ulting in mindlessly no matter what key target you hit.

Items Back to Top
Doran's Blade
This is the only starting item you will ever start on Yasuo. Doran's Shield used to be an option but in recent patches it's been nerfed to the point where it's really not worth picking up even in heavy poke lanes. Pick up 2 Dorans Blades against majority of matchups unless they are very easy lanes. ( Twisted Fate, Ornn, Corki

Cull is another item you can get early on in easier lanes that I listed above, obviouslly that isn't all the lanes you can grab a Cull. Note you should only pick up this item if it's an easy lane and you back with less than 1100G first back.

Berserker's Greaves
A staple to Yasuo nowadays, it's the biggest powerspike by far and you should almost always buy it first back as long as you have 1100G. The movement speed paired with the massive attack speed boost really helps with early all ins to get your Steel Tempest up faster.

Ninja Tabi
Even though we usually want to rush Berserker's Greaves on Yasuo, there are some cases Ninja Tabi are vital. An example of this is if you are laning against a Zed and they have a Rengar jungle, Ninja Tabi is so important or else you will just get one shot so fast the extra attack speed from Berserker's Greaves wouldn't even matter. Also even if it isn't a case you have to get them early, you should almost always trade in your Berserker's Greaves late game for either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads depending on teamcomp.

Mercury's Treads
Similarly to Ninja Tabi, Mercury's Treads is the same deal. I find it a lot more rare that I rush Mercury's Treads instead of Berserker's Greaves but there are some cases it is worth it, example being if you are laning against a Lissandra and their jungle is Rammus. Trade out Berserker's Greaves late game for [Mercuruy's Treads if the enemy team has a lot of CC.

Phantom Dancer
Since 9.3, Phantom Dancer Is what I take on Yasuo everygame just bc of the early shield it provides which Yasuo needs to survive against all the burst in the game atm.

Statikk Shiv
Since Patch 9.3, Statikk Shiv has become the worse zeal item on Yasuo compared to Phantom Dancer Which is due to the fact that PD just lets Yasuo live a lot longer due to the shield and Statikk Shiv was nerfed by 100% late game.

Infinity edge
Another core item on Yasuo that you will end up either getting 2nd or 3rd item every single game. Infinity Edge has always been a staple on Yasuo ever since he came out for obvious reasons, increasing crit damage, and getting 100% crit. I would recommend getting this item 3rd unless you are super far ahead or really experienced with Yasuo due to it giving no defensive stats and making Yasuo very unforgiving to play.

Sterak's Gage
Sterak's Gage was sleeper op for quite a long time and in this recent season has rose in popularity on almost every bruiser/fighter you can think of. Sterak's Gage has pretty much replaced Frozen Mallet recently and is the safest 2nd item you can go on Yasuo. The item gives great damage and survivability making it more forgiving than going Infinity Edge 2nd item.

Frozen Mallet
Although I said Sterak's Gage has replaced Frozen Mallet, I still think the item has it's uses and it isn't a dead item on Yasuo. You can buy this item 3rd against champions who heavily kite you or champions you want to kite, examples being Cassiopeia, Volibear, Udyr, and Kai'Sa. The item is also a good substitute for Sterak's Gage if the enemy team is super AP heavy and you want to pick up an early Hexdrinker.

Guardian Angel
A very strong item on almost every AD champion. Usually when it comes to teamfights late game, whoever has the most Guardian Angels win simply due to it basically granting you an extra life without losing out on much damage. I usually go Guardian Angel 4th item almost everygame and skip a lifesteal item due to having Ravenous Hunter.

Bloodthirster is still the main lifesteal option for Yasuo due to how inexpensive it is and it having a really good build path compared to Death's Dance. Bloodthirster is usually better against non-burst type champions so you can make use of the big shield it gives whereas Death's Dance is better against burst champions where you can't get the shield up on Bloodthirster or just to prevent the initial burst that assassins depend on. If you get this item, get it either 4th or 5th.

Death's Dance
Deathsdance is the standard 3rd item on Yasuo just due to how overbuffed it got during this season, it gives good damage, tankiness, lifesteal, and an insane passive which just outshines Bloodthirster too hard in terms of lifesteal items.

Blade of the ruined king
Another item that was super buffed and overtuned atm,I really like going this item first if they don't have much burst damage and they have a lot of health stackers, just a massive spike that is espeically good if you are not fighting early due to the delayed spike due to the cost compared to PD.

Ever since they nerfed Mercurial Scimitar, I can't really rememeber the last time I went this item. The stats it gives you are abysmal compared to other lifesteal items like Bloodthirster or Death's Dance. If anything just sit on Quicksilver Sash if you are against champions with point click cc like Rammus or Malzahar and then finish Mercurial Scimitar if you get to max items.

Wit's End
Not really a fan of this item anymore due to the lack of burst damage it provides. The only time I would suggest building Wit's End is if at least 4 enemy champions are AP damage AND you have 2-3 AP champions on your team just so you can increase your teams damage as well.

You don't really see Maw of Malmortius much ever since Sterak's Gage has risen in popularity due to the passives stacking and you can only pick one or the other. Obviously Sterak's Gage is better a majority of the time but, if the enemy team has 3-4 burst AP champions I would actually reccomend not going Sterak's Gage and going Hexdrinker early and finishing Maw of Malmortius after your first two items.

Randuin's Omen
Personally I never really go pure tank items on Yasuo but they are always an option to go if your team needs more of a frontline than more damage. The only times I would go Randuin's Omen would be if they had a teamcomp of 3 heavy auto attacking champions, example being Tryndamere, Twitch, and Kindred.

The only other pure armor item I would go is Thornmail. I have only gotten this item against one champion and that would be against Fiora. The item is just a natural counter to her and is the only real way you stand a chance against her after 3 items. If you decide to pick this up, get an early bramble after Phantom Dancer and finish it 3rd item.

The Black Cleaver
Ever since Conqueror was created, Black Cleaver isn't really an item you take on Yasuo anymore. If they ever get rid of Conqueror, Black Cleaver can be a viable option 3rd item if the enemy team is hard stacking armor and no one else on your team can pick one up.

Trinity Force
I really love this item on Yasuo but other items sadly just outperform it. The only time I ever get Trinity Force is when I am 6 items and I sell boots for it which hardly happens due to games not lasting that long nowadays.
Early Game/Laning Phase Back to Top
Yasuos Early game and Laning Phase can either be really easy or very difficult depending on what lane and what champion you are laning against. Since this guide is mostly centered around mid Yasuo, what I say in these sections will mostly be about his mid playstyle and will have sections dedicated to ADC and TOP Yasuo later on.

In the early game, Yasuo can be played as a massive lane bully that can always get the shove in the majority of his matchups. The hardest part about his early game isn't really beating your laner 1v1 but it's more not dying to ganks and falling super behind. The reason why a lot of Yasuo players either go 10/0 or 0/10 is simply bc of his lack of CDs which means he can fight the enemy laner anytime he wants to but just because you can go on your opponent doesn't mean its the right move. One of the most important things about the early game is drawing pressure to the point where the enemy jungler comes to your lane and not dying to his pressure. When you do this, you relieve pressure off both your other lanes and get your jungler a level advantage or let him get a successful gank off. This is easier said then done though and will take many games to learn the perfect balance of playing too aggressive and too passive.

The key thing in early laning with Yasuo is all about Conqueror. Yasuo is pretty much balanced around Conqueror at this point so whenever you are about to take a trade in lane ALWAYS make sure you get your Conqueror stacked up or you will do so much less damage and probably lose trades against even ranged matchups. Try to keep autoing minions even when you aren't going for a trade just in case they decide to trade with you so it's up every time.

Another key thing about the early game is deciding rather to roam and dive the enemy sidelanes or to just dumpster your lane and kill the enemy raptors and get that turret plating gold. Yasuo isn't really the best roamer compared to most midlaners due to his lack of cc and lack of mobility without minions, so I usually just focus on my own lane and play for turret plating and solo killing my lane. You can usually only dive sidelanes if you play with your jungler and 4 man botlane or you can dive top easily if he has a knockup.

Besides those things, the main thing about the early game for Yasuo and midlane in general is to just get priority and play for scuttle crab and getting your jungler ahead of the enemy jungler. Get priority and get good Control Ward down to control scuttle and you will have a huge edge in the early game.
Mid Game Back to Top
Mid game generally starts when the first couple towers go down at about 12-15 minutes. Once Mid game starts, your job as Yasuo is to pick up as much gold as possible and will most likely want to be in a sidelane since you can duel a lot of mages in long lanes. Since you are not taking Teleport as Yasuo, you should ALWAYS be in the sidelane of the objective you are looking to secure and your toplaner should be in the opposite sidelane because he has the Teleport. So in short, if rift herald is up and no infernal is spawning then be in the toplane sidelane and if you are playing for dragon then be in the botlane sidelane.

Another thing thats super important in the Midgame, is expanding on the lead and getting even further ahead with the lead you build in the early laning phase. The best way to do this is after you push a wave into enemy tier 2 tower, always take the enemy jungle camps, whether it be gromp , rift scuttler , krugs , etc. you will build up an extremely huge level lead and is one of the most important things to do to win more games. Not only do you get extra experience from doing this, you also deny experiance from the enemy so this is a double positive win and is why you see high elo toplaners and split pushers get such a massive level lead.

So in short, get in a sidelane and push to enemy tier 2 tower, get control wards and clear their vision in the enemy jungle, and deny as many jungle camps as you can to build a massive lead and starve the enemy team. If you do these things and have already built a lead in the early game, you will find yourself winning so many more games as Yasuo.
Late game/Teamfighting Back to Top
When late game comes around the main objective is to choke out even deeper vision if you are ahead and force a teamfight to get baron nashor and close out the game. At this phase of the game since you don't have Teleport, you should be grouping with your team 90% of the time to secure vision and choke out the enemy vision. Obliviously it depends if you are ahead or behind at this point of what to do but basically if you are behind when it gets to this point, you just have to try your best to kill their Control Ward and not let them baron nashor and win the game off a teamfight.

Yasuo has many different jobs when it comes to teamfighting and every scenario is different so I can't really give a cookie cutter answer on "how to teamfight with Yasuo" but, I will list roles that Yasuo can take in a teamfight.

Main Carry

If you are the most fed person on your team and the highest threat as Yasuo, you are the Main Carry.

Basically your job is to be the highest damage dealer in the fight and survive as long as possible taking as many people down as you can. You should play the fights slow and wait to go in once you see crucial CCs used on the rest of your team, examples being Kennen ult, Annie tibbers. Use windwall wisely to prevent getting bursted.


If you are the only engage and you have other high damage dealers on your team as Yasuo then you are the Engager.
Obviously we all know Yasuo isn't really the ideal engage champion and more of a follow up champion but in some teamcomps unfortunately you are the only start to a fight. Your job in thesee scenarios are to set up a decent size ultimate or an ultimate on a key enemy carry to start the fight so your other high damage threats can get their damage off even if it means you dying to start the fight. I'm not telling you to just charge in, hard int, then ping your team and leave the game but rather use your brain and only start the engage if your team is in range to follow up. You would want to have a somewhat tanky build if you are playing this role so Phantom Dancer into Infinity Edge would not be advised.


If your ADC or APC is insanely fed and hyper carrying the game while you are even or a bit behind as Yasuo then you are the Peeler.

This job probably sounds foreign for a lot of Yasuo players since they always want to be the center of attention even when they are 0/10 but Yasuo is surprisingly not bad at peeling for a teammate. Basically if your teammate is 1v9ing the game, it is okay to take a backseat and just defend him and let him take over. Your job in these scenarios are to use ur windwall to block major damage from killing your carry and to knock up and ult anyone getting to close to them. Enabling your carry to win you the teamfight is a lot better than dying instantly trying to make a montage play.


If the enemy team has key ultimates you need to block with windwall or you went more of a tanky build and aren't the main damage dealer as Yasuo then you are the Disruptor.

This is the last role i'll list and it's basically just making sure you save your windwall for key ultimates and buying time for your carries since you probably went more of a tanky build if this is the role you are taking in fights. Since you are tankier you can save windwall and just tank damage upfront instead so you can save it to block really important abilities like Miss Fortune, Irelia, and Ornn Ultimates. Aside from that your job is to just be annoying and constantly be getting knock ups on important enemy champions while your heavy damage dealers win the fight.

This is the best I could describe Yasuo's roles in a teamfight as I could without seeing the individual teamfight myself. Obviouslly if you see opportunity's to win a teamfight another way like getting a 5 man ulti or getting a game changing windwall you should do that and not just only play Yasuo as that one role in a fight because your job can change in seconds depending on what is happening. Don't take these too literal and make actions that will win you the fight.
Toplane Yasuo Back to Top
This section won't be too long since I already talked about the matchups at the top of the guide but there are some things to say about it since toplane playstyle differs pretty heavily from midlane and adc Yasuo playstyle.

Top Lane Yasuo needs to freeze the wave just before his turret right from the start of the game, you can do this by pretending to leash your jungler even if you do not leash, if the enemy hasn't pushed when you walk into vision in lane, let him attack you inbetween your minions, this will make the lane push to you. The reason for this is beacuase Yasuo is a champion who can be heavily abused by ganks due to him not having much of an escape except enemy minions which will not be behind you. Another reason we want to do this is because if the enemy is on our side of the lane you can potentially go for an all in level 3 due to the long lane and Yasuo being one of the strongest champions in the game at level 3.

There are many matchups in toplane where windwall is complelty useless against the enemy champion so if you do not need your windwall against your opponent, use it to block ranged minions basic attacks and freeze the wave this way. Examples of these champions are Renekton, Darius, and Tryndamere

Teleport is pretty much a staple for toplane due to having global pressure for baron nashor later on and to help your team secure dragon early game. Personally when I play Yasuo toplane I just take Ignite and play for lane. You can pick either option or even exhaust if you prefer it against burst matchups like Renekton but just know if you die overextended and you don't have Teleport you will be massively punished and could be out of the game since the enemy toplaner and jungler can choke you out with just one freeze.

Generally you want to build a bit tankier when playing toplane Yasuo because it's usually the toplaners job to be some sort of frontline for his team especially in this meta where you don't see tank jungler very much (except for Sejuani who is a pure tank assassin now I guess? idk.). If your team is doing well and already has other high damage dealing champions then it really wouldn't be bad doing a build like Phantom Dancer into Frozen Mallet into Randuin's Omen or something like that.

Lastly, I would like to add I think top Yasuo is pretty bad in all honestly. The only situation I think Yasuo is the best pick toplane is against an Ornn and that's about it. Other toplane champions just do his job better sadly. Riven and Jax outclass Yasuo at basically every phase of the game which is why I hardly every play this Yasuo top but if you really enjoy it, then just play what you want. Would suggest either banning Jax or Riven when playing him toplane.
ADC Yasuo Back to Top
ADC Yasuo has actually risen in popularity recently due to other ADCS getting nerfed so people actually gave it a shot even though it has always been very very strong. I would honestly say Yasuo's best position is ADC just due to how well he does against ADCS and it will almost never make your team all AD which is a common problem with picking Yasuo Mid.

The early laning phase is played the same way the first 3 levels 99% of the time. You want to let the enemy push and DON'T GET POKED too hard before 3. It does not matter if you have to give up and be down 15+ cs early on, all that matters is to NOT GET POKED the early levels or the lane will be very hard to salvage. As soon as you hit level 3, get your Conqueror up and engage on them 2v2 and you should always win and either kill or force them to use summoners as long as your support follows up.

The only downside to Yasuo ADC is you have to rely that your support actually has fingers. If your support loses the lane for you it can be really hard to come back into the game as ADC Yasuo due to be even lower in level from duo laning and being starved out of gold. Also, sieging becomes very hard since you won't have any ranged AD champs on your team most likely since you are the ADC. Yasuo ADC really ranges in strength depending on what support champ you have. Below I will list, in my opinion, the best to worst supports to have as Yasuo ADC.

Note: I ban Lucian everygame when I play ADC Yasuo due to him being the best ADC into Yasuo


These champions have it all, hard cc, great follow up, and healing to sustain in the early levels. At level 3 and beyond, if the enemy is extended at all and you engage on them they will die 99% of the time or at least use summoners to get away. These champions also have little to no room for error due to their combos being basically point and click.


These champions are also very strong but they usually lack at least something compared to S tier champions. Examples being Nami has really good sustain and 2 knock ups but is very squishy and easily killed with 0 escapes and on the otherside of that which would be Leona who has insane engage and damage but 0 sustain.


These champions are still fairly good but some are a little harder than A/S tier supports to play well ( Thresh, Pyke. Another thing is some of these champions are very weak early game ( Janna, Lulu) which is pretty important for ADC Yasuo since if you lose lane, it can be very hard to get back into the game.


These champions are just okay but there are better engage supports and better enchanting supports in higher tiers. I also don't really like mage supports with Yasuo since they don't help too much out of lane but since they have high damage they can be okay, but would much rather have enchanting support or engage supports. Vel'Koz is different because I find that champs damage and range insane and actually has decent setup for Yasuo due to his E.


These champions should 80% of the time get reported if they pick it with Yasuo, don't really synergies at all and are usually autofilled but you can still 2v1 the lane if they land a single spell probably.
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And that wraps up my first Yasuo guide! I hope you guys can learn a good amount from this guide and if you have anymore questions you can ask me when I am streaming at :)

Special thanks to everdepths and Ayurun for helping me throughout making this guide!
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