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Xin Zhao Build Guide by KamiKZ

Jungle master

Season 10 Kami Challenger Jungle Xin Zhao guide

By KamiKZ | Updated on November 5, 2020
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Runes: Xin Zhao rune page

Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role
Ranked #25 in
Jungle Role
Win 48%
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Ability Order Skill order for Xin Zhao


Who is KamiKZ ?

Hello Guys I am KamiKZ better known as KamiKhaZix

I am live streaming on Twitch: if you have any questions about League of legends or my Xin Zhao guide feel free to join my stream and ask me there (If you typein english, I will respond in english)
- I have been playing league of legends since season 5
- season 5: Riven/Irelia two trick, peak platinum 1
- season 6: Kha Zix One Trick Pony, 500 games, peak diamond 4
- season 7: Kha, Hecarim & skarner main, Peak Diamond 2
- season 8: Currently diamond 1 EUW as a Jungle/Top/Support main
- Season 9: Currently 2x Grandmaster 345 LP on EUW
- Season 10: Challenger by abusing meta junglers
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Xin Zhao Pros & Cons


S tier jungler
Good at early ganking
Good 1v1 potential
Can easy kill enemy carries
Strong at all stages of the game
Can lvl 2 gank
Can camp lanes


Weak vs peel comp (Janna, Lulu etc.)
Has no heavy cc
Falls off full late game 35+ min
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Jungle path

This is the new updated jungle path you wanna do every single game as xin zhao no matter what side you are on or what elo you are

Start on red buff
Lvl 2 gank mid
Then go blue
Then go gromp
Gank again (if you did top scuttle gank top, gank bot if you did bot scuttle)
And then reset for your first back

This is the most optimal and effective jungle path for Xin zhao with 2 early ganks which leads to pressure in terms of first blood or at least forcing flashes adding on top of that getting effecient jungle clear path and a decent amount of counter jungling you pretty much have the perfect clear for Xin Zhao

The reason why Xin Zhao is able to do this is because he can lvl 2 gank, he is a strong duelist and has really healthy clear

Xin Zhao is one of the very few junglers who can do this jungle path so just go and abuse this as much as you possibly can
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Runes for Xin Zhao

Do Hail of blades every single game on Xin Zhao

Hail of blades is perfectly designed with Xin Zhoa´s kit since you start of your combo with E you proc Hail of Blades and your next 3 auto attacks will be with higher attack speed which fits perfect for Xin Zhao who needs 3 auto attacks on his Q to be able to knock up and cc the target he is going for
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Combo for Xin Zhao

The combo for both ganking and engaging in team fights as Xin Zhao will look like this:

Use E on top of the target you wanna jump on
Press Q and start auto attacking, after 3rd auto attack your Q will knock up the target you are hitting
Once the target is knocked up in the air you press W to secure your W to hit
If you are getting bursted or you are jumping into multiple people you wanna use your Ulti cresent guard after you have you used E onto the target you wanted to jump on to push every other enemy away from the target you are jumping on
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My stream

I am streaming at:

I stream in english

I mainly play soloQ challenger elo

If you have any questions regarding this guide pls come in to my stream and type your question to me :)
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21k followers RP Giveaway

I am doing an RP giveaway on my stream when I hit 21k followers on twitch

The giveaway is 2x 10€ RP Gift card (2x 1580 RP)

How to enter:

1. Follow my stream My stream
2. Be on the stream where I hit 21k followers
3. Type the keyword in chat on stream
League of Legends Build Guide Author KamiKZ
KamiKZ Xin Zhao Guide
Season 10 Kami Challenger Jungle Xin Zhao guide
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