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Vi Build Guide by dumpalol

Jungle (SEASON 11) Challenger Vi Abuser!

Jungle (SEASON 11) Challenger Vi Abuser!

Updated on April 2, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author dumpalol Build Guide By dumpalol 323 4 708,567 Views 43 Comments
323 4 708,567 Views 43 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author dumpalol Vi Build Guide By dumpalol Updated on April 2, 2021
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Runes: HOB

1 2 3 4 5 6
Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Legend: Alacrity

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Red vs. Blue
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

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Jungle Role
Ranked #18 in
Jungle Role
Win 53%
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Jungle Role Ranked #18 in
Jungle Role
Win 53%
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Champion Build Guide

(SEASON 11) Challenger Vi Abuser!

By dumpalol
Hey guys my name is dumpa im a Vi main! I hit Challenger in Season 10 and peaked 715LP (Rank150) on NA leaderboards! I stream on Twitch and im planning on working on a detailed guide for Vi. I do coaching for subscribers to my twitch channel and will work on youtube uploads in the near future!

Ive been playing Vi since about season 5 now and I have alot of opinions on her. My goal is too increase players knowledge on Vi and have fun along the way. If you have any feedback I am very open and please let me know! I also have a Discord if you need to get to me offstream!

Anyways I hope to see your lovely faces in my stream and remember keep it crispy!!!
+ Good Lockdown
+ Great Pick Potential
+ Has low pick/ban rate
+ Extremely good in low elo
+ High Mobility
+ Strong Objective Control
is a champion with very good pick potential and lockdown. This is really great for mid game as you can set up picks for your team. She also has really good objective control which allows her to pressure any drag or rift. She also has a very low pick/ban rate which means picking her up and getting her consisntently isnt a problem. The combination of high mobility, objective control, and lockdown makes her a strong pick in solo Q.
- Struggles vs. Meta Junglers
- High emphasis on landing Q
- Falls off late game
- Very team reliant/Bad first pick
- Hard to itemize ability haste
- Feast or Famine
tends to struggle against meta/s tier junglers because most of them can out clear and out duel her. She is also very Q reliant as its her main form of damage/engage. She also tends to fall off late game and is a bad first pick. Falling behind on Vi can be really bad as she suffers trying to come back into the game.
Blast Shield is a 15% max HP shield. Vi's W reduces the cooldown of blast shield by 3 seconds whenever it is applied. Learning proper shield management is very important to keep yourself alive. Always keep an eye on your passive cooldown.
Vault Breaker is Vi's main form of mobility and damage. Learning to be patient with this ability makes it much more effective. Flash with this ability is extremely threatening so dont be too conservative with your summoner spells.
Denting Blows is Vi's most consistent form of damage over time. Vi W allows you to take 1v1s more frequntly and is maxed 2nd if you need to skirmish for longer periods of time.
Excessive Force is Vi's auto attack reset and AOE. It can hold 2 stacks so make sure to use it to keep your passive shield up as much as possible. Its best maxed 2nd when you are looking to increase your initial burst.
Assault and Battery is Vi's best form of lockdown. It makes her unstoppable allowing you to ignore crowd control. Always look for ganks when your ultimate is up and try to time this ability with enemy CC.
These are the most common questions I get and they all come down to one thing... PREFERANCE!!!
You can do either or and be perfectly fine!

HOB or Electrocute- Hail of Blades is usually better when your looking to skirmish as it will drastically increase your damage in drawn out fights. Electrocute is better when your looking for stronger burst.

Red smite or Blue smite- Red smite is better for 1v1s. Blue smite is usually better for ganking.

W or E max 2nd- Denting Blows will give you more consistent damage at the cost of some burst. Excessive Force will give you more burst at the cost of some consistent damage.
Eclipse is probably one of Vi's best items at the moment. She can consistently activate it and having such a short cooldown allows it to synergize well with HOB. I highly recommend trying it out as it can work well with a bruiser or assassin build. Works well with red smite, HOB, and W max 2nd. Great early game item.
Duskblade of Draktharr is also a great choice for Vi. Its mythic passive gives her a ton of ability haste and the invisibility can be nice when picking off backline carries. Works well with blue smite, Electrocute, and E max 2nd. Great early game item.
Goredrinker is a very nice bruiser option. It provides large amounts of sustian and is exxtremly usefull when diving in teamfights. Works well with red smite, Conq, and W max 2nd. Great mid to late game item.
Divine Sunderer Is Vi's best item at the moment. The sustain and damage it grants is very hard to match making you a beast in 1v1s. It's also really nice because it allows you to build sheen and has a great build path. Works well with red smite, HOB, and W max 2nd. Great mid to late game item.
Trinity Force is very similar to last season. It gives her tons of damage and the combination of it's mythic passive and sheen make Vi a very threatening target once this item is completed. Works well with red smite, Conq, and W max 2nd. Great mid to late game item.
Sunfire Aegis is the best tank item for Vi. It grants her a nice mix of duarability and sustained damage making it a great choice when your team is lacking a frontline. Works well with blue smite, Phase Rush, and W max 2nd. Great mid to late game item.
Core Items
Youmuu's Ghostblade is an extremly good early item. The flat AD, mobility, and lethality it grants allows you to snowball off of small leads. The build path is also really efficient and the active synergizes really well with Vi's hit and run playstyle.
Black Cleaver is a really nice pick because of its armor shred passive. It also grants 25 ability haste making it one of the best cooldown items in the game. The HP is also great for keeping you alive and your 1v1 potential goes through the roof. The combination of everything just screams Vi!
Guardian Angel is one of Vi's best items. This item allows you to play much more aggressivly without being at high risk of dying. It makes you a stronger threat when diving backline carrys. The fact that you can also utilize stopwatch makes this a MUST BUY 5th item!
Boots of Swiftness is a very underated item on Vi. It is an extremely cheap option that grants high movespeed, and also reduces the self slow on Vault Breaker. Can't kill what you can't catch! -dumpa
Sterak's Vs. Maw

Sterak's Gage

Maw of Malmortius
Sterak's Gage is a better overall item as it does really well into both AD and AP champions. -Stats (50 Attack Damage + 400 Health) Passive (Rage + Lifeline) Maw of Malmortius is better when dealing with 2 or more high magic damage dealers. -Stats (50 Attack Damage + 50 Magic Resistance + 15 Ability Haste) Passive (Lifeline)
Situational Items
Death's Dance is a great option when facing up against a heavy AD team (Recommended 4 or 5 Physical Damage). It gives a great mix of AD, Ability Haste, and Armor making it a very strong counter to ADC's.
Spirit Visage recently got buffed to now also increase shielding making it a great pick into heavy AP teams.
Blade of the Ruined King is a really good tank buster item. I would only recommend building this when against 2 or more tanks.
Item set Code
Paste this code into item sets from opening to closing bracket! { }
{ "title": "(SEASON 11) Challenger Vi Abuser!", "associatedMaps": [], "associatedChampions": [254], "_notes": "", "_author": "dumpalol @", "blocks": [ { "type": "Starting Items", "items": [ { "id": "3364", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3340", "count": 1 }, { "id": "2031", "count": 1 }, { "id": "1035", "count": 1 }, { "id": "1039", "count": 1 } ] }, { "type": "Boots", "items": [ { "id": "3009", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3047", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3111", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3158", "count": 1 } ] }, { "type": "Eclipse", "items": [ { "id": "6692", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3158", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3142", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3071", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3026", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3053", "count": 1 } ] }, { "type": "Elixirs", "items": [ { "id": "2140", "count": 1 }, { "id": "2138", "count": 1 } ] }, { "type": "Duskblade", "items": [ { "id": "6691", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3009", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3142", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3814", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3026", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3053", "count": 1 } ] }, { "type": "Goredrinker", "items": [ { "id": "6630", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3009", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3074", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3071", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3026", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3053", "count": 1 } ] }, { "type": "Divine Sunderer", "items": [ { "id": "6632", "count": 1 } ] }, { "type": "Tri Force", "items": [ { "id": "3078", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3047", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3111", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3071", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3193", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3026", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3053", "count": 1 } ] }, { "type": "Sunfire Aegis", "items": [ { "id": "3068", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3047", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3111", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3742", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3193", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3748", "count": 1 } ] }, { "type": "Other options", "items": [ { "id": "4401", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3053", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3071", "count": 1 } ] }, { "type": "Omnistone/Mana Troll", "items": [ { "id": "3004", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3009", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3078", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3814", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3026", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3053", "count": 1 } ] }, { "type": "Executioners", "items": [ { "id": "3123", "count": 1 }, { "id": "6609", "count": 1 } ] }, { "type": "Optional Items", "items": [ { "id": "3065", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3193", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3748", "count": 1 }, { "id": "undefined", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3074", "count": 1 } ] }, { "type": "MR options 3rd item!", "items": [ { "id": "3091", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3156", "count": 1 } ] }, { "type": "ARMOR options 3rd item!", "items": [ { "id": "6333", "count": 1 }, { "id": "3742", "count": 1 } ] } ] }
This is the clear I use the most because it is the most consistent, safe, and fastest clear to get to scuttle crab. You get to river with both buffs and level three allowing you to gank or contest scuttle. You want to start on the weakside of the map and path towards your strong side. Perferable to start top if your bot lane can get lane priority and rotate. Keep the Jg/Mid matchups in mind as you will probably have to 2v2 for scuttle crab.

Full clearing on Vi is pretty nice as it is the fastset way to get to level 6. The downside to full clearing is that you wont be able to impact the map as quickly and are very susceptable to getting invaded/killed. It also takes the longest to contest scuttle crab. The plus is if it isn't punished you will get very ahead of the enemy jungler. I would recommend full clearing into tough matchups that you dont win in pre 6 like: Olaf, Graves, Lilia etc.
Reverse clears are very powerful as they allow you to impact any lane on the map once you turn hit level 3. Since the removal of hunters machete this clear did get nerfed from last season so you will take more damage and time when reverse clearing. It is still a solid clear nonetheless.
Blue Side
Blue Side Opposite Scuttle Clears
Blue Side Full Clears
Blue Side Reverse Clears
Red Side
Red Side Opposite Scuttle Clears
Red Side Full Clears
Red Side Reverse Clears
Assasin- This is Vi's highest damage playstyle. Its tons of burst with low survivability. It's best in the early to mid game and works really well in all elos. It is a very high risk high reward playstyle that rewards good Vi players. One of the bigger downsides to playing this way is that their is less room for mechanical error, but is one of the better ways to 1v9 on Vi.

Bruiser- This is Vi's best scaling playstyle. It grants her a great mix of damage and durability. Its best mid game but does just fine early and late and works well in lower elos. It rewards farming and being patient, but also has much more room for error. One of the downsides is that it requires certain item spikes to be useful, but once those items are completed you become a big boi.

Tank- This is the tankiest of playstyles. It's best mid to late game and works well in commpetative play/premades. It rewards teamplay and coordination, and has decent damage with sunfire. One of the downsides is that it can be bullied early game and its very team reliant.
Skins Fav Left to Right
I will be working on this Vi guide throughout the season. I hope you all enjoyed and learned something along the way~! Special thanks to Ilysuiteheart for helping me create this guide! <3

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