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Thresh Build Guide by AyJet

Tank (Season 5) Thresh, the Utility God

Tank (Season 5) Thresh, the Utility God

Updated on February 13, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AyJet Build Guide By AyJet 67,533 Views 5 Comments
67,533 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AyJet Thresh Build Guide By AyJet Updated on February 13, 2014
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About the Author: Hello, I'm Chillax (Use to Be AyJet, got a name change ^-^), my IRL name is Harrison. I'm a Gold Elo player that has been maining support since end of season 2. This will be my first guide ever made, and hopefully I can teach you guys a little bit more about Thresh!. I have a good understanding of many supports and how they should be played.

About Thresh: Thresh has always been a strong support pick since day one, due to all of the utility and high poke damage he offers. Each of his abilities offers huge utility. Death Sentence is not only a pull, but also immobilizes the enemy champion for 1.5 seconds. Dark Passage is not only an escape mechanism, but a shield as well. Flay offers much CC as it can pull or push someone away, and also offers a slow. The Box is an extremely good ultimate and offers much CC. With all his utility, he has a lot to bring to the table and is an extremely strong pick.
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Pro's and Con's


+ Has A Lot of CC
+ Extremely Tanky
+ Game Changing Lantern Saves
+ Vision (from Dark Passage)
+ Extremely Fun
+ Nice Mobility Due to Death Sentence
+ Scales Well With Armor if Damnation is Used Correctly


- Lantern Can Be Hard to Click At Times
- Long Cooldowns
- Death Sentence's wind up is long, and can be dodged
- Counterable Lulu Alistar
- A Lot of People Don't Click Dark Passage
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Runes are extremely changeable with Thresh. Below are some examples of Runes I use, and when it is an appropriate time to use them.



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
These set of runes are a page I usually use a lot now. It's a good aggressive build, as the +78 health from the quints offer good survivability with the Magic Resist and Armor.

Full Armor


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
This is a build I typically don't use, but have before. I only use this if everyone on the enemy team is Tank/AD. It is an extremely scary build for the enemy team. Having 120 armor at 10 minutes is something you don't want to mess with.

Armor + Magic Resist


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
This build is one I typically use. It's a strong build and protects you from an AP Support such as Lulu and Sona. If their team isn't complete AD, I'll sometimes go with these runes.



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
This is an aggressive page that I use to use against a squishy bot lane. Now I just go with the recommended runes, as the Armor Marks offers good aggression, since you can soak up more damage. It's still a good rune page to use if you're able to poke down some squishy champs.
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Masteries CAN be interchangeable to your preference. The ones below are the masteries I use every game, and have no problem with them. Other masteries set-ups are also viable.

Basic Masteries

The above masteries are the masteries that I use for every game. I do perfectly fine with these. It offers good defense with the 9 points in the defensive tree. And with the 21 points in the utility tree, his overall stats are improved, support wise. After all, Thresh is The Utility God.
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Starting Items are extremely important on Thresh. They decide whether you're going to be playing defensively or aggressively. The below starts are starts I always use, and also have an explanation to why I use them.

Basic Item Start

The above items give you sustain, GP, and vision. It's a basic start on Thresh and can be used on most match ups. It's a good and safe start.

Doran's Shield Start

The above items allow you to be protected from auto attack harass. Such as Caitlyn and Annie. It's an extremely strong start, but you don't start off with your GP or much vision. It can be used both Defensively and Offensively. The +100 Health provides you to take a lot more damage in a skirmish than a basic start would.

Vision Start

This is a start that is typically not used anymore. It's a strong defensive start from tanky/damage junglers such as Jarvan IV, Vi, and Lee Sin, who can make strong ganks Pre-6. Mana potions are not needed, unless you feel as if they are, your preference.

This Item Start should ALWAYS be purchased when playing against an enemy Evelynn. I cannot stress this enough. Placing a ward in the correct spot will save yourself and your ally mid-laner from many ganks early game, especially in low elo. The below image shows you a good spot to place a Vision Ward.

The above ward is a strong ward, it protects your mid laner from being ganked and at times bot lane. Do not rely on this ward alone though. The reason it's placed in that brush is simply because not many people go in that brush. Many players don't check that area for wards, or even go in that brush at all, so that pink ward can last a good 20 minutes, and protects you from Evelynn ganks.

Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen are both strong items. You must take at least one of them, which one is to your preference. I typically prefer Randuin's Omen as I like the active. Frozen Heart's attack speed effect is a passive and is consistent. Randuin's Omen will be the better choice for little skirmishes and catching people off, while Frozen Heart will be better in some team fights, as it has a consistent attack speed de-buff.

Warmog's Armor makes you look like a huge threat, and that's what you are. Warmog's Armor offers the +1000 Health you need with the health regeneration. It helps sustain yourself in fights. This sustain is extremely important; if you land a gnarly Death Sentence, you're gonna follow it up with a Flay, causing you to be in the middle of the whole fight.

Sunfire Aegis is a great item, for the same reason as Warmog's Armor. You're going to be in the middle of the fight, causing magic damage to anyone near you. It also offers good armor and health.

You're going to need some type of Magic Resist Item. Always get Banshee's Veil if they have a lot of CC, if not you can go with Spirit Visage, as it offers really good stats.

Mobility Boots is a good choice in most scenarios. It allows you to be where you please, ward, and take wards out in a jiffy. Consider how much CC and Damage they have though before purchasing these.

Ninja Tabi is also a good choice if their team has a good amount of attack damage. It increases your armor and blocks 10% of basic attacks, which can save your life.

Mercury's Treads are the boots I nearly always go for. It offers good magic resist and prevents your from being CC'd to death. Look at the enemy team before purchasing these though, as you might be able to get away with Ninja Tabi's or Mobility Boots

Other Situational Items

Zeke's Herald
Zeke's Herald is a viable pick, but you should only buy it when your team has a lot of AD Champs and you're ahead. Never build Zeke's Herald when you're behind.

Locket of the Iron Solari is a good item, and should be taken when your team needs the extra Magic Resist.

Twin Shadows has great stats. It offers Movement Speed and Magic Resist. The ability power is not necessarily needed on Thresh, but if you feel as if the item is necessary due to it's active, it's still a good choice.

Thornmail is a strong item, but you're not going to be focused a lot. If for some reason you are, it's a good pick up over Warmog's Armor
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Skill Sequence

When playing any champ, never, NEVER take your first ability until laning phase. You don't know what will happen until laning phase. If your buddy gets caught and you took Flay first and didn't have Dark Passage, they're dead, and you could have saved them. Consider what ability to take, and once again, never take it before laning phase.

Laning Start

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
If your jungler has secured his buffs and you're into laning phase, take your Flay. It gives extra poke damage from the passive and offers good CC, as it's a slow and can pull someone forward or back.

Invasion Start

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Taking your Death Sentence when invading is always a solid choice. It's a pull and also immobilizes them for 1.5 seconds. Be sure to not miss the pull though, as it's a long cooldown.

Your Oblivious Team Mate Got Caught Because He Has No Map Awareness Start

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This is the start when your friendly team mate gets caught in the beginning of the match. An obvious start, as Dark Passage is a huge life saver. Don't count on him clicking it though, especially low elo.
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Skill Combo Tips

Making Combos with Thresh can be hard in the beginning, but after a while you develop some muscle memory. Below aren't how to make combos with Thresh, as it is obvious how to do it, it's just advice and tips on them.

Combo Tips

- Flay before using Dark Passage when possible, the slow from Flay makes it easier to land Death Sentence
- When your jungler is setting up a gank, Flay, Death Sentence, Dark Passage. Beginning of Flay or Death Sentence animation, toss the lantern.
- Place your The Box and then throw out Death Sentence to pull them into it.
- Wait the full 1.5 seconds of Death Sentence before pulling yourself in for maximum CC.
- When playing against an Ezreal, try to predict his Arcane Shift and throw your Death Sentence in that direction to pull a Madlife.
- Try landing an auto in before trying any combo. The damage from your Flay passive deals a lot of damage.
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+ Added abilities chapter, still incomplete. Also fixed some Grammar: Friday, January 10, 2014 - 4:08 PM
+ Fixed wording: Friday, January 10, 2014 - 6:07 PM
+ Edits to Introduction: Thursday, January 16 - 4:00 PM
+ Added Skill Combo Tips Chapter: Thursday, February 13 - 6:41 PM
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AyJet
AyJet Thresh Guide
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(Season 5) Thresh, the Utility God

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