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Ahri Build Guide by CattyPrincess

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CattyPrincess

~Seduction leads to Death~

CattyPrincess Last updated on December 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone. This is going to be my very first guide, so please bear with me. I have thought about making different guides for older champions, but since I love Ahri AND shes new, I decided to make one for her. I would love feedback on this build, but this is the build I use and that I have shared with my friends.

Also, if youre ACTUALLY reading this, you're awesome (because most people just go through look at items, abilities, runes, and masteries).

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust--This will be a good spell if you're fighting against DPS champions like Vayne or Xin Zhao. Unless you're fighting a DPS champions there is really no point to take this spell. You wont need to catch up because of you're Ultimate, which is three flashes that does damage.

Ghost--This can be a good spell in quite a few different situations, but is mostly for chasing enemies or running from them. Fortunately, you're Ahri and youre ultimate is three flashes that do damage. In which case, you dont really need this spell, and if you DO need help catching up without your ulti, Flash combined with Charm would be better suited.

Flash--This is a very good spell for nearly all champions, and is useful in nearly every situation. Seeing as you're Ahri, and you have THREE flashes that do damage, you really don't need this spell. Yet at the same time I can see why you would take this because there IS a cooldown on your ultimate.

Clarity--This spell is good for nearly any champion to be honest, and since Ahri is a mage and relies on her spells, the use of this spell would be quiet useful. The mana you recieve when using this spell is amazing, but only for early game. When you hit late game with Ahri, you wouldn't really use this spell AS much, and replacing it with another spell would have a better effect.

Teleport--This is an amazing spell, and combined with lane sustaining items, you will never be away for too long. When you have this spell you can honestly stay in lane AS LONG AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE, then recall after you get a kill or are on really low health. When in lane with this spell, if you get low on health or get a kill, you can recall and teleport with new items. Meaning you have more time to push your lane, or time to get your enemy low on health so they have to recall.

Ignite--This spell alone (in my opinion) can make or break a lane. Using this spell in key situations can mean a good/stressful kill. If used at a perfect time, you can run back/run forward and get a kill while pushing a tower or even focusing on another target. If used at a bad time, the enemy could get away when you thought you got the kill, or even get you killed if you try and back away.

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Farming with Ahri is honestly completely easy. Her skills allow pretty good minion farm.

Orb of Deception--When you see a wave of minions wait until the first melee minion is literally right in your face, then cast this skill in the direct line of the minion wave. This insures that most (if not all) of the minions will be hit by the initial magic damage. If timed correctly, the Orb will return to Ahri and hit most (if not all) of the minions again for true damage. This skill alone can easily clear waves, and at level one, get them at least at half health.

Fox-Fire--This skill reminds me of the three red turtle shells you get in MarioKart (or other games), and behaves as such. This is good for last hitting minions, or if your Orb is on cooldown, taking down few minions that your orb missed.

Charm--This is a skill shot that only hits one target, so it's not really good for farming at all unless against super/promoted minions.

Spirit Rush--A dash that hits the three nearest targets (prioritizes champions). At level one, this is NOT recommended for farming minions. Seeing as this is your Ultimate, and hits at max nine targets. At level one, you would at most clear one minion wave with an over one minute cooldown. Even at max level, with a one minute cooldown, is a waste of an Ultimate.

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For my masteries, I chose to go with 21/0/9. This is a good choice because it is actually common for most casters, so you could use this mastery page for nearly any caster.

The only thing that I have different in this build that some people might not take is Summoner's Wrath and Summoner's Insight.

With my Offence, I take anything that could make a mage better (ability power, cooldown reduction, spell penetration), and Summoner's Wrath. I take nothing in Defense. For my Utility, I take what would make a mage even better (mana and mana regen), with some decreased death time, increased buff duration, and Summoner's Insight.

Summoner's Wrath --With this build, it helps out your Ignite. When Ignite is on cooldown, you gain five ability power and attack damage. That attack damage or ability power could easily mean a good kill, or a really lucky escape.

Summoner's Insight --This will decrease the time you have to channel your Teleport by one second. that one second could have numerous effects. You could save a tower, take a tower, get a kill, or save a teammate.

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Skill Sequence

--Starting off with Orb of Deception helps out your minion farm greatly, and maxing it at level nine makes farming a breeze.
--At level two you should take Charm for harass and scare tactics, and early game easy kills.
--Level three you should take another point into your Orb of Deception, for more farm and harass.
--At level four you should get one point into Fox-Fire, you can use it for farming, but sometimes it would be better to just save the mana.
--Level five should be a third point into Orb of Deception, for reasons I have stated before.
--FINALLY, get your Ultimate, Spirit Rush, at level six. If in the middle, you can start ganking at this level, but might be better if you waited a level or two.
--At level seven you should get another point into Charm, for more damage and a longer seduce.
--Eight and nine are the levels to max out your Orb of Deception, for obvious reasons. It's your main damaging skill.
--At level ten you get your third point into Charm for the same reasons.
--Eleven will be your next level of Spirit Rush and if you don't get it, GET IT AT LEVEL TWELVE!!!
--Level twelve and on you should alternate levels, starting with your second point into Fox-Fire and then going to Charm.
--Level sixteen you will get your final point into Spirit Rush, and you will have maxed out your Charm. So your final two levels will go to Fox-Fire by default.

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Battle Strategies

***When you hit an enemy champion with Charm, immediately cast Fox-Fire to insure more damage, and right after the cast of Fox-Fire throw your Orb of Deception into them. If the enemy comes out of your charm before you get your Fox-Fire, cast it, then use Orb of Deception in the direction you believe they will go.

WHEN CLOSE--If you have Spirit Rush, follow the previous steps with minor changes. Use Charm as your initiation, and when landed use your first cast of Spirit Rush, then use your Orb of Deception into them. After you get the true damage on the enemy with Orb of Deception, use your second cast of Spirit Rush WHILE casting Fox-Fire. After Fox-Fire, follow up with your final cast of Spirit Rush. Repeat all skills as necessary.
WHEN FAR--Lead off again with Charm while casting Fox-Fire and your first cast Spirit Rush. Next hit them with Orb of Deception and another cast of Spirit Rush. Finish off with your final Spirit Rush, and repeat all skills as needed.
These are only suited in IDEAL situations, so this is NOT going to work every single time. Be prepared for ganks and counters.***

***Using Spirit Rush as an escape from ganks can sometimes be better than staying in a hopeless fight and doing nothing.***

***When fighting multiple enemies, don't use Spirit Rush to get in the middle and hit all of them, it is sometimes better suited to use Spirit Rush to go around them and stay on the outside.***

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For my runes, I have two separate builds. I have a conservative and conservative way, and an aggressive way.

Both my Marks and my Quints are the same in both builds. Nine Greater Mark of Insights and Three Greater Quintessence of Ability Power.
--The Magic Penetration from the Greater Mark of Magic Penetration is exceptional for a multitude of reasons. Magic Penetration is very difficult to get, and unless you want to incorporate one or more of the three items that actually DO give it, it is a good choice to get as your marks. The magic penetration is also good for getting through tougher targets, and helps you deal even more damage than you already do.
--The Ability Power from your Greater Quintessence of Ability Power is also awesome because it means your skills get more damage, and with these quints you will be especially lethal at lower levels.

Keeping the marks and quints, I also take nine Greater Seal of Replenishment and nine Greater Glyph of Magic Resist.
--The Greater Seal of Replenishment give you extra mana regen every five seconds. This means you will be able to stay in your lane longer, and you will be able use your skills more often because you will HAVE more mana.
--The Greater Glyph of Magic Resist have magic resist, making you more durable to all spells. Since you are more durable, you will have even MORE lane sustain and will be able to take MORE hits and feel less effects from it.
These two rune choices are good if you are a "behind the scenes" type of player.

Keeping the marks and quints, I also take nine Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power and nine Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power.
--These give the same thing, so I will just explain it all right now. Getting ability power per level Seals AND Glyphs makes you more powerful throughout all levels. Taking ability power as a mage is a must if you want to be "The Better Mage", and having them could possibly make you stronger than others.

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My item choice is very particular. I chose these items because I believe the excel above the others. Though I did have a tough time choosing my fifth and sixth item, I chose them for a reason, and I will explain why I chose them, and why in that specific order.

--Starting with a Meki Pendant with one health and mana pot is a very good start. While some people would rather have the damage that comes from a Doran's Ring, I prefer the lane sustain and harassment ability that comes with the potion/pendant combination.
--Taking Boots of Speed as your second item can help out in a variety of ways. It could mean getting a kill/tower, or escaping an enemy that's chasing you. Above all else you kinda need boots anyway... If you have the gold for it, buy an Amplifying Tome for the additional ability power. You will use it for your next item also.
--Upgrade your Meki Pendant (and Amplifying Tome) into a Fiendish Codex right after your Boots of Speed for the cooldown reduction, mana regen, and ability power.
--As soon as you can, turn your boots into Sorcerer's Shoes. This is an amazing item for any mage. It gives you speed and (the rare and highly sought after) magic penetration.
--Now you're going to upgrade your Fiendish Codex into A Morello's Evil Tome. This is a major item for Ahri because of the great cooldown reduction, great mana regen, and awesome ability power.
--At this point you're a tad squishy, so buying a Giant's Belt would help out quite a bit with survivability, but for now leave it as it is.
--This is when you get your next major item: Rabadon's Deathcap. This will increase your ability power insanely, and is the main item in every mage's build.
--Once you get the Cap, upgrade the cap into a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. For every ability you have that hits a target (thats all of them), you get a 35% slow for 1.5 seconds, every time you hit, with the survivability of 500 health, AND amazing ability power. This is also a major item, and one i personally will always buy.

***Those are your four major items, but the last two items are up to you. I have chosen to take a Sheen, since with Ahri you're going to spam your abilities.
Then getting a Will of the Ancients after that for the spell vamp and ability power. It also gives off a nice aura that your team will appreciate!
Finish off with upgrading your Sheen into a Lich Bane for the extra Sheen stuff it gives you. the move speed bonus isn't half bad either.

--Other notable items are:
Abyssal Mask for its magic resist and aura that lowers magic resist.
Archangel's Staff for the 3% mana-to-ability power conversion, and the potentian bonus mana.
Deathfire Grasp for its active ability that does amazing damage.
Rod of Ages for the health and mana bonus.
Void Staff for its awesome magic penetration.
Zhonya's Hourglass for the insane amount of ability power and armor. Plus its invincibility passive.

Those are all offensive items. The two slots I filled with Lich Bane and Will of the Ancients could be replaced with any of these, but they can also be replaced with defensive items such as Banshee's Veil or Thornmail instead. It Mostly depends on what you/your team needs or wants. Its your choice, this guide is only pointing you in the right direction.***