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Sejuani Build Guide by Slaroc

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slaroc

Sejuani - Freljord Rising

Slaroc Last updated on June 16, 2014
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To start with this is my very first guide and any constructive criticism is appreciated. I am an Aussie Oceanic player currently cruising through ranked as Sejuani. I am only silver V as i write this but have just graduated after 18 consecutive wins as, you guessed it, Sejuani. I loved her pre-change and left her for a while when she no longer permaslowed or turned W's AOE on at will. When I decided to main jungle this season (to control the fate of 3 bronze lanes instead of 1) I came across the incredible team carrying potential of Sejuani. With an AOE ranged stun, AOE slow and brief knock up, she became the perfect tank-carry for my team.

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  • Quick Clear time
  • AOE queen
  • Ranged Amumu ulti ( Curse of the Sad Mummy)
  • Knock up for interrupts (especially on Katarina)
  • AOE slow
  • Great initiator
  • Good escape artist
  • Excellent at kiting on low health
  • Very mobile
  • Never banned
  • Rarely picked away from you
  • Synergises well with CC supports
  • Will kill the unprotected ADC
  • Queen of the late game
  • Percentage damage (so not even Warwick can claim that over you)

  • Heavily team reliant
  • Will not carry without one snowballed lane
  • Works better as a duo queu
  • Kill steals (secures) often
  • Scales on levels more than items
  • Horrible AP scaling
  • Long cooldown on ulti without blue
  • Mana hungry
  • Requires blue buff until Spirit of the Ancient Golem
  • Early game is pronounced "Farming time"
  • Can be counter jungled by the popular Lee Sin

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Smite is the non negotiable summoner spell for this guide. It has a much shorter CD this season and for a tank jungle is almost necessary for those early levels.

Flash is a different story - With a 5 minute cooldown for an absolutely miniature reposition it may be worth grabbing something else for the late game such as ghost or perhaps Teleport for even better mobility. I grab flash for the reason that I always have used it in all roles. Its a beautiful escape and excellent offense. On a good day you can even land a stun on somebody at the enemy's mid turret from your own by a simple Q+F+R combo.

Ghost- Have never used this for Sejuani but can see it's benefits. If you prefer ghost on tanks then take it but be warned, if you need to Q to escape you're most likely oom such is murphy's law.

Ignite- I used to run this in my season 2 days. I played a few tournaments with it and surprised all of those bloody [vladimir]s. Now it's up to you if you really want that little bit of extra damage... on a tank... Jungle... who shouldn't be taking kills.

Teleport- On many occasions I sit there going "if only I could be there right now" but on many other occasions I am there, making the plays... Because that's your role as the hyper mobile jungle. With 4.5% movespeed quints, mobility boots with homeguard, flash AND Arctic Assault if you couldn't get there fast enough your team mate didn't have a good chance of you helping by using Teleport in to that ward so far away from the actual fight. Leave it for top lanes unless you are a master with this spell simply because of your playstyle. Ultimately it's not up to me how you play.

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Now the runes I use for a jungle tank are formitigation and motion. I want to be able to grab blue and red just as the second smite has come up. I also enjoy having a deceptive health bar. A riven/renekton/whatever with the same health as me at mid game will still die quicker due to the heavy damage mitigation of our runes. Overall you are within your right to swap your quints out for further mitigation or perhaps 4.5% max health but In my opinion it is much stronger to stack movement speed to be there at the teamfight then to have 5% more health and missing out on dragon.

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Skill Sequence

Max your Flail of the Northern Winds first, this isn't negotiable, it is your main damage output and even does damage to turrets. The rest of your skill sequence however is dependent on your playstyle.

It is not uncommon to max your Q - Arctic Assault second as Sejuani and I used to do this all of the time but here are some things for YOU to consider because it won't be me behind your keyboard next match.

Q ( Arctic Assault) - Deals great damage to everyone (even epic monsters) due to it's % damage to maximum health. The cooldown is reduced remarkably also if maxed second and makes for an initiate and escape or a second Q to chase down the fleeing Singed. But seriously kids don't chase the Singed unless Q is up.

E ( Permafrost)- Deals strong AOE damage to monsters early on and the slow duration increases as your max it. For people who are against Irelia Dr. Mundo or just someone with Mercury's Treads you should consider increasing this skill early as your main goal is to keep your opponent as close to stationary as possible while your allies erase them.

R ( Glacial Prison)- The be all and end all of teamfights. This starts them, this ends them. As strong as Amumu's ult Curse of the Sad Mummy but with devastating range and after effects (slow like mad with that follow up E). You will sometimes have to use this in other ways like saving a low teammate from the entire enemy team but you should be able to judge for yourself whether it's worth it or not (i.e, don't waste it on saving the feeder).

Final notes on skill sequence:
If you're feeding max your Q, this will hopefully stop the feeding as you will be able to escape more often. If your team is into teamfight stages early and you're keen to be aggressive grab max ranks in your E so that your stun and slow on the team are felt for days.

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Creeping / Jungling

To be a successful Sejuani you want to start off with double buffs as early as possible and in mid game have enough gold as possible. Not every game will you gank the Ashe Soraka lane as level 4 for first blood and so you need to be clever about how to collect your moneys!

First 5 minutes

You will be taking blue first at about 2:05 with a good leash. From blue you will kill wolves and run straight to red. By now smite should have about 15 seconds to go and will be available for that last 480 health. If you are playing against a Lee Sin or Kha'Zix it's certainly worth bringing red into the bush between auto attacks so you can spot them and gtfo! From red you will want to gank either top or mid depending on what side of the map you are. Blue side = mid Purple side = top. I hear you asking "What about bot lane?!" and I am responding with "If they say they need help or are incredibly pushed gank, if not they can get patient for the double kill that comes with level 6".

Mid game

This is what separates the Sejuanis from the Volibear being ridden by Teemo. You should have Spirit of the Ancient Golem by now and so should constantly have your conservation stacks below 80. At time it will spill over and this isnt a massive issue but remember that it is wasted potential gold. By this point you should be giving your MANA USING mid blue buff otherwise it's yours and if the ADC has a score of 7/0... he's earned red (this time).

Late game

I find myself fully built by 30 mins most games due to the outrageous amount of assists I earn and so I save smite for dragon, baron and stealing their buffs.

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Your combos

There are a few different things you can pull off as sejuani that makes her ganks less standard than a Jarvan knocking up and slowing, than a shaco slowing you, fearing you and annoying the absolute... ___ out of you! Sejuani can knock up (ever so briefly) to initiate and gap close enemies too far away. She can come in from the behind, slow and lock up the fed, overconfident lane. And she can simply do some freaking epic plays (About to be explained after the basics)


You're being asked to gank top lane pre-6, it's pushed and your are easily able to walk up to them without abilities. In this case it's fairly simple, you run at them and proceed to cast W Flail of the Northern Winds + E Permafrost As they run you Q them for the knockup. Remember, you are not the source of damage to your team! in the best case scenario, after all of your hard work you will do maybe half of their health with all the auto attacks you get on with red buff. You're not likely to kill this guy but you may force a Flash or AT LEAST make them recall.

You're asked to gank bot lane post 6. It's a stale lane and "they've ganked x times you've ganked 0" is the **** you get simply because your ADC is 0/0/0 and getting frustrated. There are 2 approaches, both of these are assuming you have enough tankiness to take 2-3 turret hits confidently as you chase them down. As sejuani you will be expected to do this from time to time.

Get behind the two enemy laners via tribush if you're purple or just by letting them push enough when you're blue lane (if you can't get behind them and you don't have a strong amount of CC in your bot lane AND your allies don't do much damage (oom or whatever) give up. You're a mana hungry pig and you're not going to waste time, potential gold AND mana for one of your laners to die. Explain to them nicely it's too hard to gank on an unpushed lane with them OOM. Play smart and for your team not HAM (not till late game huehuehue).

As I was saying... get behind the 2 and either Ulti in first so that your support can land their second set of CC easily or Q them for the brief CC before perma-slowing with your E. Once they've flashed/they're low but unreachable ulti! It's a ranged stun for a reason and it makes chasing... not chasing :D. Too many bronzies (and I catch myself doing this sometimes)try and save their ulti for specific situations. Im not saying force a kill but with the utility from this ulti you'll secure was more kills by making 1 gank every ~ 2 minutes a kill.

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Play mode

You like sejuani, you have a feel for her ranges, the feel of how much her slow does. You understand the lack of damage she will do without a team but the insane utility she has. You want to ride that war pig (black sabbath reference) Through the jungle and into a lane to beat your opponents to death with their own health bar. You're reading the right section. And in fact if you have read this far I'm grateful to you!

I wish I was good enough at this to put pictures up but this is my first guide so maybe I'll learn it later.

Their wraiths camp: the unsuspecting battle charge. Go clear your enemy's wraith camp... that's funny. It's Q'able and... there's a mid laner hugging his turret. What's funny about mid is that you will make the best ganks here, your team mate has hopefully picked an assassin and your ult will queue him up for the easiest nuke of his life. Q through the wall and ulti their mid laner. You can flash instead but whatever you do make sure you have vision of the place with your own minions under the enemy tower. Once you've landed the ulti tank the turret for your mid laner (LeBlanc is the best at this) to do the 80% of the opponent's health bar before walking away cleanly. This might not always work, make sure you have their jungle warded and keep tabs on the summs used by the enemy mid laner so they don't surprise you. If you miss your ulti just get out. Never overcommit to something when the key reason it's possible is missing! All in all this is a risky play, its changed lanes around for my team but I have admittedly died once or twice in the gank making it only a kill trade.

Baron: The pit of Chaos. You know they're doing baron. They're in a better position for it. You've got a full team lurking around the put but Sejuani has decided to stand right behind the pit itself for the simple Q smite steal flash away. But you dont. Q into the baron pit and IF it's an easy smite kill do it. You win that for free but don't hold out for that. At about 1/3 of baron's health Q over and ulti the enemy team. A permafrost on 3+ enemies with your team now collapsing on the enemies should be enough. If you have your Randuin's Omen use that also. Once you've got the teamfight going you just cause as much havoc as you can but ultimately watch Baron's health for the steal and remember you're there for an ace first.
Note: If you are going to do this you better make it clear to your team. On skype/Vent/Teamspeak or by typing it out before you get there and pinging like mad. Don't get caught out being that guy who dies 1v5.

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How and when to kill an epic monster


As sejuani you are generally tanky enough with your passive to fight dragon with your ADC just before 15 minutes but in some games you will want to do this even earlier. So.... When do I dragon?

Well there is the obvious "both bot dead go drag now" and then there are other, more sneaky opportunities. With a well placed Vision Ward and lucky Sweeping Lens you should be able to dragon completely through the fog of war. If you pull your ADC and support away while having sufficient wards on the map you can pull dragon before the enemy knows it. If you do take this method remember to "spike" your damage by W->auto attack->Q-> Smite all within about 1.5 seconds and so secure your dragon from the nasty enemy Gragas ulti


When to Baron is a different story. You can either ace the enemy team, forego a push and grab a quick 4/5 man baron or you can do it in a more effective method for your team. Remembering that you are [sejuani] and you have no means of acing an enemy team without a good carry you should be constantly on the look out for opportunities. A dead ADC/APC and a jungler bot is a great time for you to baron if you have your 5 men at the pit! Another great time is when you've killed 3 of the enemy team but that blasted Ziggs and Lucian will not let you take a turret with their epic wave clear. There are 2 unwritten rules of baron however: ALWAYS CONTEST if you have a full team (providing the game isn't already overdue to everyone on your team feeding) and never baron without smite handy.

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Uncle Bristle wants you! To use him for your self carry through bronze and silver. Sejuani is one of the best tanks this season if you have a team with half a clue. You will be the queen of the jungle mid/late game. You are the best initiator on your team regardless of your opinion on the matter! Sejuani, when used as my guide suggests is a powerful powerful tank who will carry your league points to victory. Thankyou for reading my guide and if you enjoyed it don't forget to give it a thumbs up!