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Sejuani Build Guide by Axarion

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Axarion

Sejuani - Tanky AP/AD Hybrid

Axarion Last updated on January 21, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my Sejuani Guide.

This Guide will focus on a tanky AP Sejuani build. Since all her spells scale with AP or HP I chose items increasing both of those, while also adding some armor and and magic resistance to the build to increase survivability.

Be aware that you should not follow this build strictly, if it does not fit your team composition or if you need to play more tanky, you should buy some other items.

I will maybe expand this guide to go more in-depth lateron, but for now I will focus on explaining my choices on Runes, Masteries Items, Skill Sequence and the Summoner Spells.

If I get good feedback I will improve this guide,

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Why play Sejuani?

That's a good question. But why wouldn't you want to play a female Barbarian swinging a huge mace, riding a big boar?

The massive amount of slows with her passive Frost and her E Permafrost are very nice to chase down enemies.

Her Q Arctic Assault is great for engaging an enemy or escaping. It has a rather high range for a dash.

Her W Northern Winds deals bonus damage to enemies slowed by Frost or Permafrost and also scales with HP.

Her Ultimate Glacial Prison brings great utility to any team composition, because it stuns all enemies in an AoE.

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The runes I chose for this build should give her some nice sustain in early game allowing her to farm longer. The

Again choose what you need the most to be a good addition to your team.

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I went with 9/21/0 Masteries to give her the tankiness she needs while also taken 9 points in the offensive tree to buff her magic damage a bit.

You could also go with 21/9/0 or 0/21/9 or whatever you want, but I think for this build my choice is fine.

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Catalyst the Protector

Start with Boots of Speed and buy some Health Potions. This will allow you to dodge skillshots easier and allows you to heal some damage.

Catalyst the Protector will add to your sustain and also allows you to spam your abilities more.

Bilgewater Cutlass allows you to sustain with its lifesteal and gives you a nice active ability. Don't forget to use it.

Mercury's Treads adds nice CC reduction. Combined with Juggernaut they will make you nearly immune to CC.

Rod of Ages gives you more HP and Mana and also AP. It's somewhat the core item of this build.

Phage allows you to slow down your enemies even more and also adds some HP and damage.

Hextech Gunblade adds to many needed stats and has a great active. Again don't forget to use the ability.

Frozen Mallet will allow you to freeze your enemies on the point with a very great on hit effect.

Atma's Impaler adds armor, damage based on HP and critchance, do I need to say more?

Youmuu's Ghostblade has a nice active and adds CR and armor penetration.

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Skill Sequence & General Ability Usage

I take Arctic Assault at level 1 but max it last.
I max Northern Winds first, because it deals nice damage in an AoE.
Then I will max Permafrost for more slow and damage.
Obviously I will increase Glacial Prison whenever possible.

Try to apply Frost to as many targets as possible since it increases damage of Northern Winds and allows you to use Permafrost on more targets. Remember that Arctic Assault applies Frost to multiple targets.

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Summoner Spells

Taking Ghost and Ignite is my choice since it allows you to chase down enemies easier and also counters healing.

You could also use Flash or Exhaust if you think those suit your playstyle more. Other spells could be good depending on your teams setup.

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Since Sejuani is a pretty new champ she will probably need some balancing, but I think she is rather fine. Her model is a bit too big, but else she looks nice.

I like playing tanky champions with good CC so Sejuani is a nice addition to the League for me. She is not the most innovative champion ( Ashe + Shyvana mixed), but I still like her.

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my guide. I hope this guide helped you and gave you some ideas how to successfully build Sejuani.

If you like this guide click the upvote and tell me why you liked it. If you dislike it please tell me why you did not like it and tell me what you want to be improved. Remember that this guide is a work in progress.

If you find formatting errors please tell me.