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League of Legends Build Guide Author RealmriderX1

Semi-Supportive Blitzcrank - One grab away from death®

RealmriderX1 Last updated on March 25, 2012
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The Exordium: Read this 1st!

Hello and welcome to my new guide on MOBAFire, this time featuring Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem. Make yourselves comfortable, sit up straight and enjoy while reading! What do i want to say? Well, 1st of all, this is not a build, this is an in-depth guide, which means its pretty much comprehensive, and it requires to be fully read to be functional or to be of any use to anyone who has read it or who is still reading it. And yes, i put a lot of damn effort in each of my guides. I would be grateful if you would not downvote without any reason, or just trollvote. Leave me some feedbacks and have fun reading!

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So, as you have read above, this is a guide to about Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem. Who is Blitzcrank? Well, IMO with no doubts, funniest champion to play in League Of Legends. He is also extremely unique, he has original abilities, and he is a badass robot! Blitzcrank isn't being played too much, actually he is being played very rarely. He has become one of my mains little after i started playing this game, in May, 2011. He has very interesting abilities which i enjoy using. Anyway, i will show you how do i play Blitzcrank and by making this guide, and ill try to help you master him as quickly as possible after reading it.
- Enjoy!

This is how you should do after reading this guide

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About this guide

You may be wondering..What is this guide all about? Well, i will try to teach you my way of playing Blitzcrank. I love playing him as a supportive fighter and initiator for my team, same as Lux as Ice Creamy said in his guide. Your score shoudnt be 12/0/2, no. It should be about 4/1/16 or anything close to that. What does this mean? It means that you shoudnt try to take many kills, it means that you should be there to be supportive and helpful to your team, in teamfights, but also have a couple of your own, well-deserved kills. What's this guide all about? Well, i'll try to teach you the exact way i play Blitzcrank, and i'll try to explain as much as possible. This guide contains everything you should know, from Items and Abilities, to Teamfights and Match-ups sections. And please, read the whole guide and try it before you start with any actions. But feel absolutely free to give me your thoughts and feedbacks.

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Who is Blitzcrank? Pro's/Con's

Blitzcrank is tagged as Melee and Fighter champion, which i gladly affirm as true. He can be a great solo top, also a very good ganker or roamer because of his great and briliant abilities. But i've concluded that my favourite way of playing him, is as a supportive and tanky fighter, ready to help his team in any situation any time.


  • + Extremely funny to play[/color]
  • + Has very useful abilities[/color]
  • + A good support to any kind of team
  • + He is matching-up greatly with any AD carry
  • + Tanky
  • + Has a nice passive ability
  • + Has a grab
  • + He is a yellow robot!

  • - EXTREMELY mana hungry at all stages of game
  • - He is very slow
  • - He is very item dependant
  • - His item build is smoothly expensive
  • - His Q ability is difficult to use

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Abilities Examination

Blitzcrank has a few REALLY useful abilities, absolutely brilliant as well as unique and original. Actually, his abilities are the reason why did i choose to play him as a supportive tanky DPS champion. Each of his abilities has it's own, lets say purpose, a moment to be activated, and the conclusion is that you need to aim smart and have a good timing to be sucessfull with Blitzcrank. Pretty simple overall.

This is Blitzcrank's passive. IMO Its definitely one of the best passives in-game. However, when his life is brought down below 20% of his total HP, he will activate his shield, which apparently collects mana, and as i said when he gets low, that mana gets released to protect him. More precisely, 50% of his current available mana. For example, at some moment your total mana is 1700, and you have 1000 left, your shield will absorb 500 damage. This is why i said that Blitzcrank is excelling at initiating, he can drink tons of damage, have enough time to activate Static Field in a middle of 5 opponents, and then fall back and harass from away, with his Rocket Grab.
Tips and Tricks:
  • This is an extremely useful passive, in many ways
  • You can initiate very well with this passive ready and full mana pool
  • You can bait your opponents without letting them know you have Mana Barrier ready
  • You can greatly increase the incoming damage for your team

This is Blitzcrank's main ability, this makes him genuine and original, makes him be unique and he woudnt be useful at all without this ability. Why? Lemme tell you. On activation, Blitzcrank fires a rocket-hand, which travels as a linear skillshot. It has a fair range, and the 1st unit that's grabbed, is stunned for a short duration, and pulled towards Blitzcrank. Also deals a fair amout of damage. Absolutely, your bread&butter. This makes you supportive, and when correctly used, this ability is practicly a kill-grabber for your team. Absolutely amazing ability overall, easy to use but requires a good aim to be honest.
Tips and Tricks:
  • This ability can be used to grab a target behind a wall
  • This ability grabs a 1st enemy or neutral unit it hits(Monsters, Minions, Pets)
  • This ability deals magic damage
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter's slow applies on Rocket Grab
  • Rocket Grab spares a LOT of mana, use it wisely

This ability is called Overdrive. Its very useful ability, considering it gives you a temporal Movement Speed and Attack Speed buff. This ability is a great escape mechanism and a great chasing mechanism, overall, great thing on someone like Blitzcrank, who is a very, very slow champion without Boots of Swiftness. This ability let's you go back in lane faster, farm faster and also dual a lot of champions in-game. The ability lasts about 7.5 seconds, and its fairly easy to use.
Tips and Tricks:
  • This ability is a great thing to chase with
  • Overdrive is an amazing escape mechanism, use it wisely
  • This ability makes Blitzcrank a godlike roamer, use that as well
  • If forced to dual, use this skill for a great AS buff
  • When using recall , right after you're off for a lane, use this for a free MS buff

This ability(E) is called Power Fist. It's Blitzcrank's main damaging source. On activation, he empowers his next basic attack, and it will deal double damage of your current Attack Damage EX. if you have 160 Attack Damage and activate Power Fist, then your next attack will deal 320 damage. This ability applies on hit-effects like Sheen's proc or Tiamat's proc etc.. Now, a carfully activated Power Fist will reset your Basic Attack timer, so you will hit your target twice in a blink of an eye. Also when a target is hitted with Power Fist, it's "knocked airborne" for a short duration but still long enough. Late game this ability is absolutely deadly.
Tips and Tricks:

This ability is called Static Field. It's Blitzcrank's ultimate ability. IMHO, absolutely great AoE ultimate. When activated, it deals a great amount of damage, about 350 damage on level 11 plus 100% of your AP. This ulti has a very short cooldown, and thats the reason why AP Blitzcrank is viable. Anyway, on activation, it deals damage and it silenced every single unit in area, except to stealthed units. Anyway, passively, Blitzcrank will unleash an arc of energy to the closest enemy and deals damage every 2.5 seconds. Static Field is a mommy in teamfights, and it's absolutely lethal against AP Casters.
Tips and Tricks:
  • This is a great counter to enemy AP Casters
  • This ability will proc Rylai's Crystal Scepter's 15% slow
  • Both of Static Field's components will be blocked by spell shields
  • As written in LOLWikia, Blitzcrank will benefit 33% of his total Spell Vamp from this ability
  • This ability is ace-in-the-hole for teamfights. Use it wisely

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What about my rune setup? Well, as i said, im not playing a full support Blitzcrank nor something like tanky solo top or anything like that. Im playing a supportive fighter Blitzcrank, which needs to be able to dish out some damage, and also be able to receive the same. I have found my current Rune Setup to be the most suitable for my playing style, and in that case i would suggest you using the same setup as i do. However, an explanation is inevitable so i'll just try to explain it simply and briefly.

- For my Marks, i use 9 flat Greater Marks of Desolation. These are probably the best runes for most Attack Damage DPS champions nowdays. These runes stack greatly with Power Fist, and they make it absolutely devastating, considering that Power Fist is practicly an empowered basic attack. However, you need some late game deadliness against armoured opposite champions and these runes are just perfect for that. However, other possible choices are Attack Damage and Attack Speed marks which i highly DE-PREFFER.

- For my Seals, i use 9 per-level Greater Seals of Replenishment. Absolutely, a must-have runes in my opinion. They are giving you that small, necessary amount Mana regeneration early game, which is very benefitial mid-late game.. True, you won't be spamming your abilities all the time, but seriously even if you don't, Blitzcrank is very Mana hungry. The conclusion? Take these, they will make you much more dangerous and sustainable mid to late game, and will make you work better in the early stages. And no, there are is no viable choice for a replacement. There is no replacement.

- As Glyphs, i take 9 flat Greater Glyphs of Warding. These give me a fair amount of highly-needed Magic Resistance, because i don't get much MR from my items, only from Guardian Angel and maybe some situational item. These runes aren't quite a must-have, but they are very viable to have, and IMO they can be replaced with flat Tier 3 Cooldown Reduction glyphs..OR Greater Glyphs of Intellect, those that provide you with precious Mana Early game.

- And finally, i take Greater Quints of Fortitude, the ones giving me flat Health. Considering i need early game sustain, these are just PERFECT choice for someone like Blitzcrank. They make me have about 600 Hit Points at level one without any other aditional HP either from items or masteries. Absolutely the great choice, but replaceable with Greater Quints for Swiftness for highly needed Movement Speed, or with Greater Quints of Avarice, the ones providing you with Gold-per-second.


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health

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-I go 0/9/21. I basically don't need any points at offense, because, again, im not playing a DPS, im playing a semi-supportive fighter. So, i used 9 points in Defense. I spent 2 points in Hardiness for early game sustain. I spent 3 points in Resistance for the same reason, early game sustain. Finally, 4 points in Durability , for some nice bonus health for early game. So i think that this is a very clever way to spend 9 points in one Mastery Tree, in this case, Defensive Mastery Tree.

-I've spent 21 points in Utility Tree because i friggin need it! Of course, the Expanded Mind mastery is extremely important to fix your Mana issues and Summoner's Insight for reduced Flash duration. Then i take 3 points in Meditation for some fair amount of Mana Regeneration which is ****ing needed. Then i spend a point in Scout mastery for increased Ward vision. Still, im a support-like, i buy wards and i need them to be more effective. Greed and Wealth masteries are ridiculously important, considering we will not be farming at the most points of the game. These masteries provide us with enough gold to buy a Regrowth Pendant and a sight ward early game, and gather gold faster at the every stage of the game. Awareness is a pretty must-have mastery as well, because we need to gain XP faster then the other champions because we shoudn't farm our carry's creeps nor we should take his kills. Intelligence provides us with a NICE and highly needed CDR, that's the same reason we take Mastermind . So much about my mastery setup.

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spells are Flash and Heal. I take these 2 because i highly need them, with a reason/s of course. I take Flash considering it's probably the best and mostly used spell in the whole game. It let's me chase down, escape from someone as well as position my self and "jump" overwall. It's a great spell, and i highly preffer it over any other.
- Heal? You take that spell? Yes i do. This is an amazing spell for every champion, especially for a supportive tank, for initiator like Blitzcrank. Yes, he has Mana Barrier. But what if the whole enemy aims at you? Or your team's carry? Or your laning partner whom you are supporting? What if he gets really low? A good support should have at least one way to protect his laner. Well, Blitzcrank doesn't have any of those. Thats why we take Heal instead of any other spell.

Situational/Plausible spells

Also very useful spell to have, considering that without Overdrive, Blitzcrank is a very bad chaser. I was derping around and then i got an idea. If you are laning with a RL friend, you may actually exchange with that guy;he takes Heal, you take Exhaust beacause if the enemy champion outranges you to Exhaust him, you can catch up with Overdrive, and then you will prolly be in range to use Exhaust. And then? Blitzcrank wins! A good spell, you should exchange Healwith this if you are supporting a real-life mate.

A very viable choice as well, and i would take it instead of Flash. It's a good spell to have, but then you will not have any escape mechanism except Overdrive which is NOT enough. Anyway, if you are a skilled player then go on, feel free to take this spell. But wait..When to take it? Well, my mate and me, if we have to lane versus Swain, Dr. Mundo or some other champion that can heal often, then yes, i take this spell to counter their healing effects.

Well, Clairvoyance(Shortly=CV) is another great pick for someone like Blitzcrank. I would exchange Flash with CV but only if im playing a ranked game and my team insists on me taking a CV. You will benefit greatly from this spell, you can check the bushes for an ambush, check the Dragon/Nashor presence, and many many other things. Also, this is very viable for yourself also, in these cases when you have to aim your Rocket Grab through a wall or through anything similar. A good spell, but very situational. Take it only if your team demands it.

This spell is also another great pick for Blitzcrank. Why? Well, its common knowledge that most AD carries are crying for mana. So is Blitzcrank. So picking this spell may be very useful, but i woudn't recommend it to those more experienced players, because any lane shoudn't spam their abilities on minions and waste their gold. But hey, this is still a very good spell for Blitzcrank. When i was still a new player, i was using this always, combined with Heal. It's a crazy combo, totally refreshing you and your champion. Take it instead of Flash but think well before you do it.

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Ability Sequence

Ah, this part is very interesting and i enjoyed while i was writing it.
About my Ability Sequence, eh? Well, i start with Q for a early bush Rocket Grab. It gives me a nice chance to score a 1st blood, so again, its a very good idea to take this at level one. At level 2 i take a point in Overdrive, in case that we get ganked, or we get pushed hard, or we get a gank so i need to catch up with Overdrive to get in range to Rocket Grab etc.. Usually the best ability to take at level 2 IMO. At level 3, i love taking Power Fist. After this i can perform my QWE combo and probably pick up a kill with my lane.
But then? Okay. -I keep taking points in Rocket Grab, which i gladly max by level 9 to increase the damage output and to reduce it's cooldown. I take my ulti at levels 6/11/16 as every standard player would do and in that case i max my ulti 3rd. I max Overdrive at level 13. Why do i max Power Fist last? Because the damage depends on my current AD at every stage of the game! The only thing changing is none other then it's cooldown and it's mana cost..I mean seriously, i dont see the reason to max this earlier.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Item Build: Offensive items

Now, i've seen a LOT of diffrent Blitzcrank builds, and when i say a lot, i mean that i've seen AD DPS, Tank, Jungle, and AP types of Blitzcrank. And i didnt like any of them so after i started with playing Blitzcrank, i've decided do create a build that i can use in any match-up i find. Of course, you can't ALWAYS use the build i do but this build is able to get you out through the most games. Lets review my offesnive items :)

Offensive Items: Core

My must-have offensive items are Sheen and Manamune. We need an explanation on every item i buy so i will tell you why do i buy these 2 items.

This item is crazy on Blitzcrank. 1st of all, this **** gives you Mana, which you desperately need. 2nd, it gives you 25 Ability Power. Ok, thats fair. The passive is the main reason we buy this item. Its boosting your damage for a ton, because it will apply on your Power Fist and it will absolutely devastate your opponents. LITERALLY.
Using your combo will also make you very deadly, ex. go Rocket Grab-> Sheen proc activates-> Overdrive-> Power Fist nuke..Its absolutely an amazing item, and therefor, a MUST-HAVE for my kinda Blitzcrank.

Overall, this item is very cheap and very effective, it will boost your damage greatly, and after you buy Sheen, every enemy should start to fear of you. :3

Manamune, another must-have item for Attack Damage Blitzcrank. This items provides you with much needed Mana and 20 Attack Damage and 7 ManaReg. Umad bro? Thats not all. The passive is just bread&butter of this item. Each time, you use an ability, your maximum mana will increase by 4, and each time you use a basic attack, your max. mana pool gains one point of mana. However this has a 3 seconds cooldown.
I've found that Blitzcrank may be the only champion that can REALLY use Manamune, and he can truly maximize Manamune's potenitals. You should rush this item very early, so you won't have any mana issues at mid to late game.

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Item Build: Defensive items, replacing Philosopher's Stone

This section is all about defensive items for Blitzcrank. Now, to be a good offtank, you will need to have both armor, HP and magic resistance. My build provides you with each of these.
There are few possible and very viable defensive items, but i use only a few of them. I will exlain which or why item do i choose to buy.

Defensive Items

My mainly-used defensive items are Banshee's Veil, Frozen Heart, which is a MUST-HAVE item, and Guardian Angel, IMO Another must-have item. We need an explanation for each of these, so lets make an explanation.

This item is IMHO a must damn have item for someone like Blitzcrank. It gives you TONS of mana, which is fairly brilliant. It gives you 99 Armor Points which is just one point below Thornmail. This item provides you 20% CDR, and considering that your cooldowns are very long, this item is definitely more then welcome. And the 20% Attack Speed debuff makes this item a pure perfection for a tanky supportive fighter that needs to be of some use. Absolutely GREAT item to purchase on Blitzcrank, and i highly recommend buying it, independently of the enemy team setup.

Ah, Guardian Angel...Another extremely important item on Blitzcrank tbh, one of the best defensive items you could buy on him. 1st of all, this gives you both around 70 armor and 40 magic resistance, which is just magnificent. But then what? As i have written in the paragrahps above, Blitzcrank should be ready to receive some damage while initiating, and to be tanky enough to survive it and keep fighting. This item gives you everything you need to endure the biggest part damage received. But what's with the passive? Ah, yes. TBH, whenever i see the enemy champion wearing a Guardian Angel, i really try to avoid him in any mean. I avoid attacking that champion, i try to stay away from fighting him in a dual etc. So i have concluded that many other people feel the same way, and that's why i have chosen the Guardian Angel. It's one helluva item, and i highly recommend it on Blitzcrank.

Ah, the Banshee's Veil. Another very well-working item for Blitzcrank. This baby gives you Mana, Health and a crazy passive spell shield. Nothing much to say about BV except it's very situational item, which could be bought instead of Guardian Angel but i don't do that very often.

Replacing Philosopher's Stone

What item should i replace Philo-stone with? Well, mostly i buy some item that will really benefit everyone in my team. Some item that will actually make my team stronger and better..But in the same time make me outstanding. What item could this be?(Of course, it doesnt have to be a supportive item, maybe something else, dependably of how well is your team doing). But wait, what kind of item should that be?
  • zeke's herald is another extremely useful item if your AD carries are in a need of Lifesteal/Attack Speed. It provides you with a nice HP bonus, a great CDR and that superb useful aura for everyone.
  • Randuin's Omen is a situational item, and trust me if you get it..You are practicly immortal. It provides you a nice passive, which is a good counter to Tryndamere or Master Yi or any kind of physical damage attacker. Also the passive excells for teamfights and the health and armour are ridculously nice for you.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass Heh, im not joking. This item will buff your abilities extremely well and make your Static Field much more stronger. 50 Armour? Yes please. But wait, the real benefit lies within this item's passive. You invade the enemy team killing baron, and you, of course, are the one who tanks in to silence everyeone. And right after you rush in, and your team follows you, you ulti;of course everyone focuses you thinking that you are solo, but LUL you just activate Zhonya's Hourglass' passive and jerk them off while watching your team stomping them. Very viable item.
  • Force of Nature is probably the best item to finish your build. It provides you with Movement speed, which you highly need, especially late game, gives you health regeneration, and gives you the biggest amount of Magic Resistance in game. This makes you unkillable, absolutely great item to finish your item build

The Alchemist, In Search of the Philosophers' Stone

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Item Build: Boots!

The section about boots type. What type of boots should i take? How should i know when or what type of boots should i buy? How should i select my boots? Well, mainly, your boots should be depending on the current setup the enemy team has. What if they have a fairly squishy team? A strong, AD team? A heavy, AP team? You will find the answers of each of your questions :)

These boots are my personal favourite. I preffer tanking Treads over any other boots. These provide you with tenacity the thing you REALLY need, considering that you are rushing in multiple opponents with a point to silence them, right? Absolutely right. And everyone is gonna aim at you with every ability they have as usually. Well here you go, mercury treads give you a nice amount of tenacity, 25 to be precise, and plus they give you some sweet highly appreciated magic resistance. Overall, these boots make you a durable and sustainable non-****. I preffer taking Treads in any kind of game. But it's up to you what are you gonna buy.

This is another pair of early game, very useful boots which give you enough movement speed to do most things without activating Overdrive..However, movement speed is all you get from these boots. Movement speed and nothing else. This is the main con for taking other boots over these here. No good bonus, and everyone's gonna make you his/her/their **** without some good tenacity. Taking these boots early game and replacing them with Mercury's Treads later is a great idea.

These are "somewhat" viable for Blitzcrank but seriously, he already has a big CDR from Frozen Heart. Why even bother with buying these boots? Well now when i think about it, these may be working well early game, but having these lately is a WASTE of item slot lately.

These are the last pair of viable boots for Blitzcrank. They may be useful in the early stages of game, to increase your sustain and to counter the opposite team AD champions like Tryndamere, Miss Fortune, etc. But late game, just NO. You dont need this small amount of armor, you can do well without it. You are in a need of tenacity late game, so yes, Ninja Tabi is a viable pair of boots, but only until midgame begins.

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Your Role in Your Team

Very important chapter, so please do NOT skip this chapter. This is a semi-conclusion.
So, what is Blitzcrank's purpose? Should he be a super assassin with an Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer? Or should he be a carry with Rabadon's Deathcap? He can, that's true. But why would i play him like AD DPS when i have Nocturne or Riven? And why should i play him AP when there's Malzahar and there are many others that can do the job much more better then he can? Why even bother trolling like that?
The way that Blitzcrank's truly meant to play lies within this guide.
I always play Blitzcrank as a very tanky supportive fighter, who is always ready to help his team and defend his carry.
He isn't supposed to be on a killing spree, nor to score a pentakill. He is a very specific kind of champion, just like Skarner or Nunu, or even Lux and Morgana.
How should you do this? Well, you need to remember a few things, and bear them in mind while playing by this guide:

  • Always be sure to protect your carry
  • Defend your AP nuker
  • Don't be afraid to die for your carries
  • Do not farm your carry's creeps
  • Buy items that everyone in your team can benefit from them
  • Do NOT abandon your allies in a teamfight
  • Be sure to spend some money on wards
  • If your carry goes for a buff, you need to stick around and cover him
  • Don't try to take any kills from your carries
Here, if you would remember at least 40% of everything i've written above, you will DEFINITELY do well. Keep in mind, you are not a full support. You are not a killer. You are a supportive tanky fighter, with a purpose to help and defend his team.

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Warding and Elixirs

A task of each support or tank champion, is to place at least a few wards on the important locations, such as the Dragon cave and the Nashor's cave. Or, the sight wards placed near bot/top lanes to prevent ganks, or also sight wards in the enemy jungle, used to counter-jungle etc. In the picture below, the green DOTs are the locations for sight wards to be placed, and the red DOTs are the places where Vision Wards should be placed.

So, i've DOTed locations that should be warded, but of course, you don't have to ward EACH of these particulary. For example, ward the bot/top bushes early game, the opposite wards mid game, and Baron's and your jungle's buffs late game. It's very simple, no?

When to use Oracle's Elixir? Well, you should buy that item pretty early in the game, so you can counter-ward the opposite team, and as i said, do that early game. However as the game goes on, you should keep checking Baron's and Dragon's caves to secure that they aren't warded by the enemy team. Pretty simple, eh?

Buying the 3 types of elixirs should be done only if you have gold and no slot, when you reach full build or if you have a temporal need of AP/HP/CDR and AS. However, i do NOT preffer taking any elixirs before i'm out of slots.

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Yeah finally the Teamfights section! Oh trust me you DONT want to miss anything from this beautiful section..:D
So, what's it all about? I'll try to explain how should you act in a teamfight, and how should you work with your mates.

Imagine a situation, when the enemy team attempts to take the Baron's buff, What should your team do? Of course, invade the enemy team. There are a lot of chances for your team to ace at the moment the enemy team attempts to take the baron buff because they are focued on killing it. So, you should lead your mates, and when you are about to reach the Baron's cave, use Overdrive. Right after you, your team should follow you very carefully and letting the enemy team dish out their damage on you. Right after, you should be sure to Heal and silence everyone in range. Then, your AP carry acts and nukes down the SQUISHIEST carry, regardless if it's the AD or the AP carry.
Then what? After this be sure to stand in your enemy's way and block most of their skillshots or any other threats. Yup, thats right. Dont worry if you get low. Your Mana Barrier will probably activate when you are about to die, and right when it does, get out of the fight. It should be pretty over til this moment, and your team should be the winner. So the stages are:
  1. Tank in
  2. Silence your enemies
  3. When you are about to get low, use Heal
  4. Absorb any skillshots
  5. Distract your opponents
  6. Get the hell out

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In this section, we are getting close to the end. Here, i'll list a few very good lanemates, the list of the bad ones, and also the list of the fair opponents to lane with. However, this is MY opinion, if you want me to add something for you particulary, feel free to comment about that or simply-PM me directly.

Tier 1: Godlike matchups:

  • Tryndamere-His early game output is crazy, you grab and use E, he finishes off
  • Vayne-This combination is deadly, you pull, she can stun with Condemn=1st blood
  • Nocturne-This crazy dude is deadly, you have tripple cc together, absolutely lethal combination
  • Jax-His early game domination is very potent, therefor, one of the best lanemates
  • LeBlanc-Probably the best lanemate i've found in the whole game, she can combo very easily while you are grabbing and knocking your opponents up.
  • Most AD carries
  • Nunu-LOL This dude is CRAZY to lane with, you CC while he channels his Absolute Zero
  • Alistar(Idea by Koksei) Well he has a great CC abilities, good enough to give you more then just a kill

Tier 2: Demigod match-up's

  • Urgot is also very potent mate, while you CC, he can easily use many Q's
  • Poppy is very good to lane with, considering she has a crazy early game nuke
  • Anivia-with your CC, you can easily position your target for her skillshots
  • Pantheon Absolutely deadly ability combination.
  • Katarina can channel Death Lotus while you are CCing her target, which makes you a very lethal combo
  • Teemo You can use Rocket Grab to pull your target over his shrooms and trust me that's a very good combo, about 1000 damage in 4 seconds.

Tier 3: Minigod tier

  • The rest of AP champions
  • The rest of AD champions
  • Evelynn..umh, derp
  • Dr. Mundo This average
  • Everything else

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Well, i hope that you liked my guide, i hope that it helped you and i really wish you much luck on the Fields of Justice. Again, Blitzcrank is a very underplayed champion, and i think that he deserves much more then that. Don't forget, you are not an AP nuker, you are not an AD Carry, you aren't an assassin, you are Blitzcrank, the Supportive Tanky fighter always ready to help his team in any situation!

Thanks to TheGrandMasterD for the guide name!

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