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Seraphine Build Guide by AvengingAvacyn

Support Seraphine Support/Mid/Top: Feeling Like an Ocean [S12]

Support Seraphine Support/Mid/Top: Feeling Like an Ocean [S12]

Updated on February 22, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AvengingAvacyn Build Guide By AvengingAvacyn 22 3 61,386 Views 2 Comments
22 3 61,386 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AvengingAvacyn Seraphine Build Guide By AvengingAvacyn Updated on February 22, 2022
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Runes: Primary: Aery's Burning Biscuits

1 2
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Primary Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Seraphine Support/Mid/Top: Feeling Like an Ocean [S12]

By AvengingAvacyn
I am AvengingAvacyn and I've been playing League of Legends since just before the release of Jinx. I'm currently ranked in the top 1800 Seraphine players in NA per League of Graphs. I tend to hover between Silver and Bronze. I began playing the Support role through Thresh and Leona. When Seraphine was released, I found her kit to be absolutely perfect for my playstyle. She grants a fire-and-forget team buff through her W, drops artillery strikes with her Q that pulsate in area-of-effect damage, gives crowd control poke through her E and gives a long-range sniper charm through her R. With the right items, you can buff all of her features to a point of perfection that turns your team into a freight train.

I run a YouTube channel where I post many League of Legends gameplay videos along with other games:
Riot's Champion Spotlight
Here is Riot's original Champion Spotlight for Seraphine.
Pros / Cons
Pros for Seraphine:
➕ Able to engage and poke/trade at very long range, like artillery.
➕ Specializes in team fights: Area-of-effect abilities, crowd control and team buffs.
➕ Strong crowd control including damaging slows, roots, stuns and charms.
➕ Very powerful shields and healing, especially when augmented by items.
➕ Low skill ceiling / Easy to learn.
➕ Able to excel at Support, Mid or Top with practice.

Cons for Seraphine:
❌ Very little built-in escape if you don't use your W right and you don't hit your crowd control.
❌ Very squishy.
❌ Abilities are easy to predict and dodge.
❌ Mana problems until supplemented by items.
❌ Relies on being around teammates to unlock her true potential.
Low Skill Ceiling
Seraphine is fantastic for beginners. Her combos are easy to learn because they are all basically the same... spam your damaging abilities into the enemy team while using W to buff your teammates. It really isn't that complicated and her effects stack well with each other. She focuses primarily on area-of-effect damage and crowd control. Her W, especially if upgraded with Ardent Censer, turns your team into a shielded group able to chase people down fast with increased damage, movement speed and attack speed. She really is a fire-and-forget champion, and even though she relies on skill shots, they aren't that hard to hit once you learn how fast they travel.

Seraphine also teaches how to use abilities to zone enemies into other abilities. For example, you can throw out your Q and make your opponent try to dodge it. As they dodge it, you can see where they are going and immediately try to catch them with your E or R. Seraphine has a lot of area-of-effect, which makes her great for denying zones to enemies. Also, because of her long Q range, she can throw the Q in front of enemies while they try to run away.

None of her abilities can currently be blocked by minions, so it is really easy to spam the abilities right through a minion wave into the enemy champions if necessary. However, since you are Support, be careful not to kill the minions if your ADC or other teammates need them. You don't usually need the gold from minions, you'll get plenty of gold by bombing the enemy champions in the face from a distance.

The item set in this guide is also good for beginners because there are no active items to worry about. You just buy the passive items and the items do the work for you.
Why Support?
Riot Games intended for Seraphine to be a Mid-laner and she is exceptional for that role. However, her kit is also very good for Support. She can use long-range strikes and crowd control to bully her opponents out of lane which gives the ADC plenty of freedom to farm minions. Her W gives a shield and her empowered W gives a heal effect too, which is perfect for protecting your ADC. If you upgrade her W with Ardent Censer, it gives your ADC attack speed and on-hit damage. Seraphine can easily farm gold with long-range strikes on the enemy Bottom-laners and use that gold to stack up on her items which will turn her into a monster of a team buff. Once Seraphine supports her way into getting her items, she can then steamroll her team down a lane (usually Mid) with her W, crowd control and ridiculous damage. She can gain a very high level of damage without needing to steal gold from her ADC, all while protecting her ADC and pushing the enemy under their tower. If they try to hide under the tower, she can bomb them from a safe range with her Q.

As a Support, you are the medic for your team. You shield and heal them while backing them up with damaging abilities. Your role is not to be the killer, though you will be killing a lot as you get better. Your role is to protect your teammates so they can build into damage machines, then you push them all down lane with your team buffs. One of the cool things about Seraphine is she passively plays music and the music gets louder with the more allied champions she's around. This is just one of the many things that shows Riot intended her to be a team player in addition to her very supportive kit.
Why Mid/Top?
Although my preference is Support, Seraphine actually excels as a solo laner. Riot intended for her to be a Midlane mage but she has found a strong Support position. As a Mid or Top laner, you can dominate your lane through massive crowd control and punishing waveclear, then roam to assist other lanes using your Support power. When the teamfights start happening, you will have massive damage potential and your Support skills will push your team into a train that many opponents just can't stop.
Ardent Censer is an awesome item for Seraphine because her W can buff the entire team at once at close range, with Ardent Censer empowering that buff with attack speed, increased shields/healing and on-hit damage. It is a direct upgrade for Seraphine's W.

Staff of Flowing Water is like Ardent Censer, but it buffs your team's Ability Power instead of giving them attack speed. It is really good for Seraphine's W when paired with Ardent Censer.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity is good because it helps your cooldowns. Seraphine wants to be spamming her abilities into the enemy team while buffing her own, so she relies heavily on being able to use those abilities as often as possible.

Seraphine has Mana problems due to her ability spam. She also heavily relies on Ability Power. Seraph's Embrace directly addresses both of these needs by giving a lot of Ability Power and extra Mana. The benefits start at Tear of the Goddess, the basic item leading into Seraph's Embrace, so get Tear of the Goddess early on and stack the extra Mana.

Rabadon's Deathcap gives a very high boost to Ability Power, from which Seraphine heavily scales.

Liandry's Anguish gives a heavy Ability Power boost and also adds more burning to your damaging abilities.

Shard of True Ice lets you place more wards, which is essential as a Support, while boosting your Ability Power and Mana. The benefits start from the very first item of the game, Spellthief's Edge, which allows you to farm gold by bombing your enemy Bottom-laners at a distance while your ADC farms minions.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives you a defensive boost and a heavy boost to your Ability Power, while also granting you a lot of crowd control by slowing enemies when they're hit with your abilities.

Imperial Mandate adds a damage boost to your crowd control abilities and makes it easier for your teammates to kill slowed or immobilized enemies.
Passive: Stage Presence - Seraphine's Basic Attack Assault
Seraphine's passive ability is Stage Presence. Her Q, W and E are all considered basic abilities. Each basic ability grants Echo stacks. Every third basic ability will deploy twice in an echo. Her Q will bomb an area with two sound waves, her W will add a heal effect to the shield and her E will deploy twice for added crowd control.

Her abilities give her allies notes, which stack up to 4 times per unit. Her next basic attack consumes the notes to gain added attack range, while sending the notes to damage the enemy as well. The damage from the notes scales with Ability Power.
Q: Seraphine's Long-Range Artillery
Seraphine's Q, High Note, is a great tool for bombing the enemy at a distance. When it lands, it resonates over a small area for area-of-effect damage. If empowered with Stage Presence, it hits twice. This is our main source of damage and is great for bullying the enemy out of lane. When powered with items, it does a ridiculous amount of damage that the enemy usually doesn't expect.
W: Seraphine's Secret Weapon
The key to this build is Seraphine's W, Surround Sound. On its own, it grants movement speed and shield/healing to teammates in close range as an aura. However, when upgraded with Ardent Censer, it also grants attack speed, on-hit damage and improved shielding to all teammates affected. Summon Aery also grants an improved shield to one of them. When used in close proximity to the entire pushing team, W turns your team into a freight train able to chase people down. During that, you can be bombing people with your Q, rooting/stunning them with your E and charming them at long-range with your R. All of these help your team crush them hard. Better yet, the enemy usually doesn't see it coming, which makes for extremely fast surprise strikes.
E: Seraphine's Surprise Crowd Control
Seraphine's E, Beat Drop, sends a wave of sound for a distance and goes through minions. It slows enemies hit, can root them if they were already slowed and can stun them if they were already immobilized. If empowered by Stage Presence, it deploys twice. This is really good for sending into team fights or slowing enemies who are chasing you. It is also good for slowing enemies who are trying to get away, if you lead your shot properly.
R: Charm Them All
Seraphine's R, Encore, sends a damaging spell over a short distance. If the spell hits an allied or enemy champion, it extends the range. Any enemy champions hit with the spell are charmed towards Seraphine. Any allies hit add notes for Seraphine's Stage Presence passive. It is entirely possible to charm the entire enemy team with this in a team fight. That, along with Seraphine's team buff and other damage/crowd control options, can easily win team fights.
The Laning Phase and Countering Objectives
During the lane phase, your primary objective should be to absolutely bully the enemy Bottom-laners out of your lane by poking and bombing them at long range. You can send your Q over minion waves right into the enemy and you can throw your E through minions if you need to. You want to absolutely harass them into backing off and if they try hiding under/behind their turret, you can use your long range abilities like Q to bomb them anyway from a safer distance. Make sure you are warding the bushes around your lane because if you push this far ahead, the enemy jungler and laners will try to gank you. Use your abilities to try and crowd control any gankers, while using W for increased movement speed/shield and using Flash to get distance from them. It is very easy to win lane with Seraphine because she can utterly deny the enemy access to minions by punishing any attempt they make to get creep score. After you take the first turret or two, you can then move over to assist other lanes, which is where your team buff snowballing power really comes into play. Always try to break off to assist with taking dragons when you can. If you see the enemy team trying to take objectives like dragon, Rift Herald or Baron, then you can move up with your team, flank their squad with your R and charm their entire team into a trap. One second they'll be taking the objective, the next they are all charmed while getting slowed/stunned/rooted by your E and bombed by your Q... all while your team is jumping on them. It's very easy to ace an entire team this way, especially countering Baron attempts.
Singing from the Shadows - Abusing the Fog of War

One of Seraphine's weaknesses is that her abilities are fairly easy to dodge. We can mitigate this by using her long range to cast from the fog of war, out of their view which will make it less predictable. If the enemy doesn't even know you're there, it's harder for them to know when to start trying to dodge. This is really good for ganking other lanes.
Flash while channeling E or R
Seraphine's Beat Drop and Encore both fire in straight lines after a very short channeling time. During that channel time, you can flash to a new location and it will cast from that new place. You can use this to make it less predictable for enemies and harder for them to avoid.
"SuPpOrT sToLe mY KiLl"

Seraphine will be getting a ton of assists and a lot of kills through this Support build. She does a heavy amount of damage while still giving the ADC access to minions. If you can crowd control the enemy champions into positions that give your ADC or other teammates the kill, do that... but if you have to kill the opponent, don't hesitate, just kill them. The ADC may complain about it but it doesn't matter. As long as the enemy is dead, the ADC can capitalize off their absence. Plus, Seraphine can use the gold to build up her items for the team buff W, which will give your teammates plenty of kill potential. Don't intentionally steal kills, but if you have to kill them, just kill them and ignore the complaining. A real ADC will see that you had to do it and may respect you for it.
Summon Aery or Glacial Augment?
Many builds for Seraphine use either Summon Aery or Glacial Augment. Glacial Augment synergizes well with her E for increased crowd control, as it helps you get the root or stun much more often. I prefer Summon Aery because my playstyle doesn't focus so much on the E, it focuses on using her W to push the team down the lane. Glacial Augment is good if you can consistently land the E. In this item build, you get Rylai's Crystal Scepter, which gives you very similar results to Glacial Augment anyway.

Summon Aery gives you extra damage on poke abilities and gives you an extra shield for your teammates. It works very well with this team fight playstyle.
Why would you sell your Support item?
You should keep your Support item until you've managed to push the enemy into their base, you've taken their turrets and you've established a firm lead. Selling your Support item is reserved for a very late-game situation where the extra vision just isn't practical because you have them pinned into their Nexus. Your Support item is often the most cost-efficient item in the game and vision is crucial to gaining your lead, but once you have them firmly pinned in, then the replacement item could be more useful.
"Seraphine: The Strictly Better Sona"
Seraphine had a lot of drama on release because of her similarity to another music-based Support champion, Sona. Many of Seraphine's abilities seem to be upgraded versions of Sona's and many people accuse Riot of using Seraphine as Sona's visual gameplay update. You can use this to your advantage, because if you encounter a Sona player, they often get bothered by how similar Seraphine is. If they get triggered, you can throw them off their game.
The K/DA Scandal
Upon release, Riot Games immediately gave Seraphine an ultimate skin in the form of K/DA All Out Seraphine, which comes in three forms. They advertised this using a Twitter account roleplaying Seraphine's rise to stardom as a singer, eventually performing alongside K/DA (Evelynn, Akali, Ahri & Kai'Sa). K/DA is a line of champion skins using the story of pop stars. Seraphine's original lore was not that detailed and seemed to be hastily thrown together, but her K/DA skin lore was exceptionally well marketed and prepared. Many people accused Riot of creating her with the intention of K/DA being her main character and her Runeterra form being the side form, instead of the usual way where the Runeterra form is the main and the skins are separate side stories.
Gameplay and Montages
Some gameplay and montages. All games featured are A or S level.

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