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Shaco Build Guide by spooon

Shaco - Why sow serious

Shaco - Why sow serious

Updated on October 10, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author spooon Build Guide By spooon 603 76 2,122,017 Views 365 Comments
603 76 2,122,017 Views 365 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author spooon Shaco Build Guide By spooon Updated on October 10, 2011
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The Builds

The Madred's Bloodrazor build has the same runes and mastery's because its more of a situational build, if your team needs a Madred's Bloodrazor to kill high defence / health targets.

The way of the Trinity Force:
This build is consentrated around the power of team fights, the ability to survive and still do a fair amount of damage. In my personal opinion this is the best build for Shaco, when where team composition is not tank heavy.
(Example: Tank - Support - AD Carry - AP Caster - Jungler)

1. Great survivability
2. Fair amount of damage
3. Doesn't rely on kills
4. Cooldown reduction
5. Free ward every 3 minutes
6. Can do his job very well in teamfights
7. Early game damage is fenominal
8. No mana problems
9. Cheep items / versatile

1. Not as much damage as other builds
2. Does not have Madred's Bloodrazor
3. Missing some attack speed

The way of the Madred's Bloodrazor:
All about the percentage damage and life steal, the anti tank build. Plus the defence items to survive. In my opinion this build is best when you are facing a tank heavy team.
(Example: Tank - Off Tank - Off Tank - Support - AD Carry)

1. Great at killing high health / armor targets
2. Good life steal
3. Ok Survivability
4. Good attack speed
5. 1v1 its a great build
6. Terifik armor pen

1. Missing some survivability
2. Expensive items
3. Does not have the free ward from Wriggle's
4. Needs a good start and items are not centered around that
5. A bit tricky in teamfights
6. Very dependent on red buff for the slow
7. Does not have cooldown reduction
8. Not very versatile

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Why only 2x points in alacrity is because we want the added base damage from brute force and boosted critical bonus from lethality. (Adds damage to deceive and normal critical hits) We have 1x point in archaic knowledge to make shiv penetrate 15% deeper. The rest of the points are placed to help overall damage and helping maintain neutral buffs, plus gaining more experience from all sources.

Since we start at blue buff, Meditation is not needed and more defence/utility would gimp our damage.

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Greater Mark of Desolationx9 x9 x9Greater Quintessence of Desolationx3

We want the marks to deal more damage, the seals for the ability to take one or two tower shots or survive the ad carry's which you are going to kill. We get the glyphs for added cooldown reduction which stacks perfect with items and masteries and quint's for added armorpen to slice through the carry and support. They also fit perfectly with items and masteries.

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Core items, the bare essentials, bread and butter. Reason why Brutalizer is a part of the core, is because of its early game damage buff. Mercury's Treads are used for magic resistence and reduced crowd control duration. Where is not one match I run without Merc's. Why ? Well shaco's ability to gank, escape, duke and all the rest of his tricks and useless if you are slowed, stunned, snared and all the rest of the bad stuff. Wriggle's Lantern is explained in a different segment.

How to build your core:
1. Madred's Razors
2. Boots of Speed
3. Wriggle's Lantern
4. Mercury's Treads
5. The Brutalizer

Why Trinity Force? Ill make another own segment just for this, please bear with me a little longer. Ghostblade is where to enhance the stats from Trinity Force, crit, run speed, attack speed, attack damage, cooldownreduction. Also gives armorpen which goes nicely with runes and masteries. Brutalizer is bought before Trinity Force because of the early attack damage, armorpen and cooldown reduction boost.

How to build your Trinity Force:
1. Optimal way is to start off with Zeal
2. Second item would be Sheen
3. Last but not least Phage
But if you are having some trouble with nuke damage or just don't feel as safe as you should like to, buy Phage first.

Defence is the backbone to your success. I find Banshee's Vail and Guardian Angle to be the most effective items, great passives, all around good stats combined and gives your clone a sense of not being a clone. Main key thing to note while building items in game is, do i need defence instead of damage ? Don't hesitate to buy defence items after core build. "Better doing less damage, then no damage"

How to build your Banshee's veil:
1. Start off with a Ruby Crystal
2. After that crack open a Negatron Cloak
3. Then finish off Banshee's Veil

How to build your Guardian Angel:
1. Fist buy your Chain Vest
2. Next finish the Guardian Angel


emblem of valour

Core items for the madred's Bloodrazor build. Maxamizing anti minion power and life steal for keeping that health bar full. The main reasons for having the Emblem if Valour is to simulate, the life steal of Wriggle's Lantern and sustain yourself through the jungle.

How to build your core:
1. Madred's Razors
2. Boots of Speed
3. Emblem of Valouremblem of valour
4. Mercury's Treads

Madred's Bloodrazor is one of whose items shaco is well known for, more of a traditional build. Reason to why this item is sow good is because of the percentage damage it dose. Think of it as a Chogath with 5000 health, it still only takes around 25 hits to kill him. Not included magic resistance and armor. The Stark's Fervor is a part of my build because of the life steal and attack speed. More damage to Madred's and life steal sow you can live to hit those 25 hits. The Black Cleaver is for taking down the over targets, like AP caster, AD carry and support. Also works well versus tanks and has more attack speed.

How to build your Madred's Bloodrazor:
1. Madred's Razors is part of your core
2. After your core buy a Recurve Bow
3. Third but not last finish

How to build your Stark's Fervor:
1. Emblem of Valour should all ready be yoursemblem of valour
2. Same as Madred's Bloodrazor start with Recurve Bow
3. Then buy your Stark's Fervor

How to build your The Black Cleaver:
1. Always try and start with B. F. Sword
2. When that's done finish The Black Cleaver

Defence is the backbone to your success. I find Banshee's Vail and Guardian Angle to be the most effective items, great passives, all around good stats combined and gives your clone a sense of not being a clone. Main key thing to note while building items in game is, do i need defence instead of damage ? Don't hesitate to buy defence items after core build. "Better doing less damage, then no damage"

How to build your Banshee's veil:
1. Start off with a Ruby Crystal
2. After that crack open a Negatron Cloak
3. Then finish off Banshee's Veil

How to build your Guardian Angel:
1. Fist buy your Chain Vest
2. Next finish the Guardian Angel

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Summoner Spells



Main summoner spell. Helps early game while jungling, stealing blue/red/dragon, last hitting your own buffs. (preventing steal)


Ghost work well with the items you going to buy, run speed off of Trinity Force and Ghostblade. Gets you places, gets you out of places, use before deceive to increase the amount travelled in stealth, chasing, tower diving and many more...



Heal is probably the best summoner spell to start learning Shaco. Works great in the jungle, in trouble pop heal, team mate in trouble pop heal, tower diving pop heal to soak a extra tower shot and more...


Found yourself getting killed by Evelyn, Ap Sion, Kennen, Ryze, pick up exhaust. Works well for the pesky carry's that have the nuke. (Example Malzahar) The damage reduction works well, plus the slow holds them in place. If you see the mid carry has a flash ability + summoner spell flash, (Examples Corki) Exhaust may maybe get you the kill.


Flash is just a bundle of joy, this choice is a bit more unserious. But having that double flash makes up for some spectacular acrobatics. Explained in a different segment.


Mundo, Tryndamer, Sion, Poppy and many more. Getting the Last pinch of damage to get that first blood. Ignite is grate at what it does, damage. Reason to why i don't use this is the lack of survivability it gives. Other summoner spells give you the choice to be offensive or defensive, ignite only brings damage. If no one on your team brings ignite and your team needs it, get it.


Allot of cc, stun, snare, cleanse is probably the way to go. If you find yourself facing Amumu, Galio, Warwick, Malzahar, Kennen, at the same time. Pick up cleanse. Mercurys Threads usually is enough, but like previously said, allot of stun, get cleanse


Banner of first blood. Rally is just for fun. When you see first blood on the screen its worth wasting a summoner spell slot. (Kind of) More on this different segment.

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Trinity Force

The Trinity Force, long age dispute. What is best ? No Trinity or more Trinity Force ? Infinty Edge gives you better auto attack, more clash in crits and more overall damage. Trinity Force gives just about everything a healthy and growing Shaco needs. It is also bought one item at a time, every time you need to back you come back a bit more upgraded. The run speed is fenomenal for chasing, getting out of tight spots. Attack speed and attack damage, crit, mana and health. The passive from sheen gives you a needed boost early game. Phage/Zeal lets you catch up with the pesky people running away, also lets your range carry have red or caster have blue. After completing Trinity Force.
"Better doing less damage, then no damage"

Yes Trinity Force does less damage then infinity Edge, doesnt take down tanks as easy as Madreads Bloodrazors or even life steal like Bloodthirster. But its all rounded stats combined with the right runes, items and masteries, makes up a build that works grate early, mid and late game. Cant tell you have many times this item has saved my a**. Shaco is all sow one of those champs you need a strong early game. Trinity Force provides that, nice and efficient.

How to build your Trinity Force:
1. Optimal way is to start off with Zeal
2. Second item would be Sheen
3. Last but not least Phage
But if you are having some trouble with nuke damage or just don't feel as safe as you should like to, buy Phage first.

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Wriggle's Lantern

Why and how Wriggle's Lantern made me a better player:
Ill just start off talking about the life steal. What this does is give you a constant health regain, while hitting creep's. This pushed me to always farm, farm, farm and manage between pushing and last hitting. In the jungle life steal lets you maintain health before, after, inside gank/team fight or what every the situation you find yourself in.

The 20% chance to deal 500 damage to a minion is gold in the bank my sun, this helps you get those early dragon kills and also lets you fly through the jungle like you where a batman/superman combined hero from outer earth, earth.

Defence and attack damage is just a added bonus for buying this item. Boosts your damage just that little bit and adds in a suttle amount of armor. Perfect for early game jungle.

Last but not least, the active: Ward. This is what makes this item a part of my core, plus the things i just said up were. As a jungler helping the team control dragon, baron, crucial gank spots, combined with jack in the boxes, makes the amount of map awareness you bring to the table, staggering. This is one of the main reason's for not buying madreads bloodrazor in my opinion. "Carry people with sight"

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Jungle Route

Why start at blue, why not start at red buff? Yes red buff gives faster jungle time, faster gank and if enemy team pops your boxes at red, you can always go blue and still jungle nearly just as efficient. My main reason for not starting at red is when I first gank mid I have both buffs. Giving me mana regain and cooldown reduction. I also don't need mana regain runes or masteries, giving me more damage. It is also the easiest route and you will end up losing minimal health. Saving your health pots.

Jungle path:
1. Blue buff
2. Wolfs
3. Red buff
4. Gank
5. Warith
6. Golems
7. Gank or base

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First Blood

Where is a grey zone right outside the bush, the problem with this is u can be seen through fog of war, but no minimap icon. (Just like the puff of smoke from deceive) This is used if the mid character is longer than you can sprint in stealth. On a side note also works to use ghost, to increase the distance stealthed. Safest bet is always try and use deceive inside the bush. "pop ghost before using deceive, ghost will brake stealth if not used first"

Flash is one of those summoner spells that works against you. There are some ways around this. Mainly gank first time with not the intention to kill, but waste were flash. Back out and go all out next time. Then u have the exhaust path, probably the easiest, but you will lose the speed of ghost. Then where is the flash route. Ghost up throw shiv, for the slow. Auto attack let em waste flash and deceive after them. Shiv and red buff helps here.

1. If they have flash, use the flash path.
2. Gank with the intention to waste flash, come back.

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Use of ultimate is probably the most important thing when playing shaco. This is what separates you from a good shaco and an amazing shaco. The ability to completely remove yourself from the in game world. Think of it like shaco is traveling to space and back in 0,5 seconds. Every AoE damage spell, all the targeted enemy spells flying towards you, shaco is untouchable for 0,5 second. I can't emphasize how important this is. Iam going to go through some examples.

1. Karthus ultimate
2. Blitzcrank grab
3. Ashe arrow
4. Last tick of ignite
5. All AoE stun and targeted stun
6. Tower hits
7. Everything, well not everything but you get my point

Another important note to add is how youre ultimate rests the aggro from turrets. If you alone tower dive, you have the tower focusing you. Hallucinate is popped, the tower will stay on you. Here is the important part, If you tower dive, you have the tower on you. Your team mate hits the enemy you attacked, after use of ultimate, the tower will focus your team mate. This allows you to manage the amount of tower shots you take and the amount of time you have while under the tower.

Another important way to use your Hallucinate is level 6 dragon sweep. This is all sow why I consider Shaco to be one of the best junglers. The amount of dragon control/threat you have early game is biblical. Being able to place one or two boxes for sight/control and killing dragon at level six, with only losing two bars of health. Side note since you have decive you have a 90% chance of popping over the wall if trouble comes your way.

How to:
1. Use Hallucinate
2. Alt click dragon to move clone
3. Place box
4. Attack the back of dragon, to proc passive
5. Throw many Shivs
6. Finish with Smite

Alt clicking is a waxs on, wax off proses. It comes with practice. The importance of mastering this is the difference between a great shaco and a amature jester. Sow how it all works togever is actually really easy, all that is needed is a simple Alt-Right click. The tricky part is knowing when to move your clone and in which direction and most important is how to mimic human behaviour patterns. This is a wax on, wax off lesson only you can teach yourself.

Some hints:
1. After use of deceive, alt click your clone in the over direction. Since your clone follows your own moment, skilled players will think that you deceived in the opposite direction.
2. Always send your clone into battle first. This may force the enemy to attack your clone, losing vital time and mess up where focus firing. All sow damages the enemy.
3. Having your clone attack a different target than the one you are attacking, makes your job as a anti carry allot more easy.
4. If you find yourself in a tight spot, use hallucinate and deceive right after. Creating the illusion of you still being present.
5. Tower diving without help ? Use the clone to soak some tower shots as you deceive into the target.

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Oracle & Ward's

Placing wards is the best thing you can do for your team, at all stage's of the game. Having that sight advantange really helps for better game play. Some examples, your bot lane is not the best and have been ganked by the enemy jungler. Set up a ward at there lane to prevent feeding. Your team spots two enemy champions doing dragon, you en up getting a double kill with your mid team mate. You have a ward at enemy blue buff and steal it with smite.
"Carry people with sight"
Oracle's buy them ! This is sow good, you will be running around the map, at all times. Killing a ward here and where, forces the enemy to waste more money or lose the sight advantage. Having oracles also forces you to play more defencivly some thing that not always is a good thing, but you will definitely learn when to engage and not, because of the added risk of losing your 400g oracle.

Ward spots:
1. Main place for you as a jungler to ward, is the dragon.
2. Second place would be solo lane. (top)
3. Enemy blue or red. Counter jungle segment coming soon
4. After 15 minutes Baron becomes the TOP PRIORITY.

If you find yourself in the spot where you cant go river to place the vital dragon ward, place it from the over side of your jungle. This is not the best spot, because it dose not give you sight over river. But Dragon will be safe.

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Trick's of the Trade

Link to Perb's ui:
This picture is from a old version of his UI, it fits my style better than the new one he has made. You will find his new UI at the link right up here. The old one i am using and in the picture is right down below.

Link to Perb's old ui:
Old version of Perb's UI. I have virus scaned the RAR file with Avg Pro, but at your own risk.

Watching stream. The place where I have learnt the most, fastest and from the best. Observing the people who you know can play better than mostly everyone, or from the best of the best. If the live streams that are live, are boring, switch to the search bar and type in the champion you want to watch. Where are allot of everyday streamers, some violent, some respectable, tournaments, league of legends world championship and probably a steam that suits you. Since this is a shaco guide, ill recommend Reginald's shaco videos.

Lol replay, a way of screen capturing without lag. Works like Barney Stinson's charm. I have noticed some bugs, like health bars not updating and finding back to original camera layout, but updates are on where way, they say. Link to the people who made the program.
On a side note CLG has some replays on where home page, link down bellow.
Were is all sow a site for replays, found the site to be some what bad. Hey maybe you will find it more worth your while. Link down right here.

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People's wall

Screenshot's by the people for the people. Thought this was good way to say thank you for taking the time to test my build and uploading a screen shot. "If you want to be another brick in the wall, post picture down by the comment section"

If you do not want to be here, please let me know and it will be taken down as fast as I can, sorry for the inconvenience if so.

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The End

Well I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read my guide. Hope it helped you get were you wanted and learnt what you need. If you have the time I would be honoured to have your humble criticism, rage, hate, love, and tears in forms of comments. Please let me know of new ideas, things i have missed, places where I have clearly been wrong and so forth on.

"Constructive criticism is always welcome"


Update History:
21.02.2011 - First published draft.
22.02.2011 - Spell checked, thnx Pixelion
22.02.2011 - Oracle & ward segment
22.02.2011 - Peoples wall
23.02.2011 - Wriggle's Lantern segment
23.02.2011 - Box placement
23.02.2011 - Tricks of the trade
26.03.2011 - Perbs old ui added
26.03.2011 - Level 6 dragon
26.03.2011 - Minor tweeks
26.03.2011 - New header
26.03.2011 - Tricks of the trade (update)
27.03.2011 - Optimal boxes
27.03.2011 - Clone control
06.04.2011 - Added new build
06.04.2011 - Description added


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