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Zed General Guide by Elmo123

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elmo123

Shadows within

Elmo123 Last updated on January 4, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Zed with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Veigar Veigar, no threat what so ever ur r can dodge both his ulti and his e
Kassadin his q and pasive wont do shit, when all in during 6 try to ulti as he jumps will save u a w and or flash
Kog'Maw AP kog mid no cc no mobility gg
Dr. Mundo he cant do shit u cant do shit have fun farming
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Hi friends my name is Elmo123 I'm here to teach u some basic techniques and builds on zed.I am a zed main on the na server, ive played league for 3 years and i have a 100 k mastery score on zed, im currently in gold 1 promos to plat that may not sound too professional but my guide still may help u out :D
I understand that my guide is **** especially when veiwed by good zed players i made this guide to help some new zed players:D

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Pros / Cons

Longest ranged assassin
high burst
high mobility
once fall behind cant do much
AD mid laner

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Typical setup, u could swap out reds for armor pen reds if wanted

for the bork zed i went with 1 crit just for the lolz

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Thunderlords for life, procing thunderlords on zed is farily easy

If u plan on running bork crit zed u could go wor warlords bloodlust but i wouldnt recommend it since ur going for a burst aa zed u wouldnt need the lifesteal and usually it only takes about 3 aa's then the target is dead thunderlords is more useful in general

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If ur hard carrying on zed id recomend getting 40% cdr as u need ur ulti and spell rotations up asap

However if u are on bork zed i would recomend u getting enough lifesteal that u can atually shread everyone and not die at the same time for the armor pen section u could pick either since both of them are useful on u anyways

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Skill Sequence

New Zed players might think "hey w gives me flat ad isnt that really good" after some testing it is obvious that maxing e second and q first is significantly better for damage so yeah

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What u do throughout the game

Early game

Pre 6

look to poke as much as possible
typical zed combo w>e>q(shadow's e slow, easy to hit q) if both shurikens and shadow slash hit easy thunderlords proc (do not do w>q>e why ppl do this is because the q is the first porjectie to come striaght out of the shadow and its hard to dodge since its the first thing they see along side with w however this animation canceling with q has been changed riot claims this as a bug)
remeber w and flash are ur only escapes so if u use w too far up, too often and enemy jungler shows up good luck

farming is really easy ur passive helps u out a lot with that extra damaged auto

Post 6

look to all in anytime, r>w>e>q / w>r>e>q just dont try not to use q and e before u go in for the all in as u dont have ur main damage spell(q) and dont have the cc plus u might run out of energy, u just lose a lot of damage

Mid game

if u have created ur lead in ur lane, or uve snowballed out of control, its still nice to help out ur teammates in other lanes, ur roaming potential isnt as high as something like a katarina but ur cc and burst will still do the job, look at the two other lanes if they need assisstance shove ur lane out and roam.
However if ur losing lane just feel free to sit mid, farm safely and hope for a team fight or punish the enemy laner if he gets too cocky, best with killing him, if not just just farm and get gold from team fights and or objectives

Late game

Pushing time, as zed its always nice to split push as u should be able to one v one any of the enemy teams players. therfore they'll have to bring another player along to kill/stop u, before split pushing remeber to tell ur team where ur gonna do that and ask them to shove out mid so u get a lot of pressure if they send ppl to stop u ur team can easily win a 4v3 or just push objectives or if they pick to hold mid u get a lot of stuff. some teams just plan to stall out the game by send one man bot to clear the wave, usually their mid laner just look to harass him and kill him just avoid dying. the ultimate way to counter a split push is to initiate a team fight straight away and hope that the 5v4 can be won quickly before the split pusher arrives so dont think this tatic as flawless.
One reminder-WARD go look at some split push warding guides they will help out a lot

Some zeds groups with the team and stays with them to seige, he sereves as a long ranged poker and a high threat target(this is what zed does when hes behind since he cant serve his purpose of being able to draw a key enemy to leave the team with him)


Picking someone off with zed is fairly easy, u ask why thats easy cuz ur whole entire kit is revolved around assassinating that one target, u can easily kill suiqhies without ur ulti u w e q in the land both ur qs then one simple passive zed aa proc should do the job u dont need to underestimate ur damage even when u dont have ulti, thunderlords and zed's passive helps out a bunch

Team fighting

During team fights, u throw down ur poke combo and u wait, position urself at an odd and unpredictible location where u can just jump the enemy carry, dont position urself at the front unless ur tank zed. what ur looking to do is A Kill the enemy carry B Trade one for one with the enemy carry(thats worth if ur not hard carry of ur team) C just zone the enemy carries off th fight by threatening them, standing close to them, ur w may also serve to be a really threatening thing) if u cant do any of the above u are free to just keep dropping down poke until u find the right time to jump in .

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These are just some combos feel free to change them according to situation in game

Remeber ignite doesnt add up to ur ulti damage only zed's damage counts summoners doesnt, bork active on the other hand does

Ur ulti allows u to be untargetable for 0.75 seconds, therefore u are free to dodge any skillls with that(veigar ulti, viktor E,Q, anything, besides dot's that were applied to u before u ultied)

R>W(behind target)>E(to slow)>Q. That allows u to hopfully land 3 shurikens. u have full control over that zone, they cant back off since u have ur w placed there they cant move foward since ur there.

Dodging skill shot combo:
W(to a side)>R>W(to dodge predicted skill shot)> E> Q to finish off. FOr example an ahri e or ekko w etc.

this technique can help u take fights u dont think u coulda won, dodging an ahri charm, thresh hook could allow u to win the duel or even one v two

Very effective technique in lane:
Do standard weq poke then walk away from shadow and enemy laner, when the enemy laner comes back up for cs u can quickly reactivate w to do for an all in/extra auto/thunderlords proc/all in the enemy straight away(this might be a bit iffy but its unpredictable the first few times)

Ulti following target:
This is all about timing, just r before the target started blinking, or jumps or some sort of dash leap thing, this will get u right next to the target after they dash which might scare them. For example tirst w, thresh lanetern target, bard magical journey, ezreal e. this technique saves u a w and or flash however if u timed in a bit too early u might end of just half way of the jump

The more u try zed out the more u will understand in depth about him


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