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Shen Build Guide by Just a Shen Player

Support Shen CDR AD Support (carry)

Support Shen CDR AD Support (carry)

Updated on August 21, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Just a Shen Player Build Guide By Just a Shen Player 2,362 Views 2 Comments
2,362 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Just a Shen Player Shen Build Guide By Just a Shen Player Updated on August 21, 2022
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

Shen CDR AD Support (carry)

By Just a Shen Player
Intro to me and Shen and general playstyle
Hello dear reader, I have been playing League Of Legends since season 6 and I reached Masters every season since season 10 thanks to the item rework and my Jhin and Shen two tricking.
This playstyle is a very easy to pick up, but hard to master Elo grinder that will get most players dedicated enough from Bronze to Diamond+. You will be swimming in freeelo
upon mastering the playstyle and it's many dark and forbidden techniques.

Core Playstyle:
The core of this playstyle are two factors. Shen's sick combos and his high damage. Most of the combos will come later but for now we need to go over your general pkaystyle and the early/mid/late game and some strenghts and weaknessses of Shen/Shen support.

This pick has strong Melee DPS, Good engage and with ult you can get globals roams and helps with the team morale.

Q: Q is your main damaging ability is the core to your one shot potential in the late game (against squishies).

W: W is a powerful tool. If you're with a fried you can max this ability first to avoid and block the most vital auto attacks to negate damage.

E: E is a vital tool in arsenal, and is the main reason you work as a support. It's CC, it's a dash, it's a ADC life saver if you use it correctly, and it's vital in Shen's main combos.

R: Ult is your bread and Butter ability so try using off cooldown to rotate around the map for either big plays in team fights, to help with objective control or to save your ADC.

Playstyle: You are a very team focused Champion who is capabele putting a lot of pressure on the map and also relieving pressure of teammates. You can basically become your ADC's saving battle angel with your ult and E and your suprisingly high DPS, especially in later stages of a match where you can basically solo 1v1 a fed toplaner if you have the mechanics and game sense.
Game Stages
Early Game: Use your free support balls to get level two power spike at the second wave, then force a hype lane winning all in with your E and level advantage. If they're far away but still vulnerable with no Hard CC, use your nasty E - flash combo to extend the Taunt range. If you're getting poked out, play far back and let your ADC collect as much CS as they can and avoid fighting until either a gank or another window of oppurtunity, such as disrespecting the range of your forbidden E - Flash combo. If you survive early game, good job, now it's on to Mid game.
When you hit your level 6 power spike, try looking for a roam as fast as possible if ahead or if ADC is bad. This will put a lot more pressure on the map forcing the enemy jungler into a tough time and it helps raise your junglers morale which = more team morale.

Mid game: This is where you will start to truly shine. You will already have tried to look for good roams directly after hitting level 6 but now that you hopefully will be roaming with your ADC they will be even better. Now with two or three items, you will hopefully be able to perform some of the necessary combos that I will show you later, but for now they will be needed to be performed a little bit slower as you lack the necessary CDR to perform them. Move around the map with ult to secure objectives, and kills to spike even faster. If you've had a slow early game or just completely lost your lane, stop ulting your ADC and help your other (hopefully) more fed teammates.

Late Game: Now that you will hopefully be full build and level 16 at least, you can big plays with huge ult shields and combos, it's where this pick truly shines and will help you be carried to at least Diamond 4. Collect side lanes and ult across the map to secure objectives and kills. Pushing side lanes will also put more pressure on the map which will take away pressure from your team, and if they send anyone to stop you, the team fight across the map will become a 5v4 thanks to your Ult. When teamfighting or securing objectives you will be able to do high dps with your ADC autos. Think of yourself as a Yasuo or Yone with high dps, high mobility with high CDR E thanks to Quickblades. Also the Hybrid damage makes you kina hard to build against and good against tanks.
Secret Shen Support Combos (SSSC)
This is where Shen gets a little spicy. To properly master Support Shen and it's ancient and forbidden technology and techniques, you will be needing to learn these combos.

E + Flash: Try to make this combo muscle memory as you will be needing to use it whenever flash is off cooldown to make sick plays. It's the most vital and useful as it's not really a standalone combo, but often something that will be applied in bigger and juicier combos.

E + Gale: It can be used to chase enemeys or escape tight situations, and it's also good for taking kills from bad teamates and styling on people. There is a variant that is very difficult to perform where you max E right next to someone, then galeforce back to them and then AA. The CC from E makes them unable to act, then the galeforce damage and AA damage is a good way to end a fight on low health targets, and possibly end close games with a dissrespectful smile on your ADC's face.

R + Q + W + Zhonya's: This is a useful combo when you need save a teammate that's about to die from a lot of auto attacks. Use all the spell all directly 1 after another to suprise your enemys so they can't react and outplay. Try spamming Q first, the W to get it working immedatly. If you have Exhaust off cooldown, use it as well for maximun ADC protection. This combo work well against Melee champs with strong autos such as Tryndamere, Camille, etc.

E + Q: E through a enemy, then use the Q blade drag through to get the slow. Use this combo in trades vs the enemy tank support. You can mix in W to block some autos (vital against Nautilus).

Q + R + E + Flash + AA + Zhonya's (Exhaust if up and needed vs a certain fed toplaner) + AA + Galeforce + E: This combo is your bread and butter combo that will help you save your team in a lot of tight situations. It's a powerful, but costly technique so use it wisely.
Ult a teammate, the immedeatly spam E to dash to a enemy, then since you will be out of reach, you need to flash on them. Then auto attack to reduce E cooldown thanks to Navori's, then use Zhonya to stall. Then, when leaving stasis AA a opponent to reduce E cooldown even more, then galeforce out of there, and then use E for a longer escape. Combine this with Q and W to stall for your team even further but at the cost of some extra energy, but pray that E passive will give you back enough energy to use E. This combo can dish out a little bit over 2k damage but since it's hybrid damage, it will be hard to build and against. There is a 64% chance that this combo will work tho because of Navori Quickblades RNG. So pray to RNGesus.

E + Exhaust + Ult(WHEN SPLITTING): Pretty simple combo, use it when you're on low health in a 1v1 to escape certain death against strong enemies but make sure that they either have no CC or have used it already on earlier stages of the fight. Exhaust damage reduction can make your ult escape guaranteed. Might get nerfed in the future but then I will update the entire guide.

E + Q + AA + Zhonya's + E: This relies on your transandence to proc, you to land a AA, and your team to finish the job. This is a combo with many forms, as it's very versatile. This Combo has a 80% chance of working, so use it at your luckies times.

If you struggle to perform these combos you may need to hit up the practice tool to learn to perfect them. It is vital to be able to use these combos if you want to climb with this pick.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Just a Shen Player
Just a Shen Player Shen Guide
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Shen CDR AD Support (carry)

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