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Shen Build Guide by MrKartshen

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrKartshen

Shen: The Eye of Twilight Returns!

MrKartshen Last updated on February 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Thank you for reading my Shen guide, here i will tell you about some good Items, Masteries and Runes for Shen. Also please comment and rate this guide, for it is the first guide i have made.

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I chose these runes because they make Shen much more tanky, i did not take flat health runes because in the early game you don't really need it on Shen. With your Shadow Dash and your Feint you can pretty much get out of everything quite easily and if you follow the skill order i mentioned you are sure to have those around the time the first ganks start coming in.
You could also take the Health/Level runes but those will not increase your health as much as these will. 13% Increased health is quite a lot with this build :P

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I take 4/23/3 on Shen because the cooldown reduction is very helpfull seeing how much cooldown your ult has (200 at 1, 180 at 2, 160 at 3). You could also go 4/26/0 because i really just thought the movement speed would be better than the crit damage rediction and such things, you're almost unkillable already :)

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The instand Warmogs is both to increase your overall Health but is also very helpful to increase the madage of your Vorpal Blade and Ki Strike. And the 13% extra health will only work better than Health per level because of the immense 1000 health it gives. This in my experience works very well on Shen, it is based on helping your team as much as possible with the shield of Locket of the Iron Solari and the aura of Runic Bulwark, also the cooldown reduction is a great for your ult wich has alot of cooldown and it's really best to be able to use it as much as possible.

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Skill Sequence

You could also take 2 points in Vorpal Blade first for the early harass but in my experience this works best, you don't want to be level 2 and get ganket without having anything to get away right?

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The Flash is an obvious choice on Shen, you need to be able to get away. Exhaust however may seem pointless because obviously you are already taking almost no damage. Let me explain, in teamfights for instance you need to use it on the enemy AD carry to make it useless for a couple of secconds witch greatly helps your team. Also you can use it to save a teammember from someone who's chasing him or to make sure someone does not get away.

Other good spells:
Barrier, you will have 3 shield if you take this together with my build! eventually absorbing up to 1025 Damage!! That's even more than your ult.

Heal, you can take Heal to heal yourself and your team in a tf.

Ghost, as Shen you won't die very fast and if you prefer to use flash to get away rather than kill this can be a good choice, because he will eventually get more of a movement boost with this than you will with flash.

Cleanse, if you hate CC you could take this to make sure you are always able to do your thing. However with the 50% tenacy and 15% extra slow reduction this may be a bit excessive.

Teleport, if you want to be in all the importand fights and hate the fact that yout ult is on cooldown, this is a good choice for you. This will make sure your team will never have to fight an hard battle without you.

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Pros / Cons

Great for helping out your team
Deals damage with your Passive and Q for once
Can turn teamfight in your favour
Practically Unkillable

Does not deal as much damage as we might like
Long cooldown on your ult