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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Shen Build Guide by RG Dex

Tank Shen, The Splitpush Master

Tank Shen, The Splitpush Master

Updated on October 31, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RG Dex Build Guide By RG Dex 9 4 105,669 Views 19 Comments
9 4 105,669 Views 19 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RG Dex Shen Build Guide By RG Dex Updated on October 31, 2013
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Welcome to Dex's Shen guide

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Boris "Dex" Stanoyevitch, I am the current toplaner for Reason Gaming and I'm maining Shen since 6-7 months now (about 500-600 games with him.)

I will explain you how to play properly and carry hard with Shen, an AP Tank which has the best splitpushing mechanics in LoL with Zed.
Although Shen has been nerfed a lot, he can still manage to be a real threat since his kit is very strong, but now you need to play him good in order to carry with him. This guide will help you on that.
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Pros & Cons


+ Huge sustain
+ Huge damage in lane
+ Very good CC's
+ Game-breaker ultimate.
Shen is one of the best toplaners throughout all the seasons. He has proved himself that he can work with pretty much everything, with his Shadow Dash that can be used as an escape or as a massive CC in teamfights, Vorpal Blade that provides him correct damage and sustain and with a game-changing Stand United that can completely turn around entire games, he is pretty much banned from every high elo/tournament games because of that.


- Needs an AoE item ( Sunfire Aegis) in order to splitpush effectively.
- Interruptible ultimate
- Can't ultimate if pushed (loses tower)
- Very useless in teamfight if he misses Shadow Dash
If Shen can't properly ultimate without loosing a tower or being interrupted, he will be useless. The lacks of AoE damage is pretty much his biggest weakness since he can get pushed and loose tower very fast when he faces any AoE char ( Rumble) His taunt has a lot of CD, if he misses it he will be completely useless in a teamfight. Same if he Stand United the wrong person or too late.
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  • 9 points into Arcane Knowledge because your damage is pretty high on lane, so let's abuse it
  • 21 points into Honor Guard with Block and Unyielding because you won't really need a lot of CC-Reduction with Shen and you will be taking a lot of autoattacks.
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Skills Explanation

Ki Strike
Every 8 seconds, Shen's next attack deals bonus damage
This helps you trading in lane and splitpushing. It deals more damage depending on your health (10% Bonus Shen's Health) and it's cooldown is reduced by 1 second each time you autoattack.

Vorpal Blade
Deals magic damage to target unit and marks them for 5 seconds.
This is your main source of damage, this has a 3 second cooldown and a huge damage/sustain which even works with your allies. If you use it to last hit a minion, you will gain a flat amount of health, otherwise if anyone attacks someone marked by a vorpal blade, he gains enormous amount of HP/5 depending on Shen's health

Shen shields himself, absorbing damage. Lasts up to 3 seconds.
This ability is great to poke safely (poke without being poked) or to splitpush effectively, since any autoattacks reduce by 1 additional second your Ki Strike cooldown (2 seconds in total.)

Shadow Dash
Dashes in a direction, dealing magic damage to champions and taunting champions for 1.5 second
This ability has a high energy cost, but if you hit 1 champion you will gain 40 energy, which helps. Remember that it has a high cooldown, so don't fail it !

Stand United
Places a shield on target allied champion for 5 seconds. After channeling for 3 seconds, Shen teleports to the target's location.
This is Shen's strongest ability. He can win a game by only using it carefully. You can save anyone in a bad situation and you will be teleported to your loved one. Be careful tho, it can be interrupted with a hard CC.
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Early Game

You're kind of strong in lane, but remember you're not a god, riot has nerfed you and you can't just kill anyone level 2.

At the point of the game you should just last hit with vorpal and harass a bit, don't try a kill except if he's very low, because you will not have enough dmg early.

At level 6 quickly scout the map and see if you can ult someone to make a big play (save him then kill 1/2/3/4 people) Because although your lane phase is awesome, Shen is meant to win other's people lane, not his lane.

(you should not take care if he's taking your tower top if you have done drake after you teleport botlane.)
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Middle Game

This is where you shine the most. If your laning phase was good, you have now your core items Sunfire Aegis Mercury's Treads Spirit Visage Wit's End

And you're ready to splitpush ! (doesn't matter if you don't have them you have to splitpush anyway.)

You can carry your whole team if you splitpush very well. So use it wisely.
To master the splitpush, you have to do it again and again, and again, to have a lot of experience in this.
Your taunt is the only thing that is completly op if you touch 2 people at least. Try to taunt enemy AD Carry/AP Carry, but remember, if you fail your taunt, you're gonna have a bad teamfight, because you can only land 1 taunt per teamfight in the midgame, so you'll have no cc, and no more energy.
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Late Game

Now that you are almost full build you are almost unkillable and pretty strong in splitushing. You'll be lacking some damage though, but it's okay as long as your AD carry isn't doing nothing in teamfights.

The only thing to care now is to not get caught when you'll splitpush. Because you'll have almost more than 1 minute dead, and this means enemy team can almost end the game on that. Also, be careful on not getting kited to much by this , if you miss too much taunts, forget about focusing her and protect your AD carry.

Last thing. Being unkillable is cool. But being alone in teamfights 5v1 are not. If your backline is getting raped, help them.
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When should I Splitpush, where, and what should I have to do it effectively ?

Well it's simple, you need to have either Sunfire Aegis or Wit's End or Trinity Force to splitpush easily.

Although it's optional, you can also bring up sight ward to avoid getting caught.

You should splitpush the lane which is the less pushed. (example : your team is going to push T3 mid while you're taking the T2 botlane/toplane)

This will lead into a faster tower destructions, and will push enemies into their base, so you'll have objectives control. (Also more golds.)

This also works with baron and drake (Your team doing baron/drake meanwhile you're pushing a tower.)

Next, I'll show you how to use your ultimate properly.

If the enemy team decides to engage your team (and this is why you should always look at mid if they're doing that), You should ult either your carries or either the one that is being focused.

You can also ask your jungler to engage, meanwhile you're ulting him, so you can do a double engage.

Why Shen is good at this ? Because he's the only one that can teleport in 3 seconds into any ally with a huge shield. Nobody else in the League can.
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Doomed difficulty means there is no way you can win this matchup even with 4 kills.

Hard: He sustains better than you, and outtrades you.

However he is very squishy in the early levels, you can even kill him if you play well.

Hard: If you die once before level 10, you will be loosing toplane forever.

If you didn't die, he won't be able to kill you, and neither you.

Doomed: %HP damage all the way baby, call your jungler asap because there is NO WAY you can win this match-up.

Hard: He can deny you really really hard because of his range, but if you manage to taunt him you will deal serious damage to him, and that's his weakness. He doesn't have any sustain so abuse on this.

Hard: Same as jayce, but she has sustain. Don't even think about killing her and try to make plays out of your lane with your ultimate.

Hard: This is much of a passive lane, except she got too much AoE damage for you and you'll be under your tower almost all the time. This means that you can call your jungler to score a kill if she's not warding river.

In term of trades you're pretty equal.

Hard: This is something you don't wanna face.

She runs everywhere, she harass you pre-6 with her autos, she has alot of aoe damage after 6, she basically counters you.

The only weakness is that she isn't really tanky. She will die if you manage to taunt her in a gank.

Hard: Sometimes you can find quinn into toplane, as same as kennen or jayce, this champion is meant to deny you, theres absolutely nothing you can do,she can dodge your taunt, she deals more damage than you early, mid, and lategame. The only way you can win your lane is to have a 1 kill advantage and a Sunfire Aegis for the trades.

Hard: Rumble will spent most of his time pushing you into your turret with his flamethrower. However he is absolutely not tanky and has no escape, this means that you can take over advantage if you manage to either land a taunt on him, or with a gank.

Hard: He kites you, he deals crazy damage early, and if you manage to land a taunt on him he just have to blind you so you can't sustain nor deal damage.

However if nobody killed each other at 15 m mark you should be dominating him because of your overall tankyness.

Doomed: Denies everything you can do in lane.

Splitpush ? He does it better.
Sustain ? He does it better.
Damage ? he does it better.

Kill him before 6 or cry the rest of the game.

Hard: HP% Damage will make you cry.

Kite, Sustain with Blade of the Ruined King, and can't land a taunt because of her tumble.

Call your jungler asap before 6, she has no escape.

Hard: His ultimate and level 2 all in is a pain for you. you can't trade with him, call your jungler asap.
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About me.

Finally, about me.

I'm a young French teenager who plays League since 2 years.
I am playing League since December 2011, when a friend in school presented me this game, totally fell in love with it and still play it everyday.

You can find me on EU/West : RG Dex (I don't accept anyone except for question purposes)
You can also check out my ESL Profile (which is a little empty tho)
Or on Twitter
Or even on my Facebook page

I'm also planning on streaming by the end of the year, stay tuned in to have more infos.
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