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Shen Build Guide by LTLuckyDucky

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LTLuckyDucky

Shen's AD True Power

LTLuckyDucky Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Shen is one of my favorite Champions since the Riven Patch.

I've played Tank Shen and AD Shen and compared them to NORMAL games. This build mainly focuses tanking out carry, or someone who you need to focus.

= Your main weapon which gives health regen, but with life steal, you'll get so much hp back.
= Your 2nd main ability

The power from this makes you look intimidating, making a Tanky DPS. Playing this build correctly will make them focus you and letting your team kill them.

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Pros / Cons



Great Harassment / No Armor or MR
Great Damage / Needs to be everywhere
Intimidating / Needs ult to start a fight
Global Ult

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Shen's Ultimate Challenge

Shen's ultimate challenge at level 6 is his ultimate. Depending on how your good with map awareness, many people will love you. Your ult will make a huge change in a fight since its a shield and a higher number in battle. Also, try to get into fights since your team wont rage at you and you helped in a fight or saved.

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For Runes, I use flat armor pen Marks and Quints, cooldown reduction glyphs, and crit chance seals

I take these armor pen since Shen shines mid-late game. Not to mention break their armor without the use of

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For Masteries, I take 21/0/9 and focusing offensive early game and mid game. Since this is a AD Shen build, You'll see later on as I explain soon.

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Final Build

Early Game 1-10

Start the game with a and continue to your lane (preferably a solo since you need a lot of farms and to level 6). Continue to farm until the longest and try to get Beserker's Greaves and a sight ward.

Mid Game 10-14

By now you should have a Doran's Blade and Beserker's Greaves. Next you should build into your , Buy the regular madreds then into recurve bow and finally madreds bloodrazor.

The moment you get Madreds, you basically start killing people easier and being helpful.

Mid Game Part 2 (After Madreds)
Now and depends situational on the enemy team. Personally I prefer getting the life steal and phage together.

Late Game 14-18

Now I highly doubt you'll get this far, but the last item should be situational like or . Games like these dont usually take this long but try to find the best for the team and you.

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Situational Items

By all means to switch the items, get something that will improve you, and the team. like mercury tread's if they have a lot of CC. In fights, get a since taunting, you'll get focused even after the taunt ends.

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Team Work

Team Work is one of the hardest Shen can ever do since he has his ult and his taunt. You wanna tell your teammate that you have ult and just watch at a SAFE place and ult in.

The moment you go into the fight, it will probably become a team fight. From watching, most people continue to chase or fail to run away in time during the teleport time. The moment you land a taunt, go full out and focus which is the most important.

Now, in order to start a fight. DO NOT ULT AT THE START. Its crucial to save it until you ult the one who's being focused on your team. Try to taunt when there's 2 or more people within the range of taunt, making it useful.

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Preventing Rage

For example, when its a team fight and you dont have your ult, try to say that you didnt have your ult or tell them they started when i didnt have ult.

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Summoner Spells

Good Options

I find this the best of all summoner spells, due to the fact that its a slow, and reduce effects, Take this advantage to taunt possible during the time.

My 2nd favorite for DPS Shen cause if your taunt is on cooldown, you can flash out. Or finish off the enemy your chasing.

Teleport is a great item for Shen for any build, but I prefer Exhaust instead. Sure teleport is VERY HELPFUL, but in a team fight, you only have 1 escape summoner spell, and a taunt.

Once again, very useful in chasing since you can catch up easily or start a team fight with a taunt. This isnt useful when your trapped in a corner panicking when your taunt is on cooldown.

Ok Options

Since this saves all the towers in the lanes, prevents push, and your slow with 380 movement speed.

Makes Shen feel like a support, since he saves people with his taunt, or ult, or checks dragon,blue,red,baron,ganking spots.

Cleanse gets rid of every CC the moment you press cleanse, and gets rid of 65% of CC off you.
Its a very good escape method also.

The fact that if they focus you so hard to the point you cant use anything, you can revive and ult back in since people forget about revive.

Heal is a situational spell were it has a backfire. Sure it heals, but the fact that all heals are debuff.

Bad Option

I honestly don't know why you would take this since people are scared of Shen's taunt and burst, and the range limit is small.

Situation Option

For getting free gold from minions since Shen barely farms at level 6 and above.

Sometimes only 1 person on the team takes ignite, and you think about the team comp, you could take ignite.

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Things you need to Know

Missing Shadow Dash will make a huge cost making them have the advantage.
Use Ult wise at level 1 since it absorbs 200 damage.
Watch for things that cant be taunted, or either cleansed.
I recommend using any program to talk with others (Skype, Teamspeak, Ventrillo, Others) so that it'll be easier to communicate,

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Thanks for reading my guide, although this is my FIRST guide. I've honestly been loving AD Shen since the Riven patch with the buffs.

Please state your opinion, honesty about how it was, give me some help, and remember to vote :].

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