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Master Yi Build Guide by NicknameMy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NicknameMy

Short Guide: Master Yi Rework, Assassin Master Yi ready

NicknameMy Last updated on July 19, 2013
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New Yi, new Style

Hey there, it is NicknameMy again with a new guide for Yi, actually, the new Yi. Yes, maybe some of you don't know this yet, but Master Yi is getting a rework. Lets see what they did:

All pictures are from LolWiki.
So, lets go through some of the changes:

Base Stats

Less Armor, more HP and less Mana early, but for that more late. No real significant changes here.

Double Strike

The passive is now harder to charge up, as it has a limit of 4 seconds. But for that, it also comes double as fast with halve the damage. But this is made up by letting it crit.

Alpha Strike

Goodbye AP Yi, we will not miss you. For that, Alpha Strike scales now with AD, but has way less base damage. But one thing makes it stronger than the Alpha Strike that AP Yi had, it can now crit. Only for 60%/90%( /96% ), but that is enough to let it crit for 1k per enemy lategame. The aming is now also no longer random, which makes it easier to control.


It was **** and it is ****, no usefull change here.

Wuju Style

Wuju Style got one of the most significant changes. Instead of giving flat damage, it now gives % damage. As far as tested, it will only reach the old value deep deep lategame. But for that, the active now adds true dmg, which is very significant. Latgame, you deal up to 130 true dmg per hit.


Well, to sum the change up, NERF, NERF, NERF. It no longer resets, the earlygame and midgame stats are **** compared to the old one and it not even resets Meditate. I would like to still have the old ult, but for this build, it doesn't really matter.

So, what did that change do to Yi? Well, he has now definitly a different playstyle. First, AP Yi is dead, but for that AD/Crit Assassin Yi has the potential to do much more damage. He hits you lategame with 1k Alpha Strike and 1k Crits, which is a high amount of burst. And if he gets the chance to cleanup, he has a pentakill. But this change didn't really lower his flaws like CC or no ability to leave fights.

Note that this guide is a short guide, so it will not be in-deph.

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Pros & Cons



+ The highest damage dealer in the game
+ The quickest champ on the battlefield
+ True dmg is true dmg
+ 7 eyes, what can be better?


- Bursted
- CC
- Midgame?
- Everyone hates you for picking him

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Not much to talk about, you want maximum damage and get it with this. Defense Tree is better than Utility Tree to be strong enough for trades earlygame.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Most standard runepage. You want AD as basically everything of you scales with it, armor to avoid physical damage dealers and minions and magic resistance to avoid the mages you meet mid.

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Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Still the same. Meditate is garbage and leveled last. Alpha Strike is safe, free harass and farm so it is maxed first. Wuju Style is now better, it could potentionally maxed first against meele enemeys if you know you can constantly hit them.

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This item build is used to give the maximum amount of burst damage while still leaving a door for DPS open.

Tiamat is for that one of the best options, as it adds an extra amount of burst in form of an active and spreads out your 1k damage crits.

Boots of Mobility is used as it allows you to always be where you want. As Yi, you must be everytime in the perfect position to wait for the right moment to jump in, this boots alllow you this.

Youmuu's Ghostblade is important, as it transforms you for 6 seconds into a DPS champ, which deals 1k damage crits per hit. This is huge. It also adds very important crit chance and armorpen.

Infinity Edge is the biggest damage item you can get, it is the item which allows you to do the 1k crits.

Last Whisper is very important, as every smart enemy team will get armor to stop you. This makes this attempt worthless.

The Bloodthirster increases your damage again by a big amount. You want as much damage as possible and you can't get in this situation more than from this.

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There are 3 types of Earlygame situations:

1. You face a ranged Mage
2. You face a meele Mage / AD Caster
3. You face a bruiser

If you face 3, good luck, you will need it, because you got outpicked. Darius/Cho/Lee aren't killable for you and they beat you hardcore.

The 1. situation is the normal situtation. What you want to do is last hit and harass with Alpha Strike at the same time to put pressure onto your enemy. If you get a good chance for it, you can also strike them 1 or 2 times with Wuju Style, best would be if Double Strike is ready. This can unload a so high burst of damage that they are forced to play very carefully. But you have to be carefull, since you are squishy.

The 2. situation is by far the best situation, you got the highest damage of all ad-casters in the game. In this matchups, you can max Wuju Style if you want, as you can get free hits against meele's. And they are squishy, so you kill them really fast. Meele mages are generally the same deal, except that they are most of the time a bit tankier. Still, they aren't as tanky as the bruisers and because of that an easy target for you.

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Boom, Midgame breaks in, the first teamfight starts and... you are useless! That is one of the problems with Yi, in the early teamfights he can't do more than cleaning up at the end of the fight. But for a 1vs1, he is best in that, so try to ambush enemies and kill them quickly.

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Finally, we are in the lategame, you got more than 4 items and do super crazy high damage. Now, the game is in your favor. You still have to wait for others to initiate and avoid cc as good as you can, but you burst for so much that the enemy squishy's can't really do much against you. And if you get 1 kill, the good old AP Yi Multistrike starts and gives you the win in the fight, as 1k damage multiple times hurs.

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This was my short guide to the new Yi and how I think he will be played best. Now you can make your own suggestions.

BTW: IDC about formatting, as the important part of a guide is the content, not how it looks. Do you buy a book because it has so many formatting?