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Talon Build Guide by Saddam

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Saddam

Shredding games with Talon

Saddam Last updated on September 22, 2013
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Silence, I kill you! Well that is line of a comedian (check out Ahmed the dead terrorist on youtube, or something like that don't really remember :D ) but fits Talon perfectly. I want just to present really strong build for AD casterls like Talon, Zed or Kha'Zix.
So far tanks used to counter AD casters making them fall off in later stages of the game, making harder to get to squishies in backline. Not anymore! Wanna kill that annoying Jarvan IV or overconfident in his durability Nasus in mere seconds? Be little freakin' cartoon Ezio Auditore and oneshot everyone running this build! :)

Note: this guide isn't meant for new Talon players I just wanted show really OP build for him! However maybe in future I will upgrade this guide with tips&tricks as well as some explanation on his skills and every item choice pros and cons. If feedback will be positive that is. :D

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Why?! Math!

Not so long ago there were made changes to how armor reduction and penetration is being calculated, along with resistance nerfs in S3 they became abusive stat, since all items providing them give you also decent amounts of Attack Damage (AD) making them perfect for AD burst champions. So how it goes? In that particular order:

1st is flat Armor reduction (i.e. Puncturing Taunt)
2nd is percentage Armor reduction (i.e. The Black Cleaver, Crushing Blow)
3rd is percentage Armor penetration (i.e. Last Whisper, Weapon Expertise )
4th and last is flat Armor penetration (i.e. Runes, The Brutalizer)

Remember that only REDUCTION can take armor below 0, percentage nor flat PENETRATION WON'T!

Making flat ArPen being calculated last was a great buff for it, since you get more off percentage penetration as well as flat. Let's do some math to visualize it.

All examples include ArPen marks, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Last Whisper and The Black Cleaver.
So we have up to 25% reduction, 38% penetration and 47 flat penetration.
What does it make of specific armor values?

Target's Armor = 60. ( Heimerdinger without additional Armor? :D)
60 - 25% * 60 = 45
45 * 0.62 = 27.9
27.9 - 47 = -19.1 (Calculated as 0 since it's source is penetration not reduction)

What we have here? Kind of overkill. All your attacks and abilities will deal TRUE DAMAGE.

Target's Armor = 100. (Bruiser with Armor from runes&masteries or minimal Armor items? :P)
100 - 25% * 100 = 75
75 * 0.62 = 46.5
46.5 - 47 = -0.5 (Again calculated as 0)

Same thing, minimal overkill but still you will deal true damage!

Target's Armor = 150.
150 - 25% * 150 = 112.5
112.5 * 0.62 = 69.75
69.75 - 47 = 22.75

That's pretty a lot of wasted cash on Armor items right? Lowered by almost 130 points mitigation falls from 60% to only about 18%. Quite big difference right? Most bruisers will have something around this amount of Armor.

Target's Armor = 200. (Extreme Armor stacking?)
200 - 25% * 200 = 150
150 * 0.62 = 93
93 - 47 = 46

154 Armor ignored. Does it need more explanation? From 67% mitigation to 31%. 31% may look like a lot, but if that tank isn't fed and got only a lot of armor then your AP or Vayne should take care of him. :)

As you since your main target will be carries and medium armored bruisers their Armor won't be a matter for you. But you can think, what about flat HP items like Warmogs? That's why I build some Crit Chance with Youmuu's Ghostblade and Infinity Edge. Think of HP stacking as of baloon, and Critical strikes as of needle. Since there is only one one in League of Legends to mitigate damage from it and it is pretty deep in defensive mastery tree, very few players will have this mastery. Every burst attempt you should take in at least one critical strike which endgame will deal about 1000 raw damage, even if target got defensive masteries it will be just 100 points less still making Warmogs countered!

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The stats.

At level 18 Talon with this build will have 105.8 basic AD, 288.75 Bonus AD (+15 from Red pot), up to 25% Armor reduction, 38% Armor penetration and 47 Armor penetration (flat). With 5.0 (counting all his abilities with single auto attack empowered with Q) bonus AD + base AD burst ratio and total of 900 flat damage from abilities and 15% damage amplification from Cutthroat he can deal over 3000 damage with simpliest combo without critical strike in a situation when target has 0 armor after all reduction and penetration. So there is possibility of dealing over 5000 raw damage in below 3 seconds. Seems ridiculous right? But it's the truth. :)