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Teemo Build Guide by forfor

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author forfor

Shrooming the Jungle

forfor Last updated on September 23, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, my name is forresto. I specialize in playing off-meta jungs, and this is one of my favorites right up there with jungle anivia, and jungle galio. I've played around with this build a fair amount, but saw there was almost no documentation of this unique idea, so I felt I should remedy this. If it seems like I avoid mentioning specific numbers in my description, it's because I know that the game is in a constant state of flux, and don't want to constantly backtrack to change the numbers around. I am still working on this guide so excuse any empty chapters.

Hopefully after reading this guide the prevalence of teemo wont be anything like this:

Btw I'm silver 4.

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Pros / Cons

-Moves around extremely fast.
-Heavy damage
-Invisibility with free attack speed buff
-Shrooms discourage counter-jungling
-When fed the on-hit build can kill squishy enemies in 3-hits
-Blind wrecks adcs
-High movespeed
-Can split push like nobodies business
-Shrooms create great map vision
-Strong if ahead

-Very reliant on positioning
-Loses a lot of speed if he gets hit
-Very mana-hungry if you dont build chalice.
-AP heavy build requires a lot of gold
-Can be really weak in teamfights

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Greater Mark of Ability Power
Greater Seal of Armor
Helps jungle sustain
Greater Glyph of Ability Power
More AP.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Makes you faster which is great for teemo, and for ganks.

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The single best spell in the game. this will get you in or out of a fight with a 5 minute cooldown. 5 minutes may seem like a long cooldown, but I swear this is an amazing spell. If you need to escape and you have time, run to a wall and flash over it. Once you do that, you are almost guaranteed to escape. Usually you will use this as an instant disengage when you get caught though. Your all-purpose utility spell.

You're in the jungle. You need smite. Smite camps, fug bidges. Seriously though, this will do a buttload of damage to jungle camps, and with rangers trailblazer it will do that damage as an aoe spell with a 1 second stun that also heals you for a percent of your missing hp/mp. The downside is that it only affects minions and jungle camps though. Learn the different jungle smite buffs, and you will always have exactly what you need for any task. 1 extra benefit of ranger's trailblazer: teemo lacks quick waveclear, so you can smite a minion wave with the aoe damage to save a pushed tower.

-Lower cooldown than flash. a full minute and a half.
-More distance overall.
-Decent for escaping if someone is trying to engage on you, but hasn't caught you yet.
-Good for chasing.
-Good for dodging a lot of skillshots.

-80-90% of the escapes you need to spend a spell on are because you got caught which usually mean you don't have time to run away with ghost being so squishy. Flash gives you an instant disengage. Ghost doesn't.
-Won't let you go over walls.
-Flash allows for crazy plays if you really know your champ.
-Never chase. 60% of chases end badly for the chaser.
-doesn't allow for the same kind of surprise all-ins.

Flash is highly superior on teemo, but I can understand if you choose ghost.

If you're the teemo version of insec, and you don't think you need an escape spell, take teleport. You have an automatic synergy with teleport as teemo because your shrooms give you extra options for a place to teleport to. It gives you great map presence, and makes it a lot easier to split push effectively when you can teleport into a teamfight on the other side of the map to clean up.

If you
A: Don't think you need an escape tool, and
B: Want to be a **** who secures all the kills during ganks,get ignite.
It will make your ganks stronger, but only if you can get to the enemy. It also won't give you an escape tool if things go wrong. I wouldn't take it, but it will make you gank a bit harder so be my guest. If you do take this spell buy boots of mobility to help you get to the enemy during ganks.

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Skill Sequence

Less useful for jungle teemo but it has its uses. Stay in one place without moving for a short time, and you will turn invisible. You turn invisble faster in bushes and you can move around without breaking stealth. when you do break stealth, you get a decent attack speed buff based on your level.

This is your main poke/kite/burst ability for the AP burst/shroom build. It does decent damage and blinds the target. Blinded targets cant hit you with auto attacks, or proc any on-hit boosters on you. This means that nasus Siphoning Strike will be negated, and things like Akali's on-hit portion of her q wont go off. There are 2 caveats to remember:
1: abilities that mimic auto attacks like yasuos q will still hit just fine
2: if an auto attack starts before your blind hits, that attack will still hit. This can lead to some rather annoying "wtf Draven you were blinded" moments. This is the main way teemo sustains in the jungle. Blinding properly can nullify 2-3 hits from the main jungle monster in a camp.

This ability passively makes you move faster, but only if you dont get hit. If you activate it, you get double the passive ability for a few seconds. Fairly straightforward, it's basically a free mobi boots. If you put more points into it, you get more speed. If you wish you can put an extra point or 2 into it for ganks, but remember this will reduce your damage. The first point is a lot more efficient than any of the others, so I put 1 point into it at level 4 and max it last.

This is what makes on-hit teemo so devastating. Every hit will do bonus magic damage and cause poison damage over time. For the on-hit build this makes for godly damage, and the poison occasionally secures kills that got away. All this adds up to a lot of damage over time. Once your devourer gets sated, this ability will do 1.5X damage since every other hit will apply it twice. With runaans you will apply it to 2 people near your target including the devourer effect. For AP teemo, each hit will do a bit more damage than on-hit teemo, but you're going to attack a lot slower leading to less damage over time. You also wont get the sated devourer effect adding 1.5X to your damage. the upside is the poison will do a lot more damage, leading to somewhat more amusing kill secures.

This is what makes teemo teemo. You throw out a shroom trap, and after about a second, it'll set and turn invisble. After that it'll last for a while on the ground. If an enemy steps on it it blows up on them, slows them, and does poison damage over time. This isn't always why you're putting down shrooms though. They give vision in a radius around them. They don't quite have the visual range of wards, but they give enough to give you vision in intersections, chokepoints, and vital areas. Good for counter-jungling, preventing counter-jungling, and to protect your lanes from ganks. When teamfighting you can throw 1 into a group of enemies to increase your dps, or for some extra slow to help with kiting.

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Creeping / Jungling

On your first run through the jungle, start at gromp, go to wolves, then kill the raptors. Usually you will need to chug your potions after/during wolves to get through the raptors. Feel free to do this. When fighting raptors don't smite it, you're going to need that smite later. When you finish raptors, immediately recall. Those 3 camps gave you enough gold to upgrade your jungle item to rangers trailblazer. This is important to increase your jungle sustain, and because the upgrade gives you an extra 15 gold every time you kill a large camp. Now go down to krugs. Assuming you didnt smite raptor, you should have 2 charges of smite. Use one on krugs immediately, and then finish the camp.

Somewhere during this process you will level up to level 3. you can put a point in q, w, or e. This entirely depnds on what you want to do and what you plan to build. After that go to red buff, and take that. This is why you saved that smite charge. Smite red when it's low, and now you have options. Did you put a point into w for level 3 ganks? Now that you have red buff you can make some strong plays. If you didnt, or there are no good gank opportunities, then continue clearing camps.
If you chose devourer, then you need to spend as much time clearing camps as possible, and clear them as fast as possible. This is because you need to buy it asap, and charge it as fast as possible. When charging your devourer always keep track of the rift scuttlers and kill them as fast as possible. These give twice as many stacks on devourer. On-Hit teemo kills rift scuttlers quickly and efficiently with his auto attacks with no need to expend mana. When charging devourer save your smite for things like golem and krug which help you clear better since you shouldn't be ganking much.
If you chose the AP teemo build, then the rules are different. You have some sustained damage from your 1 point in e, but most of your damage is frontloaded into your q-auto combo. The sheen effect from your runeglaive gives you decent burst, and you can afford to spend less time farming since you dont need to charge your devourer. If you choose this build, gank more. Also, once you have runeglaive, and shrooms, you can couter-jungle very effectively.
In solo queue, always try to ward or shroom the dragon. bot-lane usually can't be trusted to do this, so if you can, then it's on you.

When taking dragon, let an ally tank. If you're on-hit, don't waste your q on it. It costs a fair bit of mana, and you likely haven put many points into it. It also can't blind the dragon.

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On-Hit Build Items

Just a little aside, before we get started: I honestly, in my heart feel that the on-hit build is stronger. You have more power and purpose in teamfights. On-hit has more raw power, and sustained damage.

You need ranger's trailblazer in order to sustain in the jungle. I admit teemo isn't naturally designed to operate in the jungle, and until you can build up some damage, you need this for sustain. This sustain is mostly loaded into it's interaction with the smite spell, so see the spell section for more info. Any of the machete offspring also offer +30 gold for killing large jungle monsters, and offer mana/health regen per second when fighting jungle camps.

For the devourer enchant, once sated, this will amplify all on-hit effects, effectively making them 1.5X as strong. Every other hit will deal on-hit effects twice when sated. If you're building for on-hit, this item is a must-have.


These boots are good for adding some extra damage and increasing your speed.

These are great for getting to an enemy during ganks, and getting around the map quickly, but once you get to the enemy you lose most of the speed, so I don't take these often. You also give up on the extra damage you get from some other boots.

There is an argument to be made that these boots offer more damage than Berserker's Greaves. Since you're already building a lot of attack speed, and most of your damage is magic damage, there's a very real possibility that these boots offer more damage. However this is only true against squishy targets. The more magic resist the enemy has built, the less useful these boots are. I generally prefer berserkers greaves for this build.

These are the 2 best options for teemo. Enchantment: Alacrity provides more general utility. Gets you places faster, helps you dodge skillshots, helps with escaping. Anything which requires base speed benefits from this enchant.
I am not a big fan of Enchantment: Furor. Consider this: alacrity gives 20 movespeed at all times. This benefits everything you do, and everywhere you go. Furor gives 12% of base movespeed which decays over about a second whenever you hit an enemy. this equals out to about 38 movespeed. On paper you may think that double the benefit sounds good, but it has 2 problems.
1:It only applies when you're hitting enemies. Anything else you do doesn't benefit much. if you need to escape, and can't afford to kite then you're down 20 movespeed over what you would have. If you need to save a turret you're gonna get there that much slower.
2:The movespeed decays over the duration. This means you only benefit more from furor than alacrity for about .75 of a second.
Overall I wouldn't take furor unless you chase a lot.


This is one of the strongest items you can ever buy on teemo. Just the fact that it gives ap, attack speed, and 20% cdr all on one item gives it amazing synergy with teemo, but it also does on-hit magic damage which scales with ap. Effectively you're adding the scaling from this item to the scaling on your e. Add in lich bane, and you can have huge burst/on-hit ap scaling.

This item adds a huge amount of attack speed, and causes your attacks to apply all of your on-hit effects to 2 nearby enemies. powerful in teamfights, and if you buy this as your second item, you can clear camps like a madman. Sated devourer also works with this item.

bought purely for AP, this item adds a ton of damage to your fights.

bought last because it doesn't do a ton of damage till you have a decent amount of AP. This item adds a one-time burst of damage to your next auto-attack every time you cast a spell. remember there's a 2 second cooldown between activations. If you buy this item you will find that a q-auto combo will have powerful burst damage. This item also gives movespeed, and a bit of mana. Both useful for teemo.

Doesn't really synergize with on-hit teemo, but it's one of the staple teemo items, so worth a mention. Gives you a bit of extra burn after a q or on shroom hits, but this is an on-hit build so not huge synergy here.

If you choose this item, replace runaans with it. It doesn't have the same aoe effect, and it gives less attack speed, but it gives a good amount of on-hit magic damage, and steals a flat amount of magic resist. Overall it gives slightly more single-target damage, but has less teamfight utility.

If you buy this replace rabadons. The only reason you should buy it is if the enemy team is extremely tanky, and you cant get through the frontline. When you buy this for the On-Hit build, you give up a lot of AP so weigh this decision carefully.

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Shroom Build Items

A little aside before we start: The raw AP build has less raw power than the on-hit build. That being said, this build has more utility, makes shrooms faster, has more sustain, and bursts harder in exchange for the sustained damage of the on-hit build. It's also a lot more expensive so it depends a lot on getting fed.

As stated in the on-hit guide, you need Rangers Trailblazer for jungle sustain. mostly through the smite effect.

Runeglaive allows you to burst jungle camps, and increases your burst during ganks/fights. It also offers mana sustain.

You need movespeed on teemo. To this end you buy boots. These boots offer the best damage for the AP build.


These give extra movespeed for ganks, but you lose a lot of movespeed once you're actually there. You also give up some damage.


These have less synergy with the AP teemo build than the sorcerers shoes, but they can be a good way to mitigate some of the sustained damage you lose in comparison to the on-hit build. Take these if you find yourself lacking in sustained damage during teamfights.


Best enchantment available for AP teemo. None of the others really synergize well with this build. Furor is somewhat viable on on-hit teemo, but less so on AP teemo.

Strongest item on teemo hands down. Gives CDR, AP, and attack speed. This item will make you get shrooms a lot faster, and make you do a lot more damage. Basically this is the item that keeps your sustained damage relevant in teamfights without relying on shrooms.

If you're going to throw out a lot of shrooms, you need mana sustain. Towards that end, we buy this item. It also come with CDR which should max you out, allowing for the maximum number of shrooms possible. I choose this over morellonomicon because it provides more mana regen.

Gives lots of extra movespeed, and boosts your burst a lot due to the passive which adds a lot of extra damage to 1 spell if you have 100 charges. It charges up as you move or cast spells. Since you move really fast you charge the passive really quickly. Good for quick burst and poke. Also activates if someone hits a shroom.

Gives the strongest AP from any item. Nothing complex here.

With these items, you will be doing about 1/3-1/2 of a squishy champs hp whenever they hit a shroom. This can actually net you a surprising amount of kills when you're not even around.


this item is really strong for shrooms, but I'm not sure which item you would replace in this build to fit it in without lowering your overall effectiveness.

This item gives less sustain than athenes which is why I take athenes, but morellonomicon is a viable alternative. This item also gives more damage, and counters healing.


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Tips and Tricks

One thing you can do is use the raptor smite buff to clear the river ward on botlane, then hide in the bush with invisibility. wait till the enemy bot lane resumes normal patterns thinking you left. they probably warded again but you're invisible so it doesn't matter. When the time is right go in for the gank. By doing this you catch them off-guard and skip most of the wards vision radius. This takes around 15-20 seconds on average.


If possible, its best to throw shrooms into nearby minions but close enough that the explosion still hits the enemy. This is because most people will run around the shroom when they see you throw it, but minions wont dodge it.

When ganking, there are 3 combos you can use:
This is the best burst combo. It should hurt the enemy pretty bad, and if they are auto attack based, they will be putty in your hands.
You get the idea. I throw the shroom in there because if you got that many hits off the enemy is probably rushing at you so you may as well add the shroom damage. If you do get this many hits off, 1 of 3 things is about to happen:
1:They're stupid.
2:They're AFK
3:You're about to die.


Don't gank fed assasin champs. Just don't. I don't care how fed you are. Trust me.
1:You are squishy.
2:Basically every assasin champ has some kind of gap closer, does all of their damage with abilities, and does a lot more damage than you early.
3:Your blind won't affect their damage much.

In other words just don't. Go bot, stay out of the enemy jungle, whatever you need to do just avoid that champ.


If you have time to kill, and no real objective, chances are you have some shrooms stocked up. Drop these as wards. Not as traps, but as wards. Vision is always important, and teemo has a neverending supply of quickly restocking wards that last even longer than regular ones. Doesn't matter what build you chose, just do it.


Teemo has a particular power when split-pushing. The reason for this is that he can drop shrooms to give vision on a whole section of the jungle. This is easier with AP teemo build since you have much better mana sustain, but on-hit teemo can manage a round of it. The shrooms will also slow down anyone who comes after you so teemo easily has the safest split-pushing experience in league. His speed, shrooms, and overall map control make him nearly untouchable. He doesn't shred turrets the same way Nasus or zed do, but that isn't the point when split-pushing as teemo. The point is to draw off 2 or 3 enemies, and lead them on a long, merry chase while the rest of your team does something else. Takes a turret, dragon, baron, whatever. And hey, maybe you do take a turret, and come out looking like a boss.
These are the best shroom spots when splitting. The vision alone will basically ward most of the jungle:

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Niggly Little Efficiency Stuff

When clearing camps, make sure you time your q so that it blinds the jungle camp before they attack. Sometimes you will blind them when they are already attacking, and when you do this you basically waste half the effect of the blind. Not the end of the world, but one of those niggly little efficiency things that can add up over time.

Hit the jungle monster once and let it hit you once before you hit it with q. This will ensure that you get the health/mana regen from your machete item for the full duration of your blind. Another one of those little efficiency things that add up over time.


After a succesful gank feel free to take 3-4 minions from the lane before you head back to the jungle. This wont have a huge impact on any 1 lane, but it will be pretty helpful to you, so it's a good idea. It is a time honored tradition called the minion tax.

If you have a good sense of how much damage your poison is going to do, you can hit the smaller monsters in a camp just enough so that the poison will finish them, then switch targets while it finishes them. This is especially true when you factor in the bonus poison damage from your machete item, and possible red buff. this will save you 1 attack per monster. doesn't sound like much, but against wolves and raptors, an extra 2-3 attacks can save you 50-100 hp every time you take the camp. That adds up fast. Also, it means you can walk away from any camp if you time it right, and let them die from poison as you walk away. this will definitely save you from being hit 1-2 times against melee camps. Remember, all these little bits and pieces add up, and you can sustain a lot longer as teemo if you do it right.