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Shyvana Build Guide by JohnsonAgent

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JohnsonAgent

Shyvana: I'M A FRICKIN' (half)DRAGON

JohnsonAgent Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey! Welcome to my guide on Shyvana the half-dragon. This guide explores how to jungle this champ with great success, to give early game support to your team and have a late game build that will help you be extremely effective in team fights.


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The runes I choose for this build are AD reds, dodge yellows, MR blues, ms quint, and two AS quints. The dodge yellow's are pretty standard on junglers, more effective than armor IMO, the MR blues are to add to your general tankiness. The reds i assume may bring some controversy as people can't seem to run AS or AD for champs like this, I've seen data for AD being more effective than their AS brethren, so thats what I run.

Although AS does stack nice with Shyvana's passive, I've decided AD works better by stacking into attacks and more dmg on her abilities. The Quints is where i make up for the lost AS, i either run 3 AS or 2 AS and one MS as it speeds up the jungle, and also with a lack of cc the little extra MS sometimes is all you need to catch that pesky soraka.

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I run the 21-0-9 tree, although I've also played around with the 0-21-9 which is pretty effective early game, but by late game the resists you gain isn't worth it compared to the penetration you get off of maxing the offensive tree.

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This is a jungle guide, so obviously rushing Wriggle's Lantern is a must. I pick Mercury's Treads nearly everytime based off the benefits of the tenacity and MR. The next order is where this guide differs from others.

I rush the Sunfire Cape, first buying the Giant's Belt and then the Chain Vest, to get a little bit of beefiness and also add to my AOE dmg that is so powerful.

Next i grab Wit's End, which seems to be an fairly unpopular item, but i like it on Shyv for the massive attackspeed boost, MR, and on hit dmg that stacks nicely into your q.

Now I think we are all set on our tankiness, so from here on I normally build straight dmg unless i am getting focused hard and feel i need more tank. I buy Youmuu's Ghostblade for the active and armor pen are just too good for shyv, extra ms and AS is exactly what she needs. Next i buy a B. F. Sword and build it into either a blood thirster or Infinity Edge if the game goes for a really long time.

Frozen Mallet is definitely an option, as it helps her issue on CC, however by that time in the game i feel like i just need the dps that the mallet does not give me, and the slow isn't as important.

I've seen people play her where you rush Warmog's Armor followed by Atma's Impaler to play the beefy dps type, however I feel this route takes too long to develop properly, and so you lose a lot of mid game advantage. I still have included this style of build as the second one shown for this guide. It has the advantage of you being super tanky, with some decent late game damage. Very good if you are in need of a tank.

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I take Flash and Smite. Exhaust is an option over Flash, but I like the gap closing ability in Flash, as she definitely lacks that especially early game.

No other spells really would help that much, with the MS soft cap I think Ghost is a waste, otherwise you really want that Smite to give you the early game edge in the jungle, so it just shouldn't be replaced. Revive is LOL.

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I jungle Shyvana, and she is one of the fastest junglers that i play. I generally go with hitting the small camps first, starting at the small golem camp. This allows me to quickly support my lanes, as i get the quick lvl 2 and gank.

Route is like this, small golems, gank lane, wraiths (smite is up again so smite blue), wolves, gank lane, shop. Then full clear, with intermittent ganks. By maxing your burnout you become the fastest jungler in the game getting lvl 6 easily as fast as the solo lanes, by mid game your cs is also absurdly high, because every time the jungle comes up you have it cleared instantly.

Clearing so fast allows you to focus entirely on ganking. Once you have your ult, really helps you to jump into fights and start messing things up. Turn on your burnout and ult in, to leave a flaming path behind you, e into as many enemies as possible and q a squishy.

At lvl 7 you can drop drag solo in 20 sec easy, overall the strategy with this build is to turn on your burnout and stand nearest the middle of all of them you can unleash the appreciable AOE dmg, and mess up their team as much as possible as is your role.

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Shyvana is a very strong jungle, early game ganks are hard, with the lack of cc and a gap closer, but if you can gank a lane who has some cc you can put out some massive dmg in a hurry by landing your combo. She can get an insane farm, that she just wouldn't be able to sustain in a lane, because you'd just be pushing the **** out of it. This farm allows you to build a tanky core, so you can fly into the middle of team fights and so insane AOE dmg all day long, turning into dragon from is essentially a global taunt, so expect to receive some major fire.

Preferably you allow someone else to initate, and you jump in after all the initial big cc's are popped, jump in once the enemy team is somewhat set up, as you will cause chaos in their lines, which allows your team to split them up and kill easily.

Please leave me comments!! I will be updating this as I see fit, comments will help shape it into a better guide. Feel free to friend me IG "JohnsonAgent" we can talk about these things, play games, whatever.