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Shyvana Build Guide by Zan105

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zan105

Shyvana, "A wild Charizard has appeared"

Zan105 Last updated on November 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello summoners! Zan The Great back with my second build!

Note: I am a student and have recently been in a car accident so the time i spend on the computer is limited! I will update this when i can.

This Shyvana build has been working great for me so far. I have had a lot of high scoring games in either assists or kills with low deaths due to a few key survivability items.

Shyvana should be built as an AD / AS character with a little bit of added armor for survivability.

NOTE to all who read: Please comment be it good or bad, being one of my first few guides constructive criticism is very appreciated.

Don't forget to vote :D

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NOTE: These are not the most preferred runes for Shyvana they are just the only AD runes i currently have and use.

The critical strike and critical damage given from this page actually work very well with her though! When you attack fast odds are you will crit a lot! crit = lots of damage therefore lots of damage = dead people! Dead people = Happy Shyvana.

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Skill Sequence

Twin Bite This skill is your main source of damage, in short it makes you attack twice, the first attack dealing increased damage and the second doubling your damage. Some games when I'm going for first blood I will take this first because i can take someone to half health about instantly with my crit rune page. I wouldn't recommend going for first blood unless you have someone like Singd to throw them back at you.

Burnout This is your 2nd source of damage. This ability acts like a sunfire cape, i call it the spinney circle of death! I usually take this as my first spell because of the increased move speed and farming capability. Despite what you may have seen in other Shyvana guides, at low levels this is GREAT for farming at low levels. All you have to do is activate it and punch minions and all of the minions around them fall. Other things to know about Burnout is that its key to remember the increased move speed it gives you. This can be key in chasing down enemies or escaping!

Flame Breath This is your tank shredder. This makes tanks armor basically worthless and combine with something like a The Black Cleaver you should kill just about any tank. Other things to use this ability for are checking in bushes for enemies. There's a sound you can hear on hit to warn you if it hits someone or not. This ability does very little damage but can be used to last hit enemies or just poke them, trust me it gets annoying...

Dragon's Descent "A wild Charizard Has Appeared!" This ability turns you into a dragon and lets just be honest here... Who doesn't want to be a dragon? This ability can be really key on catching initiation and escapes as well as chasing low health champions. Using this ability you can jump walls if you ever need to run away. Another key thing to remember about this is that when you use it on someone it will pull them in the direction you fly. It's often a good idea to pop Burnout get behind the fight then pull everyone toward your tower!

The reason i take Burnout first is cause of the farming capabilities. On occasion i will take Twin Bite just to try and get first blood but its important stay alive so Burnout would be my recommendation for first timers.

When going into combat your most common combo you are going to want to go with will be as follows;

Dragon's Descent (not necessary but can be used to catch up or deal a bit of extra damage.)

Burnout This will allow you to deal a bit of damage as well as keep up with anyone

Flame Breath This will lower the armor so you hit that much harder

and finally Twin Bite Highest damage output spell, brings everyone to their knees.

If you didn't use Dragon's Descent at the beginning here is a great spot to use it, it closes the deal on champions that are faster than you if Burnout ends by jumping literally on top of them. In the worst case scenario's its also good to escape with low health. This will also raise your armor to give you that much more of an edge on surviving.

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Summoner Spells - Updated!

The Good


Flash is my first choice because of its ability to get you in and out of tight situations as you please! It also helps you keep Burnout going when its running low, just flash up and punch something to reset the timer.


I find ignite to be most useful in early game situations. It can help you get those tough to kills where you get them low but not quite low enough!


Exhaust is also a good choice it can help you take down early game DPS characters or escape from most anyone.

The Bad


Shyvana has a built in ghost with Burnout. It moves her faster than ghost and also has a much shorter cool down, the only downside is the duration is greatly reduced.


Smite is a must have if you plan to jungle but since I'm not covering jungle at this point it's in with the bad


Teleport is a great ability but there's just no room! Shyvana moves quick enough you shouldn't really need it anyways.


Cleanse is a good choice for Shyvana because she relies heavily one being in combat. If she is stunned or slowed it can be tough to chase some one down, life steal, or escape.


Map awareness is always key! I don't ever use it but i could see where it would be helpful going into the jungle.

The Ugly


It can be useful but with life steal and high attack speed you shouldn't be dropping too low


As i said in my other guide I R Teh Newbz


Shyvana isn't a tank therefore it won't do very much good. The only practical use is if you take it offensively, taking the mastery and hitting it as the enemies try and tower dive you.


Ever heard of rage?


It's just not needed, she has so many better summoner spells to take.

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Items - Updated!

Vampiric Scepter

This item may seem like an odd first choice but it gives you lane sustain like no other! combined with Twin Bite you should be regenerating health pretty quick!

Berserker's Greaves Mercury Treads

The choice is yours! I would recommend Berserker's Greaves in most cases UNLESS the other team has a lot of crowd control then i would go with Merc Treads.

Wriggle's Lantern

Wriggle's Lantern gives you that little bit of armor you need to keep yourself alive! It also gives you the ability to pop into the jungle and farm buffs as well as dragon. REMEMBER TO USE WRIGGLE'S ACTIVE TO PLACE WARDS


This item is KEY!!! By getting this Twin Bite will make your champion do 3 X its normal attack damage! You should be ripping every squishy character to shreads by now!

Trinity Force

Just a great all round item. It gives you sheen's passive as well as increasing move speed and attack damage, great choice for Shyvana

Sword of the Divine This item will give you the majority of the attack damage you need but that's not all! Every few hits it procs to give you an extra 100 magic damage on your target! Since Shyvana is built around attacking fast items like this work great! Another thing to remember is to use this items active to demolish tanks even more! the active from Sword of the Divine + your Flame Breath should rip any tank to shreds... But if that's not enough :)

The Black Cleaver This item will give you that little bit extra attack speed as well as some much needed damage. The passive on this item also burns away armor making it even easier to kill those pesky tanks...

NOTE: If a champions armor drops below 0 (Which it might with all your armor piercing stuff) you do bonus damage to that champion!

Malady Wit's End These two items are my next choice because of that little bit of added attack speed and the added magic damage! Now there's a choice here depending on two things A) How good you are doing in the game B) The enemy team composition
If you have gone through the game and been raped by casters the entire time then you choice is obvious, Witt's End Witt's End will give you slightly less attack speed than Malady but it will also give you stacking magic resist. One thing to think of when using this is the stacking magic resist, it's important to try and have it already stacked up before you go into combat so try punching minions beforehand.
If you have gone through the game raping everyone in sight (With this build you should) then you should get the Malady Malady will give you a little extra attack damage with a tad more speed than Witt's End

The Bloodthirster This item will give you what you need for attack damage and that extra bit of life steal to keep you up and running! At the point where you will be going for this i drop wriggles and pick this up, you will be hitting harder and getting more back because of it.

Other items to consider

Hex Drinker This item is great against champions like Karthus If his ultimate is eating you up grab one of these and you should be okay because of the shield it gives you. It also gives you a little bit of attack damage so it shouldn't make you too much weaker.

Banshee's Veil Another great anti-mage item if they are ripping you to shreds.

Changes: Atma's Impaler Removed

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Play Style

Soon to come

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The 15/9 game was due to a pesky Zilean Graves Combo