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Shyvana Build Guide by lashagiorgi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lashagiorgi

Shyvana tanky dps(in development)

lashagiorgi Last updated on November 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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If you want to play Shyvana,for me this is the best build,you must build Shyvana on a tanky dps.first you must be tanky,than dps.

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with tanky masteries and first items hp regeneration items and etc.
tanky masteries guarantees you survival during early game.this build is good for solo-topers and with laners.when solo with the help of tank masteries,armor penetration,armor pen runes and maxing Burnout helps you easily farm top lane and when somebody comes for gank you can easily outrun him by help of burnout],that's why you need CD runes(W skill always to be ready for escape) and flash or [[exhaust just in case.In late game armor penetration mastery comes in handy when your main 3 items are finished: Warmog's Armor , Mercury's Treads , Atma's Impaler or Trinity Force instead of Atma's Impaler.

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Skill Sequence and Abilities

Shyvana's passive gives out various effects on her skills,which are quite useful in various situations.
Twin Bite's Cooldown is reduced by 0,5 seconds with every AA
Burnout will be casted longer for every AA you do while activated, lasts up to 6 seconds
Flame Breath Your AA's will deal 20% of the ability's damage to every debuffed unit
Dragon's Descent With your AA's you will get 2 Fury for each AA. That helps you to say in your Dragon Form longer.

Twin Bite is nice dmg skill while farming and attacking enemies.with addition of Sheen does x3 dmg of your normal attack.good skill to easily kill squishy enemies.but wouldn't recommend to max it first.

Burnout Is a good skill when chasing enemies or running away from them.It's a main skill to do damage per second.This is the main skill to easily farm,jungle or do dmg in team dragon form it leaves a trail of flame which also does good dmg.

Flame Breath A good skill to support your lane slightly reduces armor to 1 enemy,but in dragon form it does AOE dmg in cone.In my skill sequence you can see that I rise skill to lvl 2.You can chase enemies with Burnout and use Flame Breath in dragon form to do some some dmg and if they have low hp you might kill them.

Dragon's Descent Shyvana's ultimate is useful to get in or out in fights doing dmg on road and getting additional dmg from your other dragon form you gain 15/20/25 Armor And Magic Ressist passively.Your Twin Bite and Flame Breath gain AOE dmg and increases Burnout dmg.Some people don't recommend to use it to initiate in fight,but when building Shyvana on a tanky dps i would recommend to do so.also It can be used to escape from enemies.For example when you are stuck between 4-5 enemies and there is a chance to fly over other side of the wall.Successful team depends on right time of this skill usage.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer flash,because it can be used in many situations when escaping,chasing and etc.Flash is recommended because your Burnout will not always be available.

Because Shyvana doesn;t have any CC effect it's very useful to take Exhaust when trying to chase enemies or trying to escape or in team a fight when there are more than 2 carries or melee dps-es,you can exaust 1 easily kill him/her or kill the other one first than kill him.

Not a good choice because you already have [mercury's treads].

Take it if they healers or self healer champs like Vladimir, Fiddlesticks and etc.Sure you can use ignite for killing but Shyvana's main role is tanking and not ks-ing from carries.

Solo topper's friend,but Shyvana already has Burnout get back in team fights and top lane again,but if you really wan to be super fast,take it.

You already have about 5k hp and 10hp regen per/sec.why nead for heal?

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Items Against more Ad champs

In late game you get some dmg items as well with Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler you will get some dmg,with the addition of sheen you get normal dmgx3,because of sheen and Twin the end when you build up all items you will be unstoppable.
after Trinity you must decide what you want to build first,frozen mallet for more dmg or sunfire's cape.if they have a good carry or good ad dmg-er than sunfire's cape is more recommended,if not build frozen mallet and you will get additional health and dmg.

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Items Against more Ap champs

There is another build for Shyvana when fighting against ap champs.No changes in summoner skills,masteries and etc,only change in Items.Start of the build is the same but after Warmog's Armor it's recommended to build Force of Nature.It comes in handy especially when fighting against assassin mages like Fizz and LeBlanc.Not only you take less damage but also easily regain lost hp.besides that when finishing Wit's End you gain more attack speed and takedown casters faster.After you built Sheen enemy casters should run away from you really really fast :D .

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To my point of view this is guide helps a lot i hope it well help you too.
I even dived second middle turret than the third and last 2 at nexus just to kill Sion and still made it out alive besides the fact that i got stunned 2 times(1 from Sion other from Ashe).

I hope this information and guide was useful

see my other guide when fighting against more ap champs.