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Singed Build Guide by CoverOfDark

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CoverOfDark

Singed: A little poison can do wonders

CoverOfDark Last updated on September 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Allow me to introduce you to everyone's favorite mad chemist, Singed.

If you enjoy distributing a healthy dose of chaos to the battlefield, Singed is going to be your new best friend. An asset to most team compositions, Singed loves to get into the mix and stir up trouble.

He can be best described as a Mage / Melee / Fighter / Pusher / Bruiser / Tank.

This guide outlines a simple build plan that covers all of the above roles. It's easy to use and will have you racking up kills and assists in no time. Perhaps not the most pro build, it does have the qualities to help you play a role in your team that is both needed and fun to execute.

Perhaps one of the most thrilling champions to play, you will soon learn that a little poison can do wonders!!

Go ahead and concoct some coffee because this guide goes in depth!!

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As seen above, runes are something that are completely preference based. Mine focus on Singed's need for speed, dealing extra magic dmg, extra magic resist, and more health. Again these are what I prefer to use on him.
Other great options are cooldown reduction, health Quints, and extra mana.

Find what works best for you.

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Again these are listed above and are pretty self explanatory.


First I get 9 in the offense tree, the two main benefits being magic pen and cooldown reduction. This allows your poison to deal effective dmg to minions and champs at all stages of the game. Also the cooldown reduction is really nice.

Then 21 points into the support tree. Singed is always most effective with his summoner spells up. You also get more cooldown reduction and speed. All great suff.

DO NOT GET Perseverance or expanded mind. These masteries are absolutely useless.

OKAY so now on to the fun stuff.......Items, Abilities, Summoner Spells, and Play.

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Summoner Spells

What I use:

Singed is all about synergy and it starts with his ult and this spell. Both give amazing speed boosts when used on their own, and together create Usain Bolt. When pushing lanes up this will help you escape. It will also allow you to catch fleeing champs. Just too good to pass up.

Being an amazing lane pusher (maybe even the best), this spell will ruin the other team's day. Push top all the way to their tower, teleport bot and push that one as well. Both lanes pushed in seconds.

These two summoner spells also address a major function of Singed and his role in a team. These two abilities plus your ult will allow you to get almost anywhere on the map in moments. This is crucial as you can be the difference in winning a fight or helping your mates escape certain death. Again, with Singed you want to be aiding your team in most encounters and pushing lanes when not doing that.

Other possible summoner spells include:

Exhaust - For picking off targets or saving teammates.

Flash - Just an OP spell in general. Help you escape death or initiate by flash throwing.

Clairvoyance - Map vision is OP of course, but better for a support champ to take.

Ignite - If you really want kills.

Anything else is just a waste IMO. Don't be a troll.

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All of Singed's abilities have great synergy. Amazing utility, great dmg over time, and toughness. When mixed well on the battlefield they often can concoct a win.

Passive: Empowered Bulwark - Increases Singed's health by .25 for each mana point he has.
His passive allows for great synergy with many mana related items. Never the focus of your builds, think of it as more of a bonus. Helps make Singed that much more tanky. Really nice to have.

Q Key: Poison Trail - Toggle: Singed lays a poisonous trail which deals 22 / 34 / 46 / 58 / 70 (+30% of ability power) magic damage per second.
Basically what Singed is known for, when used correctly this is your main source of dmg output. Great for area denial, harass, farming, and bruising. This will give you the bulk of your assists, but also has major potential for kills. Uses mana quickly so only use it in spurts at the start of the game. If you can get enemy champs to chase you this will wear them down big time, and usually sets them up to be killed. BTW minions and some players just seem to love this stuff. They must think it tastes good or something cuz they just suck it down.

W Key: Mega Adhesive - Singed throws a vial of mega adhesive on the ground causing all enemies who touch it to be slowed by 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75% for 5 seconds.
Singed's #1 underused ability. Hands down. His only skill shot and his hardest skill to master. Has a maxed slow of 75%...might as well be a stun cuz the enemy champ aint moving. Perhaps the strongest slow in the game, it has many uses. It keeps enemies in poison longer, under your tower longer, sets them up to be thrown, catches fleeing enemies, and slows chasing enemies. Have saved teammates hundreds of times just using this one ability. Lead the target for best results as it is a delayed cast.

E Key: Fling - Singed flings an enemy over his shoulder, dealing 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+100% of ability power) magic damage and slowing the enemy when they land.
Singed's best ability and most versatile. This is what makes him a tank. Adhesive may help your mates escape, but this will prevent a kill. You must master this skill and it really divides the good Singed players from the pro players. Use it to save a fleeing teammate, toss enemy under your tower, toss them into your poison, single out valuable targets, and initiate team fights. This ability can be considered a goes up to 300 magic dmg plus an amazing 100% ability power. This skill will get the majority of your kills. Easy mistakes are throwing enemy champs towards their tower or escape route, throwing something like an amumu or galio into your team, or throwing a deadly champ at your ranged squishy(not very nice).

R Key: Insanity Potion - Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him 35 / 50 / 65 enhanced ability power, armor, magic resist, movement speed, health and mana regeneration per 5 and crowd control redution for 25 seconds.
Everything the body needs in one easy to drink cup of crazy. Makes Singed a veritable juggernaut. Simply put this is steroids. This thing has a very low cooldown especially with your cooldown reduction masteries, runes, and possible items. This is why Singed is unkillable/uncatchable. Feel free to pop it whenever you need that boost...however don't waste it on catching single champions fleeing with little health who run into the forest. It is usually a waste. It can also allow you to tank Baron fairly early in the game. One point of advice is do not wait till you are below 1/2 health to pop it...if you use it from full health you will tank that much more dmg and have a better chance to survive.

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The Singed core build is the best. Pros use it and nothing really comes close. Opening items are often different from player to player. And building his late game depends on your team comp, the enemy team comp, who is doing well, and what you need to win.

Opening Build:

My standard ATM. Makes your early game super sustainable and the extra life is a must.

Really nice starting item, his passive will give you more health. Extra mana is good since Singed has early mana problems.

The movement speed will allow you to juke skill shots and help get off some nice early Flings.

Laning Phase:

Catalyst the Protector
Solves your mana problems early game and is just amazing all around. Sustains big time with it's passive.

Core Items:

If ever an item was made specifically for one champ, it would be the Rod of Ages for Singed. Synergy with this item is insane. Mana check. Health for days. Great spell dmg. And the passive lets you stay out all day long. Don't argue, this item IS Singed. Preferably get it before 20 mins since it has to build, but that is only a minor problem. This item is why people hate Singed, they just don't know it. No matter what is happening in the game this is your go to item.

Speed is Singed's best friend as I have said. You need to close with your enemy. This is the only way you will catch for throws, and will help everything from ganking to pushing a lane. The other option is Mercury Treads, but they just don't compare.


Lots of CC on the enemy team? Grab this cheap baby. It gives you more dmg for your spells and tenacity if you really need it. Keep in mind that your ult has CC reduction, so you only really need this if the enemy team has lots of CC. Together with your ult nobody is going to slow you down.

Mid Game:

Singed's weakness at this point will be his magic resist. Improving that plus movement speed and health regen all have synergy with his ult and abilities. Mages will normally put out the most dmg at this point in the game, something to keep in mind.

If the enemy team is mostly physical dmg or if their physical carries are killing everyone get this before Force of Nature. Or you can get it after. Great all around item. Mana for your passive, armor, cooldown reduction and enemy attack speed reduction. Force of nature always comes first though IMO.

Late Game:

So now you have 3 - 4 items under your belt and it's time to go nuts. It is not often that you get this far in a game, so you are not putting all your hopes in late game. Late game items are whatever works for you and what works in the particular game you are in.

You want to lay down some hurt and kill people. People will always underestimate Singed's dmg potential and you are going to take advantage of that. Your poison will hurt like hell and Fling will be a death blow.

Amazing dmg and a must for late game on mages. Perhaps not the best item on Singed, but if you are ahead enough pick up this baby and watch the corpses pile.

This makes Rabadon's really hurt. Nice cheaper item for laying down hurt. Combine with rabadon's for pentakills.

Lets be honest, this is for the dmg. Good armor and health, but the dmg is where its at. It is basically adding to ur dmg from poison trail. Standing next to you will not be advisable.

Another good dmg choice. Most effective if you have lots of AP on your team. Magic resist and dmg output too.

Not very common, but good for cooldown reduction, attack speed, and spell dmg. Mana regen too. Lets you spam your abilities much more. Remember that cooldown reduction cannot go past 40% so any more than that is a waste. Nashor's attack speed is mainly for helping you drop towers faster.

Okay boys I'm tanking hard until the end. With some of these items you will not die...ever.

Such a great late game item. Ideally you want to be focused in a team fight, so if you go down (somewhat likely), then you get a second shot to kick some ***. Love it.

Great item for health and mana. You can keep poison trail on for the rest of the game now. It's passive will allow you to initiate like a beast.

The straight up counter to physical dmg and crit specialists. Increases your dmg output if they are dumb enough to hit you.

OMG health regen. This plus FoN and your ult and you will never have to go back to the fountain. You will regen more than people can deal. Lots of health too, but not very standard on Singed. Still, a cool item.

Just a great item all around. Expensive, so other items can be better picks. Never tried it to be honest.

NOW, just one thing I need to address. Consider this the most important part of my guide :D !!!!

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Rod of Ages VS Rylai's Crystal Scepter

The single largest argument in Singed history. Check the LoL forums, it's all over them. Nobody seems to think "What do the pros use?". Here is the solution:


So, there it is. RoA is 100% the better item. I have already gone over RoA so I will just discuss Ryali's.

-Slow on dmg spells
-Nice health
-AP is nice too

-Not enough health
-Slow only 15% on poison
-No sustainability

Simply put people get this item for the passive, which is a slow for any dmg spells.
The reality: Poison trail only slows 15%. And fling is the only other dmg dealing spell, so it is a good slow right? Wrong. The slow lasts 1.5 seconds. And it starts as soon as you sling them, so the slow is in effect while they are in the air. Which means it does not last very long at all.

One thing players forget is that you have one of the strongest slows in the game. Mega Adhesive is underused like I said. So get good with it and it will be all the slow you need. Leave Rylai's for the mage champs who can actually use it to it's full potential.

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Pros / Cons

-Amazingly fun to play
-Rewarding kills/assists
-Save your allies butts
-Never Die
-Tons of dmg over time
-Push lanes like no other
-Singed knows Judo
-Wanna race?

-No range
-No pokes
-No real burst dmg
-Super slow killing towers
-Can be kited
-Mana problems early game
-Squishy early game
-Good players won't chase me!!!

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Laning Phase:
Solo top is the best place for Singed. Your most vulnerable point in the game, focus on farming, but be ready to react to anything. If your enemy gets too close to your tower fling him into it. Harass consists of throwing an enemy into your poison trail and then running in front of them as they try to get away. Help gank whenever possible, but work on farming and harassing.

Mid Game
Mostly done with farming, your job will be to aid your team in whatever they are doing. Be ready to go where they need you. When you have time push lanes and farm some jungle if there is some on the way. Blue buff is always nice to have. You will obviously have your ult so do not hesitate to use it if fights happen.

Split push like a maniac. To push simply run past creep waves, they will follow you and die. If you push a lane and you know the enemy team is coming for you, you have many escapes in your arsenal. #1 Hit b - Either in a bush or in the open, only do this if you have time. #2 Simply run the length of the lane, run through the jungle, or run through their base ;) #3 Teleport to mid lane, bot lane, wherever. If there is a ward near your team go there. #4 Ghost and run for it. #5 This is your last pick, your ult. Use it if they are right on top of you, or if you have nothing else. Combine with Ghost if you are going to die.

Late Game
You all know what that fight time. Depending on who is on your team you may have to initiate. Not ideal, but you can do it. Don't initiate unless it is a do or die situation or if it is an opportune moment. Use all your abilities right off the bat starting with insanity potion. Throw out your adhesive and grab the nearest squishy. Give them to you team as a present. Hopefully they will instagib in midair. Pop ghost as well if you have it and basically run circles through the enemy team. They tighter grouped they are the better. You want them all taking dmg from your poison for the entire fight. If you get low start to leave, but make sure you are using fling and adhesive every time they are up.

You may not be the carry, but the impact you have on team fights can be amazing.

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So, how'd that taste? Pretty simple, but good. Like most champs you have to play it how you enjoy and whatever works the best for you.

Please keep in mind this is my first build, but I have been playing Singed as basically my main for months. I still have a lot to learn, so hopefully I will continue to update this guide to help anyone who loves to play Singed or is just starting.

And always remember that even when you are surrounded by the enemy, depressed and losing hope......

...a little poison can do wonders!!