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Singed Build Guide by singed best adc

ADC Singed on steroids: The art of playing him bot

ADC Singed on steroids: The art of playing him bot

Updated on July 31, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author singed best adc Build Guide By singed best adc 6 0 5,836 Views 0 Comments
6 0 5,836 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author singed best adc Singed Build Guide By singed best adc Updated on July 31, 2021
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Singed
    Singed ADC
  • LoL Champion: Yuumi

Runes: Main Runes 1

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Second Wind

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
Almost every game
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost



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Champion Build Guide

Singed on steroids: The art of playing him bot

By singed best adc

My summoner name is Singed is bad (EUW), currently platinum, and I'm playing the bald star as ADC since s10. Please hear me out before you stop reading here! It sounds like it shouldn't work, but everything in Yuumis kit is great on Singed. Her passive gives him a shield, with her Q Yuumi can slow enemys so Singed catch them, her W will make Singed ****ing strong (+20AP flat / +20% AP on lv. 12), the E heals and makes him faster and her R is an AOE stun (if an enemy is stunned Singed can walk to him, use his W behind himself and fling the enemy into it (=CC chain)).

With the new mystic items Singed felt so bad on toplane. No guide here on Mobafire really convinced me and it felt like I will never become effective enough in a decent amount of time. I had no fun playing Singed anymore and I thought about to stop playing League. If your team wins, you win. If your team looses, you loose. That was a hard pill to swallow.

So I decided to try him on botlane. And it felt good. Not like low elo fun good. It felt really good. It felt even good in platinum or higher if you face the right match up. So my Yuumi people and me explored the mystical ways of running him as ADC. During the last 400 games we tried much different stuff and searched for the best build orders and runes. Let me share my thoughts about this to you. But the most important thing at first: I had fun playing Singed again.

Special thanks and greetings to all my Yuumi tryhards, to my very calming flex mates, to all the jungle players which were so nice to start top or solo so I can take the first wave very fast, to the people which blamed us in queue and said thx for carry after, to every jungle who gives Yuumi a blue, to the enemies for their hate and bad language (I learned so many new words!) and to my lovely mum
Pros and cons
-It's very fun
-Works even in higher elos if you play your Champions on the absolute limit
-2v8 potential
-Great catch potential
-Great escape potential
-You can always firstpick Singed, nobody is expecting him on bot (so maybe your top can counter their top)
-You can play mind games in queue (click on some toplaners before locking Singed (and if you need to swap with Yuumi do it in last second, so they have no time to take MR))
-If you are lucky now you play vs a botlane with armor in runes (Magicpen = AHHHHHHHHH)
-The lategame is yours if you reach it
-Beekeper and Yuubee Skins
-Different gameplay for Yuumi compared to the gameplay with usual/ranged ADCs
-One of the most disgusting champ combinations you can run in League, because everybody hates Singed and everybody hates Yuumi.
-Even more fun in Ultimative Spellbook
-If you are ahead you can ****talk enemies (better adc wins, report *insert adc name* for trollpick, next time go something meta, where can i play online?, better support movement wins,..)

-First 10 minutes are hell
-You have to wait to lv. 6 before you are able to snowball in a decent way
-You have to play few games together before you have a good Singed/Yuumi synergy
-High banrate Yuumi
-Very strong moment is at min 20 / lv.12, don't ruin your game before (your mates can ruin it too)
-Everything with much burst in the early is a hard match up
-Sometimes people in your team loose their mind in queue if you pick Singed Yuumi. If this guy is the jungle and you have to be nice to him (even if hes a ****ing moron), because you want his ganks. In the best case they just play well or dodge, in the worst case they ruin your game with intentional troll.
-Very good Yuumi OTPs are rare. Most time they are egirls and/or can't play any other champion on a high level. Most OTP players have an extremly good knowledge of their champion, but a lack for the understanding of other champions, lanes, mechanics, strong points, playstyles or team combinations. That's a problem somehow. Furthermore Yuumi is a champion which invites the player to "chill" on her Anchor and she was and is always a choice of bad players. You need a partner who is able to play Yuumi on a serious level and with a good sense for macro plays if you want to survive in higher elos.
Why Hextech-Protobelt and not Riftmaker or something else
TLDR: It's the best item for Singed if you want to kill people because of Magicpen, gap closer and it slows if you have Rylais. It improves your chances to catch people and your chances to escape.

Let's do a math example why Magicpen is insanely good and worth it to be a glass cannon: in progress

Why Spirit and not Force of nature
You have a Yuumi on you, so take the +25% heal. It's just the better item. If you need a second one take abyssal mask, because of dmg reasons.

Always aim for 25 Mejaias stacks. It gives you 145ap for 1600g, there is nothing to discuss. Only sell it if there is absolutely no way to keep 25 stacks up. Swap to Rabadons if you are fullbuild.

Everything else
Should be self explaining if you are confident with Singed. I don't have to repeat why deadmans plate or Rylais is a good item on Singed, you can find these items in every other guide too.
Min 0-10
First pick of you both bans Lulu, click on some toplaners and after that you lock in Singed. Second one of you bans Kaisa and picks Yuumi. Swap in last second if you have to.

You start the game with Dorans shield and a tonic. Dorans shield helps you to survive the early. Why not Dorans Ring? Because you don't need it if you have a good mana management. Your goal is to survive and get many cs as possible. If you play vs a good botlane you will eat so much damage that Dorands shield is always worth it because it helps you to say longer on lane (and get more cs (gold) at all). And yes, you will loose some CS in early. But dont worry to much about that, you dont play for the early and the game is not lost just because they got few platings or you are 30-40cs behind. Stay calm, get what you can get and don't feed. In the best case your jungle starts top or solo so you can take the first wave before enemies are there. If he started top he can do a lv3 bot. Your first backport goal should be 900g or 950g or 1300g. In first case you buy Boots+2Cloths armor (if vs 2 ad bot), in second case Boots+Cloth Armor+Dark Seal and in the third case Boots+Armseekers.

Now u go into extended boots and Hextech (and a dark seal if not bought already). At lv. 6 you are able to kill enemies. If they disrespect you to hard below your tower like they did the first 5 levels before ult them with Yuumis R, ground them and fling into the tower. If everything going fine you should get your first kill (and if enemy sup cant escape your second).

After the first packport your jungle is always welcome to gank your lane. Try to steal all kills, you scale way better than everyone else in this game.

As Yuumi you start with support item and a pink wards. You don't need any tonics because your Singed will take care of you. The skill order is E->W->Q, so you need a lot of mana to keep your adc moron alive. Buy 3-4 faerie charms and a Dark Seal.

Some people would ask now "Hey? And whats up with control wards? I have no space left"
Well, you play Singed Yuumi. Most people dont want to chase you guys, rule #1 and so. Tell the Singed he should buy a control ward if needed, faerie charms are more worth it in that moment. Your based mana reg is 10+0.4lv, so with 4 faerie charms you'll get + 20mana/5s. It's strong. You can keep buying control wards later in the game (wardstone item).

Why max your W second and not your Q? Your W gives you the same amount of AP u give your Singed. If you max your W second it would be maximum at lv. 12. At this moment the Singed will gain +20AP flat and +20% AP. Because of the fact that Yuumi can skill her Q 6 times you would start leveling your W on lv 14. So you miss on lv 12 and Lv 13 8% extra AP on Singed. On lv. 14 it would be 6% less. And you never each lv 18 with Yuumi, the game is over before. So you max E-W-Q!
You have an AP Bruiser on you and no AD Bruiser. 1 adaptive damage = 1 ap or 0.6 ad
So compared to a Garen or something else on AD your W will trigger way harder on Singed!

Try to use your passive as often as possible and prog your mana flow band. If you die before the Singed dies you did something wrong and have to improve your skills. Don't take any kills from Singed if possible, because a) he's the carry and not you b)if he buys AP dmg from the gold your AP will rise also cause of the W c) you are never able to bring the same pressure on the map compared to the Singed if you take the kills.
Use ignite start of the fight and exhaust to reduce dmg or slow if needed. Don't pay the costs for the control ward of the enemy support with throwing your wards on places where is no need to ward before you backport. Give Singed solo platings if possible and hide in bush below tower (very important). Try to get your 3 hits for support item on it after if possible. Take care of minimap and warn your mates everywhere on it if needed - you have the most time, no need to CS and no need for movement. Look every 3s on it. But don't annoy your mates with high amounts of pings and don't try to explain their champion to them. Nobody wants to hear that from a Yuumi. You can ****talk enemies but you have to respect your mates. Just be a good, friendly support. Real basic stuff.
Min 10-20
in progress
League of Legends Build Guide Author singed best adc
singed best adc Singed Guide
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Singed on steroids: The art of playing him bot

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