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Singed Build Guide by KingEmonerd

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingEmonerd

Singed, the Mad Chemist

KingEmonerd Last updated on October 12, 2011
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Hello ladies and gentlemen, EmoN here, bringing you a guide to the bulkiest, most disruptive champion around: Singed, the Mad Chemist. Most Summoners know Singed for his Poison Trail. It's his key ability, and it's annoying as hell. Singed is a champion mostly played as a tank, and often chosen to be a tank, but he can be built in various other ways, one of which I'll attempt to discuss in this guide.

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Before anything else, we'll go over his abilities:

Poison Trail is one of the few toggle abilities. You start gassing the area behind you, dealing magic damage to units in the poison cloud. It deals some amazing damage, and is very much able to farm creep waves in a matter of seconds after level 3. Even champions fear the small cloud of purple death.

An AoE slow with a rediculous percentage. 75% @ Lv.5, good for quick assists or chasing down single targets. It's not the ability you'll use very much, since it's not that great on Singed. Not to him, at least. Sure, it's good to help your carry chase one down, but that's all there is to it.

Such a great disturbing ability. Fling a target over your shoulder, dealing magic damage. Kata going for noob-ulti? Fling her onto her own blade. Nunu going for penta? Fling his furry *** back into a glacier. Save your teammates, and do mad magic damage while you're at it.

A rediculous ultimate. You gain mad flat stats and immense movespeed (especially in lower levels. It's good for towerdiving into a double kill and still getting out with 10% health. Knowing to use it wisely is key to a good Singed.

This is the reason there's a Rod of Ages in every Singed guide. He gains 25% of his mana as bonus health. This makes Singed deceptively strong in early game laning phase, as he has about 500 mana as soon as you get a Sapphire Crystal.

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Skill Usage

You want to abuse the low-cost high-damage Poison Trail as much as possible. Lead your opponents with it, and as soon as they start fearing you and running away, fling them back into the trail. It does indeed do a lot of damage. Just make sure you don't overuse it, since it takes mana per second to use.
The same goes for your Fling. It has a nice cooldown to it, and it deals amazing damage (as well as it scales off your AP like mad). But oh my god, is it mana consuming. Don't use it to harass, just stick to your Poison Trail instead. You will run out of mana if you start spamming your Fling.
Your Mega Adhesive is your catching-up ability. You can instantly lead targets with it, slowing them down by quite the amount. This makes it so that your enemies won't be able to escape your ganking mid champion unless they Flash, in which case, the mid champ will just have to stick around for a bit until you can Fling them into range.
Your ultimate can be used in two instances. The scenario where your mid champ fails to call MIA and you get ganked by top lane + jungler + mid. Flash out, and immediately use your ultimate. If they chase you down to your turret (and don't have any means of keeping you in one place), just fling the one that is most fed into your turret and kill them with your Poison Trail. The other instance is when you push your lane and want a kill. Pop the ultimate and start chasing and poison the enemy with your Trail.

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Runes, Masteries and Summoner Spells

There's ways to build tank, AP carry, hybrid, etc.. I like to utilize the potential your damaging abilities have, taking Magic Pen. in Marks and Quints, and dishing out my defensive stats in Seals and Glyphs (Flat Armor and Flat Magic Resist. respectively). This makes your harassing game so much heavier, since you have about 15 Magic Pen. on game start.

For Masteries, you'll want to build tank. Yes, tank. It's still your job to soak up damage, the way how you soak it is just different. I like the 15% Magic Pen. on Singed, since he deals amazing damage. For the rest, just take Defensive masteries.

For Summoner Spells, you'll like Flash seeing as Singed has no means of escape other than his ulti. The other one is up to you. Viable choices are Teleport for good ganking, just so as long as they don't see you coming (or to push turrets while no-one is looking); Ignite for some extra damage dealing and rendering Bloodthirsters and other Lifesteal items more or less useless; or Ghost for extra chasing capabilities. Exhaust is a 'alright' choice, were it not for that Singed does not depend on his melee hits, but more his abilities. Other Spells should be picked up by full tanks or supports (such as Clairvoyance or Fortify.

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In every and all games, you want to start out with a Sapphire Crystal. You just need the mana. Health Potions are useful too, but you might also consider trading one in for a Mana Potion. Get as much farm as you possibly can, and go back as soon as you have the 975 gold to afford your Catalyst the Protector. If your lane is pushed, you might also just want to hold out a little and get your Boots of Speed while you're at it.
For Boots, there's two options. Either take Mercury Treads if the enemy team is heavy on CC; otherwise, get your Boots of Swiftness. It just increases your ability to chase so much, it's unbelievable. You want to be able to lead your enemies with your Poison Trail, but not lead them so much that they just walk alongside it, like "doo-di-doo, you ain't hittin' me." Also, seeing as you're Singed, the Mad Chemist, you can also pick up your Blasting Wand, to build into AP-items.
Upgrade to your Rod of Ages as soon as possible. It increases your durability and survivability, as well as it enables you to utilize its passive the quickest. Stacking these is an option, but I won't recommend it.
Seeing as you now have a lot of health, you might want to utilize this and increase durability. A Force of Nature is a must-have on Singed, as it just increases your survivability so much. 1,75% of your health every 5 seconds ain't nothing, it's something to seriously consider when attacking Singed. Rush the FoN to get your stomp on.
Now, you'll want to be able to survive a chase. Getting Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a good way to assure such things. For as long as they stay in the cloud, they remain slowed by 15%. If they Flash out, fearing a death, just slow them again or Fling them back into your cloud. You have enough mana now, anyways.
A Rabadon's Deathcap is your next stop. Your damage output is just rediculous with your Fling and your cloud (30% of 400 is nothing to take lightly). If the enemy team has a really powerful AD champion, take a Frozen Heart instead. The CDR and bonus mana are all very much welcome, and the armor is a duh.
Finishing out your build, the key items are these:
Boots of Swiftness/ Mercury Treads
Rod of Ages
Force of Nature
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
The other items are debateable, as well as the Rylai. Depending on your enemy team (and how hard they are stomping yours), consider getting Frozen Heart, Banshee's Veil, Rabadon's Deathcap or Thornmail. See which items are not necessary for your way of playing and toss out/add items as you wish.

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You should play Singed either as a bully or a counter-attacker, depending on your lane enemy. Taking a Mordekaier solotop is still a viable choice, and he just won´t die. This is pure logic. He won´t die, so you'll have to be patient and wait for the right moment. Just take the harass he throws out every once in a while, and harass him back just as much. When he pushes to the turret, Fling him into range, and immediately slow his escape paths. He will either take 3 turret hits, or Flash out of turret range. Just patiently await the next time he pushes and do the same. THis actually goes for all solotops, since they solo top because they can take the hits.
In mid game, you're the finisher, and the one that's dealing constant damage. Roam around with the superspeed boots and take out single turrets as you please, and try to kill a roaming enemy if you encounter them. The same goes for late game. You are the one that deals damage, but you are in no circumstance the one that initiates or deals the most damage. Just contribute to kills and rack up assist after assist, completing your item build very very quickly.

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Singed is a really strong champion, and playing him is a breeze. Just figure out when to pop your ultimate and take double kills after double kills. He is strong, and once you have your Boots of Swiftness, you are able to kite enemies really effectively. Stay in front of them, poison them, and throw them back into the poison as soon as they run. Basic attacks work well in this period, since you get a nice AD bonus on ulti-pop.