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Singed Build Guide by AlmostMadHatter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AlmostMadHatter

Singed: The Trololo Tank UPDATED:11/2/11

AlmostMadHatter Last updated on November 2, 2011
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GUIDE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. I AM A STUDENT INVOLVED THE SCHOOL MUSICALS AND OTHER ACTIVITES. PATIENCE. Give me time, and I will explain my crazy ways and reasons for my insanity. Also, my first guide

Hello. My name is TheAlmostMadHatter. I started playing League for a little less than a year. It is quite interesting seeing how far this game has come, just starting to play right before Nocturne was released. Anyway

Singed was the first champion I played. Just the ability to run around and still help my team. But, at that time, I didn't know anything about tanking so all I built was AP, stacking Archangel's with a Rabadon's. Doing over 1000 damage a second with poison trail sold Singed as my main. BUT, lame story aside, this guide shall be about tanking, with a side note of AP Singed later on.

I think Singed is by far one of the most versatile tanks and can be customized to so many different builds. I will try to add some of my example builds to show how great Singed really is.

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Nov. 2- Broke down rest of items. Added Scepter Chapter.

Nov. 1- Added Chapters. Fleshed out Skill sequences and more items. Summoner rough draft.

Halloween- Guide created. Rough stuff regurgitated out. Drafty

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Pros / Cons

1. Can make huge plays to the team by running around and going "HURRR SUPLEX" to the enemy carries.
1.5 Makes a great laning partner
2. Almost comical passive, even if only AP Singed
3. Purple cloud of death
4. Has one of the best slows in the game.
5. Great spamable low CD buff for an ultimate.
6. Indestructable
7. Best Laughs ever
8. Difficult to get denied
9. To push a lane, walk through the minion wave. ???? Profit

1. Very melee based. If you can't close the distance, very useless. Only has W to get close.
2. Useless if oom.

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I really thing Singed is one of the most cartoony champs in LoL. His abilities further my statement.

Empowered Bulwark- 25% of your mana gives you bonus health. I LOVE this passive. If it doesn't scream "BUILD ME AS A COURSING RIVER OF AP TANKINESS" then I don't know what would. A simple Sapphire Crystal gives you 50 health. A Catalyst gives ~370 and RoA gives ~600 compared to the usual 450. This makes getting health items not needed, unless you want that extra "YOU CAN'T DESTROY ME" (Which is why Warmog's is still a viable item)

Poison Trail- Your bread and butter, signature move, pusher, automatic assist grabber, "you can't chase me". Taunting smoke, as my friends and I call it. Pretty basic, you ask yourself "Am I near an enemy, or is one coming towards me?" If yes, you hit Q, until no.

Mega Adhesive- One of the best slows in the game. I don't grab until 5, because you really don't need it until then. You really need the pushing power of your poison, and you will get the advantage that way. Just throw it ahead of your enemy if they are running or chasing. If chasing, you can just suplex them back into it, so your friends can use them as a shooting gallery.

Fling- Some tanks have taunts. Some have shields. Some have stuns. They gave Singed a frakken SUPLEX. If you are ever in a VoIP with my friends and me, then you will here us go HURRRRRR SUPLEX a lot. Tanks are often known for displacement of the enemy team, or getting someone out of position. In this case, you can fling someone towards your team to get eaten up, or get a pedo off of your Annie or other carry. You can even throw people over small walls. It is so much fun to have a team fight in progress, and you throw their tank over the baron wall and having the other team ripe for the picking.

Insanity Potion- Who wouldn't want nearly all of their stats buffed? In a team fight? Pop it. Chasing? Pop it. Getting chased? Pop it. Tower diving? Pop it. Pushing a tower? Pop it. With a minute or so cooldown, there is no reason NOT to pop it. With the extra AP, MS, MR, Armor, and AD, it is useful for about everything.

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Summoner Spells


Remember how I said you need to be fast as a coursing river? This is often needed for it. This is much like your ultimate, giving you a tasty speed boost. In fact, when used in time with your ultimate, you can be come a fierce typhoon of purple smoke. Now, this isn't NEEDED. But it is HIGHLY HIGHLY HIIIIIGHHHLLLY suggested that you take this.

This has been one of my favorite spells. Just went b, and the other team is distracted, leaving a lane open to push? Tele. Need to go grab your philo stone, but don't want to miss the early levels? B, Grab it, and tele back. Friend need a gank on a ward in a bush? Tele to it (Singed has really good ganking abilities) This is the more optional spell, compared to the HIGHLY suggested Ghost.

Haven't tried a Jungle Singed. Don't think it works. I will try eventually, but until then... HELL NO

This is a maybe. I prefer the utility of Ghost for the constant running away uses. This is better for the Houdini type of dissapearing over a wall, but isn't that great if you are running back from a lane. It seems to be a turn off for people to chase you... And being chased as Singed is kind of your calling card. So PLAUSIBLE.

Meh. Can use it to secure first blood, but keep this to your carries

Are you a support? No. You are an indestructible tank. NO

I think this is a meh skill. I think it is like a Wish, but it isn't really worth it in my opinion. Just preference.

Why are you running out of mana? YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG. NO

I used this once in a troll game when I went AD tank Soraka. One of the most useless summoner spells.

Why are you dying again? Take Good Hands instead if you are afraid of dying. SCIENTISTS DON'T FEAR DEATH.

If your team seems to be lacking in CC, then pick this up. Pretty nice for chasing, or nerfing a carry for a short period of time.

This is one of my favorite summoner's as well. Good for draft pick and you know the enemy team has lots of CC. If you don't feel this is worth a summoner spell, pick up a Quicksilver Sash

Meh, unless you take the mastery in it. Stopping pushes wins games. Especially when people don't see the splash damage coming. Also good to suplex people into

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Skill Sequence


Got your base formula right there^

I grab Fling at level 1 over Poison for what I like to call "the first blood window" This window is the ~minute before the first waves of minions meet up. You know, the awkward time when both teams are hiding in the bush, or protecting the jungler. When there is an encounter, you want that hard CC. Not a slow, or a DoT of damage (your poison). Fling's displacement gives you this advantage. If you are with a DPS, things will go much smoother. Fiddle is a great lane partner, and when someone walks into your bush, and starts getting drained, you can fling them back towards Fiddle to pretty much secure the first blood
But, it is preference, I have always found fling more efficient

Poison. Hands down.

I max Q for the pushing capacities, and the fact you can easily get some free damage in if the enemy takes a wrong step.

Mega adhesive is a VERY powerful slow, and is great to max second. I grab this at level 4 because A) It is between this and fling. B) Around this time you have the capability to easily get a kill with a partner and the slow helps a lot, especially with Melee partners

The only bonus to leveling up Fling, is the damage. Granted, that little extra nuke is fine, but there is no CD bonus, and costs more mana. You want the DoT and the slow from your other abilities.

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Singed can really take what ever magic or tank runes he wants.


Greater Seal of Armor: When against someone in a lane, whether it be casters or physical carries, they have right click basic attacks. I take flat armor to get the boost early game.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: However, Magic damage users scale with their items and their levels much more, so as you go up in level, it is more potent to have the little bit of extra MR from per level runes.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: You need that extra bit of punch from your poison. Between that, and the lack of good defensive marks, these are your best bet. The stronger the poison, the faster you can walk through a minion wave to push

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: You need to run as fast as a coursing river to run with the bulls. And little bit of extra movement speed you can squeeze out to keep up with those pansy "fast" characters ( Highlander Master Yi, Zilean'ed Teemo) If you are not as fast as a coursing river, you are doing something WRONG

AP Singed

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As a tank, you must be pretty close to being indestructible. Not the ****py "As seen on TV" indestructible. The kind where their entire team needs to jump on you all at once to bring you down. There are have been times that I have been solo pushing my enemies nexus turret and those pansies they call "champions" all jumped on me, and I got back to my own nexus turret before they killed me. No need to mention the fact that they all died soon after because my poison weakened them so much. SO.

For Fulltank
0/21/9 it is


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Force of Nature
Often times, this will cover the MR you need. The regen passive is practically giving yourself a blue buff for your health. Since Singed's passive has the tendency to give him tons of healt, it becomes even more effective. I often rush FoN first, because it gives you practically infinite sustain, and the extra movement speed even sooner. RoA could be rushed first, it is all preference, but between philo stone and FoN, your sustain will lead you to be the first to knock your tower down.

Rod of Ages
Health, Mana (which means more health), and AP. Why WOULDN'T you get this item. There are times when I occasionally don't get this item to fit it with a more armor/MR based item, or if I don't get it till 30 minutes into a game, and I find it silly to get. HOWEVER I don't see why people think this is a NEEDED item for Singed. It is pretty nice to have, but unless you feel that you are resist-y enough to get it. Sure, the AP is nice, but I prefer to usually get a more tanky item

Randuin's Omen
This is your bread and butter, run of the mill armor item. It has a fantastic active, and has another Gold per second item you can replace the philo stone with after you get your FoN.
However, if they are not that heavy AD, or their AD isn't that fed, go Thornmail instead, for it is much cheaper.

Thornmail- Great for "cheap" hefty armor. I prefer a couple other armor items over this, but if there is a fed Trynd or 3 AD champs, I usually pick this up. It is so much easier to push a lane by yourself when you know that if 3 of their champs come, they will do more damage to themselves then to you. If not, it will at least slow down, if not stop their lifesteal. But, a good item on Singed, because he is often running with the other team, so might as well have that little bit of extra return

Banshee's Veil This is a GREAT item. If they are AP or CC heavy, or have a Karthus, this is a must have. Plenty of health from your passive, and more mana, but even more epic from the bubble. Heft amount of MR too.

Guardian Angel- I usually grab this if you see they are taking you down a little bit to fast for comfort (IF THEY ARE DOING THAT, YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG) this is a great choice for the mixed resists, and the ability to have a second chance at running away and suplexing people into towers.

Quicksilver Sash- If the enemy team has LOTS of CC, easy MR and cheap low-CD Cleanse. I usually only grab this if I feel Merc's aren't enough. Or the have a Malz or Warwick or Karthus or.. You get the idea.

Abyssal Mask- This is a good 6th item, if you feel tanky enough. This gives an extra chunk of MR, a good amount of AP, and is a really good item to help out your team because of the aura. This would probably be better on a support, but plausible.

Spirit Visage- Now, this is more of a Dominion item. Good pair with FoN, or any of the regen abilities. Helps your ult. Relatively cheap. CD. Item is meh.

Glacial Shroud/ Frozen Heart- This is a GREAT Item on Singed. Armor, mana (which means health), and an epic Anti-DPS aura.

Shurelya's Reverie- If you feel like upgrading your Philo stone, this is a more support-y option. Great, because Singed's need for running as fast as a great typhoon is needed, and this supplies.

Eleisa's Miracle- I often upgrade my philo to this ASAP. This often decreases the need for a pair of Merc's, so I can get swiftness

Doran's Shield If you don't feel comfortable enough opening up with a regrowth, grab this. Gives you a good amount of sustain.

Warmog's Armor I consider this almost as a core item for Singed. Add's PLENTY of health, and gives even more regen. FoN synchs nicely, because the more health you have, the more it regens.

Atma's Impaler- Now before you go "WHATTTT???" I say: I RARELY get this. This is good, if you are a "Backdoor" Singed. You can knock towers down, especially if you use your ult.


Really, it is a choice between Boots of Switftness and Mercury Treads.

To sum things up, if you can't choose for yourself:
Merc's for CC heavy teams.

Anything else: Swiftness

If you are worried about their CC, but not enough to get Merc's, Get Eleisa's Miracle

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Crystal Scepter- Breaking down

Coming soon

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Formula to a Chemist- How to Build

Tanking is about versatility. You must know your enemy team better then you know your jungle. Sun Tzsu said that. You can't be like those mentally handicapped carries that can't change their build because they saw it on that one ****py website called Mobafire, and they think they can't do damage because they fluctuate their build.

You must know every champion, learn whether they do physical damage, or magic damage; if they can be built multiple ways which ones. For example, Kog'Maw can be built AD or AP. But, either way, with his Bio-Arcane Barrage He deals magic damage, and a lot of it, whether he is AD OR AP, and a little bit of extra MR is needed.

Coming soon

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Coming soon

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Champ Breakdowns

Coming Soon

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Coming Soon

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Coming soon. Need to take screenshots. Have any good games with my guide? Send them to me, so I can add them to the Hatter hall of Fame :D