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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sauhu

Sion AP Hulk has the axe now

Sauhu Last updated on April 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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+ Sion can be played AD, Attaque Speed, Mvt and Critical strike but it's a short-term vision (effective but short-term).
+ Sion is not a full AP hero. Anivia or Malhazar and Lux are.
+ Sion is very important because he stun with Cryptic Gaze.

    Stun can bring kill. By stunning your old enemy.
    Stun can avoid kill. By escaping, stopping a skill
(amumu Curse of the Sad Mummy, nunu Absolute Zero, Katarina Death Lotus can be stop.
+ Sion is funny to play with disco Boots of Mobility and Liche ban because you can move very fast

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Items selection

1 - try to be sweet

Buy Doran's Ring because it suits you very well. Very cute Sion isn't it ?

2 - 350 / 1610 / 2260 Gold

Fiendish Codex or Sheen ? See the Sheen passive vs price and you will undestand. Moreover Sheen compose Lich Bane which is one of the best object for Sion with AP, MR, Mana and Mvt.

3 - Pivot items for AP

Sion needs AP for Cryptic Gaze and Death's Caress. I will present all usefull items for this. First of all the 'pivot items' and possible gains :
Blasting Wand buy it lead you to obtain AP, MR, Mana, Mvt, MP (Magic Penetration)
Negatron Cloak buy it lead you to obtain MR, AP
Amplifying Tome buy it lead you to obtain AP, Mana, CD reduction, MP, Vamp

3.1 - AP (Ability Power) Items : licence to kill

Blasting Wand (+860 gold) AP
Lich Bane (+2210 gold) AP, MR, Mana, Mvt
Rabadon's Deathcap (+3600 gold) for AP
Void Staff (+2295 Gold) AP, MP
Deathfire Grasp (+2610 Gold) AP, Mana/s, CD reduct.
Will of the Ancients (+2100 Gold) AP and AP&Vamp for the team

3.2 - MR (Magic Resist) Items : die is not a fatality

Negatron Cloak (+740 Gold) MR
Lich Bane (+2210 Gold) AP, MR, Mana, Mvt
Abyssal Mask (+2650 Gold) AP, MR
Quicksilver Sash (+1440 Gold) for MR

4 - Conclusion

You have to be smart and choose the item cooresponding to your needs. Make a good combination of these items help for the victory. There is not a good combinaison of items but you can remember :

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Behaviour Tier by Tier


Your are not made to solo lane so go with your new friend. If you have a jungler it's good for your team but I advise you to be with a friend to be sure to obtain kill(s).

Tiers 1 : Kill, kill, kill

The aim of this tiers is the psycologic war. You have to see fear in the enemy's ayes.
Wait level 2 or 3 in order to atempt the first kill. Try to do it properly :
Do your Death's Caress in the bush wait this fu..nny cool down in warning your friend your are close to attack.You can Ghost and go to stun the weaker enemy with Cryptic Gaze. Slash his face together, and explode your Death's Caress near him. Beat and follow him as far as you can and survive. Ignite him if you think he can die. If you are unlucky then ennemy run away, FAIL haha. If you are lucky you will be able to stun/kill him if you are very luky the first enemy dies and you can Cryptic Gaze the second one.

Combo : 70+15 + 2x55 + 110 + 50+40 = ~400 dmg / ~650 PV at level 2, no way to escape. I think your friend can do the ~300dmg left.
Death's Caress and wait in the bush the Cool Down 1 sec left ...
Attack & Cryptic Gaze the target with.
Beat him 1 or 2 times
explode the Death's Caress near the poor little ennemy
Ignite him if he can die.

You will see your mana decreased very quikly so try to never use your skills for minions. For your information I do Death's Caress explosion on minions only when the enemy escapes.
After 1 or 2 combos, your enemy will be afraid, be play defensive. Don't be silly and just wait him come to your bush. Come see Daddy ... ;-)
Fear is a weapon

Go Shop and buy the disco Boots of Mobility and Sheen if you can afford. Tiers 2 beggin.

Tiers 2 : Run, run, run

You have the disco Boots of Mobility, like in a F1 you have your hair in the wind...
So now you have mobility and you can look for kills or assist on your lane or on the other lanes. Just try to be unexpected you take the disco Boots of Mobility and your enemy doesn't know.
Surprise is a weapon
After some kills, you will enter the gank time in Tiers 3

Tier 3 : Gank time, hard time

In this part of the game team play is essential. You and your team have to be smart and gank with strategy. Face to face is useless unless the enemies are n00bs. You can't kill a hero alone so you have to be very smart when you do your Cryptic Gaze because for your friends it will mean it's time to engage. When you do Cryptic Gaze, you must attack the enemy and go back quickly if you become the target.
Strategy is the weapon

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1 - Survive

Survive is THE aim of LoL. You can be a good player in killing enemies, if you can't survive you are not as good you think. In order to survive :
Cannibalism can help you to regenerate,
Death's Caress is a shield before to be a weapon,
Cryptic Gaze can stop a hunter enemy,
Ghost can help you to escape.
Enrage consume HP.It's not recommended for low HP times.

    -> 4 out of 6 skill&spells can help you to survive.

2 - Stun

Cryptic Gaze is the key of Sion. Use Cryptic Gaze as wisely as possible.

3 - Farm

Farming withe Sion is easy with 1 or 2 AP items. You can kill a wave of minions with only one Death's Caress explosion. So do Death's Caress 3-4 secondes before arriving on the minions then smash them with your little fireworks.

4 - Choose which hero need feed

Your are the one who engage, you are in the gank party and you can choose to let a kill to a friend.
I never stude the subject but I bielive a Sion with 9 kills is not as usefull as a good Xin Zhao with 9 kills. You can stun, but you can't kill an ennemy alone. Xin Zhao/ Tryndamere/ Anivia can. So let kills to Max Damages heroes of your team. It's for the victory, it's for your team, it's for you. Even with this method, you will kill enemies by mistake.