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Sion Build Guide by Sadikdisturbed

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sadikdisturbed

Sion the monster of jungle , just fear me !

Sadikdisturbed Last updated on October 23, 2013
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Hi all, its my first build, and i am sorry because i am not very good in english. But i want to share you a really fun build ! I have escape from bronze and now i am silver 4, thanx sion ap with two quadrakill !

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Why play sion Ap in jungle ?

Because, he can carry a team, or feed your team and win fast. The early jungle can be hard, but if you are not countered and have your blue, you will clean the jungle simply with 2 potions of health. You can invade with your stun but you will need a very hard pull if you don't take your shield.

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Pros / Cons

High AP ratios on Q and W
+ Fast gank, big damage, stun
+ Becomes pretty tanky thanks to Enrage
+ Easy farming and jungling once some AP is built
+ Is forgiving of minor mistakes
+ Two shot annie late game. xD

- Early mana problems: without blue always have two mana potions when back.
- Rarely let the blue for your mid ap
- Extremely item dependent
- Enrage and Cannibalism are better for AD build

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Passive: Feel No Pain: This passive will save your life in the early game ! But late game not so usefull, chance for us because, we play to finish the party in max 20-30 min.

Cryptic Gaze (Q): Your nuke stun of 1.5s and 0.9 ap ratio ! so high ! You can use to initiate and to finish the fight :)

Death's Caress (W): Your better spell ! You can harass, you can absorb harass, tank a tower, tank dragon, one shot sbire waves mid game + enrage get free point of health :) But you must play to know when activated him ! because you need to use shield wait 2 sec, stun and go to explode :) if you go in and take too much damage you will loose the damage of your shield ! A good Sion need to know when explode! When you go in, take the harass a little before explode !
Enrage (E): Take it lvl 5 to stack health all the time.

Cannibalism (R): It will not safe your life in team fight, but if you are low health and wont back, go on jungle and pop your shield on, press R and regen on jungle mob or creeps, its really fast :)

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Begin blue, and do it smiteless if possible with the help of your team. After this go gank lvl 2 ! You will have you shield and your stun, if your mid player dont push too, its a free frag, or the enemy will use him Flash :p !
After this go wraith and red buff, after the red go gank, find your first kill, and go back when you can have you mobility boots ! you need the mobility ! If you dont make the first kill, just jungle more and back boots + Amplifying Tome. (More speed more good gank)

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To conclude

Dont be too greedy, be smart, wait the good moment, go combo:

pop shield(w)-> go Stun(Q) -> AA(proc lichban) -> Explode(W)-> Ulti R for other proc lichban-> AA | and repeat!

You can easy at lvl 11 or 12 go wraith camp and flash to stun + explode on enemy tower to make easy kill !
Be a shield for your team when you can absorb harass before teamfight ! And go two shot Adc or mid Ap :)

Have fun ! I hope you will test this style of gaming because its very fun, its all or nothing :) Just think, you need a top tank, and dont play him if in front of you they have 3 tanky hero !

If you test my build, and find it good, i will work on this build to make him more beautifull can i say ^^ ? !