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Nasus Build Guide by TimODeath

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TimODeath

Siphon their Distruction

TimODeath Last updated on July 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Table of Contents
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With this build I will be showing you what I feel is one of the hardest hitting characters in LoL and how to make him hit his hardest while still being tough to take down. Not only does Nasus have a powerful ability with his

Siphoning Strike but he also has a particularly strong slow Wither, making running from him quite difficult.


Hard crits
chasability (nothing gets away easy)
excellent farm
your enemies should fear your early and mid game laning.. if not they will be hurting.


Not overly tanky until later (can be fixed at user discretion)
highly reliant on minion farming, if denied there will be problems
if you don't like criting hard and chasing this build is not for you

Overall this build has shown to me as quite balanced and also is very capable of ganking or simply showing out as top against even those "op" characters such as Jax. I've posted both build combinations as to give a look on which you might prefer if any

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I usually go with 2 Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance and 1 Greater Quintessence of Health (because health is useful on any char) extra crit early on will help you against champions and for farming minions since your Siphoning Strike can very much crit and it will hit hard.

3 Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance would also work or if you wish to feel more secure early game adding a Greater Quintessence of Health or 2 instead of crit would work out aswell since 26 health can be quite useful for early game.


9 Greater Mark of Critical Chance
Simply put, more crit... the higher your chance early game the more hard hits you can make while you farm, keeping those pesky enemy champions away and you happily reaping the benefits of your passive.


9 Greater Seal of Armor for armor and more use late game
9 Greater Seal of Health if you wish to feel more tanky early game, would make taking you down a bit harder early on as to prevent lane denial but will not stay quite as useful as the extra armor.


9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction simply because the more CDR you have, the more often you can pop Fury of the Sands which will lead to more hard hits in team fights and a overall tougher Nasus. Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction can be used if you prefer a straight up CDR.
9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist if you would prefer to have more tanky aspect to your Nasus build if you find that AP characters are bringing you down often or denying you, this would be a good option.

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as a early start, Sapphire Crystal can help with the mana problems of early laning that heavy use of Siphoning strike can create, Ultimately it also builds into Sheen that leads to the major damage of your Siphoning Strike.

Secondly aquire your Boots of Speed, but do not finish them for it is not mandatory (unless you are being ganked and chased/outran often then they might be necessary to build) but rather build up for a Zeal. It will give more crit and move speed, allowing you to chase more effectively and to of course hit harder more often. also grab the crit portion first if you dont have enough for both, as this build is becomes particularly strong off high number of crits, rather than attack speed.

Third should be finishing your boots unless have already finished them (obviously). I put Boots of Swiftness however that is useful for making a hard to escape heavy dps. Ninja Tabi and Mercury's Treads also work well if you are against a heavy ad or heavy ap team, or simply prefer not to pick the Boots of Swiftness, pick the appropriate boots for whichever occasion.


Instead of jumping to finish Trinity Force which is a great item for Nasus, this build jumps to a far to unused item Tiamat. Now at this point many will probably ask "why are you getting that terrible item?" as many have before in matches, I'll tell you. Tiamat gives 50 damage which is very useful for a damage/crit heavy build but its main use is in its passive, which is not unique. rather than building up Siphoning Strike one kill at a time (which works) Tiamat allows you to splash your bonus damage from Siphoning Strike along with its crit to wipe out entire minion waves in one blow adding 4, 5, even 10 stacks at times with larger minion waves. essentially this item makes obtaining 300 bonus damage by mid/late game possible and sometimes 500 bonus by the end of longer games. I suggest simply one but if you prefer this build can go with another after the finished Trinity Force and can be useful against teams that dare cluster together, resulting in painful 100% splash crits. (though it is possible I do not advise it, but more Tiamat can be used to make your splash deal more damage to surrounding targets, such that if you had 4, you would be dealing 100% damage to your main target and 200% damage to everything around it. though this would cost you other items that complete the build)


Now that you have been set with farming power, good damage output, and a strong ability to chase, it is time to finish Trinity Force. This is an item that Nasus can truly benefit from, as everything it gives makes him stronger. bonus health, mana, move speed, a chance to slow, and most importantly after casting a spell ( Siphoning Strike) your next attack deals an additional 150% damage. At this point your farming and crit runes/items should be coming together to make you hit outrageously hard, being able to take multiple champions at one time when coupled with Fury of the Sands, however this should not be confused with being invincible, because you are not yet.

--> --> -->


--> --> -->

Both options are viable but the Vampiric Scepter is very much a must to get first at this point, as enemies will be hitting back hard as well and this will help to keep you alive more than them. Personally I go for infinity edge most of the time since the build can benefit more from the extra crit and the 50% bonus to critical. Both of these items once obtained basically complete the hammer for bringing down champs. As it can double your damage, gives more crit, and extra life steal makes you a hard hitting hard to take down champion. although The Bloodthirster is entirely optional since Nasus has a built in life steal in his passive Soul Eater, It can be swapped out for a more tanky item should the need arise.


Simply because this build is essentially finished with 5 items, the final item can be used to "beef" yourself up to make it harder for the enemy to focus and kill you off. I pick Warmogs simply because having a health bar is required to stay alive in most cases, however any of the alternatives I list or fail to list that you feel would fit better can go here.


If your up against auto attack champs or a heavy ad team, this will help to slow them killing you and also make them kill themselves in most cases. Unless your fighting a such team this will probably not be worth your 2000 gold.

This is very useful for it gives high amounts of magic resist, life regen, and bonus move speed (not that anyone can really outrun you). Should the enemy have alot of hard hitting AP champs this would be a worthy consideration to reduce their spell damage.

If the enemy is trying to use armor to lower your massive amounts of damage, this will cut it short with a 40% armor penetration. However, you may be dealing too much damage at times to notice their armor stopping it (at least I have, tanks seem to fall all the same to the build)

This is not at all a bad item to get on a AD Nasus since it will essentially negate their first spell thrown at you (and at times it their CC to stop you from destroying them). In addition it gives health and mana which are almost always useful.

If you want a item that makes you hard to take down (other than Warmogs) than I highly suggest this. If theres anything that sucks more than having to kill a tough ad Nasus who is able to essentially 2 shot non tank champions, its to have to fight him twice and possibly lose. In team fights where you are focused this will save you and allow you to get back up and get away, or help the fight to finish the enemy team off. For me this has turned 3v1 ganks that I would have died without a kill into a kill or even double kill with it fatal if there was no chance of escape. (I've seen many people "stand" on the corpse waiting for the rez, only to see me pop up and Siphoning Strike them in the face and most likely kill them)

Other items are viable, however I simply have not thought of them. That does not mean they are not worthy of obtaining for this build.

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Using this build I have been able to deal out top damage in multiple matches, 3 shot , 2 shot , even 1 shot enemy champions, and have seen my siphoning strike hit over 450 bonus damage and deal out 1.7k crits. however that does not mean this is the only way to build Nasus, But it very well could make the biggest use of his ability to crush health bars in only a few swings.

Another way that I love to build Nasus follows DavidSS' guide here in which he explains how to build Nasus as a strong tank and his excellent guide is also a good source of information on anything I failed to list on Nasus (yes I could have typed all the extra information out myself, but that would be stealing from his guide that he deserves for his work and excellent information)

I hope any of you who cared to take a look at my guide (which I plan to update accordingly) were in some manner assisted to make your hard hitting AD Nasus better, for what good is a guide if no one benefits from it.