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Skarner Build Guide by holytoast

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author holytoast

Skarner-The ranked legend [Solo Q Ranked]

holytoast Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Skarner is one of my favourite champions currently in the game. I just ercently found out what en excellent solo top he is againnst nearly every champion. I havent found a champion that seriously counters skarner, but i will look out for one. Skarner is also an excellent jungler. I will talk about my builds for him in this guide. I hope you enjoy it!

I didnt do this! But i wish i had :(

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Pros / Cons


Excellent jungler
Very good tank
Can dish out lots of damage
Awesome movement speed buff due to his "W" skill
Can escape from nearly every situation
One of the best ultimates in the game


He doesnt have a skill that lets him flash over walls
no ranged abilities
needs to get close to the enemy to deal damage

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Greater Mark of Desolation=I use this rune if i go solo top because most solo top players buy some item or have some runes that give them a bit of tankiness, for example: a or a .

=I use this rune if go jungling to proc skarners passive more often and jungle faster. You could also change this rune for Greater Mark of Desolation if you want to but i prefer the attack speed runes.

=I use this rune for every build I use on skarner because it just gives him the extra tankiness he needs in top lane against early harrass.

=Again i use this rune on every skarner build i have because again it gives me this extra tankiness that is really important to survive.

=I always want to have some ArPen when i use skarner. Because i already have this in my marks when i play solo top i use the speed quints for the extra movementspeed. Many people will say that the movement speed buff is so minimal that its not worth it, but i have to disagree. The movement speed buff is barely noticable butbit relly helps out in chasing and running away.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation=Again i use this to have some ArPen on skarner. It really helps out to ensure kills.

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I have 2 setups for skarner:

If I play Solo top I use offensive masteries because i want that extra damage and the health for the extra sustain. I feel that these masteries will give me the best sustain and damage in lane to ensure first blood or get a kill.

When I Jungle I use the defense masteries because i normally have to play the role of a tank in my team. If for some reason i dont, which happens very rarely, i use my solo top masteries.

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=This item is in my opinion the best for solo top or jungling. When your jungling and you want to go for a you can start with a and 5 health pots.

Philosopher's Stone=This is one of my core items for skarner because it gives you the health and mana regen you need and it is also very helpful in the jungle because of the gold per 5 because you will not get that much farm.

=You will want this to be your second item because you will never want your enemy to be faster than you. If you will be faster than your enemy it will be even better.

=Again i really like this items because of the health and the Gper5 that are really usefull in every situation.

=I rush this item right after my when i go solo top because it just gives me amazing burst damage. It is one of the best items for skarner in the game. If you are jungling or need to be the tank in your game or the game isnt going your way and you need to support your team more rush the next item isntead.

=Look at the reasons above why i buy this item. The buff for your teammates is really helpfull in teamfights and can turn games around.

=In nearly every game i buy these boots. I not buy them for the MR, still this stat is very good, i buy them for the tenacity.If the enemy team has heavily AD champions you might want to swith these with .

=This item is in my opinion the best item there is on skarner. Every stat helps him to deal massive damage and be very tanky. It is the most essential item for skarner and every good skarner who owned me in the enemy team rushed this.

=This item helps skarner to get the tankiness he needs to be able to initiate teamfights with his ultimate. In combination with you will deal massive damage. I personally get this item every game i play skarner.

=This item in combination with your randuins will allow you to deal massive damage. I usually only get this item if im NOT the main tank in the team because i want to deal damage instead of going full tank.

Shurelya's Reverie=This item will give you good sustain + the active that is really good in teamfights to reposition people with your ultimate. It also a good chasing and escaping tool for your team. Just an alround good item.

=In my opinion one of the best items in the game. The health and mana give you good sustain and MR is also good, but the real reason i buy this item is for the amazing passive. The spell shield just lets you block every spell, even ultimates. You can block for example, karthus his . Amazing.

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Situational Items

=I dont normally get this item, but its not a bad choice at all. The AD helps your damage out and the health makes you very tanky. The slow also really helps your team or yourself to chase down targets. All in all, a very viable item.

=If you want to go full damage this item is a very viable choice to do so. The AP helps your "E" to do a bit more damage. Hextechgunblade is still viable after the nerf.

=This item is very good if you are against an AP heavy team or a CC heavy team. This item is in my opinion very underused although it a great item.

=You can buy this item if you have the feeling you die too quickly or you just want to be more beefy. The same counts ofcourse for a .

=I buy this item for the same reason i buy warmogs but in my opinion it is betetr than warmogs ;)


Ther are many other items that are also good for skarner, but I either cant think of them now or im still thinking about it. If you have a question about what items are good just PM me! :)

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Skill Sequence

=I skill this skill the first because it is your main damage and jungle skill. Due to your passive ypu can spam this skill, but without a blue buff i would be carefull about that. I will talk about that later.

=I skiull this skill second because if you play AD skarner (which you always should) it boosts your movement speed and his AS which helps his passive out alot. It helps chasing the enemy, running away or surviving the towerdive wth your shield and scoring firstblood (yes this happens to me like in ever 4th game X) )

=I dont find this skill very helpfull. Because it scales of AP you might say why dont play AP skarner? Well, I tried it, it suckz. You can try it if you want but its really ******* bad.

=This is what makes skarner skarner. You can use this skill in so many ways, for example pull fleeing enemy into your team, repostiton a carry into your team (if your team can handle him ofcourse XD and yes i made these mistakes), save an allies life by pulling the enemy to you and risking your own life ofcourse only if the ally has been nice to you ;) etc. This little clip shows how awesome things you can do with it!

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Summoner Spells

You can use whatever you want, its your free choice. Pick with what you are most comfortable, its normally the best choice.

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I hope you enjoyed my guide. Dont forget to leave a comment, if you vote thumbs down please tell me why and ill try to improve that in my guide:D