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Yasuo Build Guide by KYRiEz

Middle SMURF YOUR WAY TO CHALLENGER - [10.16] - [10.17]

Middle SMURF YOUR WAY TO CHALLENGER - [10.16] - [10.17]

Updated on July 2, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KYRiEz Build Guide By KYRiEz 18 4 27,255 Views 0 Comments
18 4 27,255 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KYRiEz Yasuo Build Guide By KYRiEz Updated on July 2, 2021
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Runes: Main Damage vs AD

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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

SMURF YOUR WAY TO CHALLENGER - [10.16] - [10.17]

Yasuo, The unforgiven.
Yasuo Is one of the most hated champions in League of Legends. Why is that you may ask? Well, it is because people either feed with him or destroy with him. He can be the deal win-condition as well as the losing factor.
This guide will teach you how to make proper use of Yasuo kit.
The first thing we will go over is his abilities.
Way of the Wanderer is Yasuo's passive and is the most important part in his kit. It gives him increased crit chance but keeps them at a lower damage as well as grant him a shield. In order to make good use of his passive, try and always have it up as often as you can.
Steel Tempest is Yasuo's special ability, the button you will press the **** out of in fights. His Q lunges forward his sword dealing damage as well as granting him a stack. At two stacks Steel Tempest will cast a tornado that will knock your enemy airborne for a little while. You can use this ability both to combo with your ultimate Last Breath as well as use it to dodge and win fights.
So you want to stop running it down by mistake and get flamed? Well, I might be just the help you need. How you may ask?

Well, I am a Yasuo main with 1.500.000 pts and I know that's not as much as other people creating guides, but the difference is that I have spent those 1.5 million both in low and in high elo.

Therefore I would say that I have more experience than the average Yasuo. Since Yasuo is such a easy champion to play with such a large skill cap, a lot of people fail to understand the importance of his every move. One Wind Wall wasted could lead to your death.

Personally I have multiple accounts across four servers: EUNE, EUW, KOREA and NA.
I have reached Diamond 1, 50LP in Korea, and Diamond 2 and 3 on the EU servers. I have currently finished mastering hard carrying in Silver and Gold with Yasuo, a project that has lasted about 1.5 years. In this guide, I will share what I have learned.
Why should you pick Yasuo as the hardcarry that you want to play?

Well, he is a fighter and sure you can carry with assassins too, but you can't solocarry since one fed tank on the enemy team might oneshot you and boom, game over.

The thing about Yasuo that makes him so great is the high DPS as well as the 50% armor pen on his R that makes him into a tank shredder.
CHANGES [10.16]
Yasuo will get a few buffs this next patch. The buffs that he will get are a slight increase of magic resist and then his ultimate Last Breath will now deal 175% instead of 150% AD. I personally think that Yasuo need this since I have been feeling him as kind of weak since the last nerf. Especially in range mage matchups this will help a lot because they usually just pops Yasuo's shield and then engage instead of dealing the full damage to his shield.
I am going to go over each ability and make sure you deeply understand them.

Way of the Wanderer is Yasuo's passive and it will save your life if you use it right. When going in for a trade you want to make sure that the shield is up as often as it can be and that when it takes damage, you keep on moving. Movement is Yasuo's special ability. When you are moving during a trade or an all in it gives the passive stacks and at 100 stacks you gain a shield large enough to save your life if timed right. What you should watch out for are ranged matchups where they try and poke out your shield before they want to trade. Therefore you should stay back and wait until the passive is up and then go and trade.

Steel Tempest is used as your poke / main damage dealing ability (unless you go for the attackspeed build (hardcore split push with low damage Q). The thing that sets you apart from an experienced Yasuo is how you use this ability. A very skilled Yasuo will make sure that every tornado will hit the enemy if possible and that it will cancel an enemy ability during a trade.

Wind Wall is Yasuo's most OP ability as well as the most hated one the game. It blocks all projectiles in its path and will help you 1v9 without a singe issue. What I like to do during fights is to knock some people up and when you land after using Last Breath is to look at who's gonna deal the most damage or CC you and then use the wall to block their damage. After that the enemy will most likley walk closer or move around it to the side where they are in range of your E+Q combo.

Sweeping Blade, the most satisfying ability Yasuo have. How can you use it the right way? Well, It is mostly just a movement ability where you can get through raptors or minions in lane, but what I like to use it for is to tank teamfights.
What I mean by this is that if they have a lot of CC I buy QSS and then just try and windwall as well as QSS all the CC when I E on every enemy in the fight. They get very confused and quite unsure who to target, which makes it easier for you to knock them up since you E+Q and get tornado stacks.

Last Breath his feared ultimate. Keep in mind that it will target the enemies closest to your cursor, so place the cursor in the middle if you want to kill a lot of enemies. This ability is also great to almost always E+Q on to something before you activate it. This causes the enemy to take an extra E+Q worth of damage in the ultimate as well as get a stack to your Steel Tempest so that when you land you just need to Q and boom you have another tornado
How to master Yasuo? Well, it's quite simple actually.

Trust me, you need to both know wave management and basically know a lot about how every single champion work as well as amazing mechanics if you want to climb ranked with him as a solo carry.

Spawn in a couple of targets and practice different fights where you use all your abilities and also work on your EQ Flash, aka Beyblade.
You can find a detailed video here.

You might not play toplane, but when you are against a ZED, you will thank me for this. You can find a detailed video about wave management here.
So you want to hardcarry as Yasuo. Well then this should be quite easy for you if you are in low elo.

Your teammates may feed or int, maybe afk or even troll, but as long as you play it right you might have a 70% chance to win if you do your best. The things that you need to focus on are:

And if you follow these directions you should win. If not then too bad, better luck next time and you should probably train more with Yasuo.

The only way for you to win a game in low elo is to splitpush. You can win by going ARAM mid but that is too much of a coinflip, so you play it safe by pushing and getting turrets. Each turret you get is one turret closer to that SWEET VICTORY SCREEN!
How Yasuo should be played eary game depends on matchup, but you should always think like this. Getting first blood does not matter unless you know you can kill the enemy laner, know exactly where the enemy JGL is and that you will capitalize on it. Risk and Reward, quite simple.

CS is always better than kills. Therefore I will almost always have a relaxed start and start to trade as soon as I hit lvl 3.
You made it to the midgame, congratulations! Now whatever you do, DO NOT DIE. When you die, you give your teammates the ability to make their own decisions which we all know is a big nono. What you should do instead is to try and set up a gank where you still focus on the CS lead. If you get a kill on the laner, you (if healthy) can fight with him again, but just go for the poke so he will back and you will be able to stay in lane. This forces the enemy laner to go back and miss a **** ton of CS, something that will make it easier for you to kill him later on in the game.

Also look to roam as soon as the enemy laner leaves lane and your wave is slowpushing into the enemy turret. This creates insane preassure on the enemy jgl to stop cs and to try and help the team.
During the lategame you want to try and force fights around objectives only catching waves in mid. You can decide if you want to push top or bot depending on the amount of turrets that are still up. Whatever you do, do not start a fight in the enemy jgl if you are not steamrolling them. The only fights you actually want to take are those around objectives.
This is the most important part of the game. Without vision you are as good as dead or just gonna sit behind turret being afraid as soon as your laner leaves the lane. If you have great vision (control wards and blue/yellow trinkets), you can actually see the enemy and then look to see if the fight is winnable.
League of Legends Build Guide Author KYRiEz
KYRiEz Yasuo Guide
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SMURF YOUR WAY TO CHALLENGER - [10.16] - [10.17]

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