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Nunu General Guide by CantaGallo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CantaGallo

So i heard that you have problems in the new jungle

CantaGallo Last updated on December 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome !

Welcome guys,
i'm Cantagallo, you could know me for my Taric guide for toplane in Season 2 and nothing else :D.
Welcome to my second guide on Mobafire. I hope to entertain you and to show a good guide on

Jungle Nunu PRE- SEASON 3.

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Some time ago in the past the jungle was very easy, troll picks working good like
Twitch, Kennen or Teemo jungler were coming in your game everyday.
And that Lee Sin, Trundle , Shaco was ganking so powerful at
level 2 giving so much advantage to the top laner early game.
Then Valoran's key magician and some powerful summoners (AKA the riot band) bring steroids
to empower the jungle camps and make that poor Nautilus suffer the slow clear speed.

The jungler has slightly changed his behavior... nowadays being a jungler is really an hard work,
you must gank efficiently, counterjungle when possible and farm your jungle well.

This guide comes out for every summoner being in difficulty in the new jungle,
looking for an easy champion for jungle.

Pick Nunu and go ahead this guide so !!!

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Pros / Cons ( why am i recommending Nunu? )

Pros / Cons

+ // Low cooldown CC with Ice Blast.
+ // Best sustain in the jungle.
+ // Good at counter jungle and at steal the buffs.
+ // A good placed Absolute Zero win teamfights.

- // Absolute Zero is easily interrupted and hard to position well.
- // Damage output could be better.
- // The yeti has never taken a shower.

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Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

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Choose these

Come in. Come out. Tank damage, flash over that wall, consume a creep,
then turn back to kill. Please this skill MUST be with you.

Smite + Consume = the reason i'm writing this guide. Fast clear speed,
crazy buff's steal, best counterjungle skillset

Other viable Summoner spells

I really recommend Flash + Smite

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I put 21 points on the offence tree to get all the benefits that an ability power based champions need:

  • Some cooldown. You don't really need it, but still more useful then Fury to open the tree
  • Little boost...blast for ice blast :D
  • Increase damage on % ? YES PLEASE
  • 8% magic penetration, only one point avaible?
  • Flat ap
  • This is a great mastery, it synergize with blood boil and the ton of ap that you will have
  • A must on ap champion

These 9 points in utility will help so much ...

  • You must be faster
  • Some mana regen :D
  • Increase my mana
  • You're a're supposed to take buff. Great mastery

You don't need to go deep in defence tree to sustain the jungle with nunu, so i would not reccomend 9 21 0 or something like that....Maybe you could give a chance to the full utility tree, but i discourage it

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

You were guessing right, we will upgrade Absolute Zero whenever we can ( 6 11 16 ). The second ability to max up is Ice Blast to maximize our spammable ability. Then i would reccomend to mix up q and w to keep our ganking potential ( Blood Boil ) and our counterjungling abilities up equally.

Remember : Blood Boil last 15 second and the cooldown is 15 second at any rank. Try to keep it up most of the time and remember to pop it up on the teammates

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If you look close to Nunu skillset, it should be clear to you that Nunu deserve to stay in fight much longer than an ap carry. You can't enter the fight pop some spell and get out. You must have the chance to survive, cast a Consume when possible, and to have the time to cast 2 or 3 Ice Blast, of course your ultimate Absolute Zero too.
So i will not recommend a squishy build, because it won't work in my opinion.

Starting item

Jungle Nunu was used to start with Doran's Ring or grabbing Boots of Speed and pots.
Nowadays with the new jungle i absolutely reccomend starting with :

+ 5x
Best choice to start out ... every jungler grab this .... and also you should do, it's safe and smart.
It builds in one of the core item : the Spirit of the Spectral Wraith


+ 2x + 1xsight ward
Not crazy ... you can survive the jungle without that 3 pots, just be more careful or take help for wolfs too. This start give more option ... after the first clear you can ward that extended lane that you can't gank to provide visibility and at the same moment go gank another lane with more problems, or you can just ward that Yorick pushing and continue to farm the jungle.

First back

+ + eventually ?x

If everything went well you should back with something like 900 gold ... the best bet for you is buying that Boots of Speed and to rush Spirit Stone. Maybe you played like god and punished that Xin Zhao trying to have the first blood on top and you can have that sweet Amplifying Tome or 2x

Item to rush

I always buy this item... they are just crazy fit on you. The Spirit of the Spectral Wraith give all the stat to guarantee your jungle clear to be faster and safer, and so your counterjungle.
Ap, mana regen, hp regen, spellvamp (that double (almost) the healing effect of consume).
Choose the most loved wizard cap :D : the rabadon grant massive ap and it will skyrocket your Ice Blast damage.

Doran's ring

If you are experiencing trouble or you are falling behind in gold for some reason, try to buy some Doran's Ring. It's a great item, cheap and cost efficient.

It's up to you

At this point it's completely up to you. It depens on team composition, on how the game is going.
There are many items good on Nunu :

Rod of ages

Very nice item giving tankyness and some ap.
I love it and buy in most games. Do not stack catalyst
( buying olwrecker or/and banshee veil).
You should manage to buy this item right after
or at the same time of the rabadon. If you take
too much time to rush rod, maybe buy a rylai's scepter
instead and build that catalyst in something else.

Guardian angel

You have been slained, no wait you are still there.

Randuin's omen

Dont be kited again. Hp , armor, more CC.

Mercury's treads

CC reduction, magic resist.

Enchantment : Alacrity

More movement speed.

Runic Bulwark

If for some reason your support is not buying it,
you could do for the team. It's a great aura item.

Iceborn gauntlet

At the same time this item give you
cooldown reduction, armor, a little ap, more CC.

Sorcerer's shoes

More magic penetration.

Rylai's crystal scepter

Hp , ap, empower your slow. Alternative for the rod of ages.

Abyssal scepter

Oh great, it will shred their magical resistance during Absolute Zero

Banshee's veil

Another item that work well with Absolute Zero,
could save your ultimate from being stopped.
Buy this when the opposite team have 3 or more interruption.


If you are planning to towerdive the enemies grab this !!!

Enchantment : Furor

An alternative to the alacrity enchantment.

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Jungle route

I usually start at blue golem. Let your teammates help you there then go to wolfs , wraiths (gank?), red (GANK!), Gank or counterjungle ... GANK.

Is important that you take care of your passive ... don't waste mana even if you have blue buff on, cast the first Consume after 5 hit (doing so you get healed when you need), then proc Visionary for ice blast every camp.

If a gank didn't went as you planned, go to the nearest camp ... consume it and turn back in fight!! The enemies will be scared to see you going out the lane with low hp and turning back after few second with half hp full. Profit.

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Have smart fights !

Nunu has good chance to win 1vs1 with most of the enemies if you know where the fights should happens. Consume is a great healing spell and you shouldn't waste this settling fights in the middle of nowhere. Make sure to have some minions or some creeps around when you want to duel with someone, and the spellvamp + the heal coming from your Q will sustain you during the fight, giving you the chance to cast 2 or 3 ice blast.

Don't go 1vs1 in a lane without enemies's minions or near cleared jungle camps.
Congratulation : you have slained an enemy.

Another great move is baiting the enemies to chase you in a bush, while you are charging Absolute Zero.

Guide Top

GL & HF + changelog

Thank you for reading my guide... i hope that this will help you with the new jungle.

If you found some grammar mistake , help me to fix it and leave some feedback of course.

Good luck and have fun !!!!

---->> 08 December 2012 : Guide published.
---->> 09 December 2012 : Enhanced item chapter.


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