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Kennen Build Guide by Qc-manga

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Qc-manga

Solo Kennen guide

Qc-manga Last updated on December 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone. I'm Qc-manga and I'm going to show you how I play Kennen, one of my favorite champions. I started rank one week ago and I'm having pretty decent scores with him, so I decided to do a little guide. This is a guide for a solo Kennen and personally, I prefer to play him solo top. This is my first guide and my main language is french so please excuse the errors.

Before starting the guide, I'm going to explain Kennen's abilities.

Mark of the Storm: Each of his abilities apply a mark on the target. When the target reaches three marks, it will be stunned.

Basically, it is what makes Kennen ... KENNEN. Without this passive he is a lot less powerful because he's force is he's stun.

Thundering Shuriken : throw a fast moving shrunken in a line . deal magic damage and apply a mark .

this is kennen most useful skill . it have low cd and hight damage so just learn to aim ( it is a skillshot ) and kill people

Electrical Surge : passively each few attack , your next attack will deal bonus damage and apply a mark .
when you use it , each enemy around you who have a mark of the storm will receive magic damage and receive an other mark of the storm .

i like to max this skill second because the passif is good to harass and to put a mark on the enemy and the active shine in team fight

Lightning Rush : you transform into a lighting ball gaining armor and magic resist and dealing damage + adding a mark to each enemy you pass through .

this skill is a good tool to escape/chase or to add a mark to enemy but i won't max it until last because i only use it to put a mark of the storm and to move faster .

finaly Slicing Maelstrom : you create a maelstrom around you and each 0,x second you deal magic damage to a target ( max 3 time each target ) and you apply a mark .
one of my favorite team fight ultimate because after 2 second almost all the enemy will be stun . that skill can let you 1vs 2 or 1 vs 3 if you have a good stuff .

now lets start the guide :D

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for my runes i like to go for early game rune , giving me a really good early game .

For yellow i like to go for Greater Seal of Health

For red i like to go for Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

for blue i like to go for Greater Glyph of Ability Power

for quintessence i like to go for 2 Greater Quintessence of Ability Power and 1 greater quintessence of fortitude

for me rune a a bonus but they are not really important , those are one i like but you can take the one you want from the moment that it give you good stats ( no mana regain XD)

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for mastery i like to take 21/9/0 taking all the ap mastery in offense and i go for the veterans scars mastery in defense taking the magic resist at 2 and the armor at 2 and the health per lvl . this mastery gives me more survivability in early game .

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there is 2 way i start with kennen . Or an Amplifying Tome and 1 Health Potion , or Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion . if you know your enemy is going to harass a lot take the boots but if you know he won't just take Amplifying Tome . I like to stay in my lane until i get around 1800 gold . at this point i back and , if i taked the boots at beginning i build a Hextech Revolver and buy sight wards and potion and if i taked the Amplifying Tome , i buy my Hextech Revolver , Boots of Speed , sight ward and health potion . With around 1800 gold you will have enough for all that . After , if i have a lot of ap in my team if will do a Will of the Ancients but if there is not a lot i will rush my Zhonya's Hourglass ( after evolve Boots of Speed into Sorcerer's Shoes ) , one of my favorite item with Kennen . after that , i finish my Will of the Ancients and i go for a Rylai's Crystal Scepter . If at this point the game is not finish i will go for a Rabadon's Deathcap or for an Abyssal Mask ( if enemy team have a lot of ap and if you have too)

i will explain why i take each item

: this item give you ap and spell vamp + a buff to all your team . what do you want more ? the spell vamp is good to let you stay alive in team fight (ultimate = a lot of health ) and to stay longer in lane

: this item give a lot of ap and armor , which will help you to be more tanky and stay alive but the best point of this item is he's active . You are kennen , you can stun everyone and deal a lot of damage so the team will alway focus you but no problem i use my zhonya and paff , you can't touch me anymore and my ult is still there . With that you will be able to survive to the fight and you will be able to finish off the enemy team .

: as i said , they will almost alway focus you so why not a little bit of extra health and ap ? + it will slow each enemy that your ult touch giving a great buff to it .

: i think i do not need to explain : a looooot of ap = a looooot of damage

: as i said if the enemy team have a lot of ap or if you have a lot it will be really useful . you already have a lot of armor ( zhonya ) so you just need magic resist + it give you ap AND reduce the magic resist of all enemy around you : Wota + abyscall , i think your caster will be happy

now last section of the item chapter , situational item . there is will explain which item that i did not named can be good for kennen depending of the situation

first if the team have a lot of crown control i like to take
- Moonflair Spellblade because of the tenacity + it give a fair amount of ap for this price .
- merquery's tread because of the tenacity
- Quicksilver Sash because of the active that can help you to get out of sticky situation

If the team have a lot of ad you can go for Thornmail but normally , your Zhonya's Hourglass will be okay .

if they have a lot of ap , you can go for Quicksilver Sash (if they also have stun ) or for a banshee's vail . Normally with your Abyssal Mask it should be okay .

if they have a pretty balanced team and if your getting focused you can go for a Guardian Angel .

everything depend on the enemy team so choose wisely , it is your choices that decide who will win !!

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Skill Sequence

your main skill will alway be your shuriken because it deal the most damage and it have the lowest cooldown of all your spell thats why i max it first . after i max my w and finally my e . my e last because it will almost just be used to put a mark of the storm and to chase/escape so we don't need to max it .

the sequence should look like that

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spell i like to use Flash and Ignite .

why flash : i know kennen already have a good escape ( his e ) but i like to have a second one for 3 reason
- if you get ganked when fighting , you will surely have already used your e so you won't be able to escape .
- your e can help to move faster , its a sort of ghost , but the ability to be able to flash over wall is a +
- flash can be really useful when engaging ( will talk of it after )

you can replace flash with other spell like teleport or exhaust but i don't recommend to take ghost because its almost the same thing that your e and you do not need it

why ignite : for me ignite is a must with almost all ap character for many reason
- it give you a good way to secure kill on someone who have an escape ability ( example : you are fighting an ezreal but he flash ( e ) over a wall just when you are about to kill him , but you you ignited him , he will die )
- if people have heal it can be useful ( master yii etc )
- it give you a little bit more damage while waiting your cooldown
- you can use it in combination with flash : someone is tower hugging with no health , flash in ignite and then run with e . If you use he's e to go try to ignite him he will see you coming and begging to react/run

For me its a must but you can change it if you want , like i said I'm just showing you how i play .

There is the summoner that i think you should NEVER take

Ghost because you already have your e and flash do a better job .
Revive because i think that nobody should get this spell . perhaps karthus could but it would not be really good
Smite because it is only useful to jungler and you are not one
Clarity because ... you do not have mana
Promote because it is not really useful ...
Clairvoyance because it is a support summoner spell

there are summoner spell that I DONT RECOMEND YOU to take but that you can take .
Surge because the ap bonus CAN be okay but personally i don't think attack speed is useful on kennen ( i know you are going to tell me that it can buff he's w but still ...)
Cleanse because it can be good if they have a lot of cc and it might save you but i don't really like this spell on kennen

finally spell that are GOOD on kennen ( IMO )
Exhaust because it can help you to hit target with your q and in a team fight you can disable someone with it . it can also be useful if you get ganked .
Teleport because it is a really good spell for soloing . you can go b to your tower easily and you can gank other lanes with it .
Heal because it can be useful and you can bait people with it . but BEWARE ignite can be deadly and cause you to fail your bait . you have to be able to use heal at the GOOD MOMENT .

ignite and flash are in the good with kennen category but i did nt putted them because i already explain them . Finally it is a choice , you can choose which summoner spell you want , this is just my personal opinions .

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in team fight

in team fight you have 2 main goal
stun everyone with your ulti and finish of running target
there is my 3 way to do it
- Flash in , Slicing Maelstrom and zhonya like that you stun everybody whiteout taking the risk to be killed
- Lightning Rush in everybody , Slicing Maelstrom and then zhonya . its more offensive because they will be stun earlier ( already putted a mark with Lightning Rush ) but you take the risk to be killed while in Lightning Rush form .
- Lightning Rush in everybody , use Electrical Surge and then ulti/zhonya . more offensive but like the second there is more time when you are not in zhonya so you can be killed .

depending on my item i choose one of those 3 : if i have a rylai's and i have a lot of health i can let myself use my e to engage but if I have no health i can't take the risk

also it depend of the situation . if your hidden in bush and waiting the other team , you can use e and then ult/zhonya but if they are in bush waiting you its better to flash/ult/zhonya .

when chasing someone its quite simple : catch to him with your Lightning Rush, Thundering Shuriken him , Electrical Surge him and Ignite if necessary and he's pretty dead .

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Pros / Cons


- really good farmer : at hight level , e and w a have and the minion are dead
- really useful in team fight
- a lot of cc
- good mobility : good ganker
- no mana : can spam ability to harass


- his main skill is a skillshot so it can be avoided
- at early lvl , if they dodge your e or your q you can't do a lot
- will alway be focused in team fight : need item

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Kennen is a really good champion , really useful on team fight but he will almost alway be focused and to be good with him you need some practice . i don't recommend him to people that are not really good with skillshots . if you have any commentary say it , i will read them and answer unless i die in real life and finally sorry for the mistakes