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Darius General Guide by zopy7

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zopy7

[SOLO] Top For The D Master.

zopy7 Last updated on January 13, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Today I am here to show you you how to build the Dunk master. My summoner name is Zopy7 and I play this champion regularly. This guide will explain how Darius should be built and how he should be played. First things first however, do not think that just because you are playing an OP champion means you will win every game or even win your lane. This guide is to show you the basics of what you should do as you play Darius and how to build the specific items to become The Dunk Master on the battle field. Simply enough you should assume that this guide if followed correctly and assuming you know how to farm minions properly should get you plenty of wins in no time. Without further a due I give you The Dunk Master.....

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Pros / Cons

*Tons of Damage
*Lets no foes escape

*Slow as hell
*must have perfect timing
*not a very good gank survivor/engager

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Starting Items

Boots and Health pots will always be a favorite choice considering it gives you that simple sustaining power needed in lane as well as boots to counter act Darius' slow movement speed.

First Time Back

These items you should have by the time you first go back. It will give you that extra kick added with your runes to start doing a good amount of harassment. as well as armor or magic resist. I usually build to the specific needs of my lane. If you don't have enough gold just go for the long swords.

Second Time Back

By now you should have a good chunk of change waiting to be spent. Assuming you bought the long swords as well as armor/magic resistance you should be able to buy level two boots as well as finishing a brutalizer and possibly a crystal if you have enough.

Third Time Back (possible roam)

Second time back you should have gotten level two boots finished the brutalizer and a ruby crystal. By the time you back a third time you should be preparing for roaming and should build that extra health to survive the fights/ganks. This is why I recommend a giants belt as well as some more armor.

End of laning/Start of team fights

By this time you should be relatively fed with plenty of farm to start building those late game items that will carry your team to victory as one tanky SOB who does a TON of damage. I suggest build the warmong fist and if you feel like you are even then lacking in health to survive those gnarly team fights you could take the spare ruby crystal. However you should try to keep on track with buying two cloths to start your build towards an Omen. However you do have another option; instead of building the cloth/ruby crystal, if you are feeling like you need more hp (not recommended), you could buy another giants belt.

Nearing victory(1)

By now you should be nearing victory and have plenty of gold to spend to get tanky and begin doing even more damage. If by now you have plenty of gold to spend and are very fed I would consider building both the black cleaver as well as Warden's Mail. If you are not surviving team fights then just build the Wardens Mail and a giants belt instead.

Nearing Victory(2)

(other possible option)

End Game

By this time you should be the tankiest MOFO on the whole battlefield (besides mundo) and should be doing plenty of DPS and being the Dunk master you were meant to be. In the end you should build a cape for extra health and armor and consider building a phage and then a Frozen Mallet. These items will keep you tanky and give you some good slows to keep the carrys from getting away. these items in the end will carry your team to victory.

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Skill Sequence

Always start with Decimate it is your main source of damage and that's why you choose to max it out first. Max out Apprehend last, for the Brutalizer will take care of any armor the enemy has. The combo for these abilities would be EWQ and as soon as you have a full stack of Hemorrhage (5 hits) and your opponent is low enough DUNK him with your R. However Decimate has a good enough range to be able to harass easily and when your enemy as around half HP (depending on champion) I would attempt the kill. the key to this champion is knowing how much damage you can do in a short amount of time to be able to Dunk them.

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These are the best masteries for the D king. Taking CD reduction to stack on the brutilizer early game as well as attack damage and armor pen. The defensive aspect giving you another extra kick of health early game to stack on your runes making you even more tanky and even more harder to kill.

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I suggest these runes because it gives you a nice boost of Attack damage so you don't have to build a Daron's and can still take Boots and Pots. It also gives you a good amount of Health to give you a good start if the enemy has countered you or there is no jungle. The magic resistance is just in case you have to build more armor (Ninja Tabi boots) it makes up for the fact that you don't have any magic resist in the begging.


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