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Sona General Guide by NiTRoGiRL

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NiTRoGiRL

Sona Support-"A Symphony Of Justice"

NiTRoGiRL Last updated on September 27, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 21

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I started lol when a friend of mine told me it was like dota so i guessed it was something i already know and new in someway.when i played for the first time i laughed about the graphics i found them really would find it cartoon too if your first champion was Te Emo ( and yes i picked Te Emo because he was cute :D ). After playing LoL for a few months,Sona was on the free champion rotation so i said okey lets try something new...she was okey not very excited with her because i was not so much in support kind of stuff...I used to unlock almost every champion i had IP for...and one day BAM! i unlocked Sona...i would say the best buy in lol i have ever done ;)
Since then i played Sona as ability power for her heal but i was not as supportive as i had to be for the team.I used to get flamed about my items even though i was healing them alot!But once we won the games they shut up ( heheh >:) ) After many games with Sona i realized that i had to start with supportive items and after looking at guides i made my own build and this is how i play Sona : ) hope you enjoy it :)

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So Runes i got :
9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
9 Greater Seal of Replenishment
9 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
3 Greater Quintessence of Health
Magic Penetration for my Q Hymn of Valor spell
Mana Regen/5 mana regen is always welcome :D
And Cooldowns for unlimited spamming my W Aria of Perseverance and E Song of Celerity spells all the time to help my team
And some health would not hurt !

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My Mastery build is 9 Offense 0 Defense and 21 Utility
At offense i got olny 9 points since the rest of it is no good for Sona. I got 1 point to Deadliness so i can go to the second line and 3 at Archmage's Savvy . 4 points to Sorcery and 1 at Archaic Knowledge
Defense none sona is not a tank as far as i know ;D
Utility 1 at Good Hands 3 at Perseverence for mana regen 4 at Awareness because as a support your job at the early game is really boring hiding in the bush and heal your carry xp boost will help you catch up with your team a low lvl support wil be always first target ( i would target her wouldnt you?) 1 point Greed you need this cause you olny get assists so dont think you will get a kill thats out of the question kills are for the carry of your team . 3 at Meditation 3 at Quickness and with your Song of Celerity you will move really fast . 1 at Blink of an Eye 3 Intelligence yea more cds! 1 Mystical Vision spam your Clairvoyance that will annoy the enemy team and help yours!
and last 1 at Presence of the Master

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I start with 2 Faerie Charm 1 Sight Ward if the enemy team has a jungler in early games it would save you and your team mate from a gank place it about lvl 4 or 5 and 1 Mana Potion in early game if the enemy team attacks all the time you will waste mana in a point and since i start with Aria of Perseverance a healing potion wouldnt help me or my team mate.
With 2 Faerie Charm i can last in my lane for a long time if i control my mana ofc. When i get back to the base i will have enought money to get Mana Manipulator and Boots of Speed dont forget to buy Sight Ward all the time. a Philosopher's Stone is very nice to begine with , it has mana regen health regen and money every 10 secs!Now you can start building your items Kindlegem to make Soul Shroud or if u want Shurelya's Reverie either way you still got Mana Manipulator and Philosopher's Stone to make them both its your choise which item you want to keep :) Since i got Song of Celerity i get my boots after these items and i choose Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the cooldown . i dont buy Sorcerer's Shoes Sona is not a mage and her Hymn of Valor is not a killer spell,i dont buy Mercury's Treads since as a support i have to be always back of my team so i wont get targeted and its harder for the enemy to hit me.After that i start making Aegis of the Legion, Starting with Ruby Crystal- Null-Magic Mantle- Cloth Armor Then i slowy start building my Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the slowing effect , the ability and the 500 health . i prefer health/ability/cd's items they help me stand in a fight more than other items i have tried.If the game has not ended i can make a Archangel's Staff and Rabadon's Deathcap
If you want a Mejai's Soulstealer for the cd it gives and the ability power and since you get a lot of assists it stacks really fast,i recommend it in a mid game and not in a early game.

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Sona's Spells and Explanation of them

Sona spells are:
Passive Power Chord
Q spell Hymn of Valor
W spell Aria of Perseverance
E spell Song of Celerity
R spell Crescendo

Power Chord
After 3 spells Sona's basic attack deals extra 14+(9xlvl) magic damage.This enchanced attack has an additional effect depending on which spell was cast last.If you combo it with Hymn of Valor you can get double damage.Its best to keep your passive spell on a enemy and not on minions.
Hymn of Valor
Basic it makes magic damage to the nearest 2 enemy champions or minons ( yeah i know most of the time it does to minions pretty annoying right?)it has a small range but the aura gives nice benefits to your team since it gives damage and ability power bonus
Aria of Perseverance
I think its one of the best healing spells i have played with supports and i have tried almost all them. I do know that other supports have more powerful healing than Sona.But Sona bar far is the best.It has very long range,it heals you and a team mate.Gives nice bonus as armor and magic resist.And if u got your Power Chordup your next attack will de-buff the target to deal 20% less damage for 3 sec.
Song of Celerity
Ah...the movement speed spell...increasing your movement speed it really helps a lot as you can run away or to get closer to help your team to catch someone or to heal your team.And with your Power Chord spell up your next attack with slower your target by 25% for 2 sec.
Love this spell i really do and i am sure that your team will too...Is it nice in a fight so many hate and killing to just stun them for a while and just dance? :D Then you can kill them >:) (hehehe!) Or if your group is in big trouble you can stun them and use your Song of Celerity to run away!

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Skill Sequence

Passive Power Chord
Q spell Hymn of Valor At Level 2-13-15-17-18
W spell Aria of Perseverance At level 1-4-5-7-9
E spell Song of Celerity At level 3-8-10-12-14
R spell Crescendo At level 6-11-16

Since i am a support i choise my first spell to be Aria of Perseverance to help my carry and second spell Song of Celerity it really helps to run away or to get closer to help your team to catch someone or to heal your team.I max these till lvl 6 to get my ulti Crescendo.Then the party starts!If you got a nice carry on your lane and you combine your spells together a kill will be a piece of cake.I prefer maxing my Aria of Perseverance Song of Celerity and Crescendo instead of Hymn of Valor because it helps me more to keep up my team by healing them and give them movement speed since i am not after a kill i choise Hymn of Valor as last in my spells.
I usally go bottom lane and hide in the bush and heal there and there if needed.In fights i always stand behide my team and support them with my healing Aria of Perseverance when i find the opportunity for a massive stun i use my ulti Crescendo

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spells are :
Clairvoyance and Flash
I used to get Clarity and Flash or Clarity and Clairvoyance.But after a while Clarity is no use for you in the game and since you get your build done mana will be no problem

The Yes summoner spells:
Clairvoyance Hello there!What ya killing? :D Very good when they have a jungler
Flash Now u can kill me...Now you CANT! :D
Clarity Olny if you think you will dont have a good mana regen
Ghost If you think that Flash is not your spell and maybe Ghostsuits you better

The Maybe summoner Spells:
Teleport If you really need to be back in a fight!
Exhaust Help your team to get a kill or to save them
Cleanse If you are a Cleanse type of player

The NO summoner spells:
Fortify Ehm...why to pick it?Your tank should pick it...
Ignite Are you after a kill or to support your team?
Smite No No and No!
Rally Ha Ha that's funny :D
Heal Why heal?Are you to lazy to heal your self? o.O
Revive It has a 10 min my opionion its a waste..

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Since you have to place the wards around the map this is a map that can help you where to place them
Place Sight ward around the place and Vision Ward only at dragon and baron.In late game you can also buy a Oracle's Elixir to destroy the enemy wards >:)
If you are planing to go in the enemy jungle never go alone!always move as a group or have at least some one with you!

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Sona's Role in the game-Laning with your carry & Team Fights

Sonas role in the game

Your role in the game is to support the team with your spells and items, thats why in my opinion Sona is the best support is the game,she can support you in many ways.You are not after a kill thats not your job to do.You must be the last one in a team fight to die because with out you the team will loose all your benefits that you give.

Laning with your carry

In early game keep your carry up,NO last hitting on minions and NO kill stealing!Your job is to show the best you got as a support and help your carry to be the best one in the game(after all he is going to carry the rest of us right?;) )I personaly hide in the bush and watch my carry,heal him when he needs ( Aria of Perseverance ) it and speed boost him too ( Song of Celerity ).Dont forget to place your sight ward at lvl 4.Why at level 4?Because most of the time a jungler prefers to gank at that level,more spells for him.

Team Fights

In team fights your main job is to heal your team,speed boost them and give your benefits auras.NEVER in front of the rest ALWAYS back!If you are back they wont be able to hit you,even if you are the focused one,your team got your back protecting you from them.That's why you stay back and spam your heals.Use your ulti Crescendo wisely!Wait for the right opportunity for a massive stun-dance!When to dive in to use your Crescendo?Wait for your tank to get in the team first or the enemy start the fight,make sure they are focused on some one else then dive in use your ulti and move out!

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Positioning In Your Lane - In Team Fights,Good & Bad Positions

Total Score in the game

Position in your lane

Diving in for your Crescendo

Good Fight Positions

Bad Position

As you can see i was far away from my team and first target from them...

Using Your Crescendo and Song of Celerity to Escape

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The guide is not done yet and i have fixed my mistakes in the item build


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