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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Soraka Build Guide by Surrwin

Support Soraka - Healing your way to victory!

Support Soraka - Healing your way to victory!

Updated on August 26, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Surrwin Build Guide By Surrwin 27 7 915,480 Views 12 Comments
27 7 915,480 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Surrwin Soraka Build Guide By Surrwin Updated on August 26, 2015
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  • LoL Champion: Soraka
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Update Log

(26/8/2015) - Because of the latest changes to Warmog's Armor, I've updated the guide to remove it. In it's place I have put in Spirit Visage which provides you with 10% CD, MR, HP and extra healing from your StarCall. This means you'll want to get a Chalice sooner rather then later to keep your mana up while your spam StarCall's on your enemies.

(15/8/2015) - Updated my stream link as I am now streaming at

(15/2/2015) - Added an AP Soraka build to the guide. Remember that while you do more damage you'll have to play more carefully as you're weaker. If your a beginner Soraka player, I would suggest staying with the Normal Lane build until you are more comfortable.
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Soraka. I love the changes to this champion. She's taken a big step up in my opinion since she was first released. Finally, she is more like the champion she was suppose to be, a Healer.

If you are looking for a more aggressive play style or a tanky support because your team is lacking one, Soraka is not the one for you. You don't make plays very much nor are you very tanky. Your role is to provide support to those that do. Check out Leona, Thresh or Braum if you are looking for play making supports. I personally favourite Leona because I like the massive amount of CC she has and her ability to lock down a champion who is hiding back behind minions or other champions.

Check out my other guides

Come check out my stream at and ask me questions, just say hi or watch me play some of these amazing supports.

Long live League of Legends!
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Soraka's skills and how to use them

As you would think, she is more of a passive support who pokes the enemy team and causes some light CC.

(Passive - Salvation) gives you %70 bonus movement speed when running toward a hurt ally and it also provides you with a gold arrow pointing to an ally near by who is low health. One of the more simply things it helps with is knowing when allies are low for your ult ( Wish) as you can tell by how many gold arrows you have around you. Plus if your not someone who watches the map that well, it gives you a heads up as to where a fight might be happening (and the movement speed to get there).

At a higher level of play, you can use the bonus movement speed to run behind allies and harass the enemies that are chasing them. In this case, you don't want to heal your ally past 40% health or you will lose your bonus movement speed. This can be a life saving move which your team will thank you.

(Q - Starcall) is a good ability for keeping your own health up when used to hit enemy champions. The heal you receive is based off of Astral Infusion, so if you find yourself with dwindling health, try to use this ability to regain some back. It also provides a reasonable slow affect when you hit another enemy champion with the middle of your Starcall. This means it can be used to help chase down an enemy or to slow an enemy down so you or an ally can escape.

The downsides to this ability is that the mana cost is pretty high so if you are continually using it, you will find yourself quickly with no mana. Also, be careful when using this ability to regain health from enemies as they may take advantage of your lower health situation for an easy kill.

(W - Astral Infusion) is your bread and butter heal. It has a short cool down which you can spam every few seconds until you run low on your own health. It also has the passive that works with your Starcall to provide you with health whenever you hit an enemy champion.

Things to watch out for when using this ability is that you can literially drop yourself to 10 HP and easily get one shoot. You really need to watch your positioning. Because this ability uses 10% of your max HP to heal allies, I like to get Warmog's Armor on Soraka to keep my health regen as high as possible due to it's 1% max health regen in combat and 3% max out of combat.

(E - Equinox) can change the tide of a fight or provide an escape route for allies. Not only does it silence those standing in it but it also will root them after 1.5 seconds. If you use this ability correctly, you can time it so that when the enemy champs run into it, they get rooted instead of just running though it silenced. The only other options they will have is to run around the pool, wait back for it to disappear or stop chasing. Keep in mind that this skill has the highest cool down other then her ult so make sure you are using it at the right time or it may not be up when you need it.

(R - Wish) is your game changing ultimate which heals for more if allied champions are below 40%. Take the following example: Ryze, Graves and Jarvin are all below 40% health, when you use your ultimate it will be increased by 150% (50% increase for each champion below 40%) so where it would normally heal for 150 HP, it now heals for 375 HP to all your allies, WOW! Did Karthus just ult? I guess not, my health didn't even move!
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How to play/position Soraka?

The thing you need to remember about Soraka is that any damage you take is less healing you can pump out to allies.

You should always try to be in the back of the group but still close enough in range to support your allies. You are generally not a play maker but can be useful in slowing or rooting someone if the opportunity arises.

I am not saying that you should never be out of front because there are times where you may need to be taking a few hits so that your team can take a tower or clean up a kill. But as a general rule, you don't want to be doing this unless it makes sense at the time.
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In Closing

Soraka is a more passive poke/healer support who is a great addition to most teams. You may not be damaging the enemy team a whole lot, but remind yourself that you are keeping your allies alive and THEY are damaging the enemy team for you.

Soraka may not be the one to carry the game on her back, but she will help your Irelia or fed Fizz to do so.

As Soraka would say "LIVE!"

Written by Surrwin - Platinum Support in Solo Queue and team support for the Thunderoos.

Streaming at .
League of Legends Build Guide Author Surrwin
Surrwin Soraka Guide
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Soraka - Healing your way to victory!

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