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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Soraka Build Guide by I love Lun Lun

Support Soraka Tenshi~9.1 *Huge Update*

Support Soraka Tenshi~9.1 *Huge Update*

Updated on January 16, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author I love Lun Lun Build Guide By I love Lun Lun 130 9 586,113 Views 75 Comments
130 9 586,113 Views 75 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author I love Lun Lun Soraka Build Guide By I love Lun Lun Updated on January 16, 2019
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Soraka
    Cosmic Tenshi.
  • LoL Champion: Soraka
  • LoL Champion: Soraka
  • LoL Champion: Soraka

Runes: Kleptomancer

1 2 3 4
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Hello guys I am a Soraka main and I really love playing her.I might not be a professional but I will give as much knowledge as I can.I am glad you preffered to read my guide! Have Fun playing!
What's with this guide?:I always try to make something special to work out many people will go with Aery but I prefer Kleptomancy!With the new season Soraka is not flawless especially her mana! We are a Cosmic Tenshi though and with Kleptomancy we can get a lot of gold from poking which is what we do and of coursewe can get free wards and mana potions!

Does it work?:Heaven yeah it does! I tried it on PBE and I saw many builds,mainly the Aery one but I wanted to give this one attention since it's fun and it actually wins games!.

P.S:Please leave a comment if you have any questions I love comments <3(My guide will constantly stay updated so you might come check it again to see if I updated anything new! I will inform you when it isn't updated anymore)
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Pros / Cons

+ High Sustain Ability!
+Early game great poke potential/Late game insane healing power.
+Goes well with any adc.
+Carry Potential is huge.
+Crazy ability to contribute in teamfights!
+Splendid Silence to interrupt insults.
+Mana issues solved with new Manaflow Band!

-If focused you can die quite easily (unless you follow this guide you are an undying angel)
-Does not have any particullar escape abillity.
-Health issues need to use it right.
-The cooldown on W is high on early levels so she is not that great laner.
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I've added more information on the skill part.
Salvation:Our passive which helps us reach allies faster when they are lower than 40% it also makes us heals stronger whenever our allies are low on HP.You can use it as a saving tool or a fleeing tool.
Our Q is Starcall,literally a star falls from the sky and damages the enemies.The regeneration it gives on early levels is not bad at all!But it falls on late games.Starfall also has Slow! The slow saves us and our allies so many times when it comes to chasing,we can combine it with Equinox.
Our W is great and it is named Astral Infusion!Strong and elegant-however with a long cooldown at first.Those seconds are gonna become endless when you watch your teamate die.The AP in these patches helps us outheal and outmatch any support.I feel that Soraka is stronger now than she was few patches ago.Our W will heal more when our Ally is low in health and you should combine it using Q on the enemy first for the regeneration before using W.
Our E-Equinox is a very annoying and useful ability,it is wise to use it when someone is channeling a Karthus for example or an Miss Fortune,even a Janna.It is a great root but it's hard to calculate where to land it,so use your Q to slow the enemy down while they chase you,zoning them is useful.

:Your RWish is a very unique ability.It is not an ability that you should waste just because someone is dying.You should not fear to use it if you know someone can outplay the enemies but you should understand at which point of the game you are.If you are at the late game use it for a teamfight or to save an ally before you end up 4v5.
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Season 9 just started so it is possible that everything will change!
Grants you important vision,AP and CDR,I don't like Eye of Oasis on Soraka that much.With Spellthief's we can poke and gain cash~our cosmic cash is gonna rain down from Heaven~You know it pairs extremely well with Kleptomancy and you got Mana Regen from it and Poke your heals will be more powerful!Eye of the Watchers is a very good item with Soraka because it encourages poking.No matter which build you use either it is Arcane Comet, Summon Aery, Kleptomancy, Dark Harvest...this item is a great way to go.The AP it gives will help us heal our allies with a bit more strength and it will give a great starting advantage to our poking since ADCs in early are very squishy.
Is an item that I wouldn't recommend right now.It is a good item because it gives AP-Shield and Heal enchant and CDR however there are many more great items that we can buy right now.Unless you're playing with a Jhin, Vayne or a Draven there's not a real person taking this.
This item is very good for utility supports right now and it's an actual trend to have.It enchants our healing by 15% and it gives mana regeneration depending on how much mana regeneration we have.I'd strongly recommend it especially when the enemy team has a lot of CC.
Redemption is an item that can never dissapoint.Especially as Soraka it maximazes our healing potentional to the PEAK!Having it makes us useful while we are dead as well and since it is a core item right now for Soraka it can give a huge advantage in early game.Just imagine,you can heal yourself when low and if you match it with Mikale's Crucible you can make wonders.

Athene's Unholy Grailis a super strong item.I really like it on Soraka right now.The AP the CD the Mana regeneration it gives.It is a lovely item in games where the enemy team has characters that use poison and it saves a bunch of your HP since it can stack up healing.I'd tottaly recommend taking it in any game you're having...unless the enemy team is full AD.
Warmog's is not a bad item but there's not a real reason to have it on Soraka anymore.We can be the ultimate utility support by having Mikael's Blessing, Athene's Unholy Grail and Redemption and we can regenerate a lot of health with these three amazing items. Warmog's Armor require us to be level 16 so our base health will be almost maxed and it requires a lot of health items in order to reach the passive limit.It's not really worth it since it is expensive as well.

This item is not in my cup of tea for the reason that it activates when we ult and we have to be close to the enemy to do damage with it which puts us in a bad position.It's not completely bad though it gives tons of defense however it's not worth the buy since the meta will not favour you.
If you've read my first Soraka guide in the 7th season you could see that for me Locket was a must have item.Right now the trend is back and Locket truly shines.Since there are lots of high burst champions the shield that we can give to our team is truly helpful and the defense that we get of it benefits to our squishiness.This item truly shines in late game and it's a friend to any teamfight.I'd recommend you taking this item if you're having trouble staying alive against a mage.I am not saying that it will do much but even the slightest help can be very annoying for the enemy.
Knight's Vow is bad because they nerfed it and it only works for melee so don't mind it.~~~Just having it here if anything changes.
Shurelya's is an item that can help you reach an ally fast or engage with your team.There's not a real reason for you to get this item,you're not Rakan...however the health and the AP are kind of useful.If you take this item make sure to use it wisely,you can use it to speed up a Hecarim or a Rammus in order to engage but there's not a real reason to have it right now.
Twin Shadows is a good item for Soraka! It reveals and slows enemies which can be used both aggressively and deffensively.It can be a great item to save you from face-checking bushes and it will help you chase down enemies. Twin Shadows gives AP,CDR and Speed which makes it very useful in any kind of game
:With celerity giving you speed like hell but nerfing the AP there's not a real reason to buy it.Unless you need to be everywhere.

:I like how this item can give us both AP and more elixir regeneration! Isn't it great? You help and you get stronger,one of my favourite early items.
Utility Supports are wonderful with this especially this meta,we just press W and heal them full HP.Please tell me that I am not crazy and this is the best ITEM EVER!If you don't want to heal without wasting much HP this is the item for you,by the way the ULT heals are crazy.I'd prefer it in every game.
90 ap + Slow this item is a great thing!I like it because it's a fun build and it really works well,since champions like Garen and Darius are frequent now since the skins we get to slow them with our Starcall doublish.We can survive longer with Rylai's-Imagine it with Shurelya's.
We burn a percentance of their HP and it gives us HP.The AP is good too,I play this item when I go aggressive.It's not weak-AP Soraka is not a laughable build.It's actually annoying.I like the AP on Soraka and the damages.It is very very dangerous though.You should take it when you have many tanky champions on the enemy team,because you can burn off a percentange of their HP.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity are the way to go right now.Especially if you have the Aery or Comet build it really enchants your AP.
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The meta build 9.1 Is the Sorceress one~
Inspiration is not commonly used by other supports however it goes well on Soraka because she can adapt on anything.The extra HP you will get is really helpful and the runes that it provides makes you a perfect support.
This Rune is rare for supports and even more champions right? It works well on Soraka though,the poke,the money,the potions.Our mana and HP is endless early.We get free wards too and it's mostly for economic reasons that we take it.Supports have a hard time buying items and we need this rune in order to be able to buy these brand items!
We are a Slow Master with this.It makes the enemies very irritated-with our Starcall landing and our Auto Attacks it is a very annoying and helpful strategy in order to win lane.You can't help it when yo usee melee supports you must tease them.
Biscuit Delivery is great in any case! It gives both mana and HP regardless and it's free!You get 4 of these fortune masters and you can stay in lane much more than you'd expect...healing won't be a problem for you anymore
Approach Velocity This rune is optional for Soraka but you can certainly reach allies faster with your passive.
Magical Footwear is not a laughing matter.Do you say that you want to buy brand items earlier? This is the way to go! Magical Footwear provides us with free boots and extra movement speed.We won't spend as much money as others do and we can buy something else.
It gives us 5% CDR-which is good since our W has a huge CD.We can safely take it without much thought and our proc items like Redemption CD is getting reduced.

Our second option is resolve and it will remain resolve in this patch as well.No change on that one however...
Conditioning is not that great on utility anymore-that armor and magic resist is for a more tanky Soraka and we can use it only for that.I would not recommend it on this patch,it's not bad-but we have better options.
Revitalize is always the best option on utility supports because it increases our healing.Be sure to always take it no matter what.It heals more when the target is low and it is huge with our ultimate.
Soraka heals anyway so font of life is quite pointless to get as Soraka.However if you have an Ezreal as a teamate or a Vayne suit's a fun rune but I wouldn't recommend it.
Bone Plating is easily one of my favourite runes because as utility we are very squishy and as Soraka we are even more squishy.This rune here-will help you become a little bit tougher in the laning phase and you can bully the enemy easily.
The Guardian rune is quite popular right now and it's actually very useful against lane bullies like Ezreal!It can help you stay alive and if your ADC is ignited you can save it easily.
Sorcery is the way to go this meta!
It's becoming quite the trend to have Arcane Comet I mean.Great damage potential which leads to annoying poke.I highly recommend this rune if you feel confident and if you want the enemy ADC to have a hard time.
With this rune we can shield the allies that we heal for some HP,it might be not enough but trust me it happened many times to me that a minion would throw an auto attack and aery would save me.Therefore it's a useful rune for Supports.Not only that we can poke with auto attacks and with spells many more times with it rather than Comet.
I really recommend this item since Soraka runs oom(out of mana) fast!

Celerity got a little bit nerfed along with many other runes this patch,I'd recommend you go Transendence for the spicy-spicy CD build!
Is the way to go right now since Celerity only offers MS.It maximazes your CD potential and it gives you 10% CDR after lvl 10 anyway.Since this meta has to do with so many CDR items I will heavily recommend it.
I'd recommend our lovely Transcendence! It gives AP depending on how much CD we have,we can go with the full supportish build and Soraka will be a monster!
It burns some of the enemy's HP off,not very harmful but quite useful with ignite don't you agree? It also reduces the enemy's healing pot potential.
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Summoner Spells

Flash is the best summoner spell and it will always be.With the ability of the prey Soraka is doomed to always use it since she has no escape from enemies.It's a must have.
Ignite will always be my favourite support rune and since it is popular with utility supports we should get it in order to finish off kills and secure them or prevent Heal.Securing kills is not bad.We have to be ahead since our ADC farms anyway and we don't.Early money will make you a great asset to the team.
Feeling like the enemy has way too much burst? Mage supports and Lucian, DravenADCs? Then I recommend Exhaust. Exhaust is frequently picked when the enemy has heavy damage and it is far more useful than ignite in late game right now.
[Heal] is a decent Summoner Spell on Soraka however you should get that whenever your ADC doesn't.
Please play this only in normals-it's only for fun!It doesn't give anything great in ranked games-Yes you might be able to go in a teamfight fast,but your early game is important too.
Barrier is a very strong summoner spell-yes it is.It doesn't only protect us but we can make plays with it.Enemy focuses Soraka when they gank on early.You can easily exploit the fact that Barrier is not very often in these patches and make the enemies do mistakes.
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Tricks & Tips

Tips are not patched related they always exist for you to improve.I am gonna add more when I think I have new and useful tips.

~Warding/Engaging:Warding is crucial and can decide wether you must play offensively or deffensively! Knowing where the enemy jungler is,is gonna help you lots! Therefore we must have as an all seeing Tenshi; MAP AWARENESS.Knowing that enemy jungler is Top or somewhere that he cannot aid their useless bot lane;allows you to poke a lot and of course get easy kills.I'd suggest you looking for enemy wards too because if they can control vision they are equallizing their strength.

~Roaming:Roaming as a support means that you leave your baby ADC un protected.Therefore you should not leave lane for a long time,I suggest you roam for only 1 minute maximum because if you roam mindlessly you are not gonna get any gold or experience and probably your ADC is gonna die(and then ping to you that enemies are mssing).Deciding when to Roam is up to you! I mostly roam when I recall back to base,to control ward river bush and allow mid lane and me to have vision in such important place.If you see mid lane is pushed,go for a kill (Always though keep in mind where the enemy jungler would be).Roaming with your jungler is a great choice if he is close and if there's an Infernal prioritize it first.

~Positioning:Positioning on Soraka is not only important is everything!Should not get devoured by your sense of power! Hiding behind a Fighter or a Tank is the most reasonable and logical choice.Never go near your ADC in a teamfight first thing because they will instantly get focused,remember your ADC wants goood positioning as well.With our new reworked Soraka we can turn a teamfight with great timing! When to use Redemption or Wish.Wait until the enemy team starts to burst down people,then Silence their support or Midlaner,like Katarina not an ADC or a Fighter(People who use autoatacks are not meant to be silenced),then use healing and defensive power to your team,you deny their burst and sustain your teamfight.Soraka can position well and you can use it as your advantage.Try to kite and constantly move.

~When to use Wish:Wish is a great ability but you can overestimate it or underestimate it,certain times you might feel you won't be able to save your ally if he is caught and you will hesitate using it but certain champions like Kayn can escape easily from enemies.Don't hesitate to use your ULTIMATE when you believe you can save someone and don't let the enemy team to receive a kill.Sometimes though there's nothing you can do to save someone who has done a mistake.Try to use it in late game while in teamfights (teamfights sometimes are sudden so that's why I am yelling for you to not waste your Angelique power that easily) and don't overestimate it by using it whenever thinking that you have a low cooldown on it.Your ultimate is a huge teamfight helper!Nevertheless your ultimte in late is gonna heal everyone almost full HP when they have below 40%,I'd suggest using it then.

~Don't be greedy:Since we poke we often get greedy,try to control the situation in a way you won't die and won't get damage.Dying like a greedy tootie patootie is the least thing we want.Poke Support if it is utility and ADC when it farms,go in for kills when your ADC starts to play aggressively.

~Have HP and Mana awareness:It's very important checking how much Health and Mana you and your ADC has! and the enemy as well!In order to engage you have to be careful and with the new season our mana is burning really easily,however with Kleptomancy and Cookies is easy to take it back,use it wisely.Our Hp is an important factor of using W! Watch your HP and don't mindlessly press W to heal your ADC or whoever is low,you come first on HP! Remember that.If the enemy is low or don't have mana is a good time for you and your ADC to engage and try to pick off kills.

~Be Positive!:Last but not least,I'd suggest you always try to laugh off your mistakes and learn from them.As much as you don't believe it learning from your experience pays off more than any guide,many pros advise you to watch your replays in order to learn from your mistakes,if you feel you lack something you should do so!Never blame your mistakes on others and try to never flame your teammates.You are a support so provide emotional support to them when they flame or tilt!(You are an angel so when an enemy is tilting then tilt them more!).

The mistake of the Support:You can't possibly believe that you are able to save everyone? No you can't.Every support struggles with decision making.What might be the right decision you ask? Well it depends on the moment.For example when to heal or what objective to do! A support must be aware of everything,it takes practice but support players are often the best shotcallers.When your team is lost don't make the mistake to let others do things and you just follow-NO!In order to win you need to lead.Express in a kind manner what other's they should do-how to group up and what objective to follow.Not everyone is going to listen to you but it's important.
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Hopefully this was useful to you.I updated it all for now-I will try to keep updating but I have work,sorry for this guys.

I also apologise that I may have messed up with my guide as with the icons and stuff-I am quite new to these so I will try to see what's wrong with them.
League of Legends Build Guide Author I love Lun Lun
I love Lun Lun Soraka Guide
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Soraka Tenshi~9.1 *Huge Update*

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